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Blue Mango Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Mango autoflowering marijuana seeds produce a sweet-scented smoke that packs a potent punch for both recreational and medicinal fans of the plant. Indoors with lots of light and careful pruning, even beginner gardeners can yield a moderate 500 g per plant.

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While the jury is still out on the exact lineage of Blue Mango autoflowering marijuana, the fact remains that this indica-dominant strain is classic example of indica at its best, offering a deeply relaxing yet not incapacitating high that is ideal for a night relaxing or hanging out with friends.

A short plant, Blue Mango autoflowering marijuana expresses itself with pale green leaves accented by rust-colored pistils, and in some cases, hints of deep blue and purple, a result of cold-weather stimulation. With a THC content of about 18%, both recreational and medicinal smokers can find something they’ll love about this potent strain, if only just the deliciously sweet yet funky sour aroma that accompanies it.

Low in CBD, Blue Mango autoflowering marijuana’s euphoric high will effect you almost immediately, bringing with it a sense of calm and relaxation that can relieve muscle tension and stress, as well as provide short-term pain relief and even assist with troublesome insomnia. The sativa heritage should help keep you from nodding off right away, though that depends on the amount you take.

Most growers with beginner level experience in cultivation can earn a moderate yield of potent pot from Blue Mango autoflowering marijuana seeds. The buds of this plant are covered in sticky trichomes, and the dedicated gardeners should practice pruning erroneous fan leaves to allow light to reach lower growing flowering nodes. After 50-60 days of flowering, you should be rewarded with about 500 grams per plant, when cultivating indoors.

A sweet treat with a relaxing, euphoric kick, you’ll really enjoy Blue Mango autoflowering marijuana seeds – order now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 200 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Pain


Fruity, Sour, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






23 reviews for Blue Mango Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Maura K. (verified owner)

    I get a lot of anxiety and I really like the calming effects of Blue Mango. I guess that’s why I keep buying it! This is my third time growing Blue Mango and even though I got a big yield the first time, the more times I grow it the more I learn and now I think I’ve gotten my biggest harvest to date. Glad to have this miracle medical mj around to help me with my anxiety.

  2. Alyson M. (verified owner)

    I need pot for medical reasons – I have a hereditary intestinal condition that makes digestion challenging and also sometimes makes me feel nauseous. Pot helps keep the condition at bay and I also like when the pot makes me feel hungry instead of nauseous. A friend gave me blue mango to try and now it is one of my faves. It’s never let me down for making me feel better, which probably has something to do with that high THC content. This was sort of a challenging grow, by the way, I got about 400 grams per weed but I think I would probably get more if I was a better gardner.

  3. Andrew D. (verified owner)

    Got the seeds fast. Good shipping, good labeling. Seeds all looked really good and they germinated with no problem. Grew indoors and harvested in just over 50 days. Best quality seed in Canada right here. I appreciate the selection on this site. The Blue Mango didn’t disappoint and I plan to grow it again. The high is creative and relaxing. This weed got me in the zone to spend a lot of time practicing my banjo.

  4. Frederic C. (verified owner)

    So I’ve grown blue mango before (first time ordering seeds from Pacific Seed Bank though) and this time I tried something a little different: I dropped the temps just a little bit before it entered the flowering stage and it turned so nice and purple I was shocked! Pretty easy to grow all around but you can definitely play with temps to increase yield and visual aesthetic for sure! Calm and relaxing high, one of my favorite strains around!

  5. Alana C. (verified owner)

    New to growing weed, and first time buyer with PSB. Ordered online and delivery was fast and discreet! These plants did require some attention, but I really enjoyed the challenge and ended up with a beautiful plant with huge purple nugs! The weed smells and tastes like earthy mango, super pleasant, and the buzz is nice and mild, won’t drive you up a wall or put you to bed. Great for parties and sharing with friends, such a hit!!

  6. Ivan H. (verified owner)

    Super happy with this grow. Such an exotic look on this plant. Not at all your run-of-the-mill marijuana flowers. The pictures here don’t do it justice.

    The aroma is tropical-sweet, with the expected notes of pineapple and citrus. I can’t detect much of a sour/skunk aspect, though others claim to. I’ll continue to order from PSB, as they’re the best place I’ve found online.

  7. Sasha (verified owner)

    This is now my new fave mj. Just a real happy feeling, zero paranoia or anxiety. I sleep well after two modest-sized hits. Easy to grow, good pot. End of story.

  8. Harriet Q (verified owner)

    Mango mango blue mango. I love thee mango! Had to give it some TLC but got a FANTASTIC yield of purple goodness. The balance of sativa and indica is very nice. Starts off creative and energetic, and then later gets you nice and relaxed so you can just rest all easy like. Smells like mangos and blueberries. Makes me want to make a smoothy with the same flavors. So good. Once again an easy grow with the auto seeds. It’s so easy it’s funny. Or maybe that’s the blue mango talking. Lol.

  9. Chris E. (verified owner)

    I love love LOVE the blue crystals! What a great backyard strain to grow. Took a bit of work but I’ve been growing my own pot for years and this one just burst out of the ground high into the sky. Can you believe it? I got nearly 400 G on my first try and it has lasted me all season long! I’ve been packing Js with this good stuff and sharing it with the friends, couldn’t ask for a better hangout weed!!

