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Green Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Green Cheese marijuana will turn heads with its blue-cheese-like scent. The effects will start high and energized before descending into complete relaxation.

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Green Cheese marijuana is a pungent strain made by crossing Cheese with Green Crack. It’s a 50/50 hybrid with a moderate THC level that will kick in with a cerebral lift before ultimately leaving you in a calm state of relaxation. The aroma of this strain is a great talking point when shared among friends and is an excellent evening strain for its ability to give you a nice burst of energy before tucking you in for a night of deep sleep. 

What are the effects of Green Cheese marijuana?

  • Happy
  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Sociable
  • Productive


Green Cheese feminized marijuana seeds will grow into tall and branchy plants, thanks to its sativa genetics. The buds are usually medium-sized, spade-shaped, and with long, wispy leaves that hang in a loose tangle. These buds are typically rated at around 15%, making them enjoyable and easily managed. 


Green Cheese marijuana usually takes action straightaway in users, striking with a tingling sensation throughout the temples and cheeks. As the sensations reach their pitch and fade off, you’ll be left with a mental clarity conducive to creative thinking and productivity. You’ll feel mentally stimulated and will not have difficulty hyper-focusing on a task.


After an hour, the high will move to a more physical stone, revealing its indica genetics. All tension by this time will have dissolved, and you will likely fall into a state of calm relaxation. Green Cheese marijuana has a slow decline effect that, when harnessed correctly, can be an excellent tool for the late evening as you move toward going to bed.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Green Cheese marijuana?

Green Cheese is a versatile strain that can be enjoyed recreationally or used to treat a range of ailments. For one, because of its cerebrally uplifting qualities, it can help alleviate symptoms of diminish severe stress. It can also help those with attention deficit disorders concentrate on their work. Physically, Green Cheese marijuana can reduce the severity of treat lupus symptoms and help anyone struggling to maintain a healthy appetite. Since Green Cheese tends to leave users sleepy at the end of the high, it can benefit patients having difficulty sleeping through the night. 

How do you grow Green Cheese?

Green Cheese marijuana seeds will appreciate an indoor controlled environment or outside in a hot and humid climate. Since it is a 50/50 hybrid, Green Cheese will grow to a moderate size, though it will still need some pruning to ensure proper airflow and light that can reach the bottom nodes. Green Cheese marijuana is a pungent strain, and, as such, gardeners should be mindful of this fact if they need to be cautious of neighbors.

What does Green Cheese marijuana smell and taste like?

As you may have guessed, Green Cheese marijuana has a strong aroma, comparable to a strong cheese such as gorgonzola or Roquefort. Many find the scent fascinating, while others can’t stand it. Though it is undeniably cheesy, the closer you get, the more you’ll pick out other scents such as earth and pine. When smoked, it tickles the sinuses and throat with a tangy and earthy taste. The exhale has an almost herbal quality that remains punctuated by strong cheese. 


Similar marijuana strains to Green Cheese


  1. Cherry Diesel is a delicious 50/50 strain with fast-acting effects
  2. Green Crack is a hybrid with a high THC content and is one of Green Cheese’s parents
  3. Exodus Cheese is another cheesy hybrid with similar THC levels and effects
  4. Queso marijuana is also cheesy and is a hybrid split down the middle
  5. Cheese is a low-THC hybrid with similar flavors and effects

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Relaxed, Social

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Appetite, Depression, Pain


Tangy, Cheese, Earthy

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


16 reviews for Green Cheese Feminized Seeds

  1. 2CometCrafter (verified owner)

    Green Cheese Feminized Seeds from Pacific Seed Bank are a must-try for marijuana enthusiasts. This 50/50 hybrid strain offers a moderate THC level, providing a cerebral lift before easing into a state of relaxation. With its pungent aroma resembling strong cheese, Green Cheese is perfect for evening use.

  2. Kristin Wang (verified owner)

    This strain provides a fantastic high that leaves you feeling focused, relaxed, and social. It is great for treating appetite issues. Growing Green Cheese was an absolute pleasure. The plants thrived and produced beautiful buds.

