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Cherry Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

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This moderate hybrid is the perfect transition for novice smokers looking for a strain with an extra kick. Auto Cherry Diesel acts like a sativa with elevated energy, increased focus, and a case of the giggles.

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Ready to step up your marijuana game? Auto Cherry Diesel marijuana seeds are a great place to start. This 50/50 hybrid is the perfect transition strain for novice smokers looking to elevate their experience with a little more kick and oomph. Auto Cherry Diesel comes with a delicious taste and inhale of tart cherries combined with a moderate THC level of between 15% and 18%. It’s the perfect middle ground.


It doesn’t take long for the effects of this hybrid to kick in. Consumers notice a positive change in their focus, energy, and mood right after the first inhale. Auto Cherry Diesel delivers a boost of energy and motivation that’s great for getting work and chores done around the house. Smokers also note a subtle change in their mood. They’re suddenly more vibrant, optimistic, and positive. Come on, who can resist the smell and taste of fresh cherries?


Even though it’s a balanced hybrid, the effects are more on the sativa side as your head rush transitions into the giggles and a tingling sensation. But once that indica kicks in, your body will enter a state of deep relaxation from head to toe. Said to grow effectively both indoors and outdoors, most consumers note that Auto Cherry Diesel marijuana seeds to better indoors and flower between 7 to 9 weeks.

Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Euphoric, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Arthritis, Depression


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






13 reviews for Cherry Diesel Autoflowering Seeds

  1. James Anderson (verified owner)

    If you’re a newbie who needs a little extra kick, Cherry Diesel gives you just the right amount of oomph. A well-rounded hybrid, you get the perfect blend of sativa and indica effects to help you focus and feel energetic while relaxing your body. Plus, you’ll get just the right amount of THC to feel some effects without taking you out completely lol

  2. WhimsicalWriter78 (verified owner)

    I recently tried Cherry Diesel Autoflowering Seeds and let me tell you, it was a great experience! The high was just what I was looking for – an elevated energy and focus, with a side of giggles.

  3. Dahlia Ponce (verified owner)

    This weed tastes kinda woodsy, and a little bit sweet. If there ever was a weed to smoke in the woods, on a hike with my dog, it is cherry diesel….
    The MJ itself, quite pungent. Fresh weed is a real treat, and you ought to treat yourself to this in the garden.

    A nice-sized plant, strangely compact, and easy to harvest. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

    ALSO, customer service would really like to help you, for real!

  4. EvergreenEcoX (verified owner)

    I like cherry diesel cause it is EXACTLY as advertised! I ordered the seeds online, got them shipped to my apartment, and I really enjoyed planting and growing them! Excellent color and a rich, sour flavor to bring my tastebuds to a whole new level! Purchasing online is definitely the way to go, saves me a ton of money, and is really pretty exceptionally easy. LIke, it’s harder to get hand cream from amazon LOL. Great seeds, very affordable, and some fast shipping on these little guys!

  5. LlamaDelRey (verified owner)

    Cherry Diesel is a fantastic strain for intermediate growers. I had full germination and all seeds sprouted without any issues. The smell is amazing, with sweet and citrusy undertones. It gave me a relaxed yet creative high, which was perfect for easing my arthritis pain and depression.

  6. R. Parker (verified owner)

    This perfectly matched hybrid makes me GIGGLE! I love buying this pot from pacific, their online marketplace is open 24/7 and stocks the best seeds that money can buy. I am really impressed by the sweet flavors and the vibes!!

  7. Raphael T. (verified owner)

    Well, who doesn’t like to bust out laughing? Cherry Diesel is strong!!! It’s got this deep bark flavor from the nug, it’s kinda woodsy makes me think of the northwest! Great vibes and a feeling unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life! FRESHHHH ++++

  8. Rajveer Cartwright (verified owner)

    Sweet sweet cherry D. This earthy delight is a great strain for grower’s of all experience levels. I highly suggest growing indoors for best results, especially if you have LED lights on hand. Great investment if you don’t have them. A BIG yield to be expected.

  9. David Wise (verified owner)

    How cherry is cherry diesel? Imagine diving into a pool of cherry cola and swimming the length of an ocean. Yeah….it’s kind of like that. This diesel-powered strain is bound to wake you up and give you all the energy you need for a productive day. SO excited to have this weed in my life. It’s an excellent addition to the “team” lol

  10. Pedro Browning (verified owner)

    Ya man, growing weed saves you some serious cash. I was able to grow this weed last summer, and it’s been really FUN! I am honestly so surprised :0 Been smoking for many years but never actually grew any mj myself. Hard to find seeds out here in Canada. Pacific really covers the gap. Fast shipping too, even to Alberta.

  11. Inaya Rossi (verified owner)

    If you have a hankering for some cherry pie, then why not pair it with this delightful mj strain? Cherry diesel has a strong flavor and a pungent aroma that takes over any room. It usually hits with great power, knocking you off your feet and planting you on the couch. I have had a great experience growing this weed, and scored almost 800 grams off my first attempt!!

  12. Bluebell Workman (verified owner)

    Yum! Cherry diesel is some goood stuff! Bringing it ALL back. It’s a sweet, earthy blend of chill and alert. I climb up to my roof and look out at the sunset and smoke this joint. Hits me pretty good and keeps me feeling great into the night. I could honestly smoke this weed for the rest of my life and be happy!

  13. Jamel Reyna (verified owner)

    Aw man this weed is the DEFINITION of the word DANK! I ordered online and was amazed how FAST my weed shipped out. ALSO, all of it germinated and turned into something amazing…and smokeable! Great vibes and a good way to spend your summer break fellas!

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