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501st OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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501st OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s great for treating pain and insomnia. Novice smokers beware that this stuff hits hard and fast.



Having trouble sleeping at night? Not anymore! 501st OG marijuana seeds are here to save your night and bedtime routine. Although this strain is considered a hybrid, its indica effects are more prevalent as you’ll feel deep relaxation from head-to-toe as well as a sense of fatigue and calmness.

Because of this, most consumers recommend only smoking 501st OG at night, otherwise, you may find yourself distracted or lagging during the day. 501st OG is also an all-natural painkiller that can ease symptoms of migraines, muscle cramps, nausea, and so on. There are no limits to what this strain can do for your pain.

The indica-dominant hybrid’s genetics are tied to Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #1. As a cross of the two, growers can expect colorful flowers in a wide variety of colors, from green to blue to red to purple. These moody hues give off a piney kush aroma that will transport you to the middle of the woods around a campfire. If you prefer sweet notes, 501st OG also has you covered on that front. You’ll get a strong sense of grape with this strain as well.

A word of advice for novice smokers, don’t get carried away with this strain. The effects of 501st OG marijuana seeds are hard-hitting and last a long time — even for the most advanced, veteran smokers. Consumers say ten minutes felt like an under an hour under the influence of 501st OG. You won’t need to re-smoke for a few hours.

Description: 501st OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s great for treating pain and insomnia. Novice smokers beware that this stuff hits hard and fast.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



30% Sativa/70% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






33 reviews for 501st OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Tatyana G. (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing this strain for a long time because I have a small grow room and I tend to prefer the shorter plants. They’re just easier to accomodate because I don’t have very high cielings in my space. Basically, I’m growing in a crawl space under my house because weed isn’t legal yet where I live. Maybe one day when the USA legalizes it everywhere I can grow this strain outdoors and see how big of a harvest I can get! Until then, I’m going to keep ordering it for my tiny grow room and loving what I get. 🙂

  2. Xavier B. (verified owner)

    I love all the OG strains, but this one I’ve now grown three times over and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. It’s just good. I like the hybrids that are a little heavier on the indica side so 501st is just up my alley. Harvested in about 9 weeks and I have no complaints. Everything went super swell from germination to flowering. I also love growing this weed because it smells nice. Not a super important factor but one worth mentioning nonetheless. Good buy!

  3. Rebecca A. (verified owner)

    Got into a car accident recently, and although I am fine (thankfully) I am still experiencing joint pain and inflammation from my injuries, so this weed has really swooped in to save the day. It has really aided me in soothing my pains and helps me relax into a deep and restful sleep. I have had nothing but success since starting out on this and growing the weed was pretty easy as well, though I wish my yield had been slightly higher. I’ll be back for more 🙂

  4. Mack J. (verified owner)

    Wow-eee! Strong pot here. Honestly, one or two puffs of beautiful 501 is all you need to feel relaxed and good and especially released from pain. I have chronic pain from an old basketball injury in my arm and the wonderful 501 releases it wonderfully. So I recommend this pot especially for those looking to treat a medical condition (don’t know about more serious conditions though). Great buy from PSB; thanks, guys!

  5. Gracie J. (verified owner)

    Really nice beautiful multicolored buds covered in trichomes, this stuff rips. Nice sweet grape flavor. Most recommend to smoke this weed at night but I find that a light does throughout the day does wonders for my mindstate and I’ve taken to smoking 501st throughout the day as a means of depression management. Nice and light cbd levels for physical discomfort as well.
    I got a pretty decent harvest (nothing to write home about) after about eight weeks indoors. Definitely had a good experience ordering online from psb.

  6. Tammy K. (verified owner)

    So what’s the deal with the name on this weed? Was it the 501st OG variety created? You smoke this and your mind just gets carried away. Plan to not be the most productive person for awhile. But that little bit of sativa really gives you a pick me up. I have no complaints about this strain. My seeds all popped and I was pretty happy with the grow. Easy and a medium yield. Thumbs up!

  7. Destiny P. (verified owner)

    A great indoor grow if you have the capabilities. I have a small grow space in the basement and loved the compact sizing of this OG strain. Potent and powerful, so just tread lightly, one toke will do ya most likely and it’s much better enjoyed in small bursts than during one long smoke sesh. Happy I gave it a go however, got nearly 400 G, which is a miracle really cause I’m no good at this stuff and it’s my husband who usually does the weed growing around here Haha. We usually smoke a J together before bed, and drift right off to sleep. Happy stuff!

