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Afpak Feminized Seeds

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Afpak marijuana’s easy growing profile make the indica-dominant hybrid a winner in the garden, while its soothing characteristics are popular with both recreational and medicinal consumers alike.

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Claiming a heavy-hitting landrace as half of its dynamic parenting duo, Afpak marijuana is a strong hybrid strain that marries the cerebral experience of sativa with the physical high of indica for a smoke that will melt away the stresses of the day with ease.

Boasting a THC content upwards of 22%, Afpak marijuana starts with a bright head high that slowly transitions to a physical heaviness and relaxation that makes it easy to find your place on the couch. Afpak’s aroma, sweet yet chemical with notes of herbs and spice, may leave something to be desired, but its overall appeal lies in its ability to calm an anxious mind and soothe exhausted, aching muscles.

Afpak marijuana seeds will be finished growing and ready for harvest after an average 8 to 10 weeks, rewarding its gardener, beginner or expert, with a plant that is both versatile and beautiful, as, when exposed to lower temperatures, Afpak leaves can display hues of blue and purple. Its impressive trichome production may also be beneficial to those looking to create their own extracts.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Herbal, Spicy

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


110 reviews for Afpak Feminized Seeds

  1. Sherry Kent (verified owner)

    AfPak Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank are by far the best. The trees got big and strong, and the crop was very good. The buds smelled great and were very strong. I’m sure I’ll be buying these seeds again in the future.

  2. Jill Jacobs (verified owner)

    It has been a pleasure to grow AfPak! The leaves on these plants are very thick and the plants grow quickly. They got a lot of attention when I used them as a case study in my gardening club.

  3. Orlando Walton (verified owner)

    I really liked the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank because they gave me a lot of plants and strong benefits. Anyone could grow the plants because they were easy to care for both inside and outside. With each puff, the sweet and flowery smell made the whole experience even better and made me want more. I will definitely buy a lot of these seeds for plants I want to grow in the future.

  4. Devin Farley (verified owner)

    The AfPak feminized marijuana seeds are a terrific source of creative inspiration, I discovered. My creative endeavours benefited from the upbeat and happy high, which allowed me to think creatively.

  5. Jeanne Bates (verified owner)

    AfPak’s quick flowering time has allowed me to fit in two harvests this season, which is fantastic for maximizing yield in a short growing period.

  6. Bridget Gibson (verified owner)

    The AfPak feminized marijuana seeds I chose to plant outside have exceeded my expectations. Growing large and robust with little care, the plants flourished in the natural sunlight.

  7. Alexander Kline (verified owner)

    After a long day, the relaxing and soothing effects were just what I needed to unwind. This made it a great choice for use in the evening. Adding these seeds to my collection for future grows is a must.

  8. Erica Benjamin (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the AfPak seeds! They sprouted without any fuss and grew into some pretty lush plants. Didn’t need to do anything special, just regular water and some sun. Can’t wait to see how much I end up harvesting!

  9. Gwendolyn Stark (verified owner)

    I’ve noticed that AfPak plants have a very efficient water usage, which is crucial in my dry climate. They thrive even with minimal watering, reducing my environmental footprint.

  10. Mayra Washington (verified owner)

    The rich, powerful buds provide a calming, happy high. Excellent option for growers of all skill levels.

  11. Jimmy Plummer (verified owner)

    Documenting the growth stages of AfPak has been fascinating. It transitions from vegetative to flowering seamlessly, which is perfect for educational purposes.

  12. Virgil Briggs (verified owner)

    The AfPak seeds did really well in my garden. Their ability to adapt to changes in the weather really stands out. They seem to do better in cooler temperatures than other types I’ve grown.

  13. Penny Ames (verified owner)

    For me personally, the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds have changed everything. My anxiety and chronic pain were lessened by the high CBD concentration in these buds, which also let me unwind and relax without any negative side effects. Strongly suggest this strain to anybody seeking natural comfort.

  14. Kristy Howard (verified owner)

    Growing AfPak with other vegetables and herbs has worked out well. It seems to get along well with each other and not fight too much for food.

