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Raskal OG Feminized Seeds

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Raskal OG is a powerful marijuana strain that carries the iconic aroma of its parents, OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. It has hints of pine and lemon.

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Raskal OG

Raskal OG is a cross marijuana strain between OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. OG Kush, as you may already know, is a highly popular strain on the west coast. It’s celebrated for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its power euphoric sensations. If you’ve been having a rough day, OG Kush can turn that smile upside down. The same goes for Raskal OG. Like its parent strains, Raskal OG marijuana seeds carry a citrus and lime smell with a musty and grassy taste.

Because Raskal OG smells of lemon, it’s a great option for patients who suffer from stress or low mood. Research suggests that citrus smells, whether it’s in the form or marijuana or house-cleaning products, have the power to trick the brain into feeling happier and can even help release certain “feel good” chemicals.

As for SFV OG Kush, this marijuana strain has favorable traits that come from several generations of marijuana cross-breeding. Like OG Kush, its smell is of pine, lemon, and earthy notes. Since both OG Kush and SFV OG Kush are said to be powerful strains, we can assume the same about Raskal OG. The TCH levels in this strain range up to 17% and the CBD levels range up to 0.86%. It’s best to smooth into smoking Raskal OG marijuana seeds. You don’t want to smoke too much too fast unless you want to experience “couch lock,” which basically means the inability to get up from the couch.

Description: Raskal OG is a powerful marijuana strain that carries the iconic aroma of its parents, OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. It has hints of pine and lemon.

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Muscle Spasms, Pain


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Raskal OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Bruce Pruitt (verified owner)

    Been smoking this weed practically nonstop since I harvested. It’s a brilliant color and flavor, and it helps with stress….I am just happy to finally be throwing my own weed at home, in my little 4×10 garden bed….can fit 5 plants just beautifully….feeling great about it! 500G per grow is about what you can expect, and it’ll all stay fresh if you just take good care of the bud!

  2. DiamondSeeker (verified owner)

    You can never go wrong with an OG and Raskal OG is no different. You’ll feel a rush of powerful effects hit you that will take over your mind and body, taking you to unprecedented levels. The result of some top-notch breeding, you’ll get some of the best genetics in the game. Take your time and indulge in this goodie!

  3. Bentley Graves (verified owner)

    Get your MJ from the right people when you order Pacific seed bank online.
    Raskal og is a new strain for me. I LOVE indica heavy mj, and I prefer smoking this to other indicas cause it tastes better lol.
    Raskal has a nice fruity, sour, earthy flavor that makes my sense feel sharp and alert while my body chills out in indica bliss.

  4. Kathy White (verified owner)

    Decent sized plant with a harvest size that was quite generous. Sweet hit in the back of the throat and a good Sativa high, an excellent hybrid overall. If you like growing something that is not too heavy hitting you should pick some Raskal up today.

  5. 3OceanOtter (verified owner)

    Raskal OG from Original Kush is a fantastic strain that provides a good high. I especially enjoyed the balance between its indica and sativa effects. Growing this strain was a great experience, as the plants were sturdy and produced a decent yield.

  6. HashHawk (verified owner)

    I found Raskal OG to be a really nice and balanced high, not too strong or overwhelming. It gave me a really nice Sativa head high that was perfect for daytime smoke. I also found it helped with my muscle spasms and pain, leaving me feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted.

  7. Daniel Travis (verified owner)

    This strain was fast to grow and surprised me, usually takes me 3 months or more to get a seed flowering but this took a week or two before the 2-month mark. I got a lot of weed from it as well, really good if you want to grow something quickly.

  8. Jacquelyn Montoya (verified owner)

    Feeling devious? Devilish? Perhaps downright naughty? Raskal OG is the strain you wanna smoke when you are sincerely up to no good. Great taste and smell, kinda earthy and spicy with a hint of sweet. Your ultimate partner in crime, both in the garden and in LIFE!

  9. Andrea Matts (verified owner)

    You little raskal!! This weed has a michevious name and definitely makes you want to do some shenanigans!! I bought 10 seeds and grow 2 at a time throughout the season to stagger my harvest. I am swimming in bud and it is some of the freshest I have ever had.

    These flowers are bright green with streaks of yellow and gold. It smells like a pine forest drenched in sun. Such a beautiful time!!

  10. Serenella Holt (verified owner)

    Real easy grow….I am terrible at growing anything and somehow I was able to secure like 300 G from this plant in about 10 weeks and it was an awesome buy. I really appreciate the grow and fresh pot and I will definitely be growing again! Thanks for the great growing advice customer service

    5/5 stars!!

