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Dynamite Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Easily as vivacious in color as it is in fragrance and flavor, Dynamite marijuana is a crowd-pleasing hybrid with upwards of 20% THC and a short flowering period.



Pressed to describe Dynamite marijuana seeds in one word, we’d have to conjure JJ Walker and his infamous catchphrase. Between its alluringly-hued pink and purple buds and its mind-blowing high, it’s almost impossible to nail down exactly what makes Dynamite so explosive. 


Averaging out at 19% THC (with a ceiling of 24%), Dynamite marijuana is an indica dominant sweetheart with a mouth-watering flavor and incredible bud. It starts out functional, with a creative happiness that comes in waves and is followed up by a full-body stone that can lull you into a deep sleep. Patients have come to rely on Dynamite for treatment of stress and tension, chronic pains, and to combat fatigue or depression.  


Beginner or veteran grower, Dynamite marijuana seeds produce plants that look fantastic in your garden (if nothing else). Short and busy trees pop with vividly-colored, crystal-covered buds that are ready for harvest within 7 weeks of flowering. You’ll know she’s ready when her pistils turn from milky white to immaculate shades of crimson and orange.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






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  1. Hugo Hoffman (verified owner)

    Dynamite is here to blow your mind! Not literally, but in the figurative sense….I mean you’re going to get HELLA stoned so be super chill about it and know where you are smoking, make sure it’s somewhere safe and with people you trust. But anyway, it’s more about THE GROW IMO. Looks pretty spot on when you get it right! Great vibes!

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