  15. Elaine Acosta (verified owner)

    Its root system works really well, and it has helped make the soil in my flower beds healthier. Furthermore, this has also been good for plants nearby.

  16. Lonnie Vargas (verified owner)

    AfPak leaves are beautiful; they start out deep green and get hints of purple as they age.” They are very attractive plants that stand out in my collection.

  17. Robin Sawyer (verified owner)

    I’m always looking for strains of medical marijuana that can help with my chronic pain and sleeplessness because I use it. I was blown away by the AfPak hybrid marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. The calming and sedative benefits helped for a long time without having any bad side effects.

  18. Lucy Barton (verified owner)

    The AfPak strain has some of the most vibrant leafage I’ve seen. The plants are hearty and full, making my garden look lush and well-maintained.

  19. Joanna Carr (verified owner)

    The addition of AfPak into a cultivation garden has proven to be helpful for the overall health of the soil. Because of its root structure, the soil is aerated, which is beneficial to the plants that are nearby.

  20. Brian Lewis (verified owner)

    I tried some low-stress ways to train my AfPak plants, and they did great. With their long stems, they’ve become the focal point of my grow room.

  21. Nick Simms (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the AfPak strain for my micro-grow setup, and it’s perfect due to its manageable size and uniform growth patterns.

  22. Erika Goodwin (verified owner)

    I used the AfPak modified marijuana seeds and was very happy with how they worked. The plants were strong and healthy, and they produced a lot of strong buds that could be smoked or used in cooking. When I got home from a busy day, the smooth smoke and relaxing benefits made me feel good and helped me relax. These seeds are great for anyone who wants a high-quality strain with good results.

  23. Tracy Coleman (verified owner)

    I’ve found that AfPak adapts well to both indoor and outdoor settings, making it a versatile option for growers who like to experiment with different environments.

  24. Lucinda Callahan (verified owner)

    If you like weed, you have to try the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. The plants grew quickly and produced sticky buds with a lot of different tastes that kept me coming back for more. The energizing and uplifting effects were just right, giving people the right amount of relaxation and inspiration at any time of the day.

  25. Susan Boyer (verified owner)

    The aroma of AfPak during its flowering phase is quite subtle, which is great for those who prefer a less intrusive scent in their gardens.

  26. Norma Emery (verified owner)

    I chose to try the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds because I was new to growing plants. I was happily surprised by how easy they were to grow. The plants were strong and healthy, and the buds they made were thick and perfect for my needs.

  27. Perry Woods (verified owner)

    I had not before tasted the buds’ unusual flavour profile, which was a blend of herbal and spicy overtones that stayed with me. A long day was ideal for unwinding and kicking back on the mild and soothing high. A superb strain that I will most certainly purchase again.

  28. Nelson Freeman (verified owner)

    AfPak is particularly good for late-season planting. It catches up quickly and doesn’t require as long a growing season as some other strains.

  29. Mabel Goodrich (verified owner)

    growers who place a high priority on symmetry and order in their gardens will find that AfPak plants are an ideal choice because of their uniformity. When they are arranged in rows, they have an extremely clean appearance.

  30. Tomas Guerrero (verified owner)

    Incredibly fast, the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds I sowed in my backyard blossomed into strong, heavily budged plants. I had enough of the bumper crop to last me for months.

  31. Max McCann (verified owner)

    I’ve noticed that AfPak’s leaves are particularly rich in trichomes, even early in the flowering stage, which suggests it’s a potent strain for extractors and resin enthusiasts.

  32. Bruce Field (verified owner)

    Its reassuring high washed away my tension and worry. Every inhale of the buds was pleasurable because of their smooth smoke and delicious flavour profile.

  33. Damon Kane (verified owner)

    The fact that AfPak is strong makes it a great candidate for mainlining. It’s possible for the stems to hold heavy buds without breaking.

  34. Abel Pineda (verified owner)

    Since I’ve used the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds, I can say with certainty that any weed fan should have them. Strong plants grew them, and the buds were very strong and had a unique taste that made me want more. The effects that made me feel good and gave me energy were great for daily use; they helped me stay focused and motivated all day. I will definitely be planting these seeds again and again.