  11. Leena Chen (verified owner)

    You little rascal! Growing this was was a fun experience for me. I am recovering from an injury and the summer has been slow. Working in the garden has given me motivation during the day and working with weed especially keeps me jazzed. I purchased 5 seeds online, had them shipped to my apartment. My husband is gone during the day, so it’s just me working out back. I’ve made friends with all the bees and the birds. I can’t wait to finally load up a bowl of this stuff and get High so High!

  12. Sami Odling (verified owner)

    So much happiness!!! I bought 10 seeds online and they were shipped straight to my apartment. I LOVE the fresh bud and the delightful flavor. The nugs are tight, and have streaks of many different colors. I share it with my brother, but he always gets less than me! haha We love weed in our family and Pacific has made it possible for us to cultivate our own 🙂

  13. Ephraim Everett (verified owner)

    If you’re tryna get into some trouble, maybe smoke the raskal OG before any nefarious activity. I may be a lawyer, but I do enjoy my weed. Especially this weed. Been a hobbyist grower for decades. Pacific is fast reliable and cheap. Great summer hobby.

  14. Darcy English (verified owner)

    Raskal is all kinds of wild. It helps me manage my pain and stress and gives me a positive outlook on life. Hardly any depression meds work on me, and I feel really good about making this stuff happen. It’s an easy grow, helps with stress, and defines my life! A great way to assume a cool new identity!!

  15. Elspeth Barton (verified owner)

    I am something of a raskal myself. I like getting into mischief, and causing all kinds of trouble, and when I smoke Raskal homegrown ganja, my trickster side comes out and there’s no putting it back. Definitely a good buy, an incredible change in my life and for the better. Pacific is better than it’s ever been!

  16. Ifan Bevan (verified owner)

    I broke up with my partner yesterday. I am super bummed about it. I was SO bummed I ordered 10 seeds online and am waiting for their arrival. I KNOW this is gonna set me right. OG strains are always so darn relaxing, and they make me feel a little less depressed. Lucky I got to keep the community garden plot. It’s gonna be my weed growing spot. So yeah, no regrets fellas.

  17. Stanley Cisneros (verified owner)

    Get yourself a BIG yield of fresh homegrown ganja. Raskal is GREAT for growers of all experience levels, and the results are usually something amazing. Great for smoking at night, after work, to help you kick up your feet. Has been an excellent addition to my collection. Thanks Pacific!!

  18. Alastair Mckinney (verified owner)

    Get some raskal OG before this weed runs right out! I feel pretty down with this strain cause it helps me with energy levels while also giving me a dose of much-needed stress relief! I bought 5 seeds online and they showed up FAST! Followed all the growing advice on this site and wow it looks just fantastic. Can’t wait to harvest!

  19. Zishan Burch (verified owner)

    Raskal OG is something I never heard of before stumbling upon it, but I decided to grow it on a whim cause the reviews seem pretty good, and I like the hybrid OG strains, they help with all my aches and pain, and they bring me a little bit of solace. I am so glad there’s a site out there trying to get people to grow their OWN weed, it’s the new revolution!!!

  20. Anabel Hail (verified owner)

    Dang this weed is full of citrus flavor, it’s definitely the vibe I have been looking for all this time. I get by on smoking a lil weed every day, and it’s been a pretty amazing strain every time. I like growing with Pacific, they’re really responsive and helpful if you ever have any issues, and they definitely know how to party 😉

  21. Ed Lucas (verified owner)

    Raskal OG has all the best vibes, it’s sweet, relaxing, helps with stress, and gives me a great buzz every time. I smoke every evening, like most stoners do. I really enjoy the flavor and the easy smoking. I can take HUGE rips and then I just sink deep into my couch. Awesome times, gonna definitely buy more 🙂

  22. Kayne Ware (verified owner)

    Get all stoked about raskal weed, and it’s awesome mental health benefits!!! It’s time to get baked and smoke even more than the doctor recommends cause this stuff is transcendental!!! Wowza, what a good buy, all for the amazing low price of like $30 bucks I got like 500 grams of pot for 4 months of effort. #WorthIT!

  23. Junayd Wolf (verified owner)

    Feeling mischevious? I think I am. That’s why I purchased the raskal OG strain, gets me nice and stoned, and a very nice buy for the price, pretty remarkable stuff. Ordered it online too, which was super chill and enjoyable. Got a very nice yield, and you will too, definitely give it a shot!

  24. Kaydan Choi (verified owner)

    Raskal OG is a really amazing strain, gives me the energy I need to get through my morning and conquer my day! I opened up the seed packet the other day and nearly cried with happiness! Ordering online was simple and easy to do. Beautiful looking plants, and also a great way to stay busy during quarantine!

