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Lowryder Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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The effects of Lowryder come on slow but powerful, so be patient with this strain when smoking. You’ll feel alert, energized, but relaxed at the same time.


As much as we love Lowryder marijuana seeds, this is not the strain for everybody. But hey, all strains have their pros and cons. The reason we warn shoppers about Lowryder is the psychoactive effects come on slow — but powerful. Sometimes, smokers grow impatient because they do not feel high or buzzed right away and go to smoke more. You can see how this could lead to over-smoking. If you choose to go with Lowryder, rest assured that you will get high. The effects are strong, they just take longer than the average strain.

So, what kind of effect can you expect from Lowryder? To put it simply: you’ll feel good (really good) and energetic. It’s a nice afternoon smoke if you want to decompress mentally but still have bodily energy. Lowryder will make you feel alert, talkative, and enthusiastic about life. Isn’t that what we all want? You can also enjoy Lowryder in a multitude of ways as this is a great strain to use the vape pen with.

Lowryder marijuana seeds are a cross between Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder. Based on the parent strains, one can predict that Lowryder carries an earthy aroma that radiates from the small, conic buds. For curious growers, the autoflowering time of Lowryder is between 40 to 45 days. One whiff of this stuff will transport you to the woods. Imagine hiking through the aromas of twigs, leaves, and wild mushrooms. That’s what Lowryder reminds us of. It’s both relaxing and outdoorsy.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Citrus, Pungent, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






38 reviews for Lowryder Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Kaitlyn B. (verified owner)

    This is a true strain to just chill out and think the world’s mysteries away. It takes about an hour for me to truly feel the effects of Lowryder, but the wait is certainly worth it. I recommend you smoke this once you’ve gotten to your cottage or someplace relaxing.

  2. Dmitri W. (verified owner)

    Whoa. Flowering time on these plants is like the fastest I’ve ever seen! It must be some kind of record! It is for me at least. Best place to buy seeds in the US is Pacific I think. I’ve tried other places and the seeds aren’t nearly as good as they are here. I always get a good crop and I like the variety they have available. Good spot to get cannabis seeds and their descriptions are always super accurate!

  3. Ephraim B. (verified owner)

    I was about to buy seeds from another online place but Pacific Seeds’ germination guarantee won me over. And, sure enough, only one of my seeds did not germinate.

    It’s good they warn you that the affects of lowryder come on slow because otherwise I would almost definitely have taken too much of it the first time around. When the affects do come – woweee! Watch out! Lowryder will knock you on your butt if you are not careful. For me, I get more of the sativa and feel like I could lift a truck! Anyway, it’s an awesome weed, give it a try.

  4. Dave O. (verified owner)

    If you’re growing for the first time, take a ride with lowryder for sure! Good weed to start out with, easy as hell to grow and a really fast flowering period and little work required for harvest. Not the biggest yield but I don’t think you wanna have to deal with massive amounts of pot if it’s your first grow, anyway. I think the high is pretty mellow which I like but there’s definitely some trippy-ness that creeps up after a while so just keep an eye out for that.

  5. May R. (verified owner)

    The Napoleon of Cannabis. Short and very powerful. I wasn’t crazy about the smell or the yield, but there’s no denying the potent high that comes from these li’l buds. Delivery was fast. Would order again.

  6. Lee N. (verified owner)

    Best place in Canada right here! Got my seeds shipped fast to my door with very tidy, discreet labeling. Packed fresh as can be, pulled em out and got em germinating in no time. Everything went good and easy just how like things to go. I didn’t get the highest yield ever with this bud but it grew really fast and I plan to definitely order this one again. Very positive online purchase! Thanks!

  7. Kareem U. (verified owner)

    Pacific is a great place to buy seeds from in the USA. Love that they ship within the states and that the shipment is very discreetly packaged. Lowryder is a sneaky bugger – that powerful high sneaks up on you in a big way! The woodsy smell is also so peaceful and calming. I love that the smell lingers, it’s like incense.

  8. Gregory T (verified owner)

    A super quick grow! Buds were kinda small but I got a good yield of em. Grew em outdoors and it was easy-peasy. Pacific was fast and efficient with shipping. Best buy in Canada methinks. The high from Lowryder was simply amazing. I felt happy, energetic, and horny as hell. No paranoia or dizziness whatsoever. Nice pine flavor. Sort of reminded me of home in the PNW. Trimming these plants was like walking through a dense pine forest. Good bud and a great price!

  9. Steven W. (verified owner)

    This was surprisingly good mj. I say surprisingly because the look and smell weren’t all that promising. I experienced mind-expanding effects that lasted for quite a long time. Almost like a mild acid trip. Instead of microdosing on LSD, maybe try Lowryder. Go easy though. Too much and you’ll regret it.

  10. Jesse M. (verified owner)

    An easy, balanced buzz and a simple, straightforward grow. Excellent for beginners like myself! Ordered online with Pacific and had the seeds at my door in no time at all, planted these guys right in the backyard and they got so big so fast! A very short flowering time, which means I get to smoke more a lot faster. I am not very patient, so this was a good choice for me. tastes very earthy, if that’s your thing, and is a great hiking weed!