  35. Jackie Kline (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the AfPak Feminized Marijuana Seeds that I bought from Pacific Seed Bank. The seeds got there quickly and were in perfect shape. The plants grew beautifully, and the buds were even better than I thought they would be. This product is great for people who want to buy high-quality bred seeds.

  36. Violet Rich (verified owner)

    Perfect for social events or alone relaxation moments, the high was upbeat and soothing. Regarding quality and development potential, I highly suggest this strain.

  37. Cynthia Harrison (verified owner)

    I wanted a strain that could handle the fact that I don’t always water my plants at the same time, and AfPak did not let me down. These plants can handle mistakes and still make thick, fragrant buds.

  38. Martin Ortiz (verified owner)

    Being someone who engages in organic gardening, I am grateful for the fact that AfPak requires only a small amount of fertilizer. My garden is more environmentally friendly as a result of its utilization of simple compost, which allows it to develop robust and healthy.

  39. Stan Shepard (verified owner)

    Growing AfPak has been easy, even in my small city apartment.” It doesn’t spread out too much and works well in small spaces without losing its lush look.

  40. Van Mead (verified owner)

    I’ve been experimenting with different fertilizers, and AfPak responds well to both synthetic and organic options, showing versatile nutrient uptake.

  41. Jillian Roman (verified owner)

    I like how my AfPak plants have small differences in their phenotype. It’s interesting to see how each plant shows its genetic background, especially in the way its leaves and buds are shaped.

  42. Laura Landry (verified owner)

    I picked AfPak because it was said to be tough, and I wasn’t let down. The plants have been very strong even though there were some surprising late spring frosts.

  43. Brad Bauer (verified owner)

    If you want to garden without using too much water, AfPak is a great product.” “It needs less watering than other strains I’ve grown, which is great for protecting the environment.

  44. Ryan Wright (verified owner)

    AfPak is great for topping and training due to its robust growth, which makes it suitable for both. I was able to shape the plants in such a way that they received the maximum amount of light and airflow, which resulted in a considerable increase in the development of buds.

  45. Vera Carlson (verified owner)

    AfPak has been a part of my permaculture work. Sustainable cultivation is based on the idea that plants should be able to change and grow with little help.

  46. Stella Morton (verified owner)

    The rich and spicy taste of the strain was just what I was looking for. These seeds are great for people who want a low-maintenance choice that still gets good results.

  47. Samantha Lockwood (verified owner)

    The plants fill the screen perfectly, creating a sea of green that’s not only effective but visually stunning.

  48. Leona Nixon (verified owner)

    The trichome production on AfPak buds is exceptional. They get very frosty, which makes for some beautiful close-up photos.

  49. Tyrone Huber (verified owner)

    Got these AfPak seeds for my small backyard garden, and they’ve been great. Easy to take care of and they seem pretty tough. I’m not the best gardener, but these plants are doing well even with my basic setup.

  50. Christina Boyle (verified owner)

    The full nature of AfPak makes it ideal for teaching new growers. It’s forgiving and demonstrates well the different stages of cannabis growth and development.

  51. Kara O’Neal (verified owner)

    The smell of flowers and earth was a great addition to the whole experience, and each lesson made me want more.

  52. Judy FitzPatrick (verified owner)

    These AfPak seeds are great for my garden on the patio. They don’t get too tall, so they’re not too noticeable, but when they flower, they fill out nicely for a good look.

  53. Duane McConnell (verified owner)

    The AfPak feminized marijuana seeds were adaptable; they provided a soothing and unintense high that was appropriate for use during the day or at night. The buds smelled and tasted good; there were lemony and earthy overtones. This strain is excellent whether you want to relax after work or hang out with friends.

  54. Jean Barton (verified owner)

    I found AfPak particularly easy to clone, which is great for expanding my garden without additional purchases. Each clone has been as robust as the parent plant.

  55. Gilberto Little (verified owner)

    AfPak plants are impressive in how well they are built. They hold their weight well, so I don’t have to stake and tie them as much, which saves me time and work.

  56. Jeffery Frazier (verified owner)

    This strain’s resilience to pests has been remarkable. I haven’t had to use any chemical treatments, keeping my garden organic and healthy.

