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U2 Kush Autoflowering Seeds

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You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from a cozy blanket? Or a hot bath? Or a hug from a loved one? U2 Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds can provide that same experience. This indica-dominant hybrid creates a dreamy headspace filled with positivity and euphoria. Meanwhile, the relaxing effects target your body, and provides you great comfort!

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You know that favorite blanket of yours? The one that makes you feel secure, comforted, and like you’re surrounded by a big warm hug? Yep, that’s exactly what U2 Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds can do for you as well. This indica-dominant hybrid gives users that warm and fuzzy feeling, almost as if they’re floating on a cloud off to Dream Land. A popular nighttime strain, U2 Kush promotes a strong sensation of relaxation, calmness, and happiness. 


Pacific Seed Bank has many Kush strains to choose from, but we think U2 Kush belongs to the dreamers of the group—the ones who love to create, love to brainstorm, and love to imagine. U2 Kush creates a dream-like state that’s filled with inspiring thoughts and limitless possibilities. This dreamy state keeps worries and stress at bay while also relaxing your muscles. 


This hybrid lasts longer than the average strain, which allows you to go about your day as planned without the need to re-smoke. U2 Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds are often prescribed to patients with severe mood disorders and other related conditions. It can also help with insomnia, chronic stress, and worries. U2 Kush seeds perform well both indoors and outdoors but we recommend a bit of growing experience beforehand.

Additional information


Advanced Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Flowery, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






9 reviews for U2 Kush Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Sandra Joyce (verified owner)

    These autoflowering seeds are a must if you’re looking for an easier, straightforward growing experience. You don’t have to worry about switching up the light cycle to get this MJ to transition from vegetation to flowering. Just like most auto seeds, this strain flowered fast in like 7 weeks. I had my crop even faster than I expected. I was so thrilled!

  2. 2NovaNavigator (verified owner)

    This indica-dominant hybrid induces a cozy and euphoric state, melting away pain and worries. Perfect for nighttime use, it wraps you in a secure blanket of relaxation and creativity. With its dreamy effects, this strain will have you soaring through imagination-filled skies.

  3. BluntBaron360 (verified owner)

    U2 Kush was a great strain for my needs, I was really impressed with how fast it flowered and how much weed I managed to get from it. Pacific’s customer service was awesome and helped me find the perfect strain for me, and I was very pleased with how fast the seeds arrived and germinated.

  4. Albert285 (verified owner)

    Yo yoooo! U2 Kush is about 1000% times better than the band U2, which is why I grow it LOL. Fresh and delicious bud for an affordable price. This is a Californian’s DREAM!

  5. Mimimoumou (verified owner)

    Okay, so you are definitely going to enjoy this weed. It’s super fresh, fruity, and friendly. Never makes me tired or depressed and usually just makes me giggle and gives me the munchies! So much LOVE for Pacific seeds and what they offer!

  6. Glen Amin (verified owner)

    U2 kush is my go-to way of relaxing in the evenings. Buying online was both easy and fast! Plus, the price was right! Indoor growing is best for this strain, or really any strain for that matter. I was able to burn through my supply in a matter of months. Knowing I have Pacific on my side is a huge advantage. Definitely a win!!

  7. Peggy Akhtar (verified owner)

    This weed makes any day into something beautiful 🙂 I purchased 5 seeds online and they shipped directly to my home in Oregon. A nice grow, usually takes about 6 months. Requires pruning, but well worth it in the end. I love working on my plants, personally; shaping them to look beautiful and productive. Even my wife is impressed!

  8. Ellenor Edge (verified owner)

    I need some positivity in my life and U2 Kush does the trick. I am happy to be buying my weed online and have it sent over to my apartment. I just don’t have time these days to go back and forth from the dispensary. it’s costing me too much in gas money honestly. Gonna be buying this weed on the regular now, gonna have my wife work it in the garden MMMMMmmm

  9. Fahima395 (verified owner)

    Even if you are not a fan of Bono, you’ll enjoy the U2 Kush 🙂 This weed is a straight indica with a nice, soothing energy that brings a chilled out energy to every day activities like shopping or getting work done. Hope I can finally grow this weed indoors next time, it’s going to be a nice experience having this in my basement!

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