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Rare Darkness Feminized Seeds – Dutchman Seeds

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This strain is an indica hybrid, but it has a sativa-dominant effect at the beginning. You can expect a cerebral high that’ll clear your mind and embrace your creativity! This strain grows best in the sun, and loves a warm environment!

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If you’re a fan of the indica Hybrid Rare Darkness #1 and the sativa strain Grape Ape, then Rare Darkness is the strain for you. It’s a cross between these two strains, and it provides a burst of creative energy that will help you get through your day.

Rare Darkness has won trophies in the Green Cup, Medical Cup, and High Times Medical Colorado Cup. It’s also high in cbd (up to .5%) and helps with relaxation.

This strain was created by Rare Darkness Seeds by crossing the indica Hybrid Rare Darkness #1 and the sativa Grape Ape. It is mostly indica but tends to be more sativa-dominant in its effects. Its THC levels can get up to 22%, so be careful not to overdo it if you’re new to cannabis or don’t handle THC well.

Rare Darkness has an earthy, spicy aroma with grape undertones. It tastes like it smells, with a little bit of tang at the end.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Grape, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


11 reviews for Rare Darkness Feminized Seeds – Dutchman Seeds

  1. Marvin Holman (verified owner)

    Haven’t found this weed anywhere else….it’s a great choice! Rare darkness is a spicy, peppery, harsh smoke with a dark-maple colored flower. Very sticky, covered in trichomes….looks great under any LED light. Crumbles into a fine green dust that makes your bowls extra smokeable. Very pleased with the yield….took me a whole afternoon to harvest but was WELL worth it!!

  2. A. Turner (verified owner)

    Rare Darkness gives you all the feels because it starts off with a strong sativa start that will have you feeling uplifted and boosted. You’ll feel a good burst of energy before the indica kicks in. After that, you’re going to feel relaxed and sedated. You’ll love how your mood is lifted and you feel so much better about everything around you!

  3. Rodrigo Gates (verified owner)

    The rarest of the darkness. This MJ is potent and fresh. I absolutely LOVE it and plan to grow more. Like, it takes a whole 3 and a half months to get it to mature and produce flower. They develop in nice dense clusters, and smell like fresh flowers. The harvest is a messy process but it’s not too bad. I definitely enjoy the work, and I imagine you will too!

    Fast delivery for 10 seeds, took about 2 weeks for germination though….

  4. Layla Harvey (verified owner)

    Those who feel like there is no light to penetrate the darkness. This weed is rare for sure, hard to find elsewhere. That’s why I appreciate Pacific online…..their seeds are super high quality….they’re the size of tiny marbles and they do very well when they soak for a day or two before planting. I really like working with these products. I Highly appreciate them!!

  5. WeedWhiz (verified owner)

    Had to pay attention when growing this one, prefers warm environments so be wary you meet its conditions in your grow tents. Took me some adjusting. After the small learning curb, I was rewarded with some great weed. Amazing high that hits my head and clears it out. Would recommend to people that like those head rush highs.

  6. Chin-hwa Kim (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the Rare Darkness strain! It gave me a wonderful high that left me feeling euphoric, happy, and relaxed. The indica-leaning effects provided a strong body high that helped with my stress. The plants I grew were medium-sized and had a beautiful appearance with frosty nugs.

  7. Steven Hutchinson (verified owner)

    This sativa dominant weed is no joke! Rare Darkness has the flavor of 1000 weeds combined! It’s like a surge of POWER to the FACE! I sure do love it! Gonna vibe with it all the dang time. Beautiful fresh flower with a BIG BIG yield. So nice! I am a new grower and will continue to grow with Pacific onwards. They have the best seeds in town!

  8. Layla Johnson (verified owner)

    Makes for an exceptional grow in almost any situation. I really liked growing this pot, honestly it was just pure fun and excitement!! The yields were pretty BIG and the flower was nice, tight and very fresh. Burning through my supply was….honestly too fast! I just wish I had an unlimited supply of this weed, and could smoke it forever. The earthy dark bitter flavors are really something special. I recommend it to all growers!

  9. BraveBison (verified owner)

    I was very happy and uplifted after smoking this strain, really good for a boost to the mood and outlook with this cerebral high. I really like how fast Pacific delivered this order, I got my order in just 4 day in a very secure container.

  10. Mateo C. (verified owner)

    If you’re feeling down, or in a dark place, then treat yourself to rare darkness as a nice treat. It’s easy to grow, usually stays pretty fresh for a long time, and the high is pretty A-OK by me 🙂 I love growing weed, it saves me money at the dispensary and usually lasts a lot longer too. Homegrown is so much fresher and tastes great. Rare darkness especially has a bitter/sweet taste to it and the flower is covered in crystals, magical.

  11. SofaKingLucky91 (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the quality of the high from Rare Darkness. Even though it took a while to grow, the 10-week wait was worth it for the euphoric and relaxed body high. I found this great for when I needed a good night’s sleep, and as someone new to growing, I found the process manageable. Would highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a quality high.

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