  57. Beatrice Field (verified owner)

    I was surprised by how well these plants did with only natural sunlight. Even in less than ideal light conditions, AfPak thrived, which is perfect for growers without advanced lighting setups.

  58. Claire Solomon (verified owner)

    Strong and energetic, the plants produced rich, very THC-containing buds. Ideal for people who, after a demanding day, want to feel calmly euphoric. Strongly advised to other producers at home seeking a dependable strain.

  59. Allen Beard (verified owner)

    The fruity undertones in the taste were a nice surprise that made the whole experience more complex. I’m sure I’ll be buying these seeds again in the future.

  60. Shirley Beard (verified owner)

    Ideal for those trying to unwind and relax after a demanding day with a mild but potent strain. Would suggest it to anybody in want of some downtime.

  61. Allan Berry (verified owner)

    My experience of growing AfPak in a hydroponic system has been very helpful, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to do so. As a result of their successful adaptation to the water-based environment, the plants have demonstrated robust growth.

  62. Robyn Horne (verified owner)

    The earthy and woody taste was a nice surprise that made the whole thing fun. These seeds are great for people who want to use natural remedies.

  63. Jason Freeman (verified owner)

    I really like how dense the trees are in AfPak.” It makes a pretty green cover in my backyard that gives me more privacy and shade than I thought it would.

  64. Casey McClain (verified owner)

    My blog has been one of the most popular places for me to write about how my AfPak has grown. People are surprised by how tough the plant is and how nice the buds look.

  65. Eunice Franklin (verified owner)

    Particularly noteworthy is the shadow tolerance of AfPak. In areas of my garden that do not receive full sun, it has performed exceptionally well, which is something that is really uncommon for cannabis plants.

  66. Rodolfo Quinn (verified owner)

    I liked both Afghan and Pakistani genes, so I was excited to try AfPak, and it lived up to my hopes. The leaves are a deep, rich green, and the plants are strong.

  67. Bonita Compton (verified owner)

    The rate at which AfPak seeds sprout is truly impressive. When it comes to other types, it’s hit or miss whether the seeds sprout or not. This makes it much easier for me to plan my grow rounds.

  68. Candy Padilla (verified owner)

    AfPak works best for growers who want to make sure they always have the same product. It’s a good choice any time of year because its growth and development are easy to predict.

  69. Hugh Skinner (verified owner)

    Under the LED lights that I have installed in my indoor setup, the AfPak seeds have flourished. It appears that they respond quite well to controlled lighting, as they grow in a consistent and vigorous manner overall.

  70. Amber Valencia (verified owner)

    I bought AfPak hybrid marijuana seeds not long ago and I’m really happy with how they turned out. When I took care of the plants, they did really well and made thick, fragrant buds that were fun to smoke. The balanced effects gave people the right amount of relaxation and euphoria, making it great for both group and solo use.

  71. James Carney (verified owner)

    In my experience, AfPak is particularly odorous during flowering, which adds a lovely aroma to my garden. It’s always a pleasure to spend time near these plants.

  72. Traci Howard (verified owner)

    If you like weed and want to find the best strain, you need to get some Afpak Seeds.

  73. Gustavo Hendrix (verified owner)

    Growing AfPak in my home garden has been a real pleasure. The plants are healthy and happy, and they love the organic compost I use. When my friends come to visit, they can’t stop talking about them.

  74. Meghan Pollard (verified owner)

    AfPak’s steady growth is impressive. Each plant grew at about the same rate from seed to harvest, which makes running my grow room much easier.

  75. Sana Khan (verified owner)

    With its indica-dominant profile, it provides a soothing and relaxing high that melts away stress. The aroma may not be the best, but the overall experience is worth it. The plant is easy to grow, and after 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll be rewarded with a versatile and beautiful plant.

  76. Leonidas Hart (verified owner)

    Get your MJ seeds online and save yourself a ton of time and money. The dispensaries never carry Afpak…this is an online exclusive…and only on Pacific seeds as far as I can tell. Buying Pot has been a great new hobby for me. I am pleased with the results and will definitely buy some more! Thanks Pacific for the great recommendations and awesome products!

