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3X Crazy Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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This Indica-leaning hybrid can be quite potent, with THC levels ranging from 20% to 25%. 3X Crazy Autoflowering marijuana seeds have large dark green buds with orange pistils and a generous coating of trichomes. It has a sweet and spicy smell with a note of grape and mild hint of skunk.


Three times the flavor. Three times the potency. Three times the THC. For those looking for a really good time, there’s 3X Crazy Autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Sometimes referred to as Optimus Prime, this is one strain that knows how to pack a punch. This potent indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica, 20% sativa) packs THC levels as high as 30%. No one knows who the original breeder of 3X Crazy Auto is or where it came from exactly, but one thing is clear: it is a three-way cross between OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. This potent trifecta can deliver the effects of all three parent strains in one go, making 3X Crazy an exceptionally well-rounded smoke.

3X Crazy Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a creeper strain. It takes a while before users feel the effects of 3X Crazy Auto kicking in. Once it does, though, it almost always begins with a slight pressure at the forehead before slowly spreading throughout the rest of the head and body. The gradual increase in intensity allows most people to stay productive despite feeling high; however, they may end up sedated after some time. Another thing that this strain does is uplift the spirit and bring euphoria! If you’re looking for pain relief or something that can help with stress, then this might be just what you need. It also stimulates appetite, so if you’re having trouble eating enough food throughout your day try using some 3x!

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Flowering Time

55-65 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Tingly

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Skunky, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






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  1. saladduckpioneer10 (verified owner)

    Oregonian here, love growing 3X crazy on my land outside of Medford. Fast shipping from the good folks at PSB. Got my seeds in 7 days! I soaked them to improve germination and they POPPED out of the ground in a matter of days! Fresh, organic, and genetically-sound seeds. Some of the highest quality you’ll find anywhere online. MJ is my life. I am even thinking about buying wholesale and growing commercially!

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