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Afghani Feminized Seeds

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A highly sought after landrace strain with sativa genetics and a bounty of THC, Afghani feminized marijuana seeds are just the ticket for deep relaxation and happiness. With a little TLC, more experienced growers can coax a decent sized yield of medical marijuana out of an Afghani harvest.

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Because their genetics are so highly sought after, few landrace strains remain on the marijuana market, but Afghani is one such indica variety that will never lose its desirability.

Named for its geographic origin, Afghani marijuana seeds are believed to be among the earliest varieties of cannabis that were grown, and worldwide, breeders continue to propagate the strain for its heavy production of sticky resin, which can be passed along through its genetics (it has been paired off more than a few times).

Sweet and earthy, and Afghani marijuana high provides a deep, sedative relaxation coupled with a happy euphoria – courtesy of its 19% THC content, and it’s often considered for patients looking to find a potent ally in the battle against insomnia.

Perhaps best suited to growers with experience, Afghani marijuana seeds will provide an impressive yield after 9 weeks of flowering, if planted indoors.

A true gem of the ganja community, order Afghani marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



100% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, worries


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






43 reviews for Afghani Feminized Seeds

  1. SpectralSage (verified owner)

    This is like the elite in the world of marijuana. How can you ever go wrong with Afghani? While I’ve always had it in rotation, I’ve never grown it before, so I decided to look around and so glad I purchased from PSB. The prices were unbeatable, and I received my seeds within a matter days. I can’t wait to germinate and get them growing!

  2. Teresa C (verified owner)

    With its sativa genetics and high THC content, this landrace strain is sure to provide deep relaxation and happiness. Not to mention, its pungent taste and earthy aroma make it a delight to experience.

  3. Emerson Dickson (verified owner)

    Just thankful I found a MJ strain that helps me with migraines and depression. Burning through this supply has helped me stay cool, balanced, happy, and relaxed.
    This pot is an ancient strain and is VERY reliable outdoors and indoors.

  4. Phoebe Marshall (verified owner)

    Hey all, just wanted to say thanks to the customer service team for helping me choose the right strain for me. I am mostly in the weed game for the pain relief lol. My joints have gotten pretty worn down over the years, but I don’t mind smoking some pot for symptom relief. Afghani is an ancient strain….been around for centuries. Smells very bitter and earthy but hits nice and sweet!

  5. Teresa Dean (verified owner)

    Great weed! I spent the last 12 weeks carefully cultivating this strong and earthy strain of MJ. I spent HOURS researching the best growing techniques and methods. Little did I realize I didn’t have to look far at all. The advice was right in front of me on the blog section LOL. Great products from pacific, always fast shipping and reliable germ.

  6. VoidVanguard90 (verified owner)

    Afghani is a must-try for anyone seeking a potent strain that delivers a relaxing, euphoric body high. As someone who struggles with pain and worries, this strain has become a go-to for me. Its strong potency helps me unwind and forget any discomfort, leaving me with a sense of calm and peacefulness.

  7. Brett Prokop (verified owner)

    Lots of reviews here to tell people how good this strain is, so I’ll give more of a growers review:

    First off this is NOT a short plant. I grow outdoors in eastern Washington state, in a mesh covered “greenhouse” that measures 20 feet wide by 40 feet long and 10 feet tall in the middle. These plants push the limits of my grow area; 5 plants in the greenhouse, with each plant being given a 8×20 foot space, 10 feet tall. My plants all tend to grow to that space, with a little room to move around them; about 6-7 feet across and pretty close to the 10 foot ceiling limit. I have in the past had to pull the tops down to keep them out of the mesh. The mesh I use is a patio mesh that blocks up to 70% of the sunlight; plants tend to burn on the hottest summer days here without it. If these plants were under direct outdoor light they would probably be absolutely huge, easily exceeding 10 feet tall.

    So about the “skill” level, I’m not sure why this is labeled “Intermediate”, my experience has been that it is no more difficult than any other strain I have grown. I start the seeds in the spring and plant them in the greenhouse once the weather is warm enough that they wont freeze. I give them water, and they grow; simple as that! Watch for bugs, don’t let them freeze in the fall before harvest, doesn’t take much more; but I grow outdoors, so maybe there are other issues when growing indoors that I am not aware of.

    Potency is exceptional, due to high THC levels and moderate CBD levels. I personally think that the CBD helps to curb the sleepys that a pure indica would normally give. For me Afghani is a day or night smoke. It’s relaxing, but does not completely put me to sleep; I use Granddaddy purp for that.

