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Blue Goo Feminized Seeds

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This strain knows how to liven up any party with its increased energy levels, hightened chattiness, and a case of the giggles. There is no wrong time to light up this hybrid.

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The next time you head out for a party or social event, be sure to bring some Blue Goo marijuana seeds with you. This sativa-dominant hybrid (60/40) is the ultimate party strain. Think about the greatest bash you’d ever been to. Think about the high energy levels, engaging conversation, and the contagious good mood floating through the air. You can expect that same experience with Blue Goo.


It’s nearly impossible to have a bad or sour time after smoking this hybrid. No one likes a party pooper, right? Blue Goo provides a happy, uplifted, and energetic high that also combines positive thinking, extra chattiness, and a case of the giggles. This is the ideal strain for sparking new conversation with strangers, hanging out with old friends, or starting a new creative project at home. Really, there is no wrong time to smoke Blue Goo.


The energy you get from Blue Goo won’t have you bouncing off the walls or fill your head with racing thoughts. It’s a low-key buzz that works in the afternoon and evening time. Blue Goo marijuana seeds can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors. On average, this hybrid comes with THC levels around 21% — not the best choice for beginners.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Focused, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Earthy, Fruity, Grape

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Blue Goo Feminized Seeds

  1. Midnight Hunter (verified owner)

    Ready to be the life of the party? All you gotta do is get some Blue Goo because it’s going to make you talkative, outgoing, and ready to interact with any and every person in your vicinity. Everybody will want to chat it up with you. Plus, it’s a really fun strain because you’ll be left with the giggles. Fun and entertaining is what this MJ is all about!

  2. Rayne Lam (verified owner)

    I’m a goofy goober ROCK!
    We’re all goofy goobers ROCK!
    Blue goo was a great first-time grow with exceptional results. I grew in my garage, can you believe it!?
    500 G is a TON of weed and only $100 INVESTMENT? Yes please!!

  3. Yara Abouzeid (verified owner)

    This hybrid strain is perfect for parties or just hanging out with friends. It gave me a boost of energy, made me extra chatty, and had me giggling all night long. I really liked how it didn’t give me a super intense high, but still left me feeling happy and uplifted.

  4. HazeHelix365 (verified owner)

    Blue Goo has a fantastic taste and gave me a great high that left me feeling creative and focused. The indoor yield was impressive and I was amazed at how much I was able to produce. Highly recommend for anyone looking to treat depression and pain. The intermediate skill level was perfect for me as a somewhat experienced grower.

  5. FrostyR3ckoner (verified owner)

    Blue goo sounds kinda gross, but I sure like it! I bought 10 seeds and they were quickly shipped to my home in western OR. Hard to grow weed near the coast outdoors so I grow indoors under LED and in a 10×10 reflective grow tent. Been a lovely experience, I enjoyed caring for my MJ and will absolutely be buying more!

  6. Teresa Wilson (verified owner)

    Sativa and Indica seamlessy combined in this amazing hybrid!! Such a great genetic mix this strain captures the best of both worlds. As a sprouting hobbyist grower the challenge of these seeds taught me a lot. A little sad only 4/5 of my seeds germinated but still a good harvest otherwise.

  7. Luke Mooney (verified owner)

    You may not know Blue Goo, but you’re about to!
    Took 3.5 months to successfully cultivate this weed. It’s been an awesome experience, watching this weed grow, become powerful, and produce flower. It’s got a great taste, a fresh yield, and some highly juicy, crystalline nugs.
    If you are new to MJ, this might be a good place to start out. I think your friends will like it too 😉

  8. Ninja Noodle (verified owner)

    I enjoyed Blue Goo for the fun high it had, my friends and I felt very jokey with each other and had a really fun time with this strain. Growing this was not difficult either and what’s even better is the great quantity these seeds can yield.

  9. Randall Williams (verified owner)

    This Blue Goo strain was really quite nice, it had an energizing high so I was surprised by how much energy I got while high. I would definitely be able to smoke this at all parts of the day. If you don’t mind the 10 week growing time this high is very nicely worth the growing time.

  10. Zarah R. (verified owner)

    Blue Goo? EWWWWWWW
    Just kidding, this weed is just as delicious as every other strain out there. It has lovely blue color to the flower, a sweet sea-breeze smell and a very light and provocative high. It makes me want to explore and….idk touch nature stuff LOL.
    Pretty stoked friends!

  11. Gino Rivera (verified owner)

    One of those rare strains that’s great at any time of day! This nug is high quality, very fresh, and tastes like a pine forest! The smoke can be a bit harsh, but no matter, you will forget all about it when you get stoned! Buy your seeds right here online it’s such a trip!
    Got my seeds in 5 days! Maybe that’s cause I am a Cali customer?

  12. Menna Rahman (verified owner)

    Best as an indoor grow. I purchased 10 seeds from this website. 8/10 germinated. Took 4 months to grow, or so. I always enjoyed the weed cultivation process. This strain requires a master’s touch. The flower is dense and blue-green in color. An excellent smell surrounds this plant like a halo. I have very few complaints, just wish I had more!

  13. Khalid Giles (verified owner)

    Makes my mind feel like a technicolor puddle. It’s almost psycedellic in sensation. Everything is saturated with color and you feel much lighter and happier! Great flavors and delightful experience overall. Who doesn’t like home gardening during the summer?

  14. Emyr Bateman (verified owner)

    Ummm yeah. If you like turning into a real puddle, the blue goo is your go to! I kind of just enjoy the color, and the novelty of growing my own weed!

  15. Manal Holder (verified owner)

    With a name like Blue Goo, you’ve got to expect something exciting and new! Purchasing weed online has never been easier, and with a strain as rare as blue goo, you’re in the right place to get what you need. Not only does Pacific have a great customer service team, their growing tips have always been helpful at achieving success!!

  16. Brett Pike (verified owner)

    Ooooo these nugs are so colorful! Such a nice strain with so many flavorsssss. Kind of tastes like lime and salt, and gives me a greeeeaaaatttt body buzz, like so relaxing. Can’t wait to buy more of this amazing and delicious strain. It’s so colorful!!

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