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White Kush Feminized Seeds – Norcal Farms

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The sugar-dusted appearance of White Kush marijuana may belie the earthy pungency of this indica smoke, but at upwards of 29% THC, it’s anything but delicate. Moderately difficult to grow, care and attention to pruning will ensure you get impressive yields of recreational and medically beneficial marijuana.

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As if anything about White Kush marijuana seeds could be more outstanding than the plant’s sugar-dusted appearance, the fact that this strain can top out at 29% THC should prove its popularity among long-term enthusiasts of cannabis consumption and cultivation.

A hybrid favoring its indica genes, White Kush is the kind of cannabis you save for the days you want to stay in and veg – its highly sedating, though this full-body lethargy can take time to creep up on you, slowly melting the tension out of your limbs as you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Though White Kush’s overwhelming effects aren’t ideal for focus and creativity, they have been beneficial for patients who need some time off from the stress and worries that plagues them. Its high THC content has been known to stimulate hunger, a welcome side-effect for patients who need to get their appetite back. 

The aroma of White Kush marijuana is predominantly pungent, with notes of damp earth that are underscored by sour sweetness. This profile changes as you grind the bud – you may notice a hint of spiciness that is believed to be a holdover from its Afghani parentage. The smoke is acrid, and while not displeasing, will surely bring a tear to your eye.

White Kush marijuana seeds produce flowers that will show up as either round, chunky buds or have long, spindly petals, and are covered in resinous trichomes. Plant them indoor or out but pay attention to their growth and trim away fan leaves to allow previous light to access the low-growing nodes. After 9-10 weeks you’ll welcome a relatively hefty harvest from your bushy trees.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Headache, Stress


Earthy, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






39 reviews for White Kush Feminized Seeds – Norcal Farms

  1. Comet5Catcher (verified owner)

    White Kush Feminized Seeds offer a truly outstanding experience for cannabis enthusiasts. With its sugar-dusted appearance and potent THC levels of up to 29%, this indica-dominant strain provides a highly sedating and relaxing effect. The pungent aroma, earthy taste, and resinous trichomes make for a top-quality smoke.

  2. ChroniCommander82 (verified owner)

    This strain gave me a great balance of focus and relaxation. The sweet and woody taste was a nice touch, and the stress relief was much appreciated. Overall, a solid choice for anyone looking for a mellow high.

  3. Mollie L. (verified owner)

    This is white kush, one of the rarest, and finest weeds on the market. Cannabis has become something of a BOOM industry over the past decade, and with that means new strains of weed are coming out all the time. White kush, however, is a classic and has been around as long as I can remember! Fresh, toasty, whitish nugs crumble into any bowl or joint and give me a sustained buzz that lasts for hours. I am relaxed as I have ever been. Thank you pacific seeds!

  4. Declan Lopez (verified owner)

    Gotta love marijuana with that sweet flavor and candy-dusted appearance. Really has a LOT of sticky crystals all around the plant, like it was covered in frost or sugar….either way I had a great experience! Great seeds with fast shipping, really makes a difference!

  5. Jade Parkes (verified owner)

    Whenever and wherever you are, Pacific has just the right strain for you to grow at home. Buy your stuff online and watch the magic happen. It usually arrives within 10 days, but I’ve seen it show up in 5 before. Theyre a very reliable company, and they really care about the products they are selling. Even when you’re new to the game, they’ve got beginner strains all over this site. White kush is one of them!

  6. Emilee Storey (verified owner)

    White kush not only has incredible flavor, it hits Juuuust right 🙂 This is a California Dream. I smoke every evening before going to sleep. I also smoke on the weekends and really enjoy how it effects me mentally. I can let go of stress and depression and enjoy the ocean waves. Cali boy for life, and Pacific is MY seed company!

