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Berry White Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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This lovely hybrid is just right when you’re looking to strike a balance between chill and a nice mental high. Berry White really earns its name, leaving you feeling happy and de-stressed. You’re never never gonna give this one up.

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A heavy hitting indica/sativa combo, Berry White marijuana seeds offer a soothing balance between relaxation and euphoria, but we’d expect nothing less from a strain named after an internationally renowned crooner.

Distinguishable by its distinct blue coloring and orange hairs, Berry White is the love child of two well-known and equally loved strains: Blueberry and White Widow. Patients describe this sweet, berry scented weed as having a happy, uplifting high as ideal for treating stress, depression, and pain. With, on average, 16% THC, you may want to wait until your schedule is clear before you let this strain sing its signature serenade, as its indica heritage works wonders for inducing sleep in patients suffering from insomnia.

You don’t need ganja expertise to be successful growing Berry White marijuana seeds – these plants will reach a medium height and offer a big yield after 7-9 weeks in the flowering stage.

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Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



70% Indica/30% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Berry White Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Zoie B. (verified owner)

    Grew this strain for a few loyal customers in my hood. I’m not a commercial grower or anything, but since weed is legal in Washington I just sell to a few of my neighbors on the downlow. They love it cuz they know I only use organic nutrients, and they pretty much fund my gardening habit. Everyone loves Berry White and I’ll for sure be buying some more of this amazing seed — and I’ll FOR SURE be getting it from Pacific. Thanks!

  2. Wayne P. (verified owner)

    No-nonsense indoor grow, medium height plants that didn’t take effort to finish flowering after around 7 weeks. Good yield for such a short flowering time. Nice indica dominance but not so much that it knocks you on your ass, good for night time smoking though. Full body relaxation without a doubt. Smells really nice of berries as the name indicates.

  3. Wynne L. (verified owner)

    Berry good indeed! (Sorry, just smoked some of this and feeling a little silly.) You can totally feel both the White Widow and the Blueberry in this cross. I like my weed strong and this one fits the bill. Grow was uncomplicated, delivery fast and fresh. I’m gonna love you love you…just a little more, baby….

  4. Loic J. (verified owner)

    Berry delicious weed! I was surprised just how easy this was to grow, cause I am not much of a gardener, but I definitely love getting stoned. Heck yeah, I got a TON of nug on my very first try, and now I am smoking on the double! I usually unwind with this stuff, it’s extra relaxing in the evenings, but wouldn’t take it TOO late cause I have had some trouble sleeping when I smoke too much. Great munchies though!

  5. Marcel K. (verified owner)

    If you love the music of Barry White then you’ll also love Berry white mj! This is a heavy hitting sativa indica combo, so you get a nice cerebral buzz followed by a chilled out body high that will keep you feeling chill for hours on end! I love smoking this and going to the park on a nice sunny day. It’s pretty easy to grow too, so you don’t need to be an expert to get a great yield. Loved ordering online from PSB and will do so again!

  6. Nada G. (verified owner)

    Berry delicious weed! I grew this outdoors and had a great experience! I couldn’t imagine a better Netflix and chill weed. This stuff makes music sound AMAZING and the sweet flavor of the smoke is the real icing on the cake. I’m not into being active on weed, so I love taking this after work and just maxing and relaxing with my gf! A good grow with a good yield. Happy as can be!

  7. Candace B. (verified owner)

    Oh, the colors! The orange hairs! The bright green leaves with their snowy white crystals. I could go on all day. This was my very first order with Pacific, about 5 months ago, and I’ve still got maybe six ounces of yummy buds in my little Tupperware storage bowls. Since then I’ve grown a couple other strains but ol’ Berry is still the best. The high is soooo good. It eases stress like a tropical vacation. Kudos to PSB for stocking this awesome pot.

  8. Ellis H. (verified owner)

    Haha, such an easy grow for how much weed you get. Honestly if you’re not growing your own mj right now you’re screwing up. Just get yourself a few grow lights and a timer and get started. Once you grow your own you’ll never go back. My yield was once again impressive with Berry White. Ordered 5 seeds the first time but this round I went for 10. Got 10 healthy plants and lots of sticky bud.

  9. Madeline T. (verified owner)

    Really really nice body high with this mj, extra relaxing. I really like the 70/30 indica sativa balance because it’s great for the end of the day but also I can get stuff done around the house and not be too tired.

    Growing was really basic, and the flowering time was short. I’d definitely recommend ordering this strain for first time growers, it’s a great choice.

  10. Mike L (verified owner)

    Easy grow! Fantastic yield! Berry White didn’t need too much attention or pruning and plumped out with a great output of nugs. Clustered trichomes that smell like berries. Very fluffy and pungent with a well-balanced high. Relaxing and mood lifting, perfect in the evening and great in social situations. Went to a music show and heard notes I’d never experienced before. Only takes about 3 hits and you’re good to go. Nice weed! Order some!

  11. Sally D. (verified owner)

    Oh Berry, where have you been all my life? Very simple grow that took hardly any effort at all. But let me talk to you about the smoke. Felt very relaxed, groovy, content, happy, blissful even. Just a joy to smoke. Even though I felt incredibly buzzed, I also felt very stable. Like I could be out in the world talking with people and not all paranoid that I was being stoned-out weirdo. I only took a few hits though. I think this might be a strain that is wise to practice some self-restraint.

  12. Dominique F. (verified owner)

    Sweet and kinda sour all at the same time. Very groovy taste. DANK frosty buds in only 8 weeks! Great strain for when you just want some instant gratification. Makes it almost hard to commit to a grow that’s any longer. I like how the plants stay kinda compact and low. For hardly any work you get a crowd-pleasing solid but that’s always fun to smoke. The high lifts you up and brightens your spirits. Two thumbs up!

  13. Mabel R. (verified owner)

    Insomnia – be gone! I’ve tried mj for medical reasons before and most strains have not been as good as the lovely berry white. It bring sleep into my brain like a tide but it also makes me feel happy and good before that sleep hits. The berry deliciousness is just an added bonus! Telling all my friends Pacific is where to buy pot from, love the speedy delivery.

  14. Adan X. (verified owner)

    I knew even before I learned much about this marijuana strain that I wanted to grow berry white in my operation. That way I could say that Barry White is in my basement! Ha! Actually, berry white is quite a wonderful pot strain: I like to use it at the end of the day to send all my stress and bad vibes very far away. Growing it indoor was a piece of cake and the plants were not too big for my somewhat small space, thank goodness. The berry smell is so good, too – almost like someone made boysenberry pie! I wonder if Barry White ever tried the berry white ganga??

  15. Scott J. (verified owner)

    I live in a place where weed isn’t quite legal yet. We’re close and I think my state is going to make it legal pretty soon. I have a secret grow room that I keep a tight lid on. No one knows about it except my significant other. That’s why I’m so grateful that Pacific keeps their packaging labels vague. I don’t want to go to jail just for growing my own medicine, so that extra step is super appreciated. Thanks!

  16. Summer G. (verified owner)

    Real straightforward weed. Easy to grow in my backyard and melded well with the other garden plants. Very tall and bushy and gives off a lot of nug, smells and tastes just like fresh berries and offers the most euphoric high I’ve experienced in ages. I am new to weed actually, this was a perfect opportunity to learn more about this amazing herb!

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