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Jean Guy Feminized Seeds

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A Canadian export without the accent, Jean Guy feminized marijuana seeds will remind you of the outdoors – a lemony, pine-scented smoke that provides a creative high and gentle relaxation. Indoors or out, this finicky strain requires close attention to yield a moderate (but strong) crop of around 400 grams per plant.

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Jean Guy

A strain that originated in Canada, Jean Guy is redolent of the outdoors – hints of pine and lemon come through in the flavor and aroma, giving the intensely cerebral high of this marijuana strain a woodsy kick that energizes the mind and provides a feeling of relaxation.

Though it tops out at about 19% THC, Jean Guy marijuana is equally potent for medical use as it is for recreation. Spirit lifting, it brings on euphoria with its cerebral buzz, eventually creeping into the body for a deep, calming relaxation. Get rid of discomfort, ease stress, and be pumped for the day with this perfect strain.

Master gardeners should have no trouble coaxing 400 grams of sweet tasting bud out of this strain, which is a bit finicky to grow – Jean Guy marijuana seeds like their soil to have a pH balance of between 6.2 and 6.3 in order to burst with dark green leaves and buds thick with crystalline trichomes.

Taste a little bit of the frozen north – order Jean Guy feminized marijuana seeds today!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Giggly, talkative, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Fatigue, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Jean Guy Feminized Seeds

  1. Latoya Courtney (verified owner)

    Get yr jean guy seeds right here….a Canada classic….almost as good as Poutine…almost 😉
    Bought 10 seeds and grew last summer outside Calgary. Quick to ship with great germination…took my time cultivating these babies but the results were quick! 12 weeks Max and you’ll see flowers all up and down this plant!

  2. EmberStorm (verified owner)

    I came across Jean Guy and was instantly enticed by it, so I wanted to know all about it. Luckily, PSB offers fantastic product descriptions and gives you all the pertinent information you need to make sure you know what you’re getting. After reading through, I felt that this was a great choice for me. I haven’t planted yet, but I’m so excited and will update y’all later.

  3. Evelin Mann (verified owner)

    Jean Guy is the “jean-ius” of marijuana strains! Growing this beauty was a breeze, and the yield was more than satisfying. The high is pure bliss, leaving you giggly, talkative, and uplifted for hours. It’s the perfect remedy for fatigue, pain, and stress. With its citrus, pine, and sweet taste, Jean Guy is a true delight.

  4. Chen L (verified owner)

    Jean Guy Feminized Seeds are a must-have for any marijuana grower. This strain, originating from Canada, offers a unique flavor profile with hints of pine and lemon. The intense cerebral high and gentle relaxation provide relief from pain and stress.

  5. Brian Snow (verified owner)

    Growing this presented me with a new learning challenge. It was very engaging to approach and learn with this one. With a little bit of love, you can get great flowering with great-tasting buds! Pacific gave me 3 perfect seeds that germinated without a hitch!

  6. Isabeau Dawson (verified owner)

    Best choice I have made in a while. Not normally used to having this weed in my back pocket, but now that I am a grower, I just CANNOT get enough. Good flavor and a pretty intense high. Makes me a wee bit tired, but I usually smoke at night, so it’s not too much of an issue. Fresh buds and a great smoke sesh with your friends, all for seeds that cost under $100. Great quality for a low price. So hard to find in 2023.

  7. Emmett Gay (verified owner)

    Canada weed at its finest. Even tastes a bit like maple syrup, eh?
    Calgary grower of many years. Appreciate the wholesale pricing and reliable shipping. Easy enough to navigate the site.
    Also appreciate the 90% germ guarantee. They mean business and for you to succeed.

  8. P Wallace (verified owner)

    With this amazing body high stress is taken care of, fast-acting and not too strong, Jean Guy is a great companion when navigating everyday life. Takes a skilled gardeners touch to maximize this seed but with some TLC you can get a great amount of weed from it.

  9. Clarissa Brandt (verified owner)

    Takes a very long time to get harvested, and my plants did not flower until 11 weeks, if you can put in the work for this strain it can greatly reward you though. The high is very fun, a nice uplifting high to set up some good moods, the effects are long-lasting and it is very smooth. I enjoy this for social gatherings, a nice puff puff pass strain.

  10. Urijah Savage (verified owner)

    Just been growing this weed for 3 seasons now in Canada. We have short intense growing seasons here outside of Toronto. Our winters are quite intense so we need to start our plants indoors and transplant outdoors usually mid-may to June and expect results by autumn. Usually takes about 3 months start to finish, not more complicated than growing a tomato plant. Well worth the effort in my opinion. Great product!