  8. Sam P. (verified owner)

    Strong and lovely cannabis. I have serious insomnia issues and I’ve found nothing treats it better than some wonderful mary jane. 501st is one of the best strains for me, it lets me relax and coaxes fatigue into my brain. It is pretty strong though, I only need one hit to get knocked out. Growing this turned out well, this short plant packed a punch when smoked.

  9. Marge T. (verified owner)

    Not sure what the terpene profile on this strain is, but the effects are definitely stronger than THC levels would indicate. I made the mistake of having a couple big bongs of this mj on the Saturday we first harvested, at like 1 PM. Next thing I knew I woke up and it was dark. So yeah, respect the sleep-inducing power. That’s not all it’s good for, but it’s not a great weed for Getting Things Done.

  10. Emiliano M. (verified owner)

    An easy to grow strain with hard hitting effects. Not a bad strain for beginners, but definitely don’t get carried away cause too much of this stuff can get you feeling disoriented and anxious. I grew in my backyard, have been doing so for years, and got me a nice harvest of around 500 G. This is the perfect after-work smoke, or even right before bedtime, you’ll feel relaxed and happy and may even enjoy the bright citrus and pine flavor of the weed!

  11. desertguytoursatvs (verified owner)

    Everything about this weed is good. Easy indoor grow because it stays so short, not an excessive amount of THC, I don’t really like high thc strains because of anxiety, and just enough CBD to keep everything nice and pain free. That little bit of sativa makes it a really nice and relaxing indica based smoke without getting couch lock.

  12. Krista Q. (verified owner)

    A great find for medical users like me. Strong anti-anxiety properties from these squat little mj plants! My options to buy cannabis are pretty limited where I live, and I’m not sure I’d even know where to get seeds if it weren’t for Pacific Seed Bank. But now that I’ve found this site I’m a happy customer.

  13. Dulce R. (verified owner)

    I’ve had trouble sleeping since I was a teenager due to some trauma. It’s a big issue for me, and I hate that when I can’t sleep, it puts me in an irritable mood the next day. That’s why I thank the heavens for 50st OG. (My husband jokes that this weed saved our marriage and I think he may be right about that. ? ) 501st knocks me out good and fast and gets me to sleep quickly. The earthy taste is good too and it’s not too pungent. (We’re renters, so I worry about strong smells.) In a word, 501st OG is marvelous, esp for insomniacs like me.

  14. Camille L. (verified owner)

    I have had insomnia for years and this stuff helps me a lot with my symptoms. Have been smoking for a while but this was my first time growing and it went really well. PSB has an epic online selection, it was so hard to choose just one. It’s really a small plant, great for basements or bedrooms and whatnot, but it produces quite a lot of weed!

  15. Lionel D. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic grow, I did so in my backyard and got excellent results. It’s very bright green and smells kinda sour. A powerful high for sure, definitely a nighttime smoke, much better for chilling out and watching the tube than for getting errands done. A nice indica high though, great for relaxing and helps with sleep!

  16. pizzaman502 (verified owner)

    This has been so great for my stress! It’s easy to grow and produces a lot and helps me after work when I need a way of winding down and relaxing. I ordered my seeds online and they showed up super quick!!! Next thing I knew I was growing my own mj! It’s got a nice earthy taste to it, and it feels like I am floating when I smoke it. I like the vibes around this stuff, definitely a worthy buy!

  17. Barry Williams (verified owner)

    Big fan of this weed, and this was my very first time growing! I love this stuff! Super delicious and helps me with sleep like nothing else. I got myself 3 seeds from PSB, great online ordering system with fast delivery and exceptional customer service. I grew them out in the backyard and only about 4 months later got myself a nice hefty yield of weed and have a TON to smoke and get through. It’s perfect for right before bed when I need help de-stressing!

  18. Iris (verified owner)

    YOWZA! This stuff is really intense! It’s like drinking 3 cups of coffee, and then after like 2 hours all you wanna do is lay on your bed…but it’s fun! Just be ready to CRASH! This stuff hits hard and fast, but it’s super fresh and it’s got a nice sour, earthy flavored smoked to it, that I find really addicting! I hope I can grow this indoors next time to increase my yield, but still these plants did really well in the backyard. Amazing!

  19. Texture (verified owner)

    I love this hybrid weed more than anything else in the world right now. I took care of these weed plants like they were my babies, and when I finally harvested them like a week ago, I got an amazing and gratifying yield! Beautiful flower, absolutely stunning green colors and a strong earthy herbal smell. I smoke it most nights, just to chill out and relax, and watch some TV maybe. You really can’t go wrong with this weed, it’s good for beginners too!

