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Blue Frost Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Icy! This cheese and fruit-flavored strain is an excellent option for anyone struggling with nausea and pain. Blue Frost marijuana seeds can also help tackle insomnia, letting you sink into sweet sleep, naturally.

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Few marijuana plants sparkle like Blue Frost – when the deeply-hued buds burst, they appear as though they’ve been dusted by the Winter Queen with a coating of ice crystals that sparkle and shine. With a balance between mental and physical effects, this strain will help you “Let it go… let it go!”

Though Blue Frost genetics are indica-leaning, its main effect is happiness, and the relaxation that comes with it is nothing to sneeze at, either. With a generous helping of THC (22% in the best of cases), you’ll experience almost immediate mental stimulation and an upbeat feeling that will have you skipping around the room. Eventually, that burst of creative energy will taper into a full-boy relaxation, though overindulgence can lead to lethargy and couch-lock. We recommend leaving this one for the evening.

With floral notes that are pungent and sweet and strong enough to be admired well before burning, you may be surprised by the hints of cheese and mint on the tongue, though you’ll also notice a refreshing mintiness, balanced by pine and juicy fruit.

Not necessarily considered first for medicinal purposes, Blue Frost marijuana may be useful for patients struggling with stress, depression, or PTSD. Its analgesic properties make it a tight contender for chronic pain conditions and muscle aches.

Blue Frost marijuana seeds are some of the easiest strains to grow, being hearty and resilient enough to withstand most conditions. It won’t produce a massive number of buds, though it’s possible to maximize growth of the few that do develop by educating yourself on different growing techniques. Beginner growers will love this strain, and the fact that after 9-11 weeks of flowering you’ll get a relatively small harvest that is beautifully potent.

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Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 200 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Nausea, Pain


Cheese, Fruity, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






25 reviews for Blue Frost Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Christina W. (verified owner)

    Super easy to grow, and with these white dusted crystals. This stuff looks like magic, and it has literally so many flavors I can’t recount all of them here. But let’s just say it’s earthy, sweet, sour, and cheesy??? Either way, It’s super potent stuff, so just tread lightly. I usually just do one or two hits at a time to keep it chill and not overwhelming. I do wish I got some more weed though from my plant. 150 G is good but I was hoping for more. Next time!

  2. Bobby V. (verified owner)

    LST and some topping to promote the plant growing outwards went a long way in squeezing a bit more weed out of these ladies. I got a little over 200g per plant which is good because I only grow for personal use and don’t need a whole hell of a lot. Buds are super frosty (hence the name?) covered in nice crystals and it’s a really aesthetically pleasing plant to look at. Definitely feel the indica dominance so I like to leave this one for nighttime.

  3. bzcooms78 (verified owner)

    Brrrrrr it’s getting cold in here haha! Nah this weed is seriously GREAT! I am so happy I discovered the PSB website, such a stellar online collection! But the blue frost is where its at, the plant looks like its covered in snow, which is really just sticky delicious resin, but super cool to look at for a while lol. I smoke this stuff in the evenings, it’s so great for aches and pains and for just relaxing in general. I love sharing this stuff with friends and my girlfriend. Hella good stuff, and really chill, best taken one or two tokes at a time 🙂

  4. Evan T. (verified owner)

    I know that people dump on lower yield strains a lot, but sometimes its not all about the giant harvest you know? Sometimes you need some mj that is exactly what you wanted, without anything you don’t want….if that makes any sense. I find the balance of indica and sativa in Blue Frost to be perfect for what I need. Its an easy grow and the plants don’t take up a ton of room, so its a good one to add to whatever larger crop I’m growing. I’d recommend giving this strain a try.

  5. Ryan E. (verified owner)

    As a new grower, I look for strains that are easy to grow and strong enough to counter all the mistakes I may make with my baby weed. Therefore, blue frost is great for me, and I love it! Blue frost grew well in my indoor setup, though there weren’t a ton of buds. However, blue frost is so potent you kind of don’t need a lot of it. I smoke a bit in the morning and it lasts for hours. Love the mint and and piney taste too. This is such a great buy from PSB!

  6. Russell A. (verified owner)

    This is a delicious and refreshing strain of mj, something super special about its bright green and white nigs with bright white pistils as well, it’s such a beautiful flower! Highly recommend if you have a lot of stress or anxiety, this weed will help it all go away, and you’ll feel instantly relaxed. An easy grow with a big yield, definitely worth a go!

  7. Manual Callahan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this weed, it’s been a real treat getting to grow it myself. I have been getting it from the dispensary for ages but it’s so dang expensive after a while. I love the smell and the taste of this weed, it’s got like a cooling effect in the back of the throat like a mint or something, great for bong rips!

  8. Harris Wenzl (verified owner)

    Ice Ice Baby! This weed is truly amazing stuff. It’s super easy to order online with PSB, they have such an impressive selection and the weed is fantastic! I grew this stuff in my backyard, got a killer yield, and now I am living large! This has been great in the evenings for my stress and anxiety, it helps me sleep and gives me great munchies, yummm!

  9. giselle f (verified owner)

    It’s a really beautiful weed! Helps a lot with stress and pain and helps me sleep at night. It’s a great grow for your outdoor greenhouse if ya got one, otherwise it does really well indoors. I am pretty happy with this overall, love the flavor too, it’s kinda cheesy if you can believe it and it’s the perfect way to wind down after a difficult day of work. Definitely a worthy buy!

