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Blue Dragon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Is your chronic pain making you feel like you could breathe fire? How about some hair of the dog? Blue Dragon marijuana seeds attack nausea and anxiety, as well as pain, and leave you uplifted and cheerful.

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Blue Dragon Bdr

Blue Dragon marijuana seeds produce beautiful green and purple hued buds, reminiscent of dragon scales, and fiery orange pistils that hint at the strain’s potency. Topping out at 24% THC, you won’t need a suit of armor to vanquish Blue Dragon, but it surely isn’t for the faint of heart.

A delicious indica-dominant hybrid, Blue Dragon marijuana boasts an intense euphoria and heavy body buzz, delivered on a puff of sweet and sour smoke. The physical effects make this strain an excellent option for patients who are hoping to find some relief from chronic pain like migraines and headaches, not to mention conditions affected by inflammation, like arthritis, along with mental health conditions like ADD.

If it isn’t already, Blue Dragon is about to become your favorite strain, if not for its effects then for the tantalizing flavors of berry and pungency of sour diesel. Blue Dragon can tend to be a bit harsh, though, and if it’s your first time testing the dragon, exercise caution!

Blue Dragon marijuana seeds are generally easy to grow, so beginners should feel comfortable successfully cultivating these fat, green buds, which you can expect to be done flowering within 8-9 weeks.

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Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Nausea, Pain


Blueberry, Diesel, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






9 reviews for Blue Dragon Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Rachelle D. (verified owner)

    Really easy plant to grow! I’m still a novice so I only order seeds that are going to be simple. Blue Dragon is defenitely not hard and I got a fantastic yield! I’m so amazed at how much mj I get from ordering just a handful of seeds. I like Pacific because you guys are nice and responsive when I have any questions, and your shipping is really fast! I’ll be ordering again soon!

  2. Carlton F. (verified owner)

    Okay, Blue Frost is the BEST for smoking on a weeknight after work and here’s why: when I get home I have little to no motivation to cook myself dinner, go to the gym, do my laundry, etc. And then sometimes if I do, I get so wound up doing stuff that I have a hard time getting to bed. Blue Frost just takes care of allllll of that. Gives me energy to take care of personal stuff even after working all day, then puts me asleep later. Pure magic.

  3. Luis V. (verified owner)

    Puff the magic dragon! I am convinced that they wrote that song about THIS WEED! Ordered online with Pacific and grew this stuff right in the backyard. A super easy grow and really rewarding! The buds are HUGE and this great orange, blue and green combination. This stuff is pretty darn potent, so I usually hit it and quit it before I get totally knocked off my feet. With some caution, this weed is like a dream come true. Take a ride on the blue dragon, you won’t regret it!

  4. Christophe T. (verified owner)

    Just a lil bit heavier on the indica side makes for a really relaxing high with just enough cerebral stimulation to keep things interesting. THC isn’t overwhelming with this mj at 20 ish percent too so if you get paranoia from high thc strains this is a really good option to order. Easy grow indoors, 5/5 especially for pacific’s super fast shipping.

  5. Ty O. (verified owner)

    Ready to take a ride on the blue dragon? I know I am! Pretty powerful stuff, that high THC content is nothing to scoff at, so just keep in mind if you’re new to weed 😉 I happen to love this stuff, find it very relaxing, great at the end of the day when you’re feeling bummed about work or just life in general, smoke this and you’ll be back in the right mindset, feeling creative or meditative and ready to unwind. A pretty easy grow, with a lovely look to the dense green nugs. Try it out for yourself, you’ll be happy you did!

  6. Kayla U. (verified owner)

    I started growing weed last year to treat my migraines. I’ve been getting them for over a decade now and not much helps. I’ve found some strains of weed have been good at getting me some relief. So as a medical grower I have to say that Blue Dragon is some of the best weed I’ve found to help me feel better. Plus its easy to grow which is good because I don’t have the patience for more difficult strains. I think this strain is a good buy and can give it a good recommendation.

  7. Ava D. (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking pot for upwards of twenty years so my tolerance of mary jane is pretty high (pun intended). I’m always searching for new powerful marijuana strains. Blue Dragon (love that name) keeps getting me to new highs, so I am loyal to her. Also love those fat, beautiful, blue buds – I get excited when I see them forming on the plants. I know a great time is right about the corner. Let blue dragon take you to the highest dimensions cannabis can take you to, it will never be a disappointing trip.

  8. corgiluvr32 (verified owner)

    A real solid strain of mj, definitely to be enjoyed by all, and has properties that make it extremely relaxing, uplifting, and fun! I ordered my seeds online through PSB, a very quick grow time and some amazing yield indoors! Took home around 450 grams and am smoking on the daily, gets me really high but also relaxed, happy as a clam!

  9. Enoch F (verified owner)

    Time to take a ride on the blue dragon. Easy to grow and fun to smoke. I get super high off this stuff, it’s seriously amazing. Have been growing weed in my backyard greenhouse for a while now, found this to be pretty par for the course, seeds germinated well and gave off a nice medium yield, has a great smell to it as well!

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