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Phantom Cookies Feminized Seeds

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The next time coffee isn’t doing the trick, rely on Phantom Cookies to give you a cerebral buzz that’s filled with creative thinking and new ideas — perfect for brainstorming and artsy projects.

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On the days when coffee simply isn’t enough, reach for Phantom Cookies marijuana seeds. Students and full-time workers will not be disappointed in this sativa-leaning hybrid the next time their group meeting takes place. Phantom Cookies, like most sativas, begins on the exhale. The effects immediately take place to leave you with a cerebral buzz that creates subtle tingling in the face. That’s when you know it’s working.


We like to call Phantom Cookies the idea generator as it promotes creative thinking, brainstorming, and reflection. With this hybrid in your system, you may find yourself thinking of new thoughts and ideas that never came to you before. These ideas will all seem like the greatest idea of your life. The thought process during Phantom Cookies is intense, positive, and a bit erratic. Consumers may find it hard to focus on one single thought for a long time. Phantom Cookies is better for more creative projects as opposed to solving a math problem.


Once matured, Phantom Cookies marijuana seeds stand out from other plants thanks to their vibrant colors and large buds. Growers will see green and purple flowers with tiny yellow and orange hairs. Not to mention the beautiful trichomes that cover Phantom Cookies plants. When smoking, don’t be surprised if you cough a little bit at the beginning. Burning this strain gives off a thick, harsh smoke.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


40% Indica/60% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 900 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






13 reviews for Phantom Cookies Feminized Seeds

  1. 1SnowySwan (verified owner)

    Phantom Cookies Feminized Seeds are a must-try for marijuana enthusiasts who seek a cerebral buzz and creative thinking. With its sativa-leaning hybrid nature, this strain is perfect for brainstorming and artsy projects. The vibrant colors and large buds make it visually appealing and the effects promote intense, positive, and erratic thought processes.

  2. GanjaGoddess (verified owner)

    This seed recently rewarded my 8 weeks of waiting with an insanely huge harvest! Have more weed than I know what to do with! Thank you Pacific for protecting my seeds with such a hardy container, they came to me perfect and got a full germination!

  3. Angela Woods (verified owner)

    This strain is really nice for a pick-me-up to boost activity for the day. Great for boosting creativity and productivity this strain is excellent. Pacific Seed Bank provided amazing shipping at a great speed, the quality of these seeds were also top-notch with how they perfectly germinated.

  4. DankDealer (verified owner)

    Phantom Cookies is a very good strain with a ton of weed that satisfies even the pickiest smokers. I found this strain to help bring me out of my funk and put me in a really happy and relaxed state. It’s got an amazing taste to it as well, with sweet berry-like flavors and an earthy touch. This weed was great for both my depression and stress and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to destress and feel more uplifted.

  5. Kamal Kapoor (verified owner)

    Phantom Cookies is a fantastic hybrid strain with a perfect balance of indica and sativa effects. I loved the relaxing body high it provided while still keeping my mind clear and uplifted. The plants I grew were beautiful and yielded impressive results. The customer service from Pacific Seeds was incredibly helpful, and the shipping was fast.

  6. Brent C. (verified owner)

    Hello! This nug is a gem all around! I liked buying online, so convenient that they ship everywhere in the USA, even Canada!

    This weed is pure sativa energy. Whenever I smoke it, I get super high and have a burst of creative energy. It inspires me to get work done every day. I have gotten way better at writing, painting, and music. Plus I am getting better at working in the garden, all thanks to Pacific!

  7. Olli Horton (verified owner)

    This weed might SOUND ghostly and subtle, but it’s actually VERY uplifting 🙂
    Phantom cookies just does the trick in most situations. I pack a bowl right when I get off of work and I feel amazing!
    It’s great for eliminating worry and getting you back to your creative endeavors. Fresh to death!

  8. Macie Gonzales (verified owner)

    This is a sweet delicious buzz that helps me manage my stress and aches and pains. It’s got that cookies taste that’s really discernible and nice. I always grow cookies for that fresh-baked smell and feeling! Pacific has such an awesome selection it’s hard to choose just one, so I don’t!

  9. Anya Lott (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t consider it a ghost, but it sure does make me feel floaty and invisible lol. This is the best smoking for walking around your city. I am an urban grower, so I actually cultivate these plants in pots, which is pretty cool! I’m just lucky my balcony has all that sunlight! Neighbors are jealous.

  10. Samiha Hartman (verified owner)

    Based on the name of this weed, you’d think it made you feel lifeless like a ghost! But in truth, this weed was powerful and makes me feel very much alive! Has done wonders for my social anxiety, my depression, you name it! Best tasting weed I have ever come across. Kind of similar to cookies, but definitely more sour!

  11. Sahib Gunn (verified owner)

    OMG it’s so hard to find this strain in dispensaries and it gets annoying cause it’s my literal favorite! I bought 5 seeds online and had them at my door in just under ONE WEEK amazing!!! I was able to soak the seeds in water overnight and then plant them the following day to achieve FAST germination. 6 months go by and I am swimming in this delightful sativa nug that’s perfect for wake and bake!

  12. Dillon Hatfield (verified owner)

    The only thing ghostly about phanton cookies is how fast it will disappear! This sativa leaning hybrid has great flavor and a very euphoric buzz. Best when smoked in the evening due to its relaxing qualities and pungent smell. Great for creative pursuits, and a real treat to roll into a nice cone. Don’t sleep on this one!!

  13. Adam Deleon (verified owner)

    Nothing beats the sweet flavor of phantom cookies in the summertime. Great growing indoors or in an outdoor environment. Looks absolutely stunning when you finally get to harvest and the nugs are as big as your hands!! Has a nice purple and green color, and a sticky texture that’s great for joints. A relaxing and uplifting hybrid.

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