  10. Sonny (verified owner)

    Such a unique flavor to this weed! It’s really fruity tasting with a cheesy undertone, amazing stuff! I usually smoke when I get home from work to help with my aches and pains that I have acquired throughout the day. It soothes my discomfort and also helps me with my stress levels as well. I like sharing with my girlfriend, we have nice conversations on this weed, very relaxed and kinda loopy. We both worked on growing it outside over the summer, successful experiment I’d say!

  11. Pharo (verified owner)

    Like a diamond in the rough! This weed was totally unknown to me until I tried it at my friends place and LOVED its fruity cheesy flavor. He told me got his seeds at PSB and I was like “heck yeah!” so I ordered my own and grew them in the backyard, turns out I am natural at this and totally dig it. I will definitely get the job done even better when I set up my amazing indoor grow space. Trust me, you are gonna love this mj!

  12. Spanky Aloha (verified owner)

    Mmmmm this stuff is good like smoking menthol, it cools the throat and makes for a great, laid back experience. Never overwhelming and perfect for moments when you’re feeling stressed. I grew my 3 seeds out in the backyard and they did REALLY well! I got an excellent yield, probably like 800 grams, and it’s all super fresh and tasty and easy to manage! Very chill hybrid, but mostly indica laden, so expect to feel hungry, happy and sleepy 🙂

  13. temp shut-in (verified owner)

    Frost yourself with the blue frost medical-grade mj. I smoke this weed to help me with back pain and with bad moods. When I smoke this, I instantly feel more relaxed and present. I like taking my dog for a walk or just chilling out on the front porch. It’s so nice to have all this stuff right in my backyard. Very easy to grow, easier than I expected, and after around 4 months I was ready to harvest these beauties. I have no regrets and will buy more!

  14. Greatest of Danes (verified owner)

    Blue frost is like smoking a menthol cigarette which is pretty great. I love it’s smooth minty flavor and the mellow buzz it gives, great for smoking with your buddies or when you’re drinking a lil bit of whisky! I love growing stuff out in my garden and definitely wanna keep doing so, keep your eyes peeled!

  15. Amazon (verified owner)

    Blue frost is better than a menthol cigarette, this stuff makes for a great buy on PSB cause the seeds ship out fast and you get an amazing yield! Perfect for smoking in the evenings, the cool minty smoke will give you a buzz like no other, helping with stress an anxiety better than any pills I have ever taken. You’ll love it!

  16. Justice (verified owner)

    This weed might just send a chill down your spine…it’s about as chill as you can get too. The buzz is like taking a chill pill and it makes chilling on the couch soooo much better! I am thrilled to have this weed in my back pocket. Makes for a great buy off Pacific, they always have the best seeds and the prices are great!

  17. someone912 (verified owner)

    Somehow this weed settles my stomach when I am having some difficulties. It’s also great for my headaches and even my back pain. It has a very unique flavor…kinda cheesy and kinda minty, but it’s all relaxing and helpful for a wide variety of ailments. You will not be disappointed!!

  18. Lily-Mai Meadows (verified owner)

    Better than any menthol cigarettes you’re gonna find. Smells pretty darn good and it is easy to grow…it’s a nice looking plant too, very tall, very bushy, very green, kind of a dream plant when you really look at it. I love the sativa vibes, gives me a great little buzz and makes taking long walks along the puget sound soooo nice!

  19. Niam Salinas (verified owner)

    OMG I friggin love blue frost it makes my mind feel like it’s on ice and everything just sloooowwwwss down and I can finally think and actually get some work done, I am sooo thrilled to finally have this weed in my life and I can definitely buy more of it to show off to my friends how amazing I am at growing weed with the grow guide on this site!!

  20. Hassan Hester (verified owner)

    Blue is the color of this weed, and it matches my eyes! I have never felt so at-ease about marijuana, I like the general sweet taste and the uplifitng sensation…and I like the menthol cooling effect this weed has at the back of your throat…Never felt like anyting like this before…super exciting and very chill.

  21. Lewie Barnard (verified owner)

    So frosty!!! This stuff is gonna make you bake your own face off. I mean you’re gonna keep taking bong rip after bong rip. It’s soooo chill and laid back and gives me a really good vibe. I am stoked to keep buying this weed and I will definitely have this stuff in my back pocket, cause it’s all good!!! Yess, so desirable!!!

  22. Lacey-May Coles (verified owner)

    Makes me feel really chilled out. I don’t mess with those heavy sativa weeds, they only make me anxious, but this weed is preeeety sweet, it helps with stress and depression real well, and Idk what it is but growing your own pot really makes the time go by. Excellent purchase!!!

  23. Aamna Duggan (verified owner)

    Big and blue and all filled with incredible weeds….I mean I am no expert but I got lots of weeds from this plant. Just throw it in the ground and it is like WOW like right now….like it hits me super hard and it makes me sleepy and it tastes like mint. Yummmm.

  24. Ayaan Vega (verified owner)

    So frosty….like a milkshake from the state fair! I love these sweet blue colors, they are so eye-catching! Thick, corpulent trichomes, makes for some delicious fluffy nug and a scent that pervades the room its in. You won’t be let down by this sweet investment. It’s a good buy and does really well in the sunlight y’all 🙂

  25. Adaline Orr (verified owner)

    Been a blue frost lover for decades. Used to smoke this weed and go skiing man. My mountain days are over but my homegrown weed days are just beginning. Things are going great so far, and the flower is looking tight. Gonna definitely buy more.

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