  77. Darrell Caldwell (verified owner)

    I’ve liked AfPak types for a long time, so I was excited to try these feminized seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. The plants grew quickly, and the buds were very strong. They gave me a peaceful high that helped me unwind after a long day.

  78. Molly Mason (verified owner)

    The AfPak type is a useful guide for people who are new to growing. This method is strong against common mistakes and produces a lot of high-quality goods.

  79. Patsy Floyd (verified owner)

    As a gardener, I appreciate how well these plants adapted to container growing. They didn’t become root-bound and flourished even in limited soil.

  80. Aimee Berg (verified owner)

    Due to the robust structure of AfPak, I have been able to utilize it as a windbreak in my larger garden. Not only is it practical, but the dense vegetation that it contains also provides an additional layer of privacy.

  81. Darla Garrett (verified owner)

    Even though I’m an experienced grower, I’m always looking for good seeds with strong genetics. This was made possible by the AfPak Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. The plants grew steadily and without any problems, and the buds were of very high grade. I trust Pacific Seed Bank because they always do a great job and have great customer service. Very strongly suggested!

  82. Blake Archer (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank’s AfPak feminized marijuana seeds are a big deal for growers who want a high-quality type that does really well. It was easy to take care of the plants, and the flowers were strong and had a lot of different tastes that kept me coming back for more.

  83. Brenden Gentry (verified owner)

    This is an exceptional strain. It helps with stress and anxiety and puts me in a great mood. I usually burn around dinnertime. I like how MJ gets me nice and stoned, and usually helps me relax after work. I burn through a LOT of weed every week. That’s why I am always growing more! Pacific has all the seeds that I need, and they ship out super quick!

  84. Toby Hubbard (verified owner)

    I can say with certainty that the AfPak hybrid marijuana seeds were better than I thought they would be. Pests and diseases didn’t bother the plants, which made them easy to grow, even for someone like me who has never done it before. The benefits that made me feel good and happy were just what I needed to improve my mood and get creative. I will definitely tell all of my friends who are looking for a great strain to get these seeds.

  85. Andy Gutierrez (verified owner)

    AfPak has been a great addition to my sustainable garden project. It integrates well with other plants and contributes to a balanced ecosystem.

  86. Drew Duffy (verified owner)

    Because AfPak is resistant to common pests, I have been able to reduce the amount of pesticides that I use. This presents a significant benefit for the purpose of preserving a growing environment that is more natural and secure.

  87. Kelvin Walsh (verified owner)

    AfPak’s ability to adapt to various soil types has made it a favorite in my process. Whether it’s clay or sandy soil, the plants always come through with good yields.

  88. Deanna Lindsay (verified owner)

    This strain’s growth pattern is pretty even, which makes it easy to care for multiple plants in the same way. That’s the best way to keep your garden neat and organized.

  89. Jaime Hill (verified owner)

    The buds tasted and smelled great; there were spice and pine undertones that enhanced the whole experience. Great strain for creatives and artists trying to expand their imaginations.

  90. Lon Beard (verified owner)

    I like that AfPak is willing to forgive. Even when I forget about it for a while, it comes back and grows even stronger, which is great for a lazy gardener like me.

  91. Hannah McCall (verified owner)

    When it comes to mold and mildew resistance, AfPak has demonstrated remarkable results, which is essential in the humid region where I reside. There is no doubt that it has made the management of my grow space less stressful.

  92. Tina Wood (verified owner)

    The stunning genetics of the AfPak feminized marijuana seeds I just planted in my garden surprised me. Strong, healthy, with bright green leaves and sturdy stems, they grew.

  93. Christine Patel (verified owner)

    I became obsessed with the buds’ scent and flavour profile, which combined earthy and sweet overtones. Perfect for resting after an exhausting one, the high was long-lasting and calming. Certainly would purchase again!

  94. Maurice Duncan (verified owner)

    I’ve been experimenting with natural pest control, and AfPak’s natural resistance has made it much easier to maintain a healthy garden without chemicals.

