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Black Domina Feminized Seeds

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This notable indica is a powerhouse of reducing stress. Lack of hunger throwing your body out of wack? Black Domina marijuana seeds can help in this arena, too!

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If you have an indica obsession, you’ll love Black Domina marijuana seeds, the love child of four of the world’s finest indica strains (Northern lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA).

Heavily intoxicating with an earthy, peppery flavor that has a hint of pine, Black Domina is the marijuana strain to turn to when you’re after deep, restorative sleep and need help with stress. Thanks to its strong indica heritage, this strain will have you calling your bed’s name, so leave it for an evening when you have nothing else scheduled or call it an early night.

Topping out at 18% THC, Black Domina feminized marijuana seeds are not for the faint of heart, and our indica-dominant hybrid will produce a healthy yield of crystal-covered buds after a relatively short flowering period for the intermediate marijuana gardener.

For unparalleled relaxation from nighttime stress, order Black Domina seeds now!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

600-700 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Earthy, Peppery

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Black Domina Feminized Seeds

  1. Rachel X. (verified owner)

    Although I’m pretty new to the world of MJ, I had heard some friends talking about this strain. I looked around and came across PSB. I was impressed by how easy the site was to navigate and how there was so much information available. By reading everything, I was able to make an informed decision and was glad that I ordered this strain.

  2. Leon Crowley (verified owner)

    I like this weed, it’s really fresh and uplifting. It’s got really dark leaves….and it’s spicy when you smoke it! Might make you cough but will make you smile, and that’s all that matters!

  3. Earth4Eagle (verified owner)

    With its indica-dominant hybrid genetics and high THC content, this strain is perfect for those seeking deep relaxation and pain relief. The earthy, peppery flavor with a hint of pine adds to the overall experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to grow your own Black Domina buds and enjoy unrivaled relief.

  4. Elara Mitchell (verified owner)

    Breaking harvest records left and right here! Buying online has been a great experience, never thought it would be soooo easy to get MJ seeds delivered! That’s 2023 for ya! Purchased over 20 seeds but I am going for the long-run here. Plan to preserve about 10 seeds for 2024 and grow the rest this season. Started the seedlings indoors about 4 weeks after frost and planted outdoors early June. The plants took to the soil quickly and the yields were….yeah pretty good! I mean, I am a bit of a weed snob, but even this satisfied my snobby tendencies LOL.

  5. Sophia Berger (verified owner)

    This beautiful, colorful MJ is perfect for almost any occasion. Just roll a blunt and smoke this sweet spicy peppery blend. It’s magic for headaches and stress and tastes like black licorice, yum :p

  6. Stephany Whitehead (verified owner)

    Fresh earthy weed with a sour taste….some deep purple/maroon colored nugs, and a light buzz that keeps me on my feet. Very pleased with the sweet relaxation that comes with this bud. I’ll be working with it every time. Now I have my own growing space. It’s going very well. This season the plants got almost 10′ tall and smelled amazing. The little pistils and crystals make this something special and something to behold!

  7. SativaSipahi710 (verified owner)

    Black Domina from Original Harvest Seeds was a great strain for my stress and lack of appetite. The earthy and peppery taste was a nice touch. It took a little more effort to grow, but the yield was worth it. Overall, a great strain for intermediate growers looking for a euphoric and relaxing experience.

  8. bigbear87 (verified owner)

    Just broke my harvesting record and pulled in a whopping 800 grams of delicious POT!! Vibes are great! This is some fresh, easy to obtain and grow marijuana that ships anywhere in the USA! I am PROUD of my yield, and I am surprised how easy it was to grow! Ordering online is super easy and removed the middle man from the equation. How about that?? Good stuff, try it for yourself and you’ll be happy you did!

  9. Bonita Vega (verified owner)

    I am truly OBSESSED with indica mj. It’s the most relaxing variety and helps me stay chill in the evenings, even helping with sleep. Buying online is the easiest and fastest way to get your weed operation up and running. Even if you’re just growing for yourself, consider Black Domina. This deeply colorful and earthy strain has helped me deal with stress, depression, anxiety, all of the above. It’s good for beginners too and produces a LOT of good looking bud, usually about 150 G per plant!

  10. Dhruv Armitage (verified owner)

    Forever ago I was a grower in California, but once weed became legal, my business kind of caved in….Now I grow for myself, and I LOVE black domina seeds. They are easy to germinate and usually grow very quickly! Super tasty and very fresh, with some sizeable purple nugs that blow my mind!!