  11. Aniya Dyer (verified owner)

    Fresh! I liked growing this weed cause it’s super fresh and nice to grow! It’s like a friendly garden plant, just delicious and very nutritious.

    Are you going to grow outdoors? Well, I recommend indoors if you want greater control over your plant. So yeah, you’ll have success, just be wary of how you do it!

  12. Abdirahman Villegas (verified owner)

    Gimme some new Jean Guy weed and I will be happy forever. I love how nicely this grows in my backyard, it’s like suuuuper awesome broooo! I am a BIG fan of all the flavors and the amazing energies YUMMMM! Jean guy is a Canada thing. If you live here, you know about it. Plus I like to fancy myself a jean guy myself, so that’s pretty awesome!!

  13. Marcie Quinn (verified owner)

    This jean guy is one you wanna be friends with! Amazing flavor and a great smell, this dank weed is PERFECT for your garden or indoor grow space! It’s a lovely little compact plant and it is just adorable 🙂 PLUS it ships to Canada, where I live!

  14. Perry D. (verified owner)

    Canada’s premier strain! This weed does so well in our frigid climate that I can’t help but continue to grow it. Pacific is the only site online that carries this seed consistently. It always ships in a timely manner and germinates how it should!

  15. Nick Silva (verified owner)

    Everyones fave Canadian Marijuana is BACK with a vengeance, and I LOVE that cause I can finally grow it myself at home. Good buy, especially for the PRICE!!! I love how quickly it shipped to my apartment and I gotta say it’s smelling real good.

  16. Paisley Mcgee (verified owner)

    Get me some of that Canadian weed and you’ll have me singing O Canada at the top of my lungs. I am a Montreal grower, and we definitely have a SHORT growing season!!! It’s best to grow this in a greenhouse, but the yield was nice and germination was not a problem. Big flavor and a relaxing indica vibe!!

  17. Evie Mcintyre (verified owner)

    Jean guy might be a Canadian strain but Pacific ships anywhere in the USA. Bought this for my brother in ALASKA!!! They grow weed out there like nobody’s business, so I’d recommend giving them a try!

  18. Ayda Turnbull (verified owner)

    Canada never had it so good. Pacific ships all around the country and it always arrives fast. Never had a bad experience with this product. I always get a nice yield, and my brain always feels much more at ease. Helps Majorly with stress, and it’s fun to grow, like a tomato plant!!

  19. Menaal Livingston (verified owner)

    Cuz I am a Canadian at heart. I like Michelob Ultra, hockey, ice fishing and jean guy marijuana. It’s got the Canadian stamp of approval. And that means a lot.

  20. Finnley Sears (verified owner)

    Jean guy is whats up. I am a Canadian man and I want to smoke Canadian weed. That’s why I ordered this strain. It’s fast and delivers to Vancouver. Looks great in the sunlight, SO GREEN! I feel like I get stoned just by hanging out with my weed plants. You really can’t go wrong with this stuff.

  21. Alfred Whittle (verified owner)

    I am a canadian so this weed kinda just speaks to my soul. I love denim, and I just love jean guy, cause I AM that guy, especially to all my friends. Easy to set up my little grow space in the basement, and I am feeling pretty alright about it as well. Definitely gonna sweep up though cause man it’s just looking hella dirty down there. I want CLEAN weed 🙂

  22. Tatiana Senior (verified owner)

    Jean guy might just take you by surprise…I was so excited to find out this was a Canadian strain….I got it shipped to Vancouver BC where I am LOVING life and growing this stuff in my own personal garden. Everything looks absolutely fantastic, and It’s the healthiest weed I have ever grown!!

  23. Madeleine Ingram (verified owner)

    Apparently, Canada has its own weed, and it is now in the United States!! Woohoo! This weed reminds me of home, good old Montreal, and the way this stuff makes me feel is pretty outrageous and also relaxed at the same time. The nugs are earthy brown and they smell nice and sour. The smoke is a little harsh so watch out, but be prepared to be SUPER HIGH!

  24. Khaleesi Hale (verified owner)

    Canadian weed is pretty bomb and nobody talks about this strain, but it’s been one of my favorites for years. The smell of it is kinda earthy and a little sour but mostly its all chill vibes. Easy for growing in the warm summer under dry skies, but be sure to cover it up if it ever gets too darn wet, which it tends to here in Canada, haha!

  25. Suraj David (verified owner)

    There’s nothing better than smoking this weed with your buddies on a Friday night. The relaxation and good times just flows naturally from there on out, and get ready to order your favorite munchies food cause this stuff gets me really hungry!!! I was very pleased though with how this turned out and all the nice weed I got from it! Yay!!!!!