  95. THC_Temptation (verified owner)

    A very nice high that helps me unwind at the end of the night, gets me sleepy and takes away all stress. My body feels a hundred times lighter with this high. Really enjoy the herbal spiciness to it as well. Would highly recommend for all smokers.

  96. Kendra Strickland (verified owner)

    The relaxing benefits and smooth smoke were just what I needed to unwind after a long day of work. I’m sure I’ll be buying these seeds again in the future.

  97. Mae Horn (verified owner)

    When I first tried the AfPak feminised marijuana seeds, I was amazed by how strong and enduring they were. My high struck fast, leaving me feeling hours later relaxed and ecstatic. The buds smelt wonderful and smoked smoothly, which added to the overall great experience. An essential try for everyone seeking a potent strain.

  98. Leslie Mays (verified owner)

    Due to the fact that it is so tiny, AfPak is an excellent choice for covert cultivation. The plants are able to be readily concealed in my garden among other species that do not contain cannabis due to their size, which is inconspicuous.

  99. Samuel Adams (verified owner)

    Shipping was much faster than i expected. My plants took longer than I expected to grow, but didn’t take too much work. The high was strong yet not too strong. Excellent choice for those who want an enjoyable smoking experience without over-the-top potency. Balanced effects, sweet flavor profile, and easy cultivation process, this strain will make any grower happy!

  100. Stacie Andrews (verified owner)

    AfPak is great for people who like to make their own concentrates. It’s easy to make high-quality hash with only simple tools because of how well the resin is made.

  101. Curt Hunter (verified owner)

    Based to my observations, the AfPak strain is exceptionally drought-resistant, making it an ideal choice for our arid regional climate. It has decreased the frequency with which I need to water my plants, which has allowed me to save resources without compromising the health of the plants.

  102. Wendy Stone (verified owner)

    gave me easy smoking and soothing feelings that made me feel better after a hard day. The high was mild but potent, making one feel peaceful and satisfied.

  103. Tracie Kellogg (verified owner)

    I recently tried the modified AfPak marijuana seeds and was blown away by how well they worked. It was easy to grow the plants, and they gave a lot of tight, sticky buds that were great for making concentrates.

  104. OpulentOtter (verified owner)

    I found Afpak to be a very soothing strain, seems good for medicinal purposes as well, and is great for just relaxing and enjoying a good night’s rest. Took me 11 weeks to grow and I ended up with a great amount of delicious herbal buds to smoke, easily worth growing.

  105. Omar Eldridge (verified owner)

    As a plant lover, I’m impressed by how quickly AfPak’s leaves are growing. Wow, it’s amazing how quickly the plants have grown from seeds to flowers.

  106. Alfonso King (verified owner)

    I want to express my gratitude for the seamless of AfPak into my lovely garden. Its aesthetic appeal is complementary to that of the other plants, and its aroma contributes a distinctive dimension to the overall aroma of the garden.

  107. Brian Dennis (verified owner)

    Hey all, you might be thinking of the Aflac duck when you smoke Afpak, but it’s totally different! This MJ is the perfect indica hybrid with about 20% THC and the beautiful relaxing energies that come with it. I smoke it mostly at night, crumble my fresh green nug into a bowl and just chill out hardcore. What a vibe!

  108. CBDCommando365 (verified owner)

    Afpak Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank produce a relaxing, sedative high that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. The plants are easy to grow and produce impressive yields, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced growers.

  109. 4200rn4t3K4tk4 (verified owner)

    Heyoooo I used to buy this weed at the dispensary….but now I am growing older and don’t want to travel. I enjoy working at home, and having mj seeds shipped to my place. I live in Canada, and the seeds ship fast. It’s a reliable company, customer service is very responsive, and the price is just right. In my older years, it’s nice to know I will have a consistent supply of pot plants in my garden.

  110. Leopold William (verified owner)

    This is some genuinely delicious and amazing weed. I bought 10 seeds online, not really knowing what to expect. I got lucky this time and ended up with hundreds of grams of weed. I stocked my grow room with high quality LED lights and an automated watering system. It’s truly gorgeous and lovely. The weed smells like a pine forest, and it helps with stress and anxiety, what could be better??

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