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Neptune OG Feminized Seeds

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With a THC content of 25%, this part indica, part sativa hybrid is a great nighttime strain and helps reduce stress.

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This planetary and potent indica boasts a high THC content. That makes it perfect for nighttime use when you want to relax and unwind.


The effects of Neptune OG

The strain begins the high with a euphoric start, which descends into heavy sedation, which is why it’s useful in times of stress and worries.


The look and taste of Neptune OG marijuana

There are an average number of trichomes present on this partly dense and somewhat fluffy OG. The strain has an earthy scent of stale berries and hash, which smoothly spreads throughout the room. It’s a popular strain in the medical marijuana community and lives up to its otherworldly name. The flavors are incense, sour grapes, and sandalwood.


Growing your own Neptune OG marijuana seeds

We recommend that you grow this strain indoors unless the humidity outside maintains itself at above 80%. It has a shelf life of 10 to 11 weeks. It can be used almost immediately as there is no flowering period. 

The plant is usually shorter than 3 feet, and it does not require many nutrients for germination. This low-maintenance and instant flowering strain is the best choice for amateur gardeners and weed farmers!

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200 gr

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Stress


Citrus, Spicy, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


12 reviews for Neptune OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Addyson Spears (verified owner)

    Hits me right where I like it….in the brain! Neptune OG is a hazy, spacey weed, kinda makes me feel a lil bit dumb but I like it LOL.
    I grew 5 plants, and wow, they are tall as heck! Taller than me!!
    I will most definitely be smoking this tonight after dinner!

  2. Amir Johnson (verified owner)

    Out on my own for the first time and gotta save some money to afford rent in NYC!!!

    Bought 3 weed seeds online to make my life a little more affordable. It’s a great way to get into growing, even if you just have a fire escape as your growing area lol.

  3. Sirbig9Pants (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Neptune OG marijuana seeds has been a delightful experience for me. All my seeds germinated successfully, making it a hassle-free cultivation process. The plant itself is low-maintenance and ideal for beginners like me.

  4. Andre Baptiste (verified owner)

    Neptune OG by Dutchman Seeds is a delightful indica strain that provides a smooth and soothing high. I loved how it left me feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted. The plants were easy to grow, especially for someone with limited experience like myself.

  5. Brycen Olson (verified owner)

    Love the name “Neptune OG”. Thought it sounded cool so I decided to buy some. A good friend recommended this site, and it really helps with their fast delivery and low prices. Buying pot online sounded like a totally new concept to me, I did most of my growing in the 80’s when you really had to “know a guy.” This was an excellent choice, definitely one of my favorites. I just wish I had more indoor space for growing.

  6. Micah Robbins (verified owner)

    I smoke this weed to feel good about life….when life is just giving me lemons and nothing is going my way, I feel happier every day that I can grow my own weed, right in my own garden! This plant is very adaptable, and it helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. There really is nothing quite like a fresh strain of pot, it’s like so fresh and fluffy, and nothing like this compares at any dispensary I have ever visited!

  7. Justin Jennings (verified owner)

    Heavily favors those who love sleepy heavy indicas….really blasts my mind into outer space. Do NOT go to work on this strain, you will be a space cadet LOL. Learned that one the hard way!

  8. Sizzling Sausage (verified owner)

    I was pleased with how fast Neptune Kush was growing, and the mellow THC levels made it perfect for unwinding after a long day without getting too high. I loved the happy, relaxed, and uplifted feelings it gave me, making it a great strain to share with friends.

  9. Neo K. (verified owner)

    Fresh nug with the flavor of 1000 oceans. It’s relaxing and puts me to sleep, feels like falling asleep on the beach 🙂
    Great seeds overall, wish all 5 of mine germinated but I am getting better all the time.
    Love me some nug, just don’t like sharing!!

  10. Ryan B. (verified owner)

    Heyo!!! Great-looking marijuana at the right price! NW growers unite! This weed is going to change the game and save me money. Neptune OG has a unique turquoise color and a sweet-salty flavor. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself back here wanting more!@

  11. Rondo Wong (verified owner)

    This weed does not mess around. Big yields and high THC makes this an unforgettable strain, especially for experienced growers who know their craft!

    Great value for these mj seeds, especially shipping to Victoria, Canada. Fast delivery and beautiful results!

  12. Chanel Dunlap (verified owner)

    This weed was grown and planted biodynamically….using the moon cycles as its guide. It’s a truly mysterious and beautiful weed. The flower is a deep green, almost blue color, that looks amazing during the day, but almost GLOWS at night. Perfect nighttime indica strain. I am always toking before bed to help me sleep!

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