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Pandora’s Box Feminized Seeds

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Once you open Pandora’s Box, there’s no going back. Expect a wave of energy and happiness to come over you that will tempt your body to move around, when you smoke the first harvest from Pandora’s Box marijuana seeds. The second wave of this sativa-dominant strain leaves you relaxed and sleepy.

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Once you open Pandora’s Box, there’s no going back. There’s a myth in pop culture that Pandora’s Box comes with unlimited power and destruction — opening it could be the end of the world. Even though the marijuana strain is slightly less dramatic than that, novice smokers should be wary of this sativa-dominant strain. Pandora’s Box comes on hard and fast and may leave you with the sensation that you just got hit by the energy train.

If you can handle the effects of Pandora’s Box, you’ll have a pleasant experience filled with happiness, euphoria, and energy. The first wave of this strain feels cheerful and light. Your body will be tempted to move around and release some of its energy in an effective way. Maybe a workout is in order? Or maybe you’ve thought about rearranging the furniture in your apartment? Whatever it is, give your body a way to move and explore.

The second wave of Pandora’s Box, however, has the opposite sensation. What comes after the energy is a deep body stone that feels lazy, slow, and lethargic. Your body will eventually settle down and crave stillness — but that happy and giggly sensation will be there from beginning to end. Pandora’s Box marijuana plants reach a height of 5-feet.

Additional information


Advanced Genetics

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 550 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for Pandora’s Box Feminized Seeds

  1. C. Garcia (verified owner)

    Don’t be afraid to open this box because you’re going to love what you get – energy and euphoria. That’s the first wave. Get ready for the second wave that will help you unwind and bring on the zzz’s. This MJ is perfect for whatever type of mood you’re in!

  2. Jenny Torres (verified owner)

    A light, euphoric, and very uplifting strain. Makes me want to move around, be social, and even dance! Havent had much luck with OTHER seed banks in the past, but Pacific has great products that always ship on time. I usually get 100% germ without trying, but if for any reason something goes wrong, they have a great 60 day seed replacement guarantee. Customer service was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, so definitely one of my favorites!!

  3. MaryJaneMaven (verified owner)

    Very good active smoke that will get your going at first then after a wave of that energy it will gently put you down to relax for the day. Also a big fan of the sweet spicy aromas this captures. Wish the growing time wasn’t so long, took me 10 weeks but my patience was eventually rewarded with solid consistent yields across my 3 plants.

  4. Flaming Fart (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed growing Pandora’s Box, it definitely was easy to grow and resulted in a good yield. This strain really hits hard into depression and pain, but it was amazing how this effect was followed up with a feeling of happiness and euphoria.

  5. Regina Santos (verified owner)

    I recently tried Pandora’s Box Feminized Seeds and was extremely satisfied with the results. All the seeds I planted germinated successfully, which is always a great start. The strain itself provided a powerful and energizing high, followed by a relaxing and calming sensation.

  6. Patricia S (verified owner)

    A nice stimulating mental high, Pandora’s Box has a nice taste to it with its sweet spicy flavors. Found this seed very easy to grow and care for, and I was especially happy with the full germination I got from the seeds.

  7. Ravi G (verified owner)

    Pandora’s Box is a fantastic strain that offers a great high. I really enjoyed the euphoric and uplifting effects it provided. The plants I grew were healthy and vigorous, with beautiful buds that had a nice citrus and spicy taste.

  8. Stacy J. Powell (verified owner)

    Smoking Pandora’s box might sound intimidating, but in fact, it’s been an easy, breezy MJ with a lot of colorful nugs and a delicious flavor. The buzz is nice and low-key, definitely an indica. Great purchase for such a quality seed. Only takes a few months work in the garden. Excellent investment for your summer plot. Careful of thieves!

  9. Suhail Greig (verified owner)

    Sounds a bit intimidating, right? Well, this is one box you DEFINITELY want to open cause it’s only goodies inside! Buy your MJ online and expect it at your door in 7 days! Freaking sweet! I purchased 5 seeds and had them in my mailbox mere days later. They were great for growing, just need a LOT of love and attention. I don’t mind. It’s worth it cause the weed is good.

  10. Reis Hewitt (verified owner)

    Love me some Pandoras box cause you never really know what you’re gonna get! This is some high quality, big nug weed that you only could find in a dispo…until now!
    Never had my own garden plot or whatever, but I sneak some weed seeds into mine and it’s shaping up to be a great growing season, VERY nice looking nugs that helps with stress, pain, whatever you got going on!
    Buy online today and save!

  11. Celyn Mcclure (verified owner)

    This weed might be a mystery, but it’s one worth exploring! Great energy with this weed, helps me manage my stress and anxiety and overall has been a major positive in my life! The seeds are great! They’re so reliable and clean. They produce so really high quality stuff. NO regrets and a seriously nice yield!!

  12. Priyanka Moran (verified owner)

    One mystery you will definitely want to uncover. Pandora’s box is an excellent grow for anyone interested in pot. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the growing process. I personally really enjoyed the sweet and uplifting buzz that hit me right where it counts, in the brain!

  13. S (verified owner)

    Get yourself some pandora’s box to gaze deeply into your soul. I usually take a few hits of this weed and then sink into a deep sleep or meditative state where I can ruminate on my life and how I can improve. I am a lifelong gardener, and I love working the soil in anyway I can. I find marijuana growing to be very fulfilling!

  14. Tammy Parkes (verified owner)

    This is one mystery box you WILL want to open. It certainly has a funky, musky smell, and it is sticky as all heck. Truly the dankest weed on the market, and one that anyone of any experience level can grow. I personally have been a grower since the 80’s, so this wasn’t new to me at all, BUT ordering online was really the best way to go!

  15. Marcus Harris (verified owner)

    Pandora’s box is what it sounds like….a jump into the unknown.

    The sweet earthy flavors are what keep me coming back.

    Easy online ordering, fast delivery, and always a nice yield.

    You’d have to TRY to not be successful with these seeds!

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