  11. Zahra Randall (verified owner)

    Give yourself the buzz you deserve. This weed is highly adaptable to most growing conditions. Truly beautiful and filled with life!!! I was able to harvest 8 boxes of marijuana from my 3 plants. Magical and exciting, this weed takes any dull moment and turn it on its head! Good vibes every time, and always get good germination!

  12. Jodi Peters (verified owner)

    Sweet, sultry, luxurious. Black domina has a dark leaf color, and a dense sticky bud that’s great for Spliff rolling. I haven’t had a garden like this in a long time, but if feels good! Ordering online was easy, and the growing advice superb!

  13. Stella Cowan (verified owner)

    Black domina is a very earthy smoke. It can be harsh on the lungs, and can get pretty intense if you smoke too much. Better suited to smoking at home, Definitely a good buy when you want to save $$ in the long-run. Pacific has great seeds, and they usually ship pretty fast. Always a good time!!

  14. Shauna Key (verified owner)

    This sweet and subtle strain is the perfect weed for whipping out at parties. It’s dark purple nugs are something special to behold. They are dense and sticky and cure beautifully, keeping fresh for months if you do it right. Had great success with this strain, scoring nearly 800 grams from 3 plants!

  15. Fintan Booker (verified owner)

    Lack of experience in growing marijuana, but this is looking excellent and delicious. Have 3 seeds growing, got all 3 to germinate, looking great so far. Early veg smell is pretty strong, helps me deal with stress and depression nicely.

  16. Ashanti Bevan (verified owner)

    black domina is a rare find, especially online. You never know what you’re gonna get when ordering off the internet but Pacific has proved to be a pretty reliable company and their seeds are high quality and fast growing with few defects. Ordering online is also a nice little perk and the amount of nug you get is pretty alright by me and saves me lots of $$ 🙂

  17. Avni Tate (verified owner)

    Black domina is pretty chillllll. It’s a seriously dark strain, and it looks absolutely beautiful. I put my seeds in the soil, feeling the soil on my hands. I feel like the hot cali sun really gave these seeds what they were looking for, and by watering them all the time, I was very satisfied.

  18. Sianna Whitehouse (verified owner)

    Black domina is where I feel most at home. It’s dense colorful flower is really a sight for sore eyes…the smooth broad green leaves are also very exciting. I have never grown a plant this beautiful before, and I am surprised I am also pretty good at it. I will absolutely purchase more though, cause ordering ganja seeds online is the way to go!

  19. Jose Santana (verified owner)

    Black domina is gonna give you that sweet vibe you’ve been hunting for…it’s an absolute gem…makes me work really hard in my garden, so I have even lost a few pounds getting this stuff off the ground. I LOOOOOVE the sweet vibes, and the great purple and green weed, it’s a lot of work but so worth it once your smoking your own POT!

  20. Madeline Shah (verified owner)

    A very special weed. 5 stars for sure. High-quality nug that smells like grape. First-time grower here. Worked out great! Next time will grow indoors.

  21. Darrell Caldwell (verified owner)

    The black domina strain is pretty remarkable…very strong flavor, kind of tastes like grape. I get really high when I smoke it, and usually make some dinner and relax in front of the TV. I wasn’t a big pot smoker until I started growing this weed. I now smoke every day and I like it a lot. Very exciting time!

  22. Haydn Benson (verified owner)

    Black domina is a very mysterious strain with some really nice mental health benefits, keeps me feeling really nice and buzzy and gives me one heck of an appetitie. The marijuana itself looks amazing, very colorful with gorgeous purple pistils poking out from the flower, an absolute gem!

  23. blooregard (verified owner)

    This weed has done wonders for my stress levels. Being an investment banker can be really draining, so at the end of the day, I take a little bit of this reddish-green weed and smoke it on the back patio to unwind. I have felt remarkably good ever since, and incredibly stress-free, it’s a new life!

  24. tom nguyen (verified owner)

    Black domina is a real treat! It’s kinda hard to grow, which makes the reward at the end so much sweeter! Great buy for the price and a real backyard gem. I bought this right from the Pacific website, and I am just swimming in fresh weed. Amazing buy!!!

  25. Elmo (verified owner)

    If you have never heard of this weed, it is time that you do. It’s an unbelievable strain from its colorful flower, to it is relaxing and earthy smell, to its amazing body buzz that helps with stress, depression, anxiety and appetite. I am soooo happy I got to purchase my weed from PSB, it’s been an excellent addition to my already robust weed seed collection!

