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Alien Dawg Feminized Seeds – Mendocino Farms

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Alien Dawg, a potent indica, provides comfort for consumers experiencing muscle spasms, and headaches. It can also help alleviate insomnia when smoked late at night.

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Alien Dawg

Consumers who experience discomfort in their daily lives should always have this strain lying around the house. Alien Dawg is a cross between Alien Technology and Chemdawg that delivers powerful effects from the very first puff. It has roots in Northern California and Afghanistan. What you can expect from Alien Dawg is an incredible mind and body high without the wait. Because the effects of this strain are so fast-acting and intense, it’s usually not recommended for beginner smokers.

Alien Dawg is recommended to those with high stress. Depending on when you smoke this strain, it can either leave you deeply relaxed and awake. Or, if smoked closer to bedtime, Alien Dawg can act as a lullaby to send you off the sleep.

But just because the indica-heavy Alien Dawg relaxes you from head to toe, doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed during the day as well. This strain is said to be a great choice for party goers as it makes you more social, happy, and chatty. Alien Dawg in the early hours can motivate you to start your day and keep your spirits high.

Alien Dawg is not the strain you’d go for “just because.” Most consumers have a solid reason for turning to it, whether it’s to help treat insomnia, muscle spasms or PMS. The aroma of Alien Dawg marijuana seeds has notes of sweet strawberry mixed with an earthy odor.

Description: Alien Dawg, a potent indica, provides comfort for consumers experiencing muscle spasms, and headaches. It can also help alleviate insomnia when smoked late at night.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



25% Sativa/75% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain


Pine, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Alien Dawg Feminized Seeds – Mendocino Farms

  1. Galaxy6Gazer (verified owner)

    Whether you need relief during the day or help with insomnia at night, Alien Dawg has got you covered. With its sweet strawberry aroma and ability to uplift your mood, this strain is perfect for both medical and recreational users. Don’t miss out on the incredible pain-killing benefits of Alien Dawg Feminized Seeds.

  2. Asa Stein (verified owner)

    Every time I am having a sleepless night, I smoke this weed and instantly feel much better. It’s a great purchase for such a low price. I will gladly buy again and again!

  3. Pooja U. (verified owner)

    This was my first time growing weed….and it has made all the difference! I love working with fresh, beautiful nug and getting my hands dirty in the soil. If you have even a PASSING interest in weed, it’s worth the investment, and definitely a good yield 😉

  4. Romana Corona (verified owner)

    It’s hard to find alien strains out there in the world. They’re a rare seed, especially if you’re not a commercial grower. I was happy someone recommended me to this site. It’s been a really fun and interesting experience. Although some of my seeds didn’t germinate (8/10), I am pretty excited to see my successful plants at Veg stage 3 and ready to produce beautiful looking flowers. I am excited for the smooth indica high and the HUGE stash!

  5. Martine Lu (verified owner)

    Hard to locate this strain on other seed bank websites. Alien strains are rare but a true gem! Buying them with pacific is a sure win! I reccommend buying 10 seeds to start. Very affordable investment with a HUGE ROI every time! I was able to harvest over 1,000 G of tiny, dense, deep green nugs. LOVING this experience, it makes it so much more accessible to all! Also, has been helpful for my insomnia!

  6. Alastair Davila (verified owner)

    GNARLY NUGZZZ! I love smoking weed, it’s just tasty and flavorful….it’s the best way to be happy! I love growing my own MJ….it ships right to Canada and no questions asked yay 🙂

  7. Yuvraj Summers (verified owner)

    WOW this weed hits you fast. The second you smoke this, it’s game over. Be sure you’re near the couch or the bed, otherwise you’re gonna get a wee bit tired haha. It’s good for stress and insomnia, NOT good for getting work done LOL

  8. Priyanka Alexander (verified owner)

    Great strain for stress and pain relief. Makes growing your own weed more accessible than ever before. I grew this while I was recovering from surgery. The garden work was good for my joints and the resulting marijuana was pretty darn nice as well. I definitely recommend smoking this at night with your friends 🙂

  9. Szymon Gunn (verified owner)

    Sweet and all kinds of sour! This weed is powerful, makes my eyes and hands tingle, and usually puts me into a deep trance or sleep. Great for spacing out to music or podcasts!

  10. Karim Barrow (verified owner)

    Yeah the weather got REALLY bad here last summer and my order was delayed because of the wildfires. Ended up having to cancel, but Pacific was SUPER accommodating, gave me a refund right away, and helped me find another suitable strain!

  11. Rizwan Dunkley (verified owner)

    You don’t have to be an alien to enjoy alien dawg weed! This is a relaxing indica with some seriously funky colors and flavors. Looks like it was flown in straight from Mars! Ordering online was fast and simple! Shipping is reliable every time. I usually soak the seeds overnight to give them a head start on germination. Works every time 😉

  12. Olly Meyers (verified owner)

    Alien dawg goes woof woof!

