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Pineapple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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When it comes to fruity relxaation, you can’t go wrong with Pineapple Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Pick this hybrid strain for pain and anxiety relief, and the ease with which it can be grown!

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It may not be as (in)famous as its …, or even have a movie starring Seth Rogan and James Franco named after it, but Pineapple Autoflowering marijuana seeds are the stuff of legends. Intensely tropical, as the name suggests, Pineapple came about from tinkering with ERSB, and features headier notes of pineapple and diesel.

Interestingly enough, even the buds of this plant take on a shape similar to its namesake fruit, and its euphoric high will deliver you to a happy place – maybe on a beach somewhere with a pina colada in hand?

The ruderalis genes in this 60-30 hybrid that favors indica allow our Pineapple autofflowering marijuana seeds to automatically switch into the vegetative stage from flowering, making it an easy grow for beginners. It does spend more time than most in the flowering stage, however, around 60 to 70 days.

With a THC content of up to 12%, you probably won’t find yourself floating, but patients have noted Pineapple autoflowering marijuana is a great choice for those evenings when you want to relieve a little pain, or even to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.


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Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



50% Indica / 40% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors


To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Pineapple, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






21 reviews for Pineapple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Leah V. (verified owner)

    I’m new to autos but so far I can say that I’m a big fan. Just harvested and kind of blown away on how easy this was. I’ve been growing weed for a little while now and resisted the autos because of their short size. Thought it meant less weed. Boy I was wrong. I just got a great yield which I’m still scratching my head because here I thought height was everything. Guess not!

  2. Theresa N. (verified owner)

    OK keep it 100 I can’t stand the movie pineapple express. It’s a terrible film and James Franco is a hack. ANYWAY, this weed is far superior and is an excellent smoke for those who love sweet weed with a very chilled out vibe. It’s like chilling on the beach in Hawaii and watching the waves come in, what could be better!? I got around 300 g from my plant and have been smoking in the evenings, helps with appetite, stress and sleep, it’s a win win y’all!!!

  3. Addy M. (verified owner)

    I *really* like having a tasty mj that has low THC – in this case 12% – for purposes of being able to relax with all damn day without getting out of my mind. 50/40 indica sativa split makes it easy for the strain to adapt to the mood and day – I can either mellow out with it or keep working, whatever’s necessary.

    Easy indoor grow – ruderalis helps for a really short flowering time. I had a pretty good yield too. Pretty lookin’ plant overall, and it smells really fruity and nice.

  4. Ana G. (verified owner)

    OH MY GOODNESS. Pineapple A-MAZING. Makes me wanna just grow this strain and only this strain from now on. Seeds arrived FAST after ordering online. Germinated FAST. Grew FAST. Flowered FAST. Smells and tastes WONDERFUL. LOVE the high. Makes me happy and makes me feel GOOD. LOVE PACIFIC. Best place to buy from!

  5. Maci O. (verified owner)

    What can I say about this sweet-af-weed that hasn’t already been said about puppies, whipped cream and universal health care? It’s really good, mmkay? Order online and the seeds appear like magic and grow like crazy. Stop reading, start GROWING!

  6. Hailey T. (verified owner)

    OMG, Pineapple is one of my mj faves, no question. BEST high: not overpowering and very happy. I like how the THC in Pineapple is not too high so I don’t have to worry about getting anxious. Easy grow too, the automatic change from veg state to flowering is sooo helpful. This is one of my go-to strains of cannabis; awesome seeds from PSB, will buy again.

  7. Charity T. (verified owner)

    Don’t give a flying pineapple about the movie, but I am a big big fan of this mj! Really good balance of indica and sativa leaning slightly towards indica but with enough sativa to keep me off of the couch. Easy to grow indoors for sure and it does even kind of look like a pineapple because the colas are packed pretty tight together with beautiful green dense buds. Lower thc content makes it a great choice for those of us who get kind of paranoid when we get a little to stoned, so if smoking can be hit or miss for you in terms of freaking out a little bit you might want to try and order these seeds.

  8. Tyler S. (verified owner)

    Really good for beginners who are just starting out. Only took around 60 days and was barely any work to get them to flower. I smoke to relieve depression, which this hybrid worked wonders for. Pineapple is a good strain for getting a nice, pleasant, almost euphoric high. This was my first time ordering from Pacific, and I got really nice results. Best buy around for the money. Quality seeds!

  9. Warren J. (verified owner)

    Pineapple has become one of my top two favorite strains (the other is Lemon Haze). Love the tropical taste of Pineapple, so fruity and juicy. What’s more, this strain is easy to grow for beginners and demanded almost no extra work. Great mj, no stress. If your wondering where to get your cannabis from, try PSB.