  26. Zion Carry (verified owner)

    Black domina is a very exciting strain of weed, it’s kinda hard to grow but it’s super worth it cause my yield was really high and all my efforts were definitely reflected in the quality of the weed. It’s super green and earthy and hella intense and when I smoke it I am floating down a river of chocolate towards freedom.

  27. Nathan Ham (verified owner)

    Black domina will take you by surprise. It has an excellent peppery and sweet flavor that makes me feel like I am smoking weed from another country or something….but I grew it in my own backyard! The excellent yield that helps with stress and pain…and definitely adds a nice color to my day. I am pretty new to this world, but will probably come back for more. It’s just too much fun!

  28. Charles Hearst (verified owner)

    One of the more unique strains I have come across, truly exceptional colors and flavors, and a bright sativa/indica mix that makes any day feel like a Sunday. Ordered online with pacific and got a great delivery time off my order, showed up in less than a week to Everett WA. Got a lot of land out here in WA so was able to just plant in the backyard and they did just swell. Can’t wait to grow more!

  29. Refrigerator Perry (verified owner)

    This is some colorful weed, so many beautiful shades of red and white and green, and it even smells good too, kinda earthy and sweet. The taste is kind of like black cherry and the feelings are incredibly relaxed. Good buzz all around, good for stress, and sleep, and even some of my depression has gone away. It’s a really nice buy for when you’re in a bind cause it produces a lot of weed in a short about of time. Don’t stand by and watch life pass you buy, buy this black domina today!

  30. Work in Progress (verified owner)

    Love the name of this weed, super powerful and inspiring, but in reality it makes me very relaxed, lazy, and it stimulates my appetite. It’s been good for me cause usually I have a very irregular eating schedule, but this puts me right back where I belong, eating 3 healthy meals a day. It’s not good in the morning, it’ll make you groggy, but at night, after a long day of work, you will feel right as rain, and the flavor is really impressive!

  31. bbymma (verified owner)

    I don’t know about you, but I can’t STAND rush hour traffic. So when it’s quittin’ time, I spark up a bowl of the black domina to kill the stress. This indica hybrid really relaxes both my body and mind and keeps me feeling calm during the most stressful commute. The grow was pretty great too. I got some impressive results from my seeds, and I barely had to do any work to get them to grow! Pretty proud of my 1000 g yield from just 3 plants!!! highly recommend!

  32. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    This weed is all about the munchies. I usually smoke this and make myself a pizza! Or just dinner in general. I like the strong smell of this weed, it’s super sticky and earthy and delicious. It’s a nice indoor grow if you’ve got the space for it. Nice deep green trichomes, and fat red buds, super exciting to have this around!

  33. Martha Knight (verified owner)

    I’ve been recovering from a significant illness and this mj has been very helpful in easing my symptoms. My husband grew the mj in our backyard and has been bringing in a nice harvest since the fall. He’s been so good to me during these hard times. I usually bake this down into edibles and find it has helped me greatly with relaxation, sleep, appetite and pain relief. Thank you for these wonderful seeds!

  34. Carmen T. (verified owner)

    A really nice, well rounded indica weed, perfect for helping with appetite and stress. I think my work life affects my appetite, and I use weed to help me relax and give me the munchies lol. Black domina is a beautiful plant as well, with bright red and green trichomes and a whole lotta nug to work through. You won’t be disappointed!

  35. Gunnar P. (verified owner)

    All my seeds germinated! I’ve been very happy with the quality of seeds from Pacific overall. They know their stuff and the seeds are healthy business.

    AT the risk of sounding like a wimp, black domina was too strong for me! That intoxication was like ….someone saying “lights out” and then I felt like I was permanently stuck to the couch. I think I may have smoked too much ha ha. The taste also was a little too earthy for me. But whatevs. My sis who has trouble sleeping likes it, so it’s hers now.

  36. Alden Q. (verified owner)

    Try SOG with this strain especially if it’s one of your first times growing weed indoors – it’s a good one to get used to SOG with because it didn’t seem too picky to me but it definitely increased the yield. Good lighting shortened flowering to about 7 and a half weeks. Really heavy indica that leaves me knocked out no matter how stressed out or awake I am, so if you’re looking for an insomnia cure this is a reallly good choice.

  37. Miranda J. (verified owner)

    Black Domina isn’t too difficult to manage if you know what you’re doing. My seeds from Pacifica flowered in record time and resulted in some really nice bud. It wasn’t the easiest grow, so unless you’ve got some previous experience I wouldn’t try it, which is why I’m only giving this four stars. The weed itself is excellent. Just what I hoped for. Very smooth to vape. It helped me sleep soundly and dealt with some nagging pain and cramping really well.

