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Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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For the kind of relief from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain that you’ll want to remember, sweet and sour-scented Amnesia feminized marijuana is the strain for you. A little love goes a long way with this high yielding plant that medical patients are clamouring after.



The only thing you’ll forget after a solid dose of Amnesia marijuana is anxiety and pain. This 70% sativa hybrid boasts a heftier than usual level of THC for the kind of high that will leave you happy and a little extra chatty.

Combining head-to-toe relief with a pleasantly citrus with an earthy, diesel pungency, Amnesia marijuana is a popular favorite among medical patients for its intense cerebral effects that are uniquely suited to treating mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, along with chronic pain. Beware though, as this potent strain hits hard and might be a little bit too much for patients new to marijuana use.

Gardeners love to work with Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds. Although they require more care than the average strain and are better suited for intermediate level growers, these medium-height plants are extremely high yield, offering upwards of 1000 grams per plant if treated just right, and should be ready for harvest within 70 days once its hit the flowering stage.

For night’s with the kind of relief you’ll never forget, order Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds now!

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Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, talkative

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Citrus, Diesel, Earthy

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






52 reviews for Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ben F. (verified owner)

    Definitely the best bang for your buck on this site! With only three plants I got upwards of 1000 grams, and this was my very first time growing mj. A very peppy and energetic weed, actually IMPROVES memory functioning for me haha, so I usually smoke a little of this in the morning, when I’m feeling tired and gloomy and just don’t wanna work! We’ve all been there, right? Well this weed definitely does the trick. A great buy!

  2. Charlene B. (verified owner)

    I have to say that it’s awesome to buy and order seeds from Pacific. I love that they have such a great selection of so many different kinds of seeds and I’m definitely hitting 90% germination with the seeds I’ve bought so far.

    I take care of my aunt and she uses marijuana for chronic pain. Amnesia is her favorite mj – it treats her pain well but also makes her talkative, which I like too. We have great talks when she’s tripping on amnesia. I need to be more careful growing these next time, I only got a yield of about 750 grams per plant.

  3. Kara G. (verified owner)

    Forget the name and just buy this weed! I am serious you will not be disappointed! I am not even good at growing weed and I got an incredible harvest right from my own backyard. One of the best sativas on the market, in my opinion, and gives me this great bubbly buzz that lasts for hours!!! Its some seriously dank herb, pretty skunky on the nose if you’re cool with that, and perfect before parties! It’ll make you the star of the party cause everyone will want some and will be smoking with you all night long!

  4. Caleb K. (verified owner)

    Ummmm this stuff is kind of perfect. From seed to smoke I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The grow was easy and even pretty fast, HUGE purple nugs and an unbelievable harvest. I got almost 1000 G which is just insane!!! I think the name of this weed is a bit misleading, being that it’s so sativa heavy you wont be forgetting anything, you’ll feel awake and alert and ready to take on your day. Great for aches and pains and just an overall mood booster. Will buy again!!!

  5. Tyrese W. (verified owner)

    The only thing you’ll forget when you’re smoking amnesia mj is your social anxiety! This sativa-leaning hybrid gives you an incredible sense of euphoria that just does not quit! It’s super great before parties or to be passed around at social gatherings. Not to mention it’s super easy to grow and you can get a HUGE yield if you play your cards right. Give it a go and see for yourself!

  6. Justine G. (verified owner)

    I can’t believe the yield I got from this strain. It must be some kind of record or something. I grew mine outside this time — the first time I raised them indoors — but I wanted to experiment so I planted my ladies outdoors. I’m still in shock. I might have to give some away, I don’t think I’ll get through all of this bud myself before it molds! Amnesia is a great strain in my book!

  7. thelastpastagain (verified owner)

    One hit wonder! Haha, careful if your joint smoking. Too many hits will get you super STONED. Could barely remember anything. Plan to not to anything when smoking Amnesia. You won’t be able to keep your mind straight, just living in the present, unable to think about the past or what you were just talking about. Incredible high. Also, fantastic yield. Got LOTS of bud from these seeds! Simply amazing. Ordering from Pacific went smoothly as always. Best weed anywhere!

