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El Jefe Feminized Seeds

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Chief among indica-dominant relaxation strains, beloved El Jefe is a deep, delicious cannabis that brings you relaxation and relief from pain.

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When a strain is referred to as El Jefe, you know it means business—the business of delivering a supreme body high, cerebral bliss, and relief from chronic pain. 


Behind the name of El Jefe marijuana seeds

Meaning “the boss” in Spanish, this indica-dominant specialty is a favorite among those seeking a potent yet relaxing experience, as well as relief from insomnia. It packs a strong yet mellow punch, and is a popular choice when you’re looking for straightforward bliss and relaxation.


Flavor and aroma of El Jefe marijuana seeds

A super-spicy lemon and honey with woodsy, earthy undertones, El Jefe sparks the senses with its amazing fragrance and flavor. It leaves you feeling just the right amount of fuzzy and sleepy, and is an ideal choice for bedtime and downtime relaxation. Its medicinal benefits include relief from chronic pain and insomnia, along with the familiar appetite enhancing qualities that are of benefit to chronically ill patients and those tackling chemotherapy.


Flowering time for El Jefe marijuana seeds

El Jefe flowers within 9-10 weeks…fairly standard…and is favored among growers for its resistance to disease and mold, along with its adaptibiilty to various growing conditions. The plant produces buds with a remarkable stickiness and depth of color, and is obtained through regular care and maintenance. The cultivation is well worth it, as El Jefe delivers beautifully on both the medicinal and recreational front.

Additional information



Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Hungry, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Appetite, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Lemon, Pine

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


9 reviews for El Jefe Feminized Seeds

  1. Adrien Gallegos (verified owner)

    The plants were healthy and robust, and I was able to achieve a great yield. The high was incredibly uplifting and left me feeling happy and relaxed. The taste was earthy with hints of lemon and pine, making it a delightful strain to smoke.

  2. Keyla White (verified owner)

    El Jefe is THE BOSS!
    Bought 10 seeds and grew them over last summer. I am in LOVE with this strain. It hits beautifully. Gives me a light head buzz, a gentle body buzz, and generally makes me smiley and chatty! Great for social anxiety, if that’s your thing!

  3. 2WildWhale (verified owner)

    El Jefe Feminized Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank are the boss when it comes to delivering a supreme body high, cerebral bliss, and relief from chronic pain. This indica-dominant strain is a favorite among those seeking a potent yet relaxing experience. With a spicy lemon and honey flavor, it leaves you feeling fuzzy and sleepy, making it perfect for bedtime relaxation.

  4. Allison Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This seed provided some funky flavor combinations! Very spicy strong hint with some lemon and honey in it. Strangely enough i grew to like it. With a strong hit I got a strong high that sent me for a while. Mine growth ended up getting pretty big so I’m very happy about the yield! Would recommend this seed!

  5. IndicaInvention (verified owner)

    Despite its longer growing time, El Jefe provides a great strain with a nice lemon pine taste to it. The high is great and really hits hard and fast, with a nice effect on both the body and mind. I will thoroughly be enjoying this for a long time to come with how much weed got yielded from it.

  6. John Bennett (verified owner)

    Brilliant color and flavor…seriously one of the best tasting/looking strains I have ever seen, in stores or out in the wild! Buying online has made my life so much easier. Like…I can’t even believe how well this has gone. It’s great to have a summer project, and working in the dirt and the soil is a true win. It’s great to reconnect with the earth in its purest form and I have Pacific to thank for that!

  7. DankDaze710 (verified owner)

    El Jefe has a nice hefty hit to it, great high that easily helps me wind down after a long day of work. Managed to harvest these plants after 10 weeks and despite the moderate work required the high was truly worth it.

  8. G. Burks (verified owner)

    This weed has a little kick to it. It might make you cough and sputter, but once it settles you will absolutely fall in love with this strain. The delicious nugs have made a believer out of me! The freshness is just right, and the yield makes this a worthy investment like 10x over! Home growing is definitely the way to go. Treat yourself to this magnificent indica with a spicy jalapeno flavor.

  9. Keagan North (verified owner)

    This is one SPICY weed! I love this strain cause it reminds me of jalapenos! I grew it in my yard. Grows fast here in Southern Cali. It loves the sun and the coastal climate. I can tell these are high quality seeds. They germinated quickly and created oh-so-many leaves and branches. It was a beautiful bush plant, very happy to share with my friends!

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