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Alien OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Alien OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid with impressive THC levels. This social strain may have you feeling creative, inspired, and motivated.



While it’s true that all Alien strains will transport you out of this world, Alien OG is said to be the most potent. If you’re looking for a strain to sweep you off your feet, Alien OG marijuana seeds are the answer. This strain has a big reputation to uphold so you can expect big things. This sativa-dominant hybrid has roots in California and offers a soaring psychedelic high that will have you seeing stars. The effects of Alien OG are both cerebral and bodily, which invites both deep relaxation and tons of creativity. Seriously, you might see new colors and shapes.


Alien OG’s THC content is typically around 20%, but it can get as high as 28%. Because of this, Alien OG is usually not recommended for beginner or novice smokers. It’s important to take your time and smoke little by little. Under the influence of Alien OG, you may find yourself feeling active and inspired to go for a walk, listen to a new album, or engage in conversation with friends and strangers. This is a highly social strain, so don’t be afraid to bring it to parties and other gatherings. If you were to stare at a white wall, you may see splashes of light and color.

Not only is Alien OG a dream come true for the senses, but it also benefits medical smokers. The right amount of Alien OG can help treat chronic pain, muscle aches, nausea, as well as PTSD. When grown at home, Alien OG marijuana seeds will fill your room with the aroma of lemons and overall sweetness.

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Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Citrus, Earthy, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






34 reviews for Alien OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Chris I. (verified owner)

    If I’m going to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve met an OG strain that I didn’t like. One of my goals is to grow every OG strain there is out there and see which one I like best. So far Alien OG is up there on my list, though I don’t know if anything is going to knock OG Kush off the #1 slot for me. But this one is pretty close. Even though my plants were small they gave me a pretty good yield and this weed is super strong to smoke so I like that very much. Good strain and really good seeds as always!

  2. Matt B. (verified owner)

    Get ready to blast off into space with this weed! It’s incredibly powerful stuff, man! Like whoa it really took me by surprise, so yeah I usually only toke it one hit at a time, you know? Pretty funky stuff though, smells pretty strongly of earth and spice and the flowers have these white and orange hairs that make it look like little alien creatures, far out! Smoking this is pretty energizing actually, but yeah it does have a crash, so like I said, a little goes a long way. Excited to buy more!

  3. Foster C. (verified owner)

    First time buying cannabis seeds from Pacific and so far so good. Bought 5 and got them really fast in the mail. I liked the packaging and the sneaky labeling so my neighbors have nothing to nose around about. I preserved my seeds for a little while because I wasn’t ready to start them yet. When I finally germinated they all popped! Now they’ve sprouted into some cute little plants. Good buying experience and will buy again from this site!

  4. Jared E. (verified owner)

    Alien OG cannabis brings the party, you know what I mean? This pot strain makes everyone super chatty and happy … especially good for those with any kind of social anxiety. However. It. Is. STRONG. So use with caution because it could also knock you on your ass if you smoke too much too quickly! I actually love Alien OG and love that I can order it now from Pacific Seeds online. Hooray!

  5. ginger2002 (verified owner)

    This weed is a total blast. 50/50 hybrid with extra high thc makes it fantastic for any time, day or night. Makes me feel like I’m an alien lol. Pretty easy to get it to harvest time, I just read that it likes to stay in about 50% humidity which wasn’t too difficult to get to indoors but keep that in mind if you’re growing it inside. Kind of a small yield so this may be a better strain for personal or medical use rather than any larger intentions.

  6. Jerry M. (verified owner)

    Yowza! Euphoria to the max with this mj. All of Canada could get off on a couple joints of this stuff, methinks. Or at least all of my native Ontario. Super-high feelings emanate from this sweet, sweet weed. Muchas gracias, PSB.

  7. Rodney L. (verified owner)

    So, long time marijuana gardener, first time Pacific buyer. Have to say I’ve never had a cannabis seed order go so smooth. Delivery to my door was fast and the labeling discreet, which is something i sorta need where I live. Seeds looked FANTASTIC. None were dried up or anything and I enjoyed 100% germination of my seeds. No complaints here. Will be buying from Pacific again!

  8. Ally R. (verified owner)

    Alien OG is where it’s at!!! I get sooooo stoned from smoking this weed, but I’m not totally knocked out, it’s super balanced and great for my art and creativity. I smoke this any time of day, in the morning before work, or even before I go out on the weekends. It’s really out of this world!!! PSB has some great mj seeds and ordering online was simple and fast. Plus the plant even looks like an alien, with all it’s orange sticky crystals. This strain is a stoners dream come true!!!