  7. Giselle Orr (verified owner)

    How will kush change your life? This weed is powerful, but chill. It’s meant for stoners who like to be active, who like to run or surf or bike. Makes me smile every day. It’s been a godsend for depression, and man It couldn’t have come sooner. I hated waking up and feeling all out of sorts. White kush grounds me. puts me back on my feet!

  8. Liyana Markham (verified owner)

    The white kush really is colored white!! Absolutely lovely strain with some great vibes!!!

  9. Anais Goff (verified owner)

    Yess, I love white kush, so easy to grow, looks like its frosted in snow! Tastes green and earthy, a little sour, and gets me nice and relaxed. I like smoking this weed and chilling in the hot tub out back. It’s great having some land, some space to grow my own pot. Has great mental health effects!!

  10. Corben Rice (verified owner)

    White kush is breathtaking in its beauty. It has white and green colors streaked up and down the plant and flashes of yellow and orange. It hits nice and smooth and really brings about an instantaneous CHILL. Fast shipping and affordable prices with Pacific!

  11. Rudi Salazar (verified owner)

    When white kush is being passed around, expect this stuff to seep in slowly, giving you an excellent head buzz that kicks fatigue to the curb. It also has indica elements that make it relaxing and disarming, great for having deep convos with your SO. Fast shipping and even germination. Can’t complain!

  12. Cerys Lawson (verified owner)

    When the white kush is being passed around then the party is about to start. I always have this relaxing but uplifting strain at my parties. I always grow this in the backyard and enjoy caring for it during the summer months. Have been a Pacific customer for a while now and I usually stick with them cause their seeds are very reliable.

  13. Autumn Mueller (verified owner)

    Get yourself some white kush for some Maximum relaxation. I LOoooove the sweet and relaxing taste of this marijuana, and you know what? I bet that you will too!! Get yourself some of this top-notch weed for some sweet flavor and some chill evenings at home in front of the virtual fireplace LOL. Great for sharing with friends or your SO for fun times 😉

  14. Tanvir Cochran (verified owner)

    White kush really lives up to its name. I was working at a pot farm in Humboldt for a while and got pretty specialized in this strain. I like the way it looks and feels, gets me very baked, and I have to say, the white streaks in the flower are amazing. I ordered online, which is great for a grower that lives in a remote climate like me. Feels pretty good for a seed bought on the internet!

  15. Ingrid Rojas (verified owner)

    This plant looks like it’s covered in snow…has such a good vibe to it I can’t help but smoke it all day long. I get by on a few puffs at a time, and it lifts the weight of the world off my shoulders. Makes me manage my stress and depression much better, and it lasts for hours. I honestly feel like a teenager again…wandering around my cul de sac late at night.

  16. Murphy Goddard (verified owner)

    White kush has streaks of white on the flowers, like shocks of gray hair, it’s absolutely gorgeous….looks great under the heat lamps and smells pretty fantastic…Ordered online, had em shipped to my new spot in Oregon…got a nice little balcony with some HUGE pots, perfect for growing sizeable weed plants. Yummmm!

  17. Aliza Ridley (verified owner)

    White kush is nice and relaxing, has that sweet and salty charm of a fresh marijuana straight from the bush. Great for growing this indoors and getting some really resounding results with the grow lights and heat pads and what not. Pretty exciting stuff though, with a great vibe no matter when you smoke.

  18. Mikhail Wharton (verified owner)

    White kush is a magical strain that gets me all jazzed up on life. Ordering online is nice and simple and the seeds ship out hella fast and make it so I can finally keep my weed habit alive and save some money. Phew! The dispensary is expensive these days and I just wanna buy more of it. I Looooove marijuana and pacific!!

  19. ewan mills (verified owner)

    This weed has these amazing dashes of color on the leaves and flower, streaks of white that look really bright and beautiful in the sunlight. I LOVE the texture of this weed, it’s smooth as all heck and just feels fantastic. I am very pleased with my purchase and definitely wanna buy again, especially from Pacific.