    As for the yield, 400 grams outdoors is not even close to my experience with these seeds. I tend to grow a few different varieties each season because each has it’s own characteristics, and I smoke different kinds based on the time of day; sativas when I get up and indicas when I want to relax or sleep. With 5 plants, I tend to have about a 10 pound harvest. The indica plants tend to yield more, but the average ends up being about 2 pounds per plant, or around 900 grams. I don’t have exact weights because I don’t really care; there’s enough and that’s all that really matters to me; but if I were to estimate, I would say that Afghani is capable of giving over 1000 grams per plant, given the right conditions.

    This coming season I am planning on 2 Afghani, 2 Great White Shark, and 1 Granddaddy Purp; and I fully expect to have a 10 pound plus harvest this season. Afghani is a staple for me, it will always be part of my garden; the others may change from season to season, but Afghani is a must have.

    Just for reference, I’m 58 and been smoking cannabis for 40+ years, and growing it for the last 10. Back in the early 80’s, I used to get ahold of Afghani shake and loved every puff of it, but growing it myself gives me a new appreciation for it. No that 10 pounds is not all for me, I share it with my ex-wife, step daughter and son-in-law; but I do smoke the majority of it. My smoker level is somewhere between Tommy Chong and Cypress Hill 😉

  8. Monique Vang (verified owner)

    One of the original strains of marijuana. And when I say original, I mean dating back to the dawn of man. I mean, we are extra special when it comes to cultivating weed. I feel like God himself blessed us with this incredible plant. It’s so nice to have this weed in the yard, it’s a great hobby and a fun time every time.
    If you need a little afternoon pick me up, get excited about this mj. A beautiful weed with a great price tag.

  9. Rivka Banks (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried afghani weed I highly recommend it….why else would I be here writing about it? It’s a strong-flavor and a very nice easy buzz. It’s not like other weeds, maybe that’s because it stems from other areas of the world, but now you can just grow it at home like any other seed. VETY fresh flavors, a great energy that really helps with stress and depression, and keeps me feeling positive even when times are hard (and they ARE). So let’s all get together and smoke a joint. It’s a real game-changer.

  10. Meera Swanson (verified owner)

    This stuff is really dank, like almost damp lol. It’s sticky and smells great. JUST harvest, so it needs to dry out and cure a bit before I start smoking. A light brownish green color with some nice looking leaves. It smells like burning wood, which is pretty intriguing. Can’t wait for it to be smoking-ready 🙂

  11. Clarice Pate (verified owner)

    Hard to find an indica strain that is 100% and doesn’t have any real sativa properties. I tend to veer toward pure indicas because they are especially helpful for anxiety. Afghani is a classic strain that’s been around for as long as I can remember. This means, this weeds been around for at least 55 years!

  12. Nannie Tillman (verified owner)

    Nice and sweet, makes for a great evening smoke, or afternoon. Bakes into delicious brownies and helps tremendously with stress. I don’t think its a miracle drug, but ordering online makes it come pretty close!!

  13. Deen Shah (verified owner)

    So even if you’re not crazy about indica marijuana, you will find something to love about this strain. It’s easy going, light, and relaxing. Good for most social situations, but also helps me wind down. Everything I am looking for in a MJ strain, plus PSB ships to Canada!!

  14. Ayana Easton (verified owner)

    A deeply relaxing indica…never had an issue. Always germinates and grows as advertised. Medium yield, maybe around 600 grams, and stays fresh for a long time.

  15. Keelan Bryant (verified owner)

    There are so many wonderful things about afghan weed that I can barely list them here in this little box!! So come on and give it a try for yourself cause it’s just gonna make you smile a whole lot. I bring a lot of experience to the weed world, have been smoking and growing in LA since the 80’s and I have grown this indica classic many times. It’s a nice easy high, you will be happy with your buy.

  16. Paul Powell (verified owner)

    Earthy and sweet and perfect for those long languid smoking sessions you have with your friends on Friday nights. I am the weed grower of the group cause my flower always tastes the best. Maybe that’s because it’s from Pacific seed bank? Who knows? Either way, have had great results with this strain, will hopefully grow more.

  17. Markus Mill (verified owner)

    A smooth, earthy strain that helps with stress and anxiety. Takes a while to go grow, but the results are definitely worth it. I got a pretty sizeable yield, and I am totally gonna smoke it all and not share LOL. Gets me pretty baked, but I am happy as I can be. Very fun to grow MJ on your own!!

  18. Indigo Ayers (verified owner)

    Afghan weed is pretty much the most relaxing strain you can find. It’s an easy grow too, looks really nice under all my LED lights, pretty excited to watch these fellas just get bigger and bigger until they are SO big I can’t even reach the top! I love weed, it’s such an expressive plant with so many medicinal benefits 🙂

  19. Aysha Griffith (verified owner)

    I practically worship this strain. It’s a biiiiiig stress reliever. Makes me want to vibe all night long with my wife. We definitely do, if you know what I mean. Feels pretty great to get baked and then chill out at home. Honestly there’s nothing better. I gotta say I am pretty stoked about just having some homegrown MJ.