  26. Infinity (verified owner)

    I have a duel tomorrow and this is really helping with my anxiety about. My life is in danger, and my opponent has been known to play dirty. Either way, I am so glad I ordered this weed online, and finally got a chance to grow it in mt backyard. It’s the best weed in Canada, and that’s a fact!

  27. beachlover52 (verified owner)

    Jean guy is a nice strain, it’s nice like Canada nice, and it is easy to grow, especially indoors. Ordered myself 3 seeds online…got them delivered really fast, they took off in the backyard, and did really well, smells great too, even my cat likes it 🙂

  28. Ginny (verified owner)

    Get your jean jackets and jorts ready for summer cause jean guy is in the house!! Easy buy online and seriously good weed. The growing was a detail and the results are literally magic. I am so stoned right now. Get yourself some of this weed right away!

  29. Leaf Brook (verified owner)

    Jean guy is like canada’s favorite weed cause we are all jean guys in the end! I ordered my seeds online and got them shipped to my door in a very fast manner. Took me 5 months to grow them and harvesting them was super great. I got a beautiful lovely green yield that helps me with stress and depression and puts a smile on my face!

  30. Levi Strauss (verified owner)

    Jean guy is a real whirlwind. It’s fun to grow, makes some beautiful flower, and it’s a great high. I get super stoned off this stuff, makes me feel like a new man. I like smoking this then riding my bike along the beach. Such a glorious way to enjoy the sunshine in LA. Beautiful times are made from this weed, and it’s so affordable, anyone can have it!

  31. Kamaina (verified owner)

    Jean guy eh? This weed is top notch delicious, helps with stress and anxiety and even relaxes my depression symptoms. I get myself 3 seeds from PSB and they ship out in under a week! I am thrilled with how well my grow went. Got nearly 500 grams from 3 plants, which is more than enough to last me all winter. A pretty relaxing indica buzz, great for when you get the jimmies!

  32. Jason (verified owner)

    Oh boy the 80’s were rough, I used to wear a jean jacket all the time lol! At least times have changed, but the weed has only gotten better! Ordered the jean guy off PSB in honor of my favorite jacket and decided to grow it in the backyard. Got an extra huge yield and am saving my other seed for next spring! It’s a very happy strain, puts a smile on my face and makes for a great addition to my already bomb collection of grows. It’s a new favorite of mine, and I’ll def be back for more!

  33. SunnyPM (verified owner)

    Jean guy is super wicked amazing awesome and makes me feel like I am back home in Canada. But here I am in LA growing my own weed, and it’s super rewarding. I got some amazing nug off just these three plants, very fresh and sticky and smells super earthy and tastes a little sweet. Ahhh just like home. I have been growing for years so this stuff was a breeze and a half, I think most new growers would do well with it though, and I would recommend it to any of my friends 🙂

  34. AJhuxley (verified owner)

    One of the best weeds I have smoked in years. It’s sooooo easy to grow outdoors, especially here in Los Angeles, does super well on my patio in these big pots that I have laying around and there’s just some incredible yield off these plants. Very earthy taste, a little strong honestly, and best to smoke in the evenings when you have nothing to do. Perfect for just chilling out and having yourself a good time. I highly recommend!

  35. shaniqua (verified owner)

    Living in Toronto and actually very familiar with this weed. We used to smoke this stuff back in the day, and it was really nice to have around. Givres me a mood boost and also helps me with anxiety and depression. Nice to see a Canadian strain hanging out on the PSB list, and it was super easy to order online, I feel amazing now that I can grow this in my backyard!

  36. Harpreet r. (verified owner)

    I’ll admit this weed was a bit of a challenge to grow, but I am glad I did it! It’s much better suited to indoor growing conditions, so you need to know your stuff pretty well beforehand. Still got a nice yield, around 300 g per plant, and the weed itself is amazing! Very high energy and great for bad moods. has helped me with my minor aches and pains as well. Highly recommended for experienced growers!!!

  37. Andy N. (verified owner)

    This is my new favorite weed! I ordered my seeds online from PSB and got some great results. Grew them in my backyard and they just grew like crazy! Can’t wait to share this weed with my friends, it’s so rewarding to grow!!! I am going to grow indoors next time, and the I’ll probably get a bigger yield. Has been great for my headaches!

  38. Heath O. (verified owner)

    Powerful stuff! This will cure what ails you, gives you a nice mental and body buzz, and keeps you feeling great for hours on end. Kind of a pain to grow at times, but well worth the effort, smells like lemon zest and tastes kind of sour, plants are a nice size though and won’t take up too much room, check it out for sure!