  9. Julie W. (verified owner)

    I love a good hybrid and Alien OG has become my go-to. I get migraines so i need pot that will ease everything in my mind and take me away from pain and Alien OG does just that. It also makes me feel more creative too and like I can do my job and get shit done. Love the THC in this strain that gives just the right amount of a heady high. Planning to order these seeds from Pacific again – best experience with an online retailer so far.

  10. Janet Q. (verified owner)

    WOW super powerful weed! This stuff will definitely knock you off your feet if you’re not careful, so just enjoy cautiously, especially if you are new to mj. Fairly easy to cultivate and grow, though the yield is a bit smaller than one would like. I got around 300 grams per plant, not bad I suppose. I love smoking this stuff in the evening, it’s a fairly balanced buzz, but the indica comes through pretty strong. So it’ll help with pain and stress for sure.

  11. Herbert C. (verified owner)

    The only issue I encountered with growing Alien OG indoors was the humidity levels – from what I’ve been able to gather keeping the humidity right around 50% is best for this cannabis but then you’ve got to keep an eye out for mold and such despite the fact that this strain is supposed to be resistant to such. The high itself is relatively strong but malleable and fits whatever mood you’re in. Want to sit around and laze on the couch in an indica induced haze? Sure. Want to go for a walk and wonder how trees ever got to be so tall? Yep. 5/5 stars overall.

  12. Franklin T. (verified owner)

    I’m an Army vet with mild to moderate PTSD. I don’t have it as bad as two of my friends, but it can get where I don’t want to leave the house. Smoking marijuana seems to help, and I thought that if I had enough of it I could share it with some of my more shell-shocked friends. Growing was a bit of an adventure. I’m not the most patient person in the world and I may have over-watered the plants. End of the story though is that I did get a bunch of super buds and I was happy to be able to give nearly all of it to some people who really need it.

  13. Leon T. (verified owner)

    Such a great grow in my hydroponic set up. I’m surprised Pacific calls this an intermediate grow as I just had to make sure alien got the right nutrients and enough light and she was off to the races! At first I was concerned how short she turned out (less than 4 feet tall) but the yield was pretty decent, so I was OK with it. My friends love alien OG for the trippy high. I don’t actually smoke it much myself, but I love to see them get so silly on the alien! Happy to buy from PSB and I will be a repeat customer!

  14. Jon N. (verified owner)

    I love the OG strains and this one is top of the list. It’s truly a cosmic experience, super delicious weed, tastes earthy and fruity and gets your mind in the craziest place, it’s super trippy and really creative, I love the way this makes me feel and how fun it is to smoke after work or before bed. I look forward to it all day and you will too!!!

  15. l. malloy (verified owner)

    A nicely balanced hybrid, truly a work of art in the weed world. This combines my two favorite weeds: alien AND OG strains!!! Amazingly simple to grow, this stuff practically takes care of itself. Remarkably bushy and tall and with a great yield too! The taste is kinda earthy and sweet, and the buzz is truly outta this world relaxing. You’re gonna love this stuff!!!

  16. Elizabeth Rhodes (verified owner)

    This is some powerful weed. It really knocks my socks off, and I don’t even wear socks! It’s a really fun grow. Had no issues getting this stuff going in my basement, and in just a few months the flowers started appearing! Such dank, beautiful sticky bud, smells powerful and gives me a crazy high! I love going out into the woods or chilling in the park. Great stuff!

  17. Jill Bach (verified owner)

    This weed makes me all wonky in the brain and it helps me so much with anxiety and depression, really grounds me and brings me back to earth! It’s a super easy backyard grow that improves the aesthetic of any garden! Plus the plants get tall and bushy and the weed just smells delicious, and tastes just as great with sweet earthy flavors and a wonderful high. I can’t wait to buy more!

  18. QueenLT (verified owner)

    The aliens have landed….this is an excellent buy for anyone who loves getting outta this world stoned! It’s perfect for indoor growing, has this amazing funky smell and taste to it that I love, and then it helps with stress and depression too. I will definitely buy this weed again, cause it seems to do really well in my basement, that and it’s super FRESHHHH! It’s the freshest dankest weed I have ever experienced and I really want to smoke it again and again. More please!!!

  19. Bakers Dozen (verified owner)

    Are you an alien? Am I an alien? This is one of those strains that gets you to question everything around you, and more closely consider the moment you are in. It’s a very relaxing strain, but it definitely sends my mind to the moon where I am in a foreign land and really trying to understand what the heck is going on! It’s fun to grow, really not hard, and produces these tight flowers after like 4 months and it’s super chilled out stuff, no worries really. Try it out for yourself!