  20. Imran Wagstaff (verified owner)

    This india heavy strain is bound to make you smile, and definitely a good buy for the price. I ordered online, had it shipped to my place here in Washington and got it in less than a week? WOW! I put the seeds directly into the ground and they just sprouted up like they were meant to. Pretty stoked for the next few years, gonna definitely buy some more!!

  21. Tyler-Jay Brewer (verified owner)

    Has that sweet earthy smell I crave so much, looks amazing in a garden or a greenhouse, and usually is very easy to manage and doesn’t take too much effort to get it right. Gonna definitely buy some more marijuana once I get my next paycheck, have been really happy with Pacific they have great selection!!

  22. Corrina Thatcher (verified owner)

    Very earthy, very sweet, gets me nice and stoned. I can’t get ANY work done when I smoke this strain, it’s all about just chilling with the friends anf such. We just play NBA 2K12 and get really baked. I usually just order a pizza and it’s good times had by all!

  23. Freddie Mason (verified owner)

    I was a total stoner in college then had to give it up cause I got married…well I am not married anymore and thank goodness for that cause now I have some weed to be smoking. I don’t care about my stress levels like I used to and let myself go over the years but the weed makes me feel ok about myself. I do all the growing myself. Good times, especially this earthy indica Afghani strain. Woohoo great buy!!!!

  24. trapprkppr1212 (verified owner)

    A decent yield from my little compact plant, but not bad overall, I was pretty excited to have this stuff delivered to my door and just start growing, it’s really easy. I got a nice big yield and I really enjoy the pain and stress relief this bud offers, plus it smells super earthy and has these great pine woods vibes, good for PNW smokers 🙂

  25. Triease (verified owner)

    I never thought I’d see the day when I can order weed seeds online and grow them right in my backyard…so glad it’s the future and I can do that finally! Got a great yield…maybe like 600 grams or so, filled up like 8 mason jars lol…very fresh and exotic smelling stuff…gets me super high and helps with pain and stress!

  26. Andy Langmore (verified owner)

    I never tried growing my own weed before, and this was an experiment well worth conducting! I got an excellent little harvest from my 3 plants, very tight nugs with bright green colors. Fresh as can be and rolls into the perfect little joints. So relaxing with a little sativa edge, def gonna buy more from this site!

  27. Ranger Rick (verified owner)

    I heart afghani weed…it’s something I look forward to smoking when I come home at night, helps me relax and sleep and it’s intoxicating taste and smell makes life a lot better. I am usually a solo smoker and a solo grower…got 3 seeds online and grew them out back. Pretty fun to care for and prune…and when it was time to harvest, it felt like a job well done!

  28. farmz (verified owner)

    Afghani will get you where you wanna go, and it’s pretty delicious too. I ordered online and had my seeds shipped here to Eastern OR, got em very quickly and grew them right outta the ground. Pretty stellar growth I gotta say, very deep green leaves with little white hairs on the flowers, very eye-catching. Good harvest too, maybe a few ounces, but very high-quality stuff, great for minor pain and depression. Also, very relaxing!

  29. rawr2134 (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain for stress and depression. I got an amazing yield from just 3 plants, waaaaay more than I can smoke. I’ve been sharing with friends and family and they are very excited about it as well. I love the wonderful taste and smell of this weed, very earthy and a little sweet, perfect for smoking with tobacco or in a hookah. I love PSB! They got my seeds sent directly to my door and I got them growing in the backyard right away, very easy and fun!

  30. Taffy (verified owner)

    One of those rare indica dominant strains that I actually enjoy! It’s amazing stuff, very high quality and great for just chilling out on the couch. It’s got a very unique flavor that helps ease my mind into a peaceful stupor….I watch TV or play video games and it’s a pretty great way to go. I really like the way this stuff hits me too, it’s nice and slow, very subtle, and it’s great for my depression. Makes a gray day feel sunny and warm. Highly recommend!

  31. divahun (verified owner)

    This grow was a little above my head. But it was a pretty fast time to flowering and the yield turned out decent. It just required a specific environment I couldn’t provide for it. Indoors is best most likely. Either way the seeds shipped out fast, and they germinated well too. The buzz is very relaxing, great before bed, helps me sleep and manages stress well also. I would recommend this to friends for sure!

  32. Paul Farmer (verified owner)

    This is some earthy spicy stuff! it’s great for growing in the backyard and gives off an impressive yield! I love how much weed I got, almost 1000 grams from just 3 plants, wowee! It’s a very relaxing weed, definitely a nighttime smoke, perfect for chilling out on back patios and reflecting on the day. You’ll love it for sure!