  3. Evelin Mosley (verified owner)

    Healthy looking nugs, very fresh and tight, and super sticky. They look…well, they look great friends. This is a much better result than I could have anticipated. Like, I thought I was gonna get like 50G per plant, but….this was closer to 100-115 G per plant, none of it went moldy, and I cured it so that it’ll be ready to smoke in a couple weeks. It’s gonna be a good summer and winter. This MJ should last me a while!

  4. CultivateCraze (verified owner)

    Has a funky earthy and very pungent flavor. Not for everyone, but definitely for me!
    10 seeds was the perfect grow and the yield was near 600 G. NICE!

  5. Leonardo Acevedo (verified owner)

    Smoking this weed is like taking a ride on a wild roller coaster. It lifts you up and then brings you right back down into a state of deep relaxation. I’ve been cultivating MJ for years, and this has always been one of my absolute favorites. If you buy online, you can expect your seeds to arrive in the mail within 7 days, which is pretty darn quick, all things considered. I really love working with their products though, especially since they grow so fast and produce so much beautiful flower. Truly blessed, thank you!

  6. Izaiah French (verified owner)

    Tasty and pretty darn nice. I grew 10 seeds online and it was all good by me! Sweet and fresh pot all around, just takes about 10 weeks to truly master. Loving it so much. Homegrown pot is a longtime dream of mine!

  7. Isabelle Greer (verified owner)

    Basic choice for those who have grown weed in the past. You will recognize this strain. It’s dense, cheesy, pungent, and helps with stress. Makes my eyes water a little bit, and my body tingle. A great choice for new growers, mostly cause it’s EASY! Very fresh pot, love the incredible colors!

  8. Anthony Lutz (verified owner)

    I absolutely do not mind cutting the cheese with this strain. Wow, a hint of cheese and a tangy taste. This plant grew so fast and effectively, although it was much taller than I expected and had a bit of upkeep to it. Worth the time though.

  9. Rex Small (verified owner)

    Very similar to the blue cheese strain that you have likely heard of. I find this MJ to be slightly sweeter in taste and lightly uplifting. Hard to classify but I’d say sativa dominant. I prefer growing at home because it saves me money and sharpens my skills. If you have the time, the space, and the willpower, you too can grow your own weed. It’s an exceptional choice for a new grower, especially cause PSB seed genetics are the finest in the biz.

  10. Richard Collins (verified owner)

    Green Cheese reminds me of home….Wisconsin! Definitely has a sour cheesy flavor and lulls me into a state of deep relaxation and stress relief. Such a gem. I would grow again and again if I could! Oh wait….I actually can when I order seeds online with pacific!

  11. CelestialCenturion85 (verified owner)

    This strain grew incredibly fast, got this flowered in just 7 weeks and I was very happy with the yield size on this. The flavors are amazing too, actually taste like cheese with a tangy earthy hit to it.

  12. Frida Brown (verified owner)

    Yummm! Green cheese is a dank, stanky weed with a highly energizing vibe! Its got a sour funky flavor you MAY not enjoy….it is definitely an acquired taste LOL. But don’t let that stop you! It’s super unique, packed with flavor and TERPS!

  13. Michael B (verified owner)

    The ideal hybrid for stoners looking for lighter smoking marijuana. This was excellent in both taste and growing, as it grew incredibly fast and tall. Well worth the effort put in and I loved how much weed I got from it.

  14. MysticGamer13 (verified owner)

    Tastes great and looks great in the garden. No real complaints just want more! The price is right and the shipping is just as advertised 🙂

  15. Christine W (verified owner)

    Green Cheese’s high gives a nice energy boost then dies down for a relaxing high. With its potent tastes and relaxing high this strain is great for all stoners as a well-rounded strain. It has a quick growing time and has a good amount of weed to be harvested from it. Definitely going to pick up more of these seeds!

  16. pancakes420 (verified owner)

    Hey all! I bought 10 green cheese seeds online. I had them shipped to Canada! The shipping time was 6 days!!! The seeds needed soaking, but once they were soaked, they were ready to be planted in the soil. Got my plants to sprout within a few days. They grew FAST!! I got flower to form in 8 weeks and harvested in week 10. Crazy fresh nug and a delicious flavor. Can’t complain!!

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