  39. Clinton P. (verified owner)

    This strain was kind of an exotic choice for me, something of a wildcard, as I’d only tried growing easy plants before. Monitoring the soil pH turned out to be key, as it was pretty far off from the recommended levels.

    The end result was quite good. Not a gigantic yield by any means, but the flowers are beautiful and the effects are seriously awesome. A really excellent high. Friends bumming joints off me left and right. I’m glad PSB stocks oddball seeds like these or I wouldn’t know where to buy them!

  40. highsteve818 (verified owner)

    Am an experienced grower and wanted to try my hand at growing this weed, yep it can be a bit finnicky, but if you have the patience and the time, Jean Guy will be your best friend! A very sour and lemony tasting weed, which is great for mood and helping with headaches, but I try not to smoke too much or I feel a bit jittery, a great sativa dominant plant with huge potential for creativity and fun. Just don’t let it sit around for too long!

  41. Declan Y. (verified owner)

    These little guys (girls actually) weren’t too happy til I got the pH right. But then…wow. They took off for the sky. And so did I. Really nice high from this Canada import. Decent pain relief (for you medical users out there). When I toke The Jean I feel no pain whatsoever. Highly recommended.

  42. megadeth529098 (verified owner)

    I’ve never had pot from Canada before and was eager to try it. This was strong and cool, made me feel uplifted and energized. Also the buds were so pretty – tight dark green clusters encrusted with golden fairy dust. ? I’m giving it 4 stars tho because the earthy taste was a bit much for me, I like a little more sweetness. I may buy this again though if I want something strong, I know this works well!

  43. Clarisha (verified owner)

    Jean Guy is LEGIT weed. I am stoked on this strain. If you got your shit locked down tight and know whats up, you won’t have any trouble growing this sexy lady. If you don’t how to mess with your soil ph levels, don’t touch it. Buds are straight up pungent and will make you feel good all over. I got these seeds shipped with no problem and swift after ordering. Best weed in all of Canada right here. Go get you some.

  44. Rayna S. (verified owner)

    Just grew a couple of these ladies in my backyard and wow, does this weed make you feel good! It’s a great part strain — makes everyone super happy and chatty with each other, gives a great vibe and energy. I’d highly recommend smoking this weed! As far as growing, if you have a lot of experience you should be fine. Even if you don’t, doesn’t hurt to try and few plants and see what comes of it.

  45. Ken R. (verified owner)

    I’m in my fourth week of flowering and so far everything smells super dank. My seeds looked SO GOOD. Every batch I get from Pacific and know my crop of Jean Guy will prbly be the same. I’m stoked to see what kind of yield I get. So far its looking really really REALLY good. Haven’t smoked Jean Guy before either, so I’ll for sure let you know how it goes. So far so good!

  46. Hayden W. (verified owner)

    Probably one of the more difficult strains I’ve grown. I needed to buy a testing kit to really maintain my soil’s ph and and lots of nutrient supplements for the soil, and the yield was kind of small for how much work went into it. But that being said, the weed is incredible. Really relaxing but clearheaded high that leaves me really happy and giggly. If you know your way around growing weed then this is great, but if you’re a new grower, I wouldn’t recommend this strain.

  47. Susan H. (verified owner)

    Mkay, don’t tackle this weed unless you really know what you’re doing. It’s a challenging grow to be sure, but the results are totally worth it. I am all about sativa leaning hybrids, i love the body relaxation of indica, but I NEED that crazy creative energy. This weed makes me super talkative and chill at the very same time! It’s my personal party weed and never really gets overpowering. Give it a grow if you’ve got the skills and you won’t be disappointed!

  48. Brody F. (verified owner)

    Normally, I’m kind of bummed when I only get 400 grams a plant from my own grows, but Jean Guy is such a special mj strain that I didn’t mind so much. Jean Guy is the kind of weed that when you’re on it, you will figure out your life’s purpose. I know that sounds heavy but I’m actually not kidding. It gives such a philosophical, brainy high that it just makes you reconsider everything. Probably best to grow her indoor as she’s particular about the conditions she likes. I love Jean Guy though – I want my friends to try this weed!

  49. Paula G. (verified owner)

    I grow cannabis for medical use but have to be careful about strains with a high THC content. Somehow, even though Jean Guy has a high THC, it works soo well for my fibromyalgia. The pain in my arms and neck melts away. This pot is great for daily use and won’t put me to sleep. Best pot online in my book from PSB.

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