  33. Gregg E (verified owner)

    One of the most classic strains of weed out there, I’ve been smoking this stuff since high school but this was my first time growing. Ordered my seeds through PSB and had them delivered right to my door. They popped like no problem at all and the weed is delicious and spicy! It’s got a great head buzz that’ll keep you coming back for more.

  34. Jalen E. (verified owner)

    I went to several dispensaries near my town to find afghani, but no luck! I had heard it was a good strain (esp for stress) and really wanted to try it. I was so pleased I could get the seeds online with Pacific and I can’t beat the delivery right to my door. The weed is still growing at this point, but I’m loving all the resin I’m seeing developing on these bad boys. Can’t wait to give it a go!

  35. Joelle V. (verified owner)

    This is hands down THE best stuff to smoke at the end of a long and stressful day. I gotta give some props to Pacific for helping me pick this strain out. Their reps know a lot of stuff and when I gave them an idea of what kind of grow I could handle and what kind of high I wanted from my weed, they told be about Afghani and I’m never gonna look back. Loyal customer for sure and will be buying this strain again from these guys.

  36. Scott S. (verified owner)

    Indica lovers beware: you can’t find better weed. This is one of the most relaxing mj strains I’ve ever tried – it’s the best for kicking back and relaxing after a long day. Anxiety and stress related to my day just melt away the moment I light up. I grew it indoors and it wasn’t too hard and took less than two months to flower so I didn’t have to wait too long for my weed. Afghani has been around since I was a kid, too, so this brings me back to the good old days.

  37. tundra12 (verified owner)

    Commercial grower with 10+ years experience in the industry. Afghani is a staple in my operation and was happy to buy wholesale from Pacific. Great price and speedy delivery. Not the easiest grower on the market but a consistent seller worthy of its stature. Short time to flower with consistent yield and long harvest window. Not many pest problems. Will buy again and would recommend to other west coast growers.

  38. gregghashtag22 (verified owner)

    Very very nice sedative. The batch I purchased came from Pacific in Santa Rosa, CA. So far I think this is the best legal place to buy in the US. Afghani is a pure indy and can be expected to give you a good, relaxing, sleepy high. If you wanna sleep like a baby, just take two hits. I like to vape it about an hour before I go to sleep. Very effective in helping me with restless leg syndrome. My whole body relaxes and I’m able to get a full night’s sleep without any interruption. Definitely a quality strain.

  39. Dave L. (verified owner)

    Impressive indica, and an absolutely classic cannabis strain. I’ve been a big fan of Afghani weed for years, and now I’ve finally found seeds online such that I was able to try my hand at growing some. Not a monstrous yield but for my own consumption it did just fine, and it was a straightforward process. The plants stayed short, so if you’re lacking in grow space this is a great variant. It has become one of my favorite allies in my fight against insomnia, so if you suffer from such consider ordering Afghani.

  40. Gordon I. (verified owner)

    100% indica BOOM. This strain does exactly what its supposed to do. Wanna get sleepy? Wanna forget your troubles? F’in Afghani man. This shit actually works for even the toughest insomnia cases. I recommend this to everyone who comes to me looking for some pot that’ll put em out for the night. Can’t get any better than Afghani.

  41. Pam H. (verified owner)

    Say goodbye to stress and anxiety when you smoke this delicious weed! A pretty easy indoor grow with a solid yield and a lot to offer those of us who tend to be more neurotic. Great way to unwind before bedtime, read a book or watch a movie, such a relaxing strain of weed. Online ordering was super simple and the seeds were in my mailbox in almost no time at all. Pacific has such a great selection, will definitely be back for more!

  42. Darlene E. (verified owner)

    I was so excited when I saw that I could buy the famous Afghani cannabis strain from Pacific Seeds. My friends have been talking about this pot for years, saying it is the best earthy indica out there. I grew it like it was a precious gem, tending to it and making sure the light and humidity levels were perfect. (It’s awesome that afghani is resistant to mold, I almost had an issue with that.) And … afghani turned out well. It’s sweet and spicy and sticky and a highish THC level that is powerful but won’t make me totally wigged out. I count this as a good growing success for me, I will buy more seeds and continue honing my mj growing skills.

  43. Martha D. (verified owner)

    Say goodbye to sleepless nights, this strain is amazing when it comes to treating insomnia, have been smoking for years but first time growing, it’s a super fun grow, got all of my seeds to germinate, and it produces a really nice sized yield, definitely recommend if you’re someone who has a lot of stress, this classic strain will get you stoned and all your worries will melt away.

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