  20. firecracker (verified owner)

    The aliens have landed and they have brought us weed! I am always a big fan of the OG strains, they make for a great party while also giving you the stress relief you desperately need. Growing mj has been a great hobby for me. I feel like I have learned a lot and gained new skills. Pacific has helped me with the tremendously and I love their online selection. Well worth it for the price!

  21. Jessie’s Grow (verified owner)

    Alien OG is a strong variety that helps with stress depression and anxiety. i like this strain cause of its strong funky smell and harsh smoke. Great for taking HUGE bong rips and being instantly stoned. It sends you all the way to mars and back and when you return, you feel enlightened and refreshed. Always a good buy!

  22. @bestinshow (verified owner)

    If you wanna be an alien, and you wanna chill on the moon, then definitely grow yourself some alien OG for the best outta this world experience that money can buy. Fast shipping, beautiful bud, and easy growing. What could be better?

  23. Biscuits (verified owner)

    I feel like an alien when I smoke this stuff. It’s a great buy for when you are a hardcore stoner like me but are tired of buying weed from the dispensary cause it’s just too darn expensive. I am very excited to share my harvest with my friends…we will totally buy a bong and smoke on my porch and get real stoned. Great munchies too! Yay!

  24. dankerson22333 (verified owner)

    I love alien OG….it’s seriously the best strain….makes me hella stoned….smells like the moon lol…..good buy good price….my gf grows it for me haha

  25. eric remmy (verified owner)

    Alien OG is a weird one, definitely, something very exciting about growing your own weed and even ordering online is a thrilling and convenient experience. I am super into my little basement grow room, it’s super inventive if you ask me, and it generates enough light to grow marijuana year-round, so cool!

  26. Hayley Buck (verified owner)

    Alien OG is a wonderful time, it is often a very nice smoke in the evening, and I definitely enjoy smoking it with friends! I ordered it online, had it delivered, and grew all of my seeds at once, a very nice time, never had an issue with Pacific seeds.

  27. Mehmet Haigh (verified owner)

    I really love the alien strains….maybe it’s their strange color or their unique smell or maybe it’s cause the plants look like they are from mars or something, but definitely a good buy, I ordered online and had mine delivered right away. Excellent smell and taste and a very relaxing high, makes me hungry and sleepy as good weed should.

  28. Arfa Andrew (verified owner)

    Alien OG is a good buy, never makes me feel tired or groggy and it keeps a nice buzz throughout the day. One of the rare weeds you can grow indoors without issue and smoke anytime throughout the day. Usually, I am an afternoon smoker, helps me manage my fatigue and keeps me smiling! Peace baby!!

  29. Farhaan Rodgers (verified owner)

    I smoke this weed for inspiration! I love to write poetry, but sometimes my brain is just dead. It’s so hard when you come home from work, and you just wanna express your feelings, but the words don’t come! I find smoking this dope to be a HUGE creative boost for me, plus it smells like the woods. Yummmm!

  30. Zephaniah English (verified owner)

    I suppose I have always felt like an alien, and this stuff really confirms it for me. Alien OG is a very old strain, I have been smoking it since I was a teenager, and that was a looooong time ago now. I feel lucky I can FINALLY grow my own marijuana here at home. Canada is a hard place to find good weed seed, luckily that’s why Pacific delivers!!!

  31. Abiha Puckett (verified owner)

    Alien OG is really great. I am very happy I ordered this weed online. Got it shipped directly to my place. It was a very exciting hobby. I feel like I am doing pretty well honestly. The weed is about waist-height, and it smells like some funky cheesy stuff LOL. I’ll most definitely buy more.

  32. Serena Stevens (verified owner)

    yOU GOT A FAST GROWING WEED ON YOUR HANDS AND IT’S BETTER THAN i EVEN EXPECTED!!! Looks like this might be the nicest weed I have ever purchased, especially online. It’s a gamble but it’s well worth it, and it has just fantastic results. I am soooo thrilled about this grow, I know for a FACT I’ll buy more just cause I am already running low.

  33. Cassidy Alston (verified owner)

    Tough strain for new growers, but if you have some experience, then you will probably enjoy it. I ordered 3 seeds online, they delivered fast, and took to the ground very quickly. Took about 120 days for maturity, and ended up with a strong, healthy, 750 grams of marijuana. Love sharing with my friends. This weed is so relaxing!

  34. Hettie Greig (verified owner)

    Maybe you’ll be abducted by aliens and maybe you’ll just grow your own weed? Either way, this strain has it all. The flavors are relaxing and the high is intense. Really knocks you into high gear! Breaks down my anxiety barriers and makes it easier for me to socialize. I usually smoke this before I go out at night. People really seem to like it.

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