    Bought 5 seeds online, first time growing ever. Great smells and tastes. Hella nice vibes.

    Smoke with my cat and Girlfriend (girlfriend cat????) but really I just like being stoned haha LOL love Pacific great seeds 🙂

  13. Lilli Washington (verified owner)

    Alien dawg is pretty righteous not gonna lie. Gets me super stoned and works really well right after work, to de-stress. All of my muscles relax, and my head feels clean and clear. I feel like I am lighter and less concerned about things. I was happy that this weed grew so nicely, even without a great deal of effort. Makes me smile every time!

  14. Shauna Slater (verified owner)

    I took my alien dawg for a long walk the other night and rolled up a j of this very same weed. What a perfect midnight walking strain. I love just traveling around my LA neighborhood and watching all the city lights glowing under the influence of the weed. It’s been a great experience having this weed on the porch, so nice to have something to care for.

  15. Maureen Nicholls (verified owner)

    I woke up this morning, my bowl of alien dawg was right on the bedside table. I got to smoking it right away, and I felt great throughout the whole day. I am VERY excited about finally having my own bud, and so MUCH of it too. These fem seeds are great producers, and they look just fantastic, definitely planning on getting more from Pacific, it’s just a good buy all around.

  16. Anastazja Hansen (verified owner)

    Alien dawg is right up my alley. It’s smooth and relaxing with a really funky and memorable flavor. It kinda tastes like starburst, which is pretty cool I guess. I will absolutely keep smoking this dope and makes me happy as can be. I LOVE smoking marijuana and am a HUGE fan of this strain in particular.

  17. Komal Simmons (verified owner)

    Alien dawg was a total shot in the dark for me, I just really liked the name! I am a total amateur when it comes to growing marijuana or anything in the garden for that matter, so I had to follow the growing instructions on this website before just doing it on my own. I looooved it so much, it was such a fun experience and I got great results. Thank you for the help!

  18. Calista Long (verified owner)

    I never heard of such a strain, and I am pretty happy I stumbled upon it! Got a very strong vibe from this grow, the leaves are all long and intense, the smell is just out of this world, and the vibe is everything!! Ordered online, very large selection, was pretty impressed, and the shipping was really fast, great buy for sure!!

  19. Jevan Villanueva (verified owner)

    This dawg is the best dawg you can have….it’s sooo nice to have when you wanna take a walk and enjoy the sunshine…gets me nice and high, and it also feels really buzzy, kind of like a cup of coffee. I like how sativa heavy it is…makes me wanna be active rather than just sit around…pretty excited for the new strain to arrive, gonna be a gas!!!

  20. Hadley Krause (verified owner)

    Alien dawg is hella nice, very funky smell, unlike anything I have ever smelled before in my life, makes me really happy to have this around though, cause it’s just suuuuuper funky and nice and just WOW!!! I get real blazed with my friends and just chill with my dog, and he LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN TOO wow! Great buy from Pacific!!

  21. thcfarm (verified owner)

    Alien dawg is one heck of a strain…it’s hella pungent, smells sweet and sour and gets me feeling high as a kite! Big yield off my plants, makes me feel like there’s nothing better in life! I know how I wanna feel day after day, and this stuff does a great job of getting me there. I know what I need in life, and this weed is just part of the equation!

  22. Mikhail Preston (verified owner)

    Dude….this stuff is amazing. Like, I am not an easy sell on this stuff, but I was really impressed by how nicely this turned out. I got like 8 oz of fresh nug from 3 plants…all of it super sticky and this hella nice green blue color. It’s delicious and sour and is hella relaxing, good for when you wanna just chill on the couch with your buds and smoke some buds!

  23. @nextonothing (verified owner)

    Aliens are landing and you’re gonna need some weed to keep your brain in your skull and this is the strain for you!!! I am a weed fanatic, always looking for the dopest strains, really love the smells and the tastes and all the wonderful vibes of this amazing medicinal plant, I am really stoned even right now!!!!

  24. Rainbow Boy (verified owner)

    Alien dawg makes me feel like a GOOD BOY! I LUV smoking this DARP! It’s like the bomb.com and it’s super easy to do, like literally even my grandma could do it, which is super amazing and cool! Got a great YIELD, like I am a total baller and you can’t say anything about it. I smoke this strain cause it’s great for your tweaking mind. Makes me feel like an emo rock star!

  25. LifeLongLearner (verified owner)

    Alien dawg is what’s up. It makes any night at home so much more interesting and stress-free. I feel like a million bucks when I smoke this stuff, and I really like the relaxing buzz. Has a great funky smell and the bud itself is almost blue in color. It’s pretty wild. Not gonna lie, my homey did most of the growing, but I do most of the smoking lol!

