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Schrom Feminized Seeds

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Clear-headed focus during the day or deep relaxation at night, Schrom marijuana seeds deliver a well-rounded strain every gardener should know. With a moderate level of THC, these feminized seeds are best suited to intermediate gardeners.

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Few marijuana strains are as versatile as Schrom, a sativa-dominant variety that delivers both a clear-headed buzz for daytime and a deep relaxation that can facilitate sleep if taken in the evening. The THC content of this particular pot can range from 16% to 18%.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor gardens, Schrom feminized marijuana seeds are slightly more difficult to grow. These medium height plants develop compact and firm. but tiny dark green buds and rich amber pistils coated in trichomes and sticky resin. Keep its environment warm and you’re looking at harvesting about 450 grams of useable pot per plant.

Versatile results and a sweet smell, Schrom feminized marijuana seeds are the all-round cannabis strain you’re looking for – order now!

Additional information

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Sour, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






19 reviews for Schrom Feminized Seeds

  1. Stealth Assassin (verified owner)

    I was looking for something new, so I started browsing PSB’s website, and there were sooooo many to choose from! Although it could be a bit intimidating, it was easy to navigate the site and everything was laid out perfectly. I decided on the Schrom, and I could tell from the moment it arrived how fresh it was. I haven’t started germinating yet but I’m excited and will keep everybody updated!

  2. LeafyLifestyleX (verified owner)

    A gentle and unusual high, makes you feel giddy and confused….puts me in a relaxed body and super alert mind. Great for wandering the woods and chilling with the homies. 5/5 stars for great pricing and fast delivery….never had a weed seed from PSB I didn’t like!

  3. Vicente Espinoza (verified owner)

    Had trouble with the mail and customer service replaced all my seeds for free, no questions asked!!

  4. Jennifer Martinez (verified owner)

    A nice, mild, uplifting buzz. Keeps my head clear throughout the day, especially at work when I need to stay focused!
    This is a new hobby for me, and I am getting better at caring for my marijuana plants. They are sensitive and need a fair bit of attention.
    The hardest part is germination, which can take up to 2 weeks! Luckily Pacific has a 60 day seed replacement promise!

  5. Gracie-Mae (verified owner)

    My flower looks like little Christmas trees yay! I love how they are covered in tiny trichomes which really just look like snow. The smell is of a pine forest, and the taste is deeply earthy and bitter. Nothing beats smoking a bowl with a cup of tea and a good book. Fun times and a big MONEY saver!!

  6. Hassan L. (verified owner)

    Got good germination with schrom, all five of my seeds sprouted. I planted them outside, which turned out pretty well – the weed was sticky and compact, and not too tall. I have a handful of clients who really like schrom, so I want to have it always available to them. Some of them use it for medical reasons, such as easing muscle sprains and absolutely swear by it. I plan to buy these seeds again and again and each time I plant it, I’m sure it will be easier and easier to grow.

  7. Angelo R. (verified owner)

    Was a little difficult to get these seeds going, so yeah had some germination issues, but once these guys sprouted had a pretty good time growing them. I love the sativa dominant strains so this one was perfect for me. I love those dense sticky crystals and that pungent earthy smell. Luckily my neighbors are cool with weed, but I wouldn’t recommend growing without neighbors in mind. Happy as can be when I am stoned on this stuff, it’s like a crazy relaxing body high, so def will be back for more!!!

  8. Aisha F. (verified owner)

    For some reason I had a hard time finding this strain until I came across it here on Pacific’s site. I had smoked it before which is why I was on the hunt for it. I’m still a beginner at growing weed, so I knew when I ordered these seeds I had a challenge in store for me. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I’m happy with the buds my plants produced and plan on growing this strain again. Really nice experience buying, germinating and growing. Nice seeds!

  9. Eric P. (verified owner)

    I smoked some weed at a party a while back and it was so good I asked the host what it was and he said “Schrom.” So that’s how I found it. And Schrom is the bomb. What an aroma. And what a buzz. Not knock-you-down stoned, but you definitely feel high. Consistent euphoria. Best buy I’ve made at PSB.