  20. surlalnnn (verified owner)

    I love the kush strains, and I have a good vibe when it comes to growing white kush, this might just be my favorite. Ordered online, had it shipped and grew it out back. Had to give it some TLC to get started, put it under remay until it got warm enough, but I gotta say, I am NOT disappointed!

  21. Chant Down (verified owner)

    Take some kush with you on your next hike and you’ll be glad you did. When the going gets tough, it’s time to relax and smoke some of this stuff and your body feels instantly better. Ordering online is easy and everything delivered right on time. Got a great yield too….very sour and fresh and fills my house with weed vibes LOL

  22. Marco (verified owner)

    It isn’t exactly white in color, but it sure makes you feel bright like the sun. I ordered this weed through the online portal, and I was very excited to see this stuff show up in my mailbox. I have been a farmer in eastern OR for about 30 years, but never really got into serious weed growing. Decided I’d try it for myself and am pretty happy about it. A greenhouse is a great place for this weed!

  23. Alii (verified owner)

    White kush is a very special strain…it makes a huge difference in my day when I smoke it. It helps me relax and puts me in a good mood. I like the smell and taste of this stuff, makes me super stoned and helps me feel less depressed about everything. I grew it out in the backyard and got a nice yield, way better than expected and can’t wait to grow more!

  24. SURPISE (verified owner)

    This strain is like pure gold. It’s bright and crystalline and absolutely great smoking. I got 3 seeds cause that’s all I’m gonna need for a while. Got some nice heat off my LED lights to get them started, and they came up beautifully. Very pleased with my results, and also very happy I now have so much weed. I really like that it’s so easy to order online and that they show up so fast. Really, anyone can do it. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!

  25. cerisa v (verified owner)

    If you are new to weed and need a beginner’s strain then try this amazing bud and you’ll be happy you did. This was my first time growing mj on my own and found this grow to be very straightforward. I got an excellent yield and it opened up a whole new world of relaxation to me. I smoke it outta my HUGE bong and love the way it helps me unwind at the end of a long day. Plus the bud is super sticky and green in color…you really can’t lose!

  26. SpeakUP (verified owner)

    OMG I love white kush, I’ve grown this stuff in the past but never with Pacific seeds. Somehow the genetics in these seeds makes for some truly impressive weed. Like I am amazed how easy this was to pull off, and the yield was super solid, all very healthy and delicious weed. It’s a very relaxing strain, just like all kush strains, it’s a do-nothing weekend type of smoke. It’s got a great flavor though, and I am really happy how this has helped me with stress and depression!

  27. Davenport (verified owner)

    Come on, you know you’re gonna love this stuff! I got my seeds as a gift actually and grew them over the summer to excellent results. I had a resounding yield, probably the biggest I’ve ever gotten from weed, it’s very pungent weed so warn the neighbors! Helps me relax after a long day, and it makes me very pleasantly sleepy, so it’s good if you need some help with insomnia like me. I highly recommend these kush strains, easy grow and high yields!

  28. ute carrie (verified owner)

    White kush….a very mysterious weed. It’s something I’ve never heard of before so took a gamble and decided to grow. Seeds shipped out super fast, got them in just under a week, and germination was a cinch! Nice grow overall., very fast and easy to manage, plus I got like 400 G on just one plant! It’s worth it for sure for its sour earthy taste and ability to chill. me. outttttt.

  29. Dianne Dinh (verified owner)

    White kush is probably the most relaxing strain I have ever smoked. It’s super fun to grow too, all kush strains seem to grow alike, and they all produce such a huge amount of weed! This strain has white trichomes that look dusted with snow, and smoking it is quite refreshing with it’s earthy citrusy taste. Have a love for this weed, and will definitely buy more!

  30. Brandy V. (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d need medical marijuana, but I got into a car accident a few years ago and my legs have never been the same. I have chronic pain and muscle spasms and the best treatment has been wonderful cannabis. White kush has been especially good for soothing my legs and giving my body overall relaxation and the taste of white kush is surprising complex, like an exotic treat. Very thankful I can grow this pot in Canada and I intend to grow more of it.