  20. Keoke (verified owner)

    A nice and powerful indica that really does the trick when it comes to fighting back pain and stress. I am a west coaster so am very familiar with this weed. I used to buy it from the dispensary down the road, but they closed down so It was up to me to grow my own. Got 3 seeds from PSB and germinated them in my little basement grow zone. It wasn’t perfect but they all popped somehow. I am pretty stoked with the results after about 5 months. Got a great yield and definitely will be back for more pot seeds!

  21. NayNay (verified owner)

    One of the more powerful weeds on this site. An absolute gem! I ordered 3 seeds and grew them in my basement, they did super well and I am very happy with the results. Got myself an excellent yield, better than expected, with some of the freshest herb you’ve ever seen. I love how relaxing it is and also very euphoric. Makes for a great time every time!

  22. Philly Blunt (verified owner)

    501st OG brings me waaaaay back to my college days when I just started smoking weed. My friends and I grew weed in our closet and it was like…OK. LOL I got this weed and was way more impressed with the result. Beautiful buds, some of them the size of my fist, and totally perfect for smoking on the weekends or while you’re heading home from work….not too difficult to manage either!

  23. Midnight Lake (verified owner)

    Planted the seeds as soon as I got them…they did super well here in the souther cali heat and sun…makes for a great buy if you’re into smoking solo or have a girlfriend or something. Can’t deny I like to bake edibles and this weed is killer in some brownies or cookies…can’t wait to buy more, I will be very excited!

  24. wixsjs82834 (verified owner)

    Woah….this stuff just knocks me off my feet. It’s like jumping into the deep end of a cold pool on a hot day. I have been pretty impressed so far though, and usually, just take a little bit at a time. Easy for growing in your backyard if you got a nice sunny spot, and it also makes a TON of nug so you’ll save some $$ for sure!

  25. sahid (verified owner)

    So yeah, this bud is top-notch, it’s so chill that you hardly remember that you are stoned AF. It’s actually really fun to grow, and it was a good summer project for me. I feel really lucky I got a chance to grow this marijuana. I feel like a real baller, and these seeds from pacific are super nice for my garden. I mean, yeah, I am not an expert, just a fan. Ordering online is the future!

  26. Aras Ashton (verified owner)

    501st OG, what a unique and delightful strain…gets me high as a kite, and is alway something to look forward to at the end of a looooong day. I will absolutely buy this again, cause man homegrown weed is seriously the best thing you can give yourself. It’s an absolutely amazing experience with fantastic results!!!

  27. Nettie Browne (verified owner)

    I gotta be real, I get WRECKED on this weed, it’s super strong and it makes my eyeballs pop outta my skull. It’s so sweet to the taste you’d swear you were eating some candy! Haha, it’s been real fun either way, a very sweet and relaxing strain, gets me all riled up to eat some nachos and play COD, can’t wait for more stuff!!

  28. Aimee Buxton (verified owner)

    A very sturdy weed, grows well in most conditions but of course it prefers consistent light and watering and also helps with stress and depression. I am definitely getting baked off this weed, it helps me manage my pain and stress like nothing else, and it make me feel like a dang king. I am from the west coast so this stuff speaks to my soul.

  29. Simra Bean (verified owner)

    Yeah this weed is definitely heavy-handed, makes me feel extra sleepy and hungry. If you’re a little socially anxious normally, then this stuff is ought to make you even more anxious, but if you just like a nice indica, with some relaxing body effects, 501 can be a pretty good choice. Plus the bud just smells amazing.

  30. Jules Redmond (verified owner)

    I am a west coaster and have lived in Cali most of my life. It’s generally known as the best place to grow marijuana. I am very excited about finally being able to purchase weed seeds online. Got a VERY fast delivery in the mail, and germinated them right away. I appreciate the legality of this, and I like that my flower always turns out high quality.

  31. Conna Reid (verified owner)

    Have never heard of this strain but it sounded good from the description and all the reviews so I decided to buy it for myself. Got some very promising results, nearly 600 grams of pot from one grow, more than enough to last me through the winter, with a vibe that can only be described as supremely chill.

  32. Andre Calderon (verified owner)

    This weed provides a powerful body-stone high, and it gives me a great sense of pain relief and euphoria. Ordering online was easy and fast, and I got 3 seeds in the mail one week after ordering. Took a few days to germinate, but I am very excited for the prospect of having all of this weed in my backyard, looking tall and bushy. Maybe 3 weeks into grow but things are looking good!

  33. Rachael Williams (verified owner)

    Went through a major surgery in the last year, and growing my own marijuana has helped me bounce back. Thankful I was able to order online and have the seeds delivered quickly and safely to my mailbox. My husband did much of the growing, but I was able to plant and prune. Has been a great help with pain and anxiety, keeps me very relaxed when I am having flare-ups.

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