  8. Betty M. (verified owner)

    I suffer from anxiety and depression and knew there was bud out there that would help me! Jackpot! Ordering from PSB was easy as ever and soon enough I’m growing this bud in my own backyard. Talk about bang for your buck! This stuff produces so much weed I HAD to share with friends and family. Best part about it: my anxiety and depression just melts away with every hit. Word of caution, this stuff is STRONG, so just a couple of tokes will do ya. Best buy ever!

  9. Lisa O. (verified owner)

    Buy. These. Seeds. Plant. Them. Outdoors!! 1000g per plant yield oh my god! Truly wasn’t a difficult grow though its listed as intermediate. Really positive high that takes me out of any funk I throw this at and the buds are superb and gorgeous and nice and purple. I ordered these seeds on a Monday and had them by Friday in nice packaging, so big ups to Pacific for great delivery speed and practice!

  10. Bates D. (verified owner)

    If there was anything bad about this weed, I forgot it. Amnesia in full effect. Sativa heavy for a great morning smoke that leaves me in the clouds (not just of smoke) all day, walking around all smiley and stuff. It was super easy to grow indoors and it produced a really good yield for a slightly smaller operation (topping was necessary to keep it in check) and flowering was done after about nine weeks. PSB ships super fast too they got here right away.

  11. Ethan X. (verified owner)

    Packs a real punch that you won’t forget! Love the name of this weed but definitely misleading, this is a powerful sativa that will wake up your mind and body and help you get through your day. If you’re like me, you smoke a bowl in the morning to get me up and running, and this weed really does the trick! The grow was fantastic, I got around 800 grams, and that’s on my very first try, a perfect strain for beginners that even the most experienced stoners will love!

  12. Liv T. (verified owner)

    Ordered from pacific and got my seeds super fast delivered right to my door. Was happy with the labeling because I live in an HOA and the HOA president is super nosey and likes to peak at people’s packages. Weed is legal where I live so I have nothing to worry about, but I appreciate the discreet packaging so I don’t have to hear shit from my neighbors. Thanks Pacific!

  13. Alfonso M. (verified owner)

    So wonderful and delicious, this weed never gets old. The name is a bit misleading, you won’t forget anything, in fact your mind will be put into overdrive, and you’ll be feeling super high and very creative and focused. A great weed for creative types or if you need to get a lot of work done. AN easy grow so don’t let it intimidate you, and the nugs are purple. Amazing!

  14. Alfredo B. (verified owner)

    I grow for a few different operations here in Oregon and I think I’ve mastered amnesia mj! I was so happy with this grow – I got nearly 900 grams! Yowza, that is a lot of pot!! I know it will all sell and I’m just pleased I figured out how to make the amnesia plant happy, healthy and growing big and boutiful! The seeds from Pacific are uniformly good and productive, I didn’t know where to get seeds from for awhile, but now I know the best place to go: Pacific. And they’re online: no real surprise there, I suppose, since everything else is moving to online ordering, too!

  15. Rosa R. (verified owner)

    One of the rare mj strains that’s better to grow outdoors than inside. I grew in my garden and got nearly 1000 grams per plant, which is an INSANE amount of weed! It’s not gonna make you forget anything, but it will give you a nice boost of energy and focus. Perfect for those sneak away lunch breaks during work, just make sure you’re discreet cause it smells pretty strong!

  16. Linda T. (verified owner)

    The best weed on this site hands down! I love how easy it is to order seeds online with PSB, they have a killer selection with so many things to choose from, I highly recommend this strain to anyone who needs a little sativa pick me up in the afternoon, it has helped me stay focused and creative at work and I will definitely buy again!

  17. Natalie K. (verified owner)

    This weed leads on to be very lethargic and forgetful, but the opposite is true! This sativa dominant hybrid is truly a power boost for your brain. It’s not hard to grow, especially if you have an indoor space, but it does offer some delicious purple nugs at the end of just about 4 months. It smells and tastes lovely, and it fills the room with a relaxing smoke you’re totally gonna dig.