  10. Melanie C. (verified owner)

    So relaxing and happy! Gave me excellent pain relief. I have chronic tendonitis and this is the only thing that helps. Otherwise I have both my hands in ice baths all day to try and fight off the inflammation. Just a couple tokes of Schrom and the pain goes away. It’s like miracle. Great for medical but also very relaxing for recreational use too. Really nice lemon citrus flavor and smell. Good cannabis!

  11. Silvia F. (verified owner)

    My BF and I like gardening and started growing pot about a year ago here in Telluride. We tried a few beginner-type strains at first and did pretty well them them so we thought we’d move up to one of the “Intermediate” varieties and see if we could grow it. Happy to report that Schrom grew well for us. We ended up with a pretty sizable crop of buds with nice trichomes and a strong citrus aroma.

    We know a few medical users and shared our harvest with them. They were grateful. One older gentlemen said this strain absolutely did wonders for his depression. We plan to order from PSB again, as they’re the best seeds we’ve found online.

  12. Payton R (verified owner)

    LEMON AND LIME OH MY! Just tasty weed 😉 Got myself kind of too high because I loved the taste so much! Very calming and happy making. Vaped at 190 C and couldn’t get enough of that flavor. Growing Schrom was just as positive of an experience. Got a medium sized yield of yummy smelling buds with a gorgeous dark green color. Makes you feel very positive and happy. Just a great strain of cannabis. Love it.

  13. Gabe R. (verified owner)

    I dunno wtf kind of name schrom is but I do know that I absolutely dig this weed. I also dig PSB, they shipped everything quick as hell. Beautiful crystalline coated colas that have a nice, sweet aroma. Kept the indoor grow a little warmer than some other strains and I got a pretty good yield, somewhere between 425-450 grams each plant. The high is super nice with the nice little bit of indica to keep you relaxed but not foggy.

  14. Marley E. (verified owner)

    We’ve been growing weed a long time, so it’s rare that we come across a strain we haven’t had direct experience before. Ordered this strain out of pure curiosity and was happy with the result, as were many of the people who we supply. Schrom is a definite crowd pleaser. Not the easiest plant to grow, so I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. But the bud was just dripping with resin and popular with everyone who has smoked it so far. Going to make another order of this one soon.

  15. Dean T. (verified owner)

    Little bit longer to get these babies to flower but it was worth it. My yield was incredible! It still amazes me how much weed you get for how little you spend on seeds. Especially when they’re all feminized and pretty much guaranteed to germinate. I’ve had the best success ordering from Pacific and I plan to continue buying from these guys. Great seeds every time.

  16. Gunner C. (verified owner)

    I wish I could buy marijuana on any street corner in the USA but since that isn’t the case, thank good I can buy seeds online from PSB. Fast delivery and good seeds from PSB. They’re a good company all around!
    I don’t have a prescription for medical marijuana, but I’ve been using it to treat normal aches and pains for awhile. Schrom is great for that purpose – any back pain or muscle pain I have, Schrom will make it go away, and give me a nice mood boost besides. I’ll buy more seeds from PSB, but Schrom mj is my tried and true fave.

  17. Leo G. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t ask for better weed. This sativa is bomb, and it’s not overpowering, it’s like the perfect buzz I swear! Also it’s a great grow for beginners, not too much of a hassle in the garden, and it’s super happy and uplifting and lasts for hours! I take this stuff when I am headed out to a party and it’s always a hit! Those dense crystalized nugs are truly something to behold!

  18. Lewis U. (verified owner)

    I had heard this bud gets sticky and covered in trichomes, but I didn’t quite realize how much until I had my own harvest. This is definitely a strain I’m going to repeat next time I grow. I raise my plants indoors and only do a couple rounds per year. I try to buy seeds that I know I’m going to like, but I took a gamble on Schrom and I’m so glad I did. It’s got a nice happy high that I’d like to have again and again.

  19. Merrick L. (verified owner)

    Crystally hairy nuggy goodness! Sticky af too. Really dense heavy nugs. Grown indoors – and psb was right to say keep it warm – I got about 425-450 grams per plant which is a righteous yield for sure. Nice citrusy piney aroma that makes me feel clean and refreshed when I smoke, and the smoke is energizing and happy as hell. Really stoked i ordered these seeds, and I’ll probably order again from PSB in the future.

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