  11. Ursula O. (verified owner)

    This weed helped me see things from a totally different perspective. Experienced full on brain warp with this one. Very fruity aroma! I have a pretty high tolerance and even I thought this hit me kinda hard. My seeds germinated really fast. After ordering I received them in the mail pretty quickly. From finalizing my order online to picking bud, an incredibly short turnaround time! Very good experience!

  12. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Been growing marijuana in the basement for a couple of years but first time with Pacific. Couldn’t have asked for a better grow but MAN that high is strong. Knocks me off my feet every time, but I love the indicas so this is kind of my thing you know? Maybe not for everybody but if you’re on old pothead like me this is probably the stuff you’re looking for. Love the citrusy/sweet taste when you’re smoking this stuff as a J. Me and my wife like to share one in the afternoon after work. Happy as a clam!

  13. Jackson H. (verified owner)

    I live out in the country and have all the space I could ever ask for. Grew up on farms so know a lot about growing and my dad used to grow pot when I was a kid so I’m familiar with the process. Ordered online thru Pacific and had a super good grow/harvest. Nice hybrid strain, not too much of one thing or another, but a pretty fat buzz overall, just takes a minute to kick in. I like to smoke this after work to get high and chill out, helps with my arthritis and back pain cause I just keep getting older you know? Happy I gave it a go!

  14. Charlotte Y. (verified owner)

    I think lowryder kind of gets its name from how short the plant is – this is the cutest lil’ weed plant I’ve ever seen. It made it so hassle free to grow inside of my apartment. Even for low thc (pacific seed bank says 14% but I don’t know how to test for it) it gets me really nice and toasty and has an awesome 50-50 split of indica and sativa. Really mellow. Delivery was really quick too, thanks!

  15. Avery R. (verified owner)

    I have been so sick of buying seeds from places and only getting shitty ones in the mail. Don’t even get me started. I was ranting about this to my neighbor and he told me about Pacific. Got my first order from them last week and I’m super impressed! I started with a small order and all of em popped, and so far everything looks good. If things go well I’ll be sure to come back for more. Good lookin seeds!

  16. Estella S. (verified owner)

    If you want a chilled out weed that keeps you nice and balanced, this is the strain for you! A beautiful plant, super colorful with bright white and green and purple buds, you’ll absolutely love it! I smoke this anytime of day, in the morning for a mood boost, and in the evening for relaxation, a perfect strain for the daily smoker, it won’t let you down!

  17. Diego N. (verified owner)

    This weed will help you if you need relief from stress or pain, it’s a powerful weed, but very subdued, and it doesn’t really get too strong. I grew it in my backyard, got a lot of weed! This was my first time growing so I’m pretty proud of myself. The plant is super colorful and smells super strong like citrus and pine, gets me stoned in the right way, and helps me relax after work!

  18. Jae Bradshaw (verified owner)

    Low…ry…der…goes a little slower. You dig that tune? You’ll love this weed! I ordered a packet of 3 from PSB and got them delivered right to my door. Had no problem with germination and got like a serious yield, something to be proud of for sure. The weed tastes like….idk pine and smoke and gives me a great head high that helps me stay focused. The indica properties are great as well for helping me de-stress.

  19. Rich R. (verified owner)

    A very relaxing strain of marijuana. It’s a nice hybrid that leans indica in my opinion. Not too difficult to grow, but maybe not ideal for beginners. I have a nice greenhouse out back that really makes for an ideal environment. The buds are super huge and colorful, and the leaves almost look bright red! I smoke usually after work to get me into a chill mood and feel great all through the night!

  20. kitkat88 (verified owner)

    Pretty standard strain of weed, a nice balance between indica and sativa so you don’t get too stoned or too tired either. It’s an easy grow, did well in my grow room in my house and produced a lotta nug. Have been growing bud for a number of years but this was my first time with PSB, great online selection, killer delivery times too. The buzz is great for after work, just chilling on the couch, you understand.

  21. dakine (verified owner)

    The lowryder weed is absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to share this stuff with my buddies, they’re totally gonna love it! Wicked fun to grow, I was surprised just how easy it was, especially in my brand new greenhouse out back! Got a nice yield too, probably around 300 g per plant, way more than I know what to do with, but easy enough to share. Good for relaxing, helps fight stress and makes me mad hungry!

  22. Represent (verified owner)

    A nice hybrid strain, so nice for smoking on the go. I take a few tokes before heading to work, a few tokes before heading to bed, and smoke it all day on the weekends. It’s pretty subtle, and it doesn’t make me groggy, rather it feels relaxed and alert. Like I can get work done, but I don’t really stress out about it as much. It’s been a great addition to my weed collection at home, and first time with Pacific! Such a great company with such an impressive online selection!

  23. marcher (verified owner)

    I’m riding low and slow on this lowryder weed. What a great online purchase from Pacific, very tight nugs and a very easy grow. Makes for an excellent indoor strain, and if you have a greenhouse in your backyard, you are set! I love the sweet taste of this weed, it’s nice and earthy and gives me a strong kick in the brain. Definitely worth the longer than normal growing time, cause the yield was big and the buzz is solid. Good weed!