  31. Reynaldo R. (verified owner)

    White kush is an absolute gem!!! If you’ve got the patience then this strain of weed is literally like medicine for your mind. A bit of a struggle to get my seeds going, and definitely some difficulties with pruning and whatnot, but the end result was well worth it. Beautiful white nugs that smell like fruit and pine and smoke very smooth as well. Great for evenings to help me chill out, great for movies and stuff too. Definitely a winner in my book and I’ll be sure to be back to buy more seeds!

  32. Julia G. (verified owner)

    How could I say no to the love child of my two favorite strains? This one was suggested by a Pacific customer service rep and I to them I have to say THANK YOU. Here I thought my two top favs were white widow and afghan kush. But now I have white kush — the best of both worlds! This incredible strain made me giggle until I fell asleep. So great! Really smooth smoke too!

  33. Silvan S. (verified owner)

    I love some good pot from the USA (this came from California) and my order from PSB arrived so quickly! White Kush is a little deceiving: it looks like a sweet green and white candy stick when it’s growing, all dusted in sugar, but when you use it, look out! It’s quite pungent and fucking strong! Not really sweet at all. This was a bit of a challenge to grow; I think I probably would have got better yield if I did a better job pruning the plant as it grew. The effect of the marijuana was worth the work though – great high, strong smell, wonderful sedation. Not for the weak of heart.

  34. Katlin W. (verified owner)

    Ummmm, this weed is like the strongest shit I’ve ever smoked. Seriously. It is some HARD hitting stuff. Lol, that’s not a bad thing though! I had a really great growing experience with this strain. I had been having a hard time with some of the intermediate varities, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of things because everything turned out perfect with this crop. Highly recommend White Kush and Pacific to order seeds from!

  35. yewt56 (verified owner)

    The White Kush strain is so cerebral and gives me an out-of-body experience every time. I’m happy I was introduced to this one. The THC is fairly high, so it’s ideal to just grab your snacks and settle onto your couch. When I want to forget about work – and about my entire week – I smoke some White Kush. I also love that the ordering process was extremely easy and quick, and my package arrive in about eight days in a discreet envelope. Highly recommended.

  36. Lizzy L. (verified owner)

    This is some excellent weed! OMG I couldn’t ask for a better weed to deal with migraines and stress, like I am SOOO chilled out on this stuff, like it makes me just want to kick back and watch Netflix all night long. I love gardening so growing this weed was really F-U-N!!!! I can’t wait to buy more strains from PSB, such an awesome selection and their prices are the best in town!

  37. Alexandre L. (verified owner)

    I bought these seeds because it says it can get to 29% thc – unreal! I’m not sure if my ladies got quite that high but they got me quite high for sure. Grew them indoors and aside from some light pruning to get light to some of the lower colas it was a pretty easy grow and about 8 weeks of flowering. Really nice crystals look like powdered sugar so you can definitely see the lineage stemming from White Widow. PSB shipped real fast too!

  38. Eddie T. (verified owner)

    What a relaxing strain of mj, won’t disappoint! I love the kush strains but white kush may be my absolute favorite! I can’t get enough of it’s bright white trichomes, and it’s sour smell and flavor, gets me super stoned, and helps me relax at the end of the day, my worries just melt away with one puff! Next time I’ll buy even more!

  39. Elliot L. (verified owner)

    The anxiety I feel day-to-day perhaps does not warrant a medical-grade solution, but my pot use I still consider to be due to a medical condition because white kush helps my anxiety so much. It makes my head stop feeling like there’s a rubber band slowly tightening around it. Instead, I feel loose, relaxed and calm. So very glad I was able to place an order for white kush with PSB. Such an awesome selection of seeds online from PSB, I’m excited to see what other seeds I’ll discover in their arsenal.

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