  26. Fstop Blues (verified owner)

    Alien dawg is like man’s best friend…but from outer space. It’s a really weird weed! It even looks kinda funky. I like the little buds on the plant, they have a beautiful blue-green color and make for excellent nighttime smoking. The taste is sweet and kinda funky, I can’t put my finger on it, but when I get really stoned on this, I find myself relaxing on my couch and watching some good TV. No complaints really. Love these seeds from Pacific. Keep em coming!

  27. Merlot (verified owner)

    Oh my god, I think I found my new favorite weed! This stuff is AMAZING!!!!! It helps me with stress, anxiety and depression, has these beautiful dense green and blue nugs that look like alien eggs from that movie…”Alien”! I got an excellent yield too, and I didn’t even have to try that hard. Just some sunshine and water is the trick and then after 4 months you’ll be smoking your own bud. This stuff has a funky smell and a great high that keeps me smiling for hours!

  28. Moon Chaser (verified owner)

    Perfect strain for both indoor and outdoor growing, does really well in most environments, just make sure this baby has HEAT! They love the sun and all the water you can provide. It’s got a great smell to it, super funky and kinda hard to describe but the taste is wicked sour. Since the nugs are so dense, it’s kinda like you’re smoking moon rocks or something from an alien plant woooooo! Nice ordering online with pacific, they have such an amazing selection and ship out fast. No complaints on my end 🙂

  29. Stanley H. (verified owner)

    This mj has a really unique flavor, it’s very woodsy with a hint of sweet pine and it really helps me relax! I grew this outdoors cause I just don’t have the space indoors and still got some really good results, almost 500 g per plant and all if it very high quality! The grow process was a lot easier than I expected, probably because PSB has great genetics behind their seeds. It’s super helpful for depression and insomnia. I fall right to sleep when I smoke this before bed!

  30. Carrie Sayer (verified owner)

    This is some sticky dank bud, a REALLY powerful high, but also super relaxing and great for my stress and anxiety. Really it’s just a fun strain all around, great for growing on your own in the backyard, it blends in with all the other garden plants, and it smells so sour and fruity yum, and delicious!!! I smoke usually in the evening, and then I chill with my roommates. Great buy!

  31. Sasha Lowe (verified owner)

    Hooboy this stuff is powerful! It’s a great indica blend, has been stellar for my headaches, backaches and just general aches and pains at the end of my workday. I’ve been really impressed how easy all this was to grow, no problems whatsoever, and it’s got a great yield too! It’s a funky taste, kinda sour and sweet and it gets you hella stoned, so just get ready to chillll.

  32. Sadie T. (verified owner)

    Funky weed for sure, and really easy to grow. Has these bright green trichomes and dense nugs that smell really amazing, like citrus and pine. I love the taste as well, it’s like sour candy, and the high is epic and relaxing, gets me thinking really buzzy thoughts, things that make me feel like writing a novel or getting creative! Great stuff!

  33. Dillan I. (verified owner)

    I use alien dawg for serious anxiety so was surprised when I smelled it at a party. That yummy smell – berry smell mixed with an earthy, just-after-the-rain smell – is unmistakable. People seemd to be loving it at the party, probably for the same reasons I love it: it’s chill, it’ll get you to relax but it also gets you to a good head space. The world is better when you’re on Alien Dawg! I’ve been growing for awhile so growing the dawg in my grow tent was a piece of cake. Pretty good yield from the PSB seeds, too!

  34. Eileen N. (verified owner)

    Yup this strain is definitely out of this world! I grew it in my backyard, and the plants got super tall and bushy, they were so great to watch grow, and the harvest was really solid, got a great yield around 600 grams per plant, and smoke on the DL like every afternoon on my lunch break. It’s incredibly relaxing, and very powerful, so just expect to chill out and watch TV.

  35. Heath U. (verified owner)

    Cool-looking, and practical. I’ve been wanting for a while to try buying some medical marijuana seeds, and I’m honestly delighted by how the plants turned out. They made a really good conversation piece, and now that I’ve harvested the mj it’s been incredibly useful in dealing with my chronic joint pain. It’s super relaxing and not too intense. Many thanks, PSB.

  36. Brett R. (verified owner)

    I’m thoroughly impressed. Some of the best indica dominant weed I’ve grown. Pretty hefty yield that I think I was able to squeeze a bit more out of with some extra trimming throughout. Very good looking buds with nice orange hairs that are covered in crystals tell everybody exactly what they need to know as soon as they look at it: it’s good shit.