  10. frollin4325 (verified owner)

    I like to keep some weed around that isn’t as potent and this is one of my favorites. Really great flavor and a nice, light high that relieves stress and depression. So glad cannabis is now legal in my state and I get to grow my favorite seeds in my own house. I got some nice fat buds from my seeds that smell fruity and taste delicious. Can’t wait till the whole USA is legal and we can all just tend to our own little gardens. Highly recommend this place for online ordering!

  11. Nathan G. (verified owner)

    Nice grow in the backyard with a pretty decent yield. MJ has been growing in my family for many years so this was a nice addition to the team 🙂 Next time I’ll probably start a little earlier in the season cause it does take them a while to flower, but it’s worth the wait. A nice balanced buzz with that classic pineapple flavor! Hella great for the backyard gatherings around the fire. No complaints here. Peace!

  12. Annette N. (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I discovered the autoflowering marijuana strains. They make growing so easy, with no fussing around to get plants to flower. Pineapple mj was the first autoflower I tried because I love those tropical fruits and was curious if this would actually taste like pineapple. And you know what? It actually does! The high is really chill and laid-back too, I think Hawaiians might call this infused with “aloha.” For sure I will order this again, can’t live without my beautiful Pineapple!

  13. Gino G. (verified owner)

    Brand new to the world of mj, and this was my first time growing. Glad I stumbled on PSB and was amazed at how many seeds they offer. Customer service and delivery were spot on and amazingly I got all 3 of my seeds to germinate! This stuff grew really fast, I harvested nearly 300 grams per plant and was smoking it in 3 months time! Super tropical tasting and so relaxing, like taking a vacation right for you couch!

  14. Jamison S. (verified owner)

    Solid auto seed. Takes a little longer than other autos out there to flower, but well worth the wait! Ordered 10 seeds and got 9 to germinate. Nice harvest and a good yield for the money. Just had my first smoke of this awesome bud and it tastes great. Lower THC so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t get you baked out of your gourd this is the stuff for you. Fast shipping and quality seeds! Thanks!

  15. Audrey B. (verified owner)

    A surprisingly mild weed that doesn’t disappoint. I actually love how subtle this strain is, it’s very fruity and tropical with a very relaxing vibe, literally the perfect day-off weed, will make your time off well spent, as you really only need one or two tokes to get a solid floaty buzz that won’t overwhelm you. Vacation commence!

  16. Filiberto Madden (verified owner)

    Well of COURSE you’re gonna love this weed. It’s literally like a vacation packed into a tiny green flower. It’s got that great tropical smell and taste and boy does it get me stoned. I love it for its relaxation properties, makes me feel like I am just floating down a river and feeling fine. It’s been great for after work and definitely great for parties. I’ve never felt better tbh.

  17. Richard C. (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite weeds of all time, it’s got those tropical vibes you crave and the relaxing qualities you need to live! So nice to grow in my backyard, a killer strain for it’s smell and appearance, deep green with bright orange pistils. Happy to smoke this weed anytime, but I really smoke it at night, bong rips for life! Helps me chill out and unwind after work, great for stress!

  18. theCrunchie (verified owner)

    This is the weed I have been looking for. It’s fruity, tropical, relaxing and just all around amazing. You can’t NOT enjoy the bright green and orange colors, HUGE nugs and flippin relaxing smoke! I guarantee you will be satisfied with this marijuana. It’s an easy grow, even for beginners and helps a lot with stress and anxiety. Gives me a lot of positive ideas and ways I can be creative, plus I love sharing this with friends and having a good laugh!

  19. Volcom (verified owner)

    If you like fruity, tropical weeds, then you might have just found your new favorite strain. It’s a relaxing grow, not too hard to manage or cultivate, the buds are huge and fresh and juicy, and it makes your backyard smell incredible! I got nearly 600 grams from my 3 little plants and the weed was all really fresh and the smoking seriously awesome. It’s the genetics, man. I’ve been ordering online from Pacific for years and they’ve never let me down. Happy with my purchase!

  20. reviewer (verified owner)

    Of course you’re going to love this weed. It’s so incredibly tasty and tropical, like drinking a pina colada on a beach in the Bahamas. I feel pretty great about my purchase from PSB. Great value for what you get. 3 seeds will get you a ton of weed, more than you can smoke for sure, and the high is truly intoxicating. I love smoking weed with my friends, we love just chilling out and having a great afternoon or evening together, watching TV and playing video games. Couldn’t be happier!

  21. Blackfeather (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried pineapple weed, then you are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. Truly a delicious strain, made from the finest seeds in the USA. Got my seeds shipped right to my door after ordering online, only took em about a week! I have a nice grow room in my basement, and I got nearly 800 grams of absolutely glorious pineapple mj. So relaxing and great to share with friends!

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