  18. hello this is dog (verified owner)

    WOW this weed exceeded all expectations. I grew it in my basement after ordering online through PSB and got seriously like 3000 grams off just 5 plants! It’s an incredible weed too, super strong sativa vibes that help me stay focused and alert all through the day, keeps me motivated and focused and feeling happy too!

  19. Steve (verified owner)

    This stuff really brightens up my day. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety levels, makes getting through work a breeze. I ordered these babies online a few months back, and got them shipped out super duper quick!! I got a nice grow space in my backyard, love the delicious way this stuff smells, it’s really fruity and sour, makes for a nice aroma to the garden. Great for smoking during lunch. Makes all the fear go away. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  20. kendoll4ever (verified owner)

    If you’ve never had a chance to try this weed, I’d recommend it. It’s a great strain for new growers and also for those who haven’t smoked much in their lives. It’s a pretty universally delicious bud, with some dank sticky nugs, and a very pleasant sativa high, gets me excited to get work done, or make art, or just chat with some girlfriends., I am a big fan of gardening and this is some fantastic stuff to have out back. Will be back for more!

  21. Joan C (verified owner)

    This weed is almost more important than coffee! I am so energized by this strain that I smoke it in the morning to help wake up! It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s everything in between. I feel super fortunate that I have a background in growing weed, which means I get some serious yields off these plants. It’s all about the genetics and PSB really has those down! I am so stoked about this stuff I’ve been sharing with all my friends!

  22. Crystal P. (verified owner)

    Trust me, you won’t forget this weed once you smoke it. It’s powerful and uplifting, makes me feel like I had 3 cups of coffee and am ready to take on whatever life throws at me. Great company, sold me seeds at a good price and they shipped right to my door. Easy to grow, and smells amazing too. It’s got a nice earthy, pine scent that livens up the house. I shared with family over Thanksgiving and they definitely agreed. Excellent vibes!

  23. the Newbie (verified owner)

    I never knew how good I was at growing marijuana. It’s truly amazing how easy it is to do, especially this strain, if you have room outdoors and can get some good sunlight….I got just 3 seeds, but all of them germinated and grew quite nicely. My housemates and I all collaborated on the growing process and share the bounty! It’s very uplifting, keeps me feeling positive and strong, keeps my mind clear and sharp. Definitely worth your time!

  24. Salmon (verified owner)

    Used to have a ton of issues going to parties. I couldn’t get out of the house due to social anxiety, and I was really surprised this weed helped me tremendously in those situations. Before going out I smoke some of the amnesia mj and feel a boost of confidence and a strong desire to take life by the horns. I am much more sociable at parties and feel more relaxed, less anxious. Plus it was fun to grow, I definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with social anxiety!

  25. Broke da Mouth (verified owner)

    I actually feel like this weed is very relaxing despite its high sativa makeup, because sativa really boosts my energy levels and then offers me focus and creative motivation so I actually get a lot done while feeling pretty relaxed. I like the grow too, it’s pretty straightforward, and the germination is easy using the paper towel method on this site. It’s a good afternoon smoke, especially if you can be outside for most of the day. I highly recommend this stuff, great buy!

  26. melaluca (verified owner)

    Amnesia is one of those strains that picks you up and never lets you down. I grew this stuff in my backyard and got an excellent harvest. It was absolutely stunning to grow to this all my own, a very fulfilling experience that makes me feel like a real farmer. I like the way this grew too, very easy! I got 3 seeds delivered to my home from pacific and they all germinated using the paper towel method! Now I have flower with bright green and pink colors, great for stress and fatigue!