  37. Gary P. (verified owner)

    Phenomenal yield. Seeds germinated quickly and sprouted into some really nice plants. Pretty easy grow and can’t stress enough how happy I am with the harvest. Great price for the seeds especially with how much weed you get. Lots and lots of good bud. Great uplifting high that hits you hard. Good for medical use. 5 stars!

  38. Bill O. (verified owner)

    Damn. This is powerful weed! It really puts me to bed. Every. Time. I generally smoke from a bubbler, so maybe my hits are more robust than most. But I think it’s definitely a one-hit-wonder. Very effective pain reliever and an easy strain to cultivate. I always get a pretty good yield from this strain. Pretty pleased with ordering from Pacific. Fast germination. Fast shipping. Fast customer service. This place is the best to buy from for sure.

  39. Marteen L. (verified owner)

    I’ve bought pot seeds before that really weren’t the best quality. So I wasn’t sure where to buy from next. My cousin mentioned Pacific Seeds and he was right: they have great quality product. Ive used Alien Dawg for years becuz I find it alleviates the nerve damage pain I get in my feet. It gets so bad some days I can’t walk at all. The Alien Dawg seeds from Pacific were sublime. There was a strong dulling to my pain right away and a natural aroma that I liked. I already plan to get my seeds from here next time.

  40. Randy R (verified owner)

    I suffer from chronic anxiety and stress, and sometimes get Migraines. Everything I read about this strain convinced me that this was the one to try. The first thing I noticed was the fruity and earthy smell. It was great, and just as advertised, smoking this strain made me feel more relaxed, and I did notice less pain when I did feel a migraine coming on! This pain reduction was worth the purchase alone. The relaxation I received, getting better sleep and being overall less anxious definitely convinced me that I would purchase this strain again!

  41. Alexy O. (verified owner)

    Yeah, this shit is aight. I got a stressful job and this stuff is just the ticket to take my mind off it when I get home. Plus it was super simple to grow which is what I need. I don’t have a lot of time for that expert gardening nonsense. I leave that shit to the masters and then just buy those strains at the dispensary. But with a yield like this one, I don’t think I’ll be going to the weed store anytime soon!

  42. Callum M. (verified owner)

    SUCH A GREAT BODY HIGH. OMG, I love this weed! And I love growing mj! Still giggling that I can now grow weed in my backyard. These plants were so easy to grow I don’t know why I waited so long. I’m hooked. Gonna get a grow room set up really soon so I can grow all year long. Love Alien Dawg and will grow it again, I’m just not sure when.

  43. Fred D. (verified owner)

    My girlfriend and I smoke this mj before heading to a party and we’re then guaranteed to have a good time. ? I’m recently into growing; I got sick of paying high prices at the dispensary and not really knowing what kind of pot I was getting. Love the control I get when growing my own weed and I knew I wanted to grow Alien Dawg. The AD turned out great I’m happy to say, grew pretty tall and got a great yield, too. Planning to order from PSB again, once I use up all the pot I grew myself of the mighty Alien D!

  44. Walid N. (verified owner)

    It’s a pretty weirdo strain of mj, I mean just looking at the plant makes you think it’s from an alien planet, and wow what a trip, an out of this world smoking experience for sure, great for relaxing or even doing some creative writing or drawing. I feel real fortunate to have growing this all for myself, like got this delicious buds that are dense and super alien green! PSB has probably the best seed selection in Canada and I’ll definitely be back for more!

  45. Yuan Y. (verified owner)

    Relaxation is the name of the game for me, that’s why I smoke and that’s what I expect out of my weed. Alien Dawg has a hilarious name and is some seriously chill herb. These plants produce a literal TON of weed and I am pretty much set for the next 6 months haha. I mean I like indicas that chill me out, but don’t put me to sleep, Alien Dawg is that nice in between, and the smoke tastes like cherries and I am literally floating on cloud 9 right now. PSB is the best in town!

  46. Ellen I. (verified owner)

    I got bitten by a baby rattlesnake last year, and after trying nearly everything to deal with the nerve pain I have as a result, I think I finally found what works. I never thought medical marijuana would really help me with this, but I’ve felt a lot of improvement after only smoking Alien Dawg for the last week. Normally I have this really uncomfortable pain in my foot where I got bit, but now its almost gone and I can hardly believe it. Definitely going to keep growing this lovely strain!

  47. Oscar Z. (verified owner)

    It has kind of a weird name but this weed is rockstar grade. Really sweet vivid green buds specked with orange hairs and nice trichomes throughout, it definitely looks like something from a different planet. Growing was easy, didn’t require an excess of upkeep or trimming to keep it manageable.

    I smoke this primarily to help with anxiety and insomnia and it works absolute wonders, probably owing to the indica heaviness. Super relaxing and lulls me off to sleep pretty quick if I want it to. I’m really happy with this purchase.

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