  24. @oatmeal (verified owner)

    This weed kinda sneaks up on ya, but in the best way possible. It comes on slow, but it gets stronger and stronger, and before you know it, you are high as a kite! Loved growing this strain, it gave me something to do all through last summer. It was a fun hobby, and I can’t say I’m an expert, but I did get a really nice yield after about 5 months. Very dense nugs, the color of gold! I was so amazed by this plant I’ll definitely buy more!

  25. Walking the Line (verified owner)

    Lowryder is your new best friend. It teaches you all about taking it slow and easy and enjoying life. Happy I bought this weed and definitely feel like I am gonna make a new start having this around. I am great at growing weed, so I am happy I have this on my side. I will definitely buy more now that I am running low!

  26. Notice (verified owner)

    I am into weed that helps me chillax at the end of a long day. I ordered my pot seeds through the website and had them delivered to my place in Central OR. Pretty great place to grow weed, it turns out, with excellent results, and beautiful flower that smells like dirt! I smoke this in the evenings out of my bong to help me deal with stress and it works great!

  27. Warren (verified owner)

    Taking the low road here and smoking this lowryder weed. It’s a goood time. I looove growing this weed and am totally gonna get stoned off of it tonight! DONT BE HATIN’ THIS WEED IS BOMB AND I AM A COOLER PERSON CAUSE I GROW MY OWN WEED. BUY FROM PACIFIC!!

  28. granwolf (verified owner)

    When the time comes to grow your own weed, as it does in every young stoner’s life, then reach for the stars with Lowryder weed. This indica leaning hybrid will help you keep it low and slow…make your Friday nights exxxtra chill, and make all your food and video games that much better. What a dream, you gotta try it!

  29. carrie harris (verified owner)

    I was always into that song “lowrider” and this weed seemed to fit that mood. I smoke it every day right as I get off the bus and I am very excited about it. I am a master weed grower and have to get all my strains in before the winter sets in. Pretty excited about this stuff though. I got like 600 grams of fresh dope!!

  30. Lacie-Mae Zhang (verified owner)

    This weed makes me wanna mambo, and get hella lowwwww. I have had GREAT times with this weed. Smells AWESOME and it gets me really stoned. Ordered online and had it shipped to my new house in Redmond. GOD ITS GOOD TO BE RICH . I got a huge plot of land that’s perfect for growing dope!

  31. Carl Cannon (verified owner)

    Lowryder is just an all around fun strain, its super chilled out and very relaxing on the bod. I smoke most nights cause once you start out on this stuff it’s really addicting and hard to stop!! I have never smoked weed that was this fresh before…it’s like a whole new world and I am just loving it!!!

  32. Marvin Cain (verified owner)

    This weed is like some serious niceness with a vibe that rivals anything you’ll find in the dispensary. Very excited for the next harvest. The flowers are just forming on the plants, they look lovely under the heat and LED lamps, so colorful and healthy. I think it’s better growing indoors, personally, cause weed generally does not fare well in the elements.

  33. Corrie Dyer (verified owner)

    Get HYPED for the lowryder strain cause it’s an absolute gem. It’s great for growing in your own home, a grand journey that leads to all manners of ease and happiness. Makes life feel just so grand, so incredibly heartwarming like the ending to a disney movie….well worth the effort, heck yeah….!

  34. Joyce Rawlings (verified owner)

    I get real anxious about work and social situations, so I smoke weed to feel a little more relaxed and smiley and less worried about how other people think of me…I am pretty stoked about it though, weed is a lot easier to grow than you’d think, and it helps to have all the right soil and conditions as well. I like how this stuff comes out though, VERY robust and green and fragrant.

  35. Lukas Daly (verified owner)

    I was just feeling ambitious and my doc said I should be spending more time outdoors, so I thought it would be really cool to grow my own weed, and I totally did just that! I have a big house with my friends. Our backyard is really BIG man, and it’s looking good. I totally planted my weed back there, and it’s such a dream come true!!

  36. Anushka Rosa (verified owner)

    This is gonna be a good time, and it’s gonna be a nice strain for dealing with my anxiety. It’s been a long road recovering from alcoholism, but it’s also been a pretty good time. I have never thought I’d be the one growing my own weed. But here I am, doing it. I like this strain cause it’s a mellow indica. That’s where it’s at!

  37. Mario Randolph (verified owner)

    This weed keeps it low and slowwwwww. Fast shipping and reliable germination. LOVE this weed and all its POWERRRSSSSS!!!

  38. Andreas Flynn (verified owner)

    Are you like, an earthy dude? I certainly am, and I really, REALLY like ordering Lowryder seeds from Pacific. This strain grows particularly well here in Washington. Something about our LONG and hot summers makes a big difference in production! I am usually able to smoke this weed in the evening. Helps my limbs relax, my mind drift off into outer space….like seriously, this makes a massive difference in my anxiety an stress. I am ALL chill vibes now dude.

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