  27. house bound (verified owner)

    I’ve never seen a weed with so many pinks and purples and blues. I am thrilled about this stuff and can’t wait to buy some more of it. It’s very enjoyable, very relaxing but also euphoric and uplifting. Helps me when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Can’t deny I have a great little yield here at home, better than expected and all of it extremely fresh. It’s pretty sour and pungent so be careful who you’re smoking around, but in my experience, it’s also a great lunch break weed 😉

  28. Just Jane (verified owner)

    The amnesia strain of mj is always a hit in my book. It’s strong and very fruity, a little sour, but always euphoric and uplifting. I smoke it when I am having a bad day and need a do-over. Pretty great for the weekends too, when you want energy for all your adventures. Pretty easy to grow, but truth be told, it was my wife that did most of the work. I’m the one who likes to smoke it haha!

  29. @leftbraininitiatve (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a delicious and powerful Sativa that really sharpens your mind and makes for some great creative thinking. I love to paint or draw when I smoke this weed, and when you pair it with some red wine…mwah! Delicious! I am a total stoner to be real and have been growing pot for years, but PSB has always come through with the best seeds in town!

  30. Coloringbetweenthelines (verified owner)

    Do you want it all? Well, this weed comes pretty darn close. I love this stuff…it’s a strong sativa, with little pink buds and deep green leaves, and it makes you wanna sing and shout all through the night. I never felt so creative in my life. I smoke it until I run out…then it’s time to order more seeds again…definitely better to have your own weed at home…it makes a huge difference!

  31. Owen Thomas (verified owner)

    It’s actually a very uplifiting strain that helps with focus and attention. It’s better than ADD medication and keeps me grounded during the day. I smoke it to help with pain and stress and definitely like the smell of it. It’s pretty powerful and strong and I wish I had more honestly. Gotta buy more seeds!

  32. Stacy Macy (verified owner)

    Who what where when why and how? LULZ I em the funniest of the kitties on this website. MEEEEOOOOOWWW! I RUV you sooo much I bought 5 big POT seeds to be in the backyard….so BIG and fluffy like a lil baby, so cute I smoke with my kitties….meow meow purrrr. It’s so nice and energizing….good with coffee and kitties!!!

  33. tatanka (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a powerful sativa driven strain that gets all the cylinders pumping in the mind and makes all your worries just disappear…poof! It’s as close to magic as you’re going to find in the physical realm and I highly recommend you try it out. I love to work in my garden…gets me feeling real good inside…especially when there’s weed in my future!!!

  34. Seasonal (verified owner)

    Amnesia is where it’s at! I used to hate smoking weed until I found this strain. I smoke it and now I feel like a superhero. I just wish I could fly! I love smoking amnesia cause it gives me this great sativa burst! I am very excited to have this in my repertoire, what a fun experiment this was!!!

  35. efhy578 (verified owner)

    I will never forget about amnesia weed! This stuff really makes my day brighter, and I feel just so much happier and more relaxed. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my place. Easy buy for the money. And it helped me with all kinds of stress, you know? I am quite stoned right now, can you tell????

  36. scott clark900 (verified owner)

    Amnesia is really a trip for all who enjoy good weed. I ordered online and had it delivered to my home here in South LA and wow I got a BIG plant outta this and barely did anything at all, I am kind of amazed how easy this all was, and how much weed I got from this strain. Gonna definitely buy more marijuana from pacific, they truly have the goods!

  37. broken arrow 77 (verified owner)

    God I LOVE this strain, it’s so relaxing and uplifting and helps tremendously with stress and depression. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my home, got these seeds budding right away. Had a seriously nice conversation with my roommate about sharing the weed and now we both care for the plant. Can’t wait to harvest!!

  38. Frankie Bailey (verified owner)

    Boy I forget why I don’t smoke weed every day…oh wait, I do smoke weed every day lol. It’s this crazy amnesia weed that gets me going in the morning. I love the sweet taste of the bud on my lips as I light the joint and inhale a cloud and let it swirl around in my lungs. What a good buy, I am stoner at heart and growing my own weed really speaks to me 🙂

  39. Lilly-Mae Irvine (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the amneisa weed, it’s hella nice, smells good, and offers up some delicious nug. Ordering online is very simple, but also pretty darn hard because all the strains look amazing and it’s hard to choose just one. This one, though, is absolutely a winner, and I think you’d be happy to try it for yourself!!