  38. Hector J. (verified owner)

    I’ve had a lot of issues with insomnia lately. I don’t know if its getting old, my stressful job, my kids, or all of the above. Anyway, Black Domina put me out like a light. I mean, out COLD. Looking for weed that’s better than a sleeping pill? This shit is it. Grow was a little technical but nothing I couldn’t handle.

  39. Ainsley Z. (verified owner)

    Have been growing mj for years here in the PNW and have been a big fan of this strain. First time ordering with PSB and the service and selection was great, plus the seeds shipped right to my mailbox! I have a nice greenhouse and got all 5 of my seeds to germ, plus an excellent yield of around 500 grams per plant. A very powerful indica for sure, keeps you relaxed and sleepy, helps with pain and headaches as well. Highly recommend!

  40. Vincent Q. (verified owner)

    Powerhouse of stress relief is right! This weed is the ultimate in relaxation. At 90% indica it’s clear that this is an evening-friendly smoke that won’t cause racing thoughts and leaves me with no anxiety associated with higher thc levels. This is the best. The ladies stay relatively short so if you’re growing indoors it doesn’t turn into a height issue, and it’s a pretty easy grow for novice farmers so if this is your first time ORDER THIS STRAIN!

  41. Dillan H. (verified owner)

    I’d recommend Black Domina for PTSD and related medical issues. I find that just a small dose helps with my anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve started using it for insomnia as well, though I don’t want to become so dependent on it that I can’t get to sleep without it. I don’t know if that’s a possibility or not, but I know it is with sleeping pills.

    One or two hits (at most) of this cannabis is enough to calm me down and put me in a place where I can face reality with a little more resilience. Would definitely order from PSB again.

  42. luvmjfrvr43 (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck. Plants were super easy to grow and had a fairly short time to flowering. Plus the yield is just massive! Had a great time caring for the plants in the backyard and love the feeling of smoking my very own nug! I was reading how this weed is a crossover between a bunch of other amazing strains, and the result is really spectacular, life just becomes easy and you’re floating on a cloud in no time, plus all my aches and pains and stress evaporates as soon as I take a hit. Beautiful reddish crystals that smoke like a pepper grinder haha! Happy with my purchase.

  43. Sean H. (verified owner)

    There are so many reasons why black domina mj is the best and why I love it so. First, it is strong! I feel the effects pretty quick and love that this shit works. Second, the taste is like a smorgosboard of different tastes: there’s some earthiness, there’s some pepper and even a little pungent taste. Mixed together, it is unforgettable; it’s the black domina signature taste. Third, and lastly, black dom flowered in fifty-three days so I didn’t have to wait forever to enjoy it. Yes!! What a great order.

  44. 532capella (verified owner)

    WOW what a unique strain of weed, makes you really stand in awe of it’s gorgeous purple trichomes poking out from all that green foliage, actually an amazing addition to my garden aesthetic! I definitely would not tackle my to do list on this strain, it’s a pretty powerful indica, very relaxing, so usually just hit this a few times in the evenings before bed, gives me great relaxation benefits and helps me fall into a very peaceful slumber. Helpful for those of us who work stressful jobs.

  45. Hanah A. (verified owner)

    Great service as always. I’ve never gotten a bad package of seeds from Pacific. They always send them lightning fast and they always look really really fresh. Sometimes I preserve my seeds for later but this time I germinated right out of the gate. I got 5 for 5! BAM! Haha. I love it when every seed I buy pops. They’ve all sprouted now and I can’t wait for harvest!

  46. Meleah M. (verified owner)

    GOD I love it when the grow isn’t too hard. I think I’m finally becoming a semi-experienced gardener! 🙂 Ordered my seeds and got em super fast, as always. Love that quick delivery! They popped quickly and sprouted into some nice healthy little seedlings. 100% satisfied with the grow and the yield. And I love the bud! I’m a big fan of indicas and this one is hard to beat. Great service as always from Pacific. My favorite place to buy seeds so far.

  47. Billy Q. (verified owner)

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with growing strains I haven’t heard of or haven’t tried smoking. I figure the worst that can happen is that if I don’t like it I can just give all of it to a friend or something. After all, who doesn’t like getting free home-grown organic weed? However, this strain is not one I’m going to give away. I really like this weed and have found that it does really well with giving me some relaxation while also giving me a sense of well-being that I really enjoy. It’s a keeper!

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