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Green Candy Feminized Seeds

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Users who want a truly well-rounded marijuana experience should look no further than Green Candy marijuana seeds. This balanced hybrid provides equal effects to the brain and body. You’ll start with energy and end with couchlock and sedation.

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Have you ever tried a green or red candy apple before? They usually have them at state fairs and such. Users with a fruity sweet tooth should jump at the chance to buy Green Candy marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. This well-balanced strain is considered a hybrid wit equal cerebral and bodily effects. The effects of Green Candy occur in two stages, the first being mental and eventually settling into your muscles.


Users truly get a well-rounded marijuana experience with Green Candy in their bowls, blunts, and rolling papers. Phase One of the Green Candy experience starts in the head, with buzzy, creative thoughts taking over. You may feel more energized, motivated, and uplifted during the day. Be sure to get all your work done now before Phase Two kicks in. Once that happens, and the indica side of Green Candy takes over, you’ll likely be too lazy or relaxed to get anything done.


There’s a serious dose of couchlock that frequently comes over users who pick Green Candy marijuana seeds. The aroma that comes from these plants smells identical to the county fair’s candy apples. It’s incredibly sweet, fruity, and addicting. You’ll want to reach for Green Candy flower again and again just to smell it.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 5500 gr

To Treat

Muscle Spasms, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






17 reviews for Green Candy Feminized Seeds

  1. LunaStarlight (verified owner)

    Green Candy is one my favorite new treats because it’s sweet, tasty, and fruity. The taste is one of my favorite things about this strain. Besides its flavor, you’ll love the aroma that’s just as deliciously intoxicating. The effects will start cerebrally before you start experiencing those bodily sensations.

  2. Rudy Hogan (verified owner)

    I recently tried Green Candy and it was an amazing experience from start to finish. The high was energetic, happy, and uplifting, perfect for getting through the day with a positive mindset.The taste was earthy, piney, and sweet, making it a delightful smoke. It also provided great relief for muscle spasms and stress.

  3. Bronson Cisneros (verified owner)

    A deeply relaxing sensation that courses all throughout the body….like a gentle buzz of electricity. With a sweet and sour flavor that I absolutely love! That is probably the best choice I’ve made on this site, but I did try a few other strains so I am speaking from experience. I have always been an indoor grower. I really like the sheer variety and the love. It’s been an amazing opportunity to learn something about growing weed. It’s a pretty unique process, and requires a specific skill set, so I definitely appreciate all the useful growing advice I have found on this site.

  4. Astral8Artisan (verified owner)

    Green Candy Feminized Seeds offer users a well-rounded marijuana experience with equal cerebral and bodily effects. This hybrid strain starts with energizing, creative thoughts before settling into a relaxing couchlock. The aroma is sweet and fruity like candy apples, making it even more enticing.

  5. Carrie Martinez (verified owner)

    Weed that taste like a candy apple? Wild concept but wow is that accurate for a name. Dutchman Seeds gets some insane things done to their hybrids and this is not exception. The high on this is great too, did not feel like I was couch locked.

  6. Danika Barrett (verified owner)

    Fresh green candy weed is like a green apple jolly rancher! I like smoking these sticky nugs cause they instantly give me a huge uplifting buzz and banish depression to the corners of my mind.
    Burning this weed is easy, it’s like drinking water, that’s how smooth the smoke is son!
    I rate 5/5 for Pacific for their great customer service and awesome online selection. Hard to find great seeds like this in Canada!

  7. PuffPioneer710 (verified owner)

    Green Candy gives a very satisfying light high and the moderate CBD levels of this strain are quite nice. Great for medicinal use and I was astounded with how easy this was to grow, practically grew itself in 2 months.

  8. THC_Toxicated (verified owner)

    Green Candy is quite sedating and I found myself falling deep into this high while I lied down relaxed and filled with euphoria, it was truly an amazing high. Pacific gives me another quality batch of perfect seeds and I am super happy to always buy off them.

  9. SativaSinger (verified owner)

    This strain comes with a nice body and brain high that hits nicely without overwhelming you. The taste of sweet pine is amazing and these seeds were easy to grow and grew very tall. A great choice for beginner growers that have the space for it.

  10. EmberMage9 (verified owner)

    Good looking BUd at a very nice price! Green candy does indeed have a strong flavor, and a sweet exhale. One of my all-time favorite weeds, just needs a good home. I am always growing in my backyard, and I am learning a whole LOT from the blog section!

  11. Michelle R. (verified owner)

    Hopefully you will enjoy this weed as much as I have. It’s a great strain, definitely helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. I was truly thrilled to see this go well. I planted my seeds indoors, got it shipped right to my apartment, and was growing in one week!
    The seeds germinated quickly and formed into gorgeous compact plants. Very impressive weed!

  12. Maiya Mill (verified owner)

    Okay, so, I ordered 10 seeds online. At first, the seeds got lost in the mail 🙁 but Pacific customer service was awesome and replaced them right away!! I was able to grow 8/10 seeds in my yard (2 didn’t germinate). They were fairly compact and easy to manage. Also produced a TON of flavorful nug. I highly recommend it!

  13. Fahim Hollis (verified owner)

    Great for pain, great for stress, excellent for tuning out and feeling less anxious or worried….it’s a great weed and it was surprisingly easy to grow from seed. I love being able to buy seeds online, it solves so many problems and saves me a ton of money.

  14. Rhodri Mcconnell (verified owner)

    Yum yum it tastes like sour apple! This weed is high energy and chill at the same time! Great tasting bud, and always a good grow. Pacific never disappoints. Their seeds are high quality and always ship fast. I feel lucky and also very stoned lol.

  15. Gracie-Mai Timms (verified owner)

    This strain has high highs and low lows…in a good way! I bought my seeds online, it was incredibly easy and convenient! Plus the taste was just sweet as candy. Great bud for a long afternoon, when you’re feeling tired but need an extra boost. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon!

  16. Esa Elliott (verified owner)

    This marijuana is sweet and sultry, gives me an excellent head buzz and keeps my heart beating fast. I am excited all the time, love the mix of flavors and the freshness i get from this being homegrown pot. It tastes like candy alright, something like a green jolly rancher.

  17. Caris Beasley (verified owner)

    Smoke your way to paradise with the green candy strain. Nothing puts a smile on my face quite like this marijuana strain. Ordered 5 seeds online, and they shipped right to my front door, like a BOSS! Gonna have a HUGE harvest coming up. The flower is looking nice on the plant, very robust, pungent, and colorful, Has a sweet and sour aroma, kinda like candy, and very FRESHHHH. I’ll update once I harvest but so far am very excited!

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