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Sour Bubba Feminized Seeds

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For a well-rounded marijuana experience, let us introduce you to Sour Bubba marijuana seeds. This balanced 50/50 hybrid starts with euphoria and overall happiness that takes your worries and stressors away. The second wave feels true to an indica with relaxing and tranquil sensations in the body.

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For the best of both worlds, you can’t go wrong with Sour Bubba marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. Users who crave the well-rounded experience of a 50/50 hybrid should love this strain. As equal parts indica and sativa, you can expect sensations of happiness and relaxation. The first wave of Sour Bubba targets the mind. 


You may feel a tingling sensation around the temples. Before long, all those doubts and worries in your head suddenly get replaced with euphoria and all-around happiness. Say goodbye to your bad day! The second wave of Sour Bubba feels much more like an indica. It may take an hour or so for the indica side to show up. But once it does, users feel coated in tranquility and peacefulness, almost like they’re floating on a cloud. 


Now, can you tell us a better feeling than happiness and calmness at the same time? We can’t. For the best results with your Sour Bubba marijuana seeds, trim your plants regularly to prevent them from growing overly tall. Keep your plants on the shorter side to prevent issues with humidity, air, and light in your grow room. This counts for both indoor and outdoor growing.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Inflammation, Stress


Diesel, Herbal, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






14 reviews for Sour Bubba Feminized Seeds

  1. Olga McKenzie (verified owner)

    I love how Pacific Seed Bank offers seeds in different sizes, so I can always get the one that’s right for me. That means that if I feel like a little, I can get the three seeds. If I want to have a lot or share them with my fellow growers to check out a new strain, I can get the 25 seeds.

  2. Jane Nixon (verified owner)

    BIG nugs with a nice sour aroma. You can smell sour bubba the second you walk into the room!
    Buying pot online should have been a think YEARS ago! But better late than never.
    This is a user-friendly grow, and generally takes about 10 weeks to cultivate, so not too bad overall. I purchase 10 seeds every season, usually drop around $100 in total and am met with over $1000 worth of nug come September.

  3. MysticalMeadow (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Pacific Seed Bank, they were very helpful and have a great customer service team. I was happy with the help I received picking a strain and ended up getting this one. My order arrived within a week and I got all these seeds germinated without issue! Awesome overall seed buying experience with Pacific.

  4. HighHealer (verified owner)

    Big fan of Coastal Genetics and all that they do. Always get great quality strains from them with excellent highs. I really like the lower THC levels on this, lets me destress but not become over-paranoid. Happy to see Pacific providing Coastal Genetics seeds with their excellent shipping.

  5. Talon Delacruz (verified owner)

    It’s more sweet than sour! I smoke at night for a relaxing time at home, helps my aching muscles relax, and my depressed mind feel at ease.
    Weed growing has always been a great hobby, and I have been doing it for years. Growing this pot has been par for the course. I got great results, fresh yields, very potent flower. Yuhhhh

  6. Juliana Duarte (verified owner)

    This balanced hybrid delivers a wave of euphoria and overall happiness, melting away your worries and stressors. The second wave brings on calming and tranquil sensations, leaving you floating on a cloud. With its 50/50 blend of indica and sativa, Sour Bubba is the perfect strain for ultimate happiness and relaxation.

  7. PlantPurveyor (verified owner)

    This weed comes in waves….first its a wave of bright euphoria and then followed by a deep indica chill.
    Great for smoking after work, or in the morning on your day off. It really sets the mood for a great day.
    100% germination every time. Never had a problem growing this weed. Not an expert….so anyone can do it!

  8. Qi Huang (verified owner)

    I’ve been really enjoying this strain, it hits just the right balance between relaxation and euphoria for me. It’s been really helpful in managing my stress and inflammation, and I love the herbal and sweet flavors. It’s not too strong or overwhelming, so I can still function while feeling really good.

  9. Albert Lin (verified owner)

    If you like fat nugs with a sour taste….and don’t want to work too hard in the garden….sour bubba will be your new friend!

    Always great seeds when you order online with Pacific. They ship hella fast and make a great (sometimes unexpected) gift!

  10. Reeva Bassett (verified owner)

    Sour as all heck and gives me a buzz that’s great for eliminating my stress and anxiety! Trust me, nothing is better than having your own weed growing in the yard! Super dank and tasty MJ with some VERY nice qualities! A new hobby for me in the summertime. I love growing weed and working with my plants.

  11. Kristie Cook (verified owner)

    Nothing gives me the nice, floaty, easy-going sensation that sour bubba does. It’s a great feeling to have this weed in your home. It is a pungent smell but a relaxing high. DEF an indica high that plants me firmly in the couch. Maybe that’s what I need, at least that’s what my friends tell me HA!

  12. Kaiden Velez (verified owner)

    Dang this weed is sour and full of POWER! I do NOT short change myself when it comes to weed. I only buy the highest quality strains and grow it right at home. I don’t bother with dispensary weed. It’s overpriced and not as good! Sour B is one of my favorites for its large flower and very pungent smell. A Light and relaxing indica. Doesn’t get much better than this!!

  13. Clifford Esquivel (verified owner)

    All the bubba strains are easy to grow, and great for beginners! Purchased this online and had it shipped to my apartment in LA. The rooftop is a great place to grow marijuana. Lots of sun, great energy, and very fruitful production. I was able to glean like 300 grams of pot from my grow. All of it WAS FRWSH!

  14. Milly Patrick (verified owner)

    The ideal 50/50 hybrid, makes me smile every time I smoke it. Was easy ordering my mj seeds online and having them shipped to my apartment in portland. The summer’s here are great for growing pot. The environment is just perfect. The smell and taste of sour bubba is…well, sour! Gets me nice and stoned and relaxed.

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