  10. reedoh.8908 (verified owner)

    Had no idea just how good this weed would be! I work in a labor intensive job so after a hard day’s work, my body is filled with aches and pains. I don’t have too much time to do the gardening but I found this mj to be a pretty easy grow and got a nice yield from just one plant. I usually smoke after work and Blue Mango really does the trick to taper off my pain and help me unwind. Tastes pretty nice too, like candy.

  11. Dan D. (verified owner)

    There are a few things I love about this mj. I usually don’t smoke around other people because I just get really really shy, but this weed is mellow enough that I can still enjoy company when smoking. I also really liked the harvest, I got a really good crop out of it for an autoflower and and indoor grow to boot. I’d be interested in trying it outdoors sometime but I heard the yield is a little bit smaller, so I dunno. I may order other seeds but when I do it’ll be from psb for sure, they ship really quickly and the packaging doesn’t raise eyebrows.

  12. Christian P. (verified owner)

    I love some ganga on a Friday night with friends and this sweet girl always delivers. She’s sweet and a little sour and she takes me to another dimension. My friend says she uses it for medical reasons but I don’t think you need a medical reason to get a good taste of Blu Marge. Only 50 days of flowering and got a good cultivation rate. I’ll order again to always have this blue lady on hand for me and my friends.

  13. jtyolk7366521 (verified owner)

    Short and sweet – and it is SWEET! Definitely balanced mj that keeps me up without being too up so I can get into projects and stuff after work. I like that its a bit heavier on the indica side but not by too much! Definitely calm and easy to smoke. I grew it indoor with a simple setup and got a good yield out of it, this plant really didn’t take too much work THANK YOU PSB!

  14. Emma E. (verified owner)

    My favorite thing right now is to smoke Blue Mango after I’ve had a massage. You know when you leave the therapist’s office and you’re feeling all relaxed and blissed out, but the minute you enter the world that feeling goes away? I find that if I head straight home and take a couple vape hits of this weed, I can prolong that all-over body buzz for quite a bit longer and keep that awesome sense of relaxation going. Try it and see for yourself! 🙂

  15. Damien A. (verified owner)

    An amazing bang for your buck, perfect for beginners! OMG I love these seeds, they shipped out super fast and I had no problem getting them to germinate and grow into beautiful plants! I have a nice grow space in my basement, and this weed does well in that setting. Got around 500 g per plant, and the weed smells and tastes like mango, not to mention the nugs are purple! Time to smoke a bowl. You know I’ll be back for more!

  16. Lea J. (verified owner)

    Definitely an ideal indoor grow, best when you can control the environment, and will give you a moderate yield, expect around 400 grams or so, have been growing pot for many years but first time with PSB, great selection and customer service, plus the seeds shipped out fast! The weed itself is amazing, smells and tastes like mango, has dense purple nugs, and is highly relaxing as well!

  17. Elijah Guerra (verified owner)

    Blue mango is where it’s at yo! This weed solves all my worst complaints, it helps me stay alert and focused while also giving me a nice relaxing body buzz that does not quit. It was pretty easy to grow, better suited for indoors for sure, but the buds are truly amazing, bright green and delicious, and they smell and taste like mango. What could be better?

  18. Rob Guillet (verified owner)

    The grow was a bit of a challenge for me, as I’ve never grown weed before. It does require some careful pruning, watering, and a consistent source of light. It’s really beautiful if you get it right, however. Some fantastic purple buds that really do smell and taste like mango. I love the relaxing vibes of this weed, it’s great for anxiety depression and pain!

  19. John King (verified owner)

    I swear this weed gets you high just by looking at it! The leaves are neon green and the nugs are deep purple, it’s very beautiful and eye catching. It tastes phenomenal too, has a great mango taste that always puts me in a good mood. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety, gets me feeling strong and focused and has helped me get through many work days. Great buy!

  20. Kona Tuffi (verified owner)

    When the blue mango is being passed around, you know it’s gonna be a good night! I finally got a chance to break into my greenhouse growing out back! The weed did super well in there, and I am very proud of my yield, probably nearing 1000 grams from just 3 plants, how impressive! Loved finding this weed on the PSB website, very easy to navigate, and nice customer service staff. I really enjoyed this experience, and the flavor of the mango weed is to die for!

  21. Penn Sean (verified owner)

    This weed helps a lot with depression and insomnia, and it’s not even that hard to grow. Sure, germination can be tricky, but I followed the grow guide on this site and it proved to be very helpful! I got a NICE yield of some very fresh bud, and the way it makes me feel is amazing! I smoke it most days after work, and I get a nice head buzz that helps me with my mood, and then it settles into a nice body buzz that gives me very relaxing sleep. I highly recommend!

  22. Bangled (verified owner)

    This weed is guaranteed to make you smile. It’s absolutely delicious, looks beautiful, and is relatively easy to grow. The customer service team was VERY helpful over at PSB. I told them I was looking for a strain that helps with stress, depression and anxiety and they recommended me this one. It’s the perfect fit for me, cause I love fruity flavors and mild indicas that relax my mind and body and give me a great body buzz. Plus it was right at my growing level too, not too difficult!

  23. alanis (verified owner)

    OMG this weed is boss! I am super thrilled I finally got to grow my own nug, such a fun hobby and so rewarding!!! I got my little grow room set up in my closet and got some killer bud off my plant in just about 4 months. I really DOES smell and taste like mango! Such a delicious smoke, and sooooo smooth. I smoke it to help with stress and relaxation, gets me wicked stoned, and just watch movies or other Netflix related shows. Can’t wait for my next batch of pot seeds to arrive!

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