  25. Grace Gill (verified owner)

    Well aren’t you just a little raskal! I love this strain, it gets me all giddy, makes me wanna get up and dance or sing. I feel absolutely fantastic when I get really high and just ride my bike around Leavenworth. Love this corny little town in the mountains, beautiful out here, perfect for growing this delicious indica OG!

  26. antwon29 (verified owner)

    I was always a fan of this OG strain, and I have always been a fan of growing my own support. I really like the taste and smell of this stuff, it really has BITE! I always buy this stuff and then order a pizza and then have a night of pizza and video games. I am super stoked to be getting stoned off my own supply!

  27. August (verified owner)

    Feeling like a rascal? Then try out this mj for some serious fun! I purchased my seeds online, got them delivered hella fast! Amazing and fast growth in the backyard. They need great soil, and they end up just looking amazing! I am so thrilled with my progress I can’t wait to harvest!!!

  28. Caleb Bronson (verified owner)

    You feeling a little mischevious? This weed brings out my BAD side. I like smoking this and heading to the club…makes me wanna dance all night and flirt! It’s a nice buzz, sativa heavy and great for when you’re feeling blue. My housemates did most of the growing, but I make the $$$. Love this raskal OG for its sweet flavor!

  29. Treasure Texture (verified owner)

    You feeling like a raskal? Well get yourself some of this weed so you can live up to your name! It’s easy to grow with great results. Excellent smoking for those tough times we’re in right now. Has a beautiful taste and smell…something to write home about. I had a nice grow in the backyard, my wife helped me with the cultivation and pruning and we both harvested together. We like rolling joints and smoking spliffs on the front porch in the summer. So relaxing, you won’t regret!

  30. Nightwalker (verified owner)

    This weed DOES make me feel kinda mischievous, but you didn’t hear that from me! I am a seasoned stoner, love growing weed, love smoking it too. It’s a real treat to get my seeds from PSB cause I know they’re gonna be high quality. Excellent buy for the price and the yield you get from these plants. I am truly impressed by how fresh and sticky this flower is, it’s so tasty and delicate, like a true French delicacy. Big fan, I will definitely buy more!

  31. zachary michael (verified owner)

    This is some fuzzy fuzzy weed! A true gem to grow in your own home, and being that is a high yielding strain you are almost guaranteed success! Perfect for all the stress and anxiety you have accrued throughout the workday, helps clear the mind like a still lake. It’s a perfect blend between indica and sativa, and it makes for a perfect evening chill. Great for TV, movies, and just great convos, and it doesn’t impact your sleep!

  32. Hurley (verified owner)

    Another perfect hybrid strain fro PSB! I have ordered from these guys a ton over the last few years, and this has been one of my favorite strains to buy! It’s an easy grow and smells AMAZING! It’s got this incredible lemon flavor to it, kinda earthy and citrusy too. I definitely like growing this weed. It’s a pretty fast strain to flowering, and it offers up some amazing buds, very dense and green, and very fresh tasting. I smoke this at night usually to help me find zen and balance!

  33. carebare (verified owner)

    This weed provides a lovely smell that hovers between lemon and pine and gets me very stoned with just a few hits. It’s a nice grow, doesn’t take too long either and offers up a really nice yield. It’s definitely worth it, cause the seeds ship out fast and growing your own weed really does save you money at the dispensary. I have a ton of nug now, which I bake into brownies, which are equally delicious!

  34. iwnd0qwn (verified owner)

    I feel really stoked about this weed. Finally got a chance to break in my new grow space downstairs, and WOW these plants did super well! I got a nice even grow on all my plants, a great yield too, with big juicy dense green nugs. Nice head buzz, with a little dash of indica in the mix. Has been a great experience, I’ll definitely be back with PSB!

  35. jaysea (verified owner)

    Very powerful weed, but just take a few puffs at a time and you’ll be riding on a beautiful cloud. It’s easy to grow and yields a lot of weed, like most other OG strains, Does well in indoor environments and is a lovely sour earthy aroma to the plant. Very relaxing and keeps me couch locked for sure, great for chilling out and unwinding after work!

  36. Henry C (verified owner)

    This time around I grew the seeds indoors and had much better yield. I ordered these seeds a little while back and got a decent yield outdoors, but indoors got WAY more. Both times the weed was stellar, so fuzzy and green and gives me a great head buzz. I love this stuff at night to help me chill out and watch a movie or my fave TV show. Good stuff!

  37. Tiana C. (verified owner)

    I’ve been dealing with some pretty intense depression ever since my mother died. Not much helps lift me out of the doldrums, except for Raskal OG. I used to think weed made you more depressed, but maybe you just have to pay attention to the qualities of the strain your ordering. I think this is a good one and I’ll happily order it again. If you suffer from depression like I do I would recommend giving this a try.

