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Tigermelon Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Boasting the best of its indica and sativa genetics, Tigermelon marijuana is a deliciously sweet, versatile cannabis that is as easy to grow as it is to consume.



Combining sweetness and strength, Tigermelon marijuana is an indica-dominant treat that shines a light on its sativa effects, providing a blissfully euphoric experience to drive creativity, and a full-body ease that helps get things done.

Predominantly tropical with notes of juicy melon, Tigermelon marijuana is a potent plant – it’s THC levels can reach upwards of 20%. It’s effects are slow to settle in, but decidedly long lasting and motivating for a productive and creative experience that lets thoughts flow freely. Tigermelon can be considered a wake-and-bake, but in moderation, as at higher doses, its indica heritage will help you find your way to the couch.

Tigermelon marijuana is a natural alternative treatment for chronic stress and other mental health conditions, and can easily reduce the heaviness of self-deprecating and depressed mindset. Tigermelon also eases stomach distress, muscle spasms, and nausea.

Growing Tigermelon marijuana seeds is a breeze, thanks to the strains indica genetics that can withstand most weather conditions. Tigermelon loves a lot of light, and may require careful pruning to allow light to reach lower nodes and improve air circulation to reduce the occurrence of mold and mildew. With a relatively short flowering period (an average of 7-9 weeks) Tigermelon marijuana will be ready for harvest with about 10 – 12 ounces per square meter/plant.

Additional information



Flowering Time

50-60 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Pain


Fruity, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type







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