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OG LA Affie Feminized Seeds

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Whoever said all weed makes us lazy has clearly never tried OG LA Affie marijuana seeds. This fast-acting indica-dominant hybrid sends a rush of euphoria to the brain, which often leads to elevated creativity and motivation. Now would be the perfect time to finish (or start) a project that you’ve been putting off.

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Even though OG LA Affie marijuana seeds are often marketed as a 100% indica, we have reason to believe that somewhere along the way, breeders introduced sativa genetics. It’s pretty rare to have a pure indica with the same stimulating cerebral effects as OG LA Affie. 


As a fast-acting strain, users should prepare for a rush of euphoria straight away, mere seconds into the smoke. This rush typically makes users more creative, talkative, and mentally inspired. Need to brainstorm some ideas for a new project? Need to get the wheels in your head turning? OG LA Affie might just be the ideal strain for you!


With so much energy and creativity in your wheelhouse, you might worry that you’ll experience a crash (kind of like caffeine). We can assure you that the mental buzz of OG LA Affie also helps to clear your mind and declutter it. 


OG LA Affie produces a clear-headed high that helps you focus, concentrate, and finish the task at hand. It’s highly possible that you’ll end the day feeling extremely accomplished and proud of yourself. Whoever said all weed makes us lazy has clearly never tried OG LA Affie marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank.


Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Focused, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Pain


Citrus, Earthy, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for OG LA Affie Feminized Seeds

  1. Dianna O’Neil (verified owner)

    As a beginner grower, I always feel comfortable growing OG LA Affie. It’s one of the easier strains I’ve researched, and I’m so glad that I purchased them. I grew mine indoors with a hydroponic set-up and everything came out perfectly. No hassles, no worries.

  2. Maggie Morton (verified owner)

    Good for creative innovation and meditative introspective!

    Hey all, REALLY appreciate the feedback and great growing advice.

    Thanks for the awesome product and for providing such a great service!

  3. Miyeon Kim (verified owner)

    OG LA Affie Feminized Seeds is a fantastic strain for both growing and smoking. All my seeds germinated successfully, which is always a plus. When it comes to smoking, this indica-dominant hybrid provides a rush of euphoria and creativity. It’s great for finishing projects or sparking inspiration.

  4. Samuel Obinna (verified owner)

    OG LA Affie is a fantastic strain that I thoroughly enjoyed. The high was a perfect balance of creativity, focus, and upliftment. The taste was delightful with hints of citrus, earthiness, and woodiness. It was great for treating inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain. Overall, a highly recommended strain from Coastal Genetics.

  5. Reed Ramos (verified owner)

    Yooo! OG LA affie is a fresh, delicious, pungent grow that works well in any backyard of the Pacific Northwest.
    I am having a ton of fun growing my plant, it’s almost as tall as me right now! I am just starting to see flower clusters form on the plant but were still a few weeks out from harvest!

  6. Silly Seal (verified owner)

    OG LA Affie is a very potent strain that delivers a great high, perfect for creative and focused work. I also found it helpful for inflammation, muscle spasms, and general pain relief. The buds were quite large and had a nice earthy flavor to them.

  7. FarmingFinesse (verified owner)

    Expert advice from this here blog section. Learning a lot from reading other peoples growing logs as well.
    Takes a little bit of gardening experience to get these plants right, they can be fickle and complicates and behave in unusual ways.
    Either way it was fun. That was the whole point actually. I just needed a summer hobby.

  8. Ellie-Mae101 (verified owner)

    Says it’s an indica but hits like sativa…getting mostly cerebral buzz from this nug…has done wonders for my migraines and headaches in general. A good buy for a very reliable price….Loves the sweet LA sunshine!

  9. Jonathan Bishop (verified owner)

    A fresh, bright and productive weed! It’s my worktime strain. Usually puts me in a very focused mindset. All other stimuli become irrelevant. I am focused on what needs to be done. I am appreciative of the ease of growth and quality of the product. Northern California growers will see their seeds in the mail in a matter of days, and it’s always high quality stuff with some reliable germination!

  10. Willa B. (verified owner)

    I like this weed because it makes me feel productive! I buy online to save time. It’s so much more convenient than getting the weed somewhere else. Plus when I buy from pacific I know I am getting a quality product. Their seeds always ship fast and germinate. I may not be the best weed grower, but I always get a decent harvest. Just takes some time and patience!

  11. Kian Sykes (verified owner)

    Smooth growing, NO hangups! Love how easy it was to order online! This is how weed growing should be! Our garden is built to PERFECTLY house marijuana plants and produce massive amounts of FLOWER! I have more than enough for myself! Now I am sharing with friends and family!

  12. Amba Cash (verified owner)

    I think it’s hard to find reliably productive strains on the internet. OG LA Affie is a rare find, but an absolute gem. Very productive grow, usually topping 800 grams between 3-5 plants, and the buzz is quite nice and energizing. Even if you’re new to marijuana you’ll enjoy growing this stuff. It’s honestly just a fun hobby.

  13. Tess Brady (verified owner)

    Very few marijuana strains out there give me the energy and motivation I need to get work done. This strain is the exception to the rule! I planted 5 seeds right into the ground and maybe should have soaked them first! 4/5 seeds germinated, and they grew about 3′ tall, so pretty nice! It’s got some heavy bud, feels nice and sticky in your hand!

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