  38. Jerrod D. (verified owner)

    Raskal OG is a kick ass weed, the most powerful strain I’ve ever grown or smoked and I LOVE it! Have a nice little grow space in my basement and had a great time cultivating this strain. Walked away with a solid 400 grams, won’t last me forever, but definitely the next few months. I smoke throughout the day, great for bike rides or adventures in the woods, but also helps me relax and unwind after a work day. It’s also great for sharing with my buddies and having a nice chat around the bonfire in my backyard. A great buy!

  39. Nicholas O. (verified owner)

    My review here has nothing to do with my experience with Pacific Seeds. The order came quickly, customer service was helpful, the seeds were as described. Instead, my review has to do with the fact that I think this isn’t the mj strain for me.

    I thought I’d try the famous Raskal OG but getting the dosing right was tricky for me. Three tokes and I literally couldn’t move! Not exactly what I wanted to happen. Add to that the fact that the taste was too musty for me; I prefer a bit more lemon or juicy/berry taste.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll order these particular seeds again, instead I’ll probably go back to my favorite blueberry mj.

  40. Steve R. (verified owner)

    To be honest, this strain smokes better than it smells. It supposedly smells like cleaning products, but those make me feel woozy, so not my cup of tea. And I’m careful as to how much of this I smoke at one time, as I feel super lazy after a puff. It’s not even a sleepy feeling, it’s more of a lazy feeling. I’ll buy it again, but only to give to my friends who I don’t want to share my really good stash with.

  41. Tracy W (verified owner)

    A blend of two of my favorite strains, and my oh my is it good. TOtally uplifting, put me in a great mood and lifted that storm cloud of depression that was hanging over me. Ordered from Pacific, and once again, shipping was fast. Seeds were delivered in great shape and they sprouted into some lovely looking plants. Did an indoor grow and got a pretty nice yield. Flowering was about 55 days, so spot on. Great weed! Good experience! Will buy again!

  42. Claire B. (verified owner)

    I smoked this in the evening which was a major mistake. Hahaha, I was up for hours past my bedtime. This is definitely not a strain to put you to sleep! But if you’re smoking it during the daytime it should give you a happy-go-lucky buzz that’s long lasting. Pretty okay grow with a strong yield. Happy with my delivery from Pacific as always. Looking forward to my next strain.

  43. Petra E. (verified owner)

    I found this weed to be very uplifting, helpful in the mornings and early afternoons. I struggle with my energy levels, feel tired throughout my day, and need something to elevate my mood, the lemon scent is great for my gloomy disposition Haha. Makes the workday easier and honestly makes it easier to deal with my coworkers. My husband does the growing, he stays at home with the kids more often these days, and I actually think the weed looks quite nice in the garden, sticky and dense nugs covered in what looks like white snow, what a find!

  44. Jan M. (verified owner)

    Raskal is the best for getting my overstimulated mind to focus! It’s a good daytime pot strain, it makes me settle down and get shit done. I don’t use it for medical reasons, but I imagine it would be a good treatment for anxiety or depression, too … anything that puts the mind into a destructive spiral. I like the taste of raskal OG too – like a forest pine taste with a hint of a sugar stick. ? Such a quick delivery from Pacific Seeds that I know when I run out of raskal there will soon be more on the way.

  45. Krista L. (verified owner)

    I was in Los Angeles a few months ago, and at every social gathering I went to, I swear I could smell raskal OG! (It is a sneaky little raskal, after all ha ha ha.) That citrusy smell, mixed with a bit of an earthy smell is unmistakable. Actually, I guess it was because I was smelling it so much down there that I thought to buy some seeds and try growing it. It’s an awesome grow, needs lots of light, but not otherwise too finicky. Best part is raskal’s euphoric high that banishes all stress. LOVE it! Now that I’ve grown it once and kind of know what I’m doing, I’ll probably grow it again.

  46. Warren K. (verified owner)

    I kinda like the taste and smell despite it being described as ‘musty.’ Even with kind of lower thc you gotta be careful of smoking too much because the couch lock is real with this weed. Pretty easy outdoor grow, though, so that definitely gives it some points. I’d order these seeds if you’re looking for something to help with depression and anxiety for sure as the smoke is pretty euphoria filled.

  47. Daniella L. (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain of mj for anyone who needs help relaxing after a long work day! My job is very stressful, and this weed really helps me feel better at the end of the day, my worries just melt away, and I feel amazing for the rest of the evening and I don’t even think twice about work in the morning. Easy to grow too! Highly recommend!

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