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B-52 Feminized Seeds

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Roam if you want to, but you’ll always come back to B-52: a pungent, happy buzz that relaxes mind and body.

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Expect big artillery with the B-52 strain:  a delectable cross between Skunk and Big Bud, it comes on delightfully strong with a feeling of elation and chatty happiness and settles into the body with long-lasting therapeutic effects and benefits. All this, plus a comfortable light background buzz that allows for creative endeavors and focused work. Other than that, its most potent ammo is probably its super-pungent aroma profile. It’s an easygoing, indica-dominant option that is popular among recreational users. 


Medical benefits of B-52 marijuana seeds

B-52 marijuana is favored by those who suffer moderate stress symptoms and is sought after for its anti-inflammatory properties. Those who are prone to panic or worrying may not do well with this strain, as it can cause the mind to race if not approached carefully.


The aroma of B-52 marijuana seeds

B-52 is a delightfully sweet, dense affair in both smell and taste. Pungent skunky, earthy, mossy depths blanket the user and surroundings—it’s a good idea to secure the olfactory perimeter before lighting up around roommates or neighbors. The flavor profile is sharp but familiar, with overtones of woodsy goodness.


How to grow B-52 marijuana seeds

B-52 marijuana is a solid grower. Plants flower within nine weeks and grow to a manageably short height with significant lateral branching. It’s a prolific bloomer and yields large numbers of flowers when ready to harvest.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Headaches, Insomnia, Stress


Skunky, Sweet, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


13 reviews for B-52 Feminized Seeds

  1. Alexis Banks (verified owner)

    This dank MJ is perfect for almost any occasion. Hits just right. It’s a light, subtle sativa, with Indica after-effects. Makes me alert but relaxed, sociable but not paranoid. The “sweet spot” oh yeahhhhh!

  2. Aiden Lee (verified owner)

    I always seem to land on this weed….I’ve grown MJ for years but B-52 has slowly emerged as my all-time favorite strain.

    It’s a smooth hybrid with an uplifting glow, and definitely feels like you’re flying a plane over the Pacific. A new way to buy online with an old-school buzz. Nothing to complain about here!

  3. Lunar6Lantern (verified owner)

    The euphoric high combined with the long-lasting therapeutic effects made it perfect for relaxation and creative activities. The aroma of these seeds is intense, with a skunky and earthy scent that fills the air.

  4. Giuliana Ramos (verified owner)

    So fresh! I got this weed seed delivered right to my place! It’s so easy to cultivate, can you believe it? I am growing my own weed now!

  5. David Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Wasn’t the easiest grow but worth the effort! The yield was less than i expected but the high more than made up for it. I wasn’t sure at first if this would be the right strain for me but after reading the information provided on this site i was more than confident in this purchase!

  6. DiamondPhoenix (verified owner)

    I wanted a low mellow high and a plant that would not take too long to grow. Pacific Seed Bank’s customer service helped me pick out this strain. Very helpful and I ended up with exactly what I was looking for!

  7. Brayan Carr (verified owner)

    A pleasant, uplifting hybrid with dominant sativa energy. A rare find, even online, B-52 is easily one of my favorite summertime grows, and does PARTICULARLY well in indoor settings, like a greenhouse or hydroponic setup. Props to Pacific for such fast shipping and agreeable prices.

  8. Carefree Camel (verified owner)

    One of the lightest highs I have ever had B-52 may not be what a heavy stoner is looking for, but it’s great for a nice mellow smoke to relax to and enjoy. Tastes great as well with its sweet flavors and has a fast grow time as I flowered these in just 8 weeks.

  9. Margaret Tyler (verified owner)

    Much more than just a bomber plane, this MJ is delightful! It hits super clean and easy, nice on the body and on the mind. It’s a way out of stressful situations and feelings. I am soooo happy I finally had a chance to work with my own seeds and am doing So well! I am wayyyy better at this than I thought.

  10. SativaSpartan710 (verified owner)

    This strain gave me an energetic and focused high that also helped me relax. The skunky and sweet taste is unique and enjoyable. The plants were easy to cultivate and produced a good yield. I recommend B-52 for those looking for a well-rounded strain.

  11. Abdullah69 (verified owner)

    B-52 is the perfect middle-of-the-road grow for people who are new to weed or just know what they want. This classic MJ is a delightful blend of sativa and indica elements leading to a relaxing body high with an electric cerebral buzz that makes creative endeavors a TOP priority!!

  12. Fateh Goulding (verified owner)

    I am a weed snob by nature, I have been smoking for so long that I just know the difference between quality bud and scratch weed. B-52 easily tops one of my favorite grows for its ease of cultivation and large yields. It does take between 10-12 weeks to reach flowering but that’s a-OK by me. These plants are very fun to work with in the garden!

  13. Jasmine Carter (verified owner)

    B-52 is more than just an amazing band….or airplane….it’s a weed that will change your life! Buying online is easy, fast, and convenient. The seeds arrive in a vacuum sealed package….they grow quickly….takes a little bit of skill and dedication to bring them to maturity. It is well worth it. The yields are incredible

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