  40. Amiya Stubbs (verified owner)

    I was soooo happy to see this weed was on the Pacific website, it’s been a dream of mine to grow this stuff for years; I mean I spend most of my days teaching children how to read, but sometimes you gotta take a nice smoke break and have a really nice result from this weed for sure. I get high as a kite and like to grade papers 😉

  41. Rayhaan Cameron (verified owner)

    Don’t FORGET to buy this weed cause it’s sure to change your life for the better. I am soooo happy when I bought my seeds online, they have an amazing array of marijuana seeds to choose from but their team recommended this one to me for my depression and yowza it’s amazing!!! I will def buy more 🙂

  42. Caleb Mcdonnell (verified owner)

    A very uplifting sativa strain, gets me nice and baked, I really enjoy the sour taste and smell, and the very relaxing vibes. I smoke most nights when I get off work and then I just relax and watch the waves wash up to my delicious beachfront apartment!!! I am very happy with my new marijuana. I grew it right on the porch!!!

  43. Enrique Blackwell (verified owner)

    Yeah, I am a sativa junkie for sure…really crave that sweet sweet flavor. Growing this weed was an amazing accomplishment for me. it all looked great, smelled great and felt great. The little pink flowers were really surprising, but the real kicker was the buzz that lasted for hours!

  44. Mercedes O’Ryan (verified owner)

    I was woke up the other day by the smell of this weed in my yard and the wind wafting it through the window. Looks amazing on a fresh summer morning, smells obviously great too. Almost harvest time. Has been a great grow, never lets me down with this website. I definitely am gonna buy online again, makes things so much easier!!!

  45. Elin Estrada (verified owner)

    Amnesia is a really nice time every time. It’s super potent, and a NICE variety that really gives you the vibe that you are awake and alive. Amazing for creative endeavors, like painting or drawing, and a VERY relaxing wave will wash right over you, I am so very proud of my plants, they look so beautiful and tall in the sun 🙂

  46. Lorena Wardle (verified owner)

    I was pretty baked the other night and spent all my time making macaroni and cheese and then just passed out on the couch LOL. Pretty fun times, I really like the smell of the weed, very sour, but I mostly appreciate the pink flower and the sweet and salient buzz that can only be linked as a sativa strain!

  47. Tracey Langley (verified owner)

    I am amnesia weed. I literally forget everything like all the time. I stumble over my words and forget people’s names. I bring all kinds of excitement to the table though. That’s why I am growing weed. It’s looking pretty alright these days. Gotta keep up with all the other home growers in Washington!

  48. Mohammed Ahmed (verified owner)

    Get all kinds of good feelings from this mj, a good buy for the price, fast growing and high yielding. A strong sativa for sure, definitely did make me happy when I finally harvested, never gonna buy this again though cause I just don’t have any $$. Either way it was fun. (The nugs are pink)

  49. Carol O’Ryan (verified owner)

    The kind of love you can only expect from Pacific Seed Bank, these amnesia seeds are always a success and grow beautifully in any warm and bright setting. Indoors or out, you’ll have great success with this sativa-heavy strain, and if you’re like me, you’ll love rolling a nice Blunt when it’s all said and done.

  50. Eilish Quintero (verified owner)

    Long grow, but certainly worth it. Beautiful plants, green and purple flower, deep citrus and earthy smell, gets me baked and offers me a niiiiice headbuzz.

  51. Eloise Miles (verified owner)

    New grower. Recommended this site by a friend. Here to say it’s a great buy. Bought this sativa dominant strain. Looks good so far. About waist height. Nice early veg smell, very citrusy, and earthy. Happy I can finally grow my own pot. It’s been a long time ,since I have had this kind of powerrrr. Definitely gonna buy more 🙂

  52. Aiden Barton (verified owner)

    Can’t say I am surprised at how well this worked out for me. The land I am working with has been maintained organically for many years, and this soil unbelievable. My plants grew taller than me and produced more than 10 Oz. of mj in total. Best purchase I have made for my garden since tomatoes last year. Amnesia is particularly great for its bright sativa buzz 🙂

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