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Chemdog #4 Feminized Seeds

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A popular strain across the US, Chemdog #4 marijuana seeds have a moderate flowering time and THC level, and will give you a really good bank for your buck, both in effects and bud yield.

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One of several in a line of impressive strains, Chemdawg #4, the offspring of Chemdawg and Green Crack, is the only variety to be indica dominant. Despite this hybrid favoring its indica heritage, the sativa nature of Chemdawg #4 marijuana seeds will hit you with a blissful high within the first five minutes, before giving way to a deep and relaxing couch lock.

The aroma is often likened to lemons, oranges, and even Pine-Sol – attributable to the presence of the terpene Limonene, no doubt. Even though you’re likely to feel upbeat and cheery, Chemdawg #4 is best kept for the evening, since its heady effects are suited for chronic stress.

The characteristic light green buds of Chemdawg #4 can grow fairly tall, sometimes reaching up to seven feet if planted outdoors (4-5 inside). It has a relatively long flowering time of about 9-10 weeks, but the wait is well worth it for a generous helping of cannabinoid-rich crystals ripe for the picking.

Who let the Chemdawg #4 out? We did. Order your marijuana seeds now.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

500-600 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Chemdog #4 Feminized Seeds

  1. Morris Sampson (verified owner)

    This weed hits pretty sour…but it packs a punch, and gives me a great sense of relaxation…..hard to focus….kinda makes me spacey and tired and lightheaded…..it’s good though….better than most dispensary weed out there, fresher I mean. 100% germination is really pretty special especially with online purchasing and whatnot. Great work leads to great weed!

  2. E. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Looking for a big yielder? If you are, then Chemdog #4 is your top dog because you’ll get a massive amount of bud with these seeds. I grew mine outdoors and got back around 600 grams per plant. I definitely needed that much since this is one of my favorites. And, I’m not selfish – I love to share it with my friends. We all love this strain!

  3. MysticMuse500 (verified owner)

    Not only did the plants grow beautifully with full germination, but the high was out of this world. It starts with a blissful, uplifting buzz and then eases into a deep, relaxing couch lock. The taste is citrusy with a hint of pine, making it a delight to smoke.

  4. GardenGrowthGal (verified owner)

    Hey all, I do not have the best track record when it comes to growing weed. Generally my stuff gets really really leggy and doesn’t produce very much pot. I am sad about it but I am turning it around. This time has been pretty great. I trimmed and pruned my plants like a gangster! I really babied these guys, watering them, pruning, fertilizing, you name it! The end result was like a mini-christmas tree….filled with weed flower. YAY! I couldn’t have done it without the help of the internet…..AND the Pacific seeds blog of course 🙂

  5. Eddie Mcgee (verified owner)

    Chemdog #4 was a great strain for me to grow. All of my seeds sprouted, and the plants grew tall with large yields. The citrus and pine taste was a nice touch, and the euphoric and relaxing effects were perfect for helping me with stress and depression.

  6. Demarcus Mcknight (verified owner)

    When you smoke a fresh bowl of Chemdog #4, you are going to be transported to a completely new headspace, one without worry and one ripe with creative intuition and new thoughts. It’s great for getting out of a rut, and taking your writing or music to the next level. I always smoke it before a gig to get myself high as hell and clear in my mind for the best performance possible.

  7. Gage Krause (verified owner)

    Very fresh MJ, some of the best on record. Selecting from Pacific online is hard! They have a ginormous selection, all of it such high quality mj, and some of it over 20% THC. Easily the best bang for your buck on the internet. Give yourself a chance and buy 10 seeds. They have a 90% germination guarantee and you can get any seeds that don’t pop replaced for 60 days….luckily germination hasn’t been much of an issue for me. I’ll definitely be buying more!

  8. Yusra Marsh (verified owner)

    This is a sour, earthy weed, and may not be for everyone! I am an experienced grower/smoker and I like this strong hybrid for its heavy buzz and creative energy. Sometimes though, you really can smoke too much and it makes me groggy, tired, and kind of cranky (meh), so I recommend taking it low and slow, a good smoke sesh is a hit and quit it. Just see how the weed affects you before smoking too much. Either way the SEEDS were great, fast shipping, germination, and growth. A win in my book.

  9. Corban Conway (verified owner)

    Great weed! It’s super sour and makes my face pucker up ;p I got 400 G of pot from growing 3 plants. I think that’s a lot? It’s a lot to me, that’s for sure. I enjoy smoking it, it’s quite nice. Usually gives me an uplifting buzz. It’s very sativa heavy….best reserved for day-use. At night I get kinda jittery, but still fun!!

  10. Alaw Carpenter (verified owner)

    Makes all the previous Chemdogs pale in comparison!

  11. Nolan Cope (verified owner)

    A seriously powerful strain. Makes for a great buy and hits like a bag of bricks. When you had a bad day, nothing went your way, the chemdog is there to ZAP you back to center. This stuff can be overwhelming for novice smokers. Give it your best shot!!

  12. Rebekah James (verified owner)

    The chemical smell of this weed is pretty pungent, best left in the home and not radiating from your pocket! Delightful strain though, with some nice sticky nugs that crumble nicely into joints or bowl. Very adaptable to most growing climates and great for beginners who want a real wallop of a high!

  13. Huseyin Finch (verified owner)

    Chemical tasting, sour, and hits you hard, so get ready. Not too bad though, easy to grow, helps with stress, gives me some relief. Gonna buy more cause it loves my greenhouse. Love that it ships anywhere in the USA!

  14. Clay Ballard (verified owner)

    Chemdog is pretttty sweet! Has a great sour flavor and a high that really BITES! This hybrid leans sativa all the way, but if you smoke too much, you might get paranoid. I usually just hit it and quit it! Perfect for smoking with friends, or alone! Not even that difficult to grow. Has a lot of great mental health benefits!!!

  15. Kamran Wynn (verified owner)

    this chemdog strain is absolutely amazing! I am not a weed snob but I know what I am looking for. I really love what I got going on, and I feel like my garden is just getting better and better. My plants are growing more beautiful every day, and the bud is looking super green and pungent!!!

  16. Sulaiman Jennings (verified owner)

    Sooooo Goooooood!!!! I love this tasty sour weed. It’s waaay cool and helps with stress and depression. I am real stoked about it though, get my brain all high and intense, good for drawing and for skiing. Not too bad or shabby for a dude with only a high school degree LOL. No worries though. Good weed and a great buy from PSB.

  17. Teri Brett (verified owner)

    Chemdog is pretty radical. It tastes and smells pretty awesome, very pungent, very sour, a great buy, especially for such an affordable price. You’ll definitely be saving money when you grow this marijuana, and it lasts for a quite a long time if you store it correctly, plus feminized seeds are much easier to grow!!

  18. Tasmin East (verified owner)


  19. Anam Hunt (verified owner)

    I wanted a nice sativa strain…and this was recommended to me by a friend…it showed up in the mail after I ordered it online. No more difficult than growing tomatoes or peppers. Very strong smell, very nice flavor. Gets me very stoned but never lose my focus. Find I am very productive on this strain, feeling very fortunate!

  20. Jannah Irving (verified owner)

    This weed is actually really strong makes me feel really wonky and I wanna do crazy things. I am soooo happy to see this weed in this website I tell my whole family about it and they buy some too. Now me mom and brothers are all growing marijuana from Grower’s and it’s great stuff, great stuff, very pleased!

  21. Maciej Larson (verified owner)

    This weed is both a blessing and a curse….a blessing cause it’s easy to grow, and produces a lot of very fresh nugs, but a curse because it’s just so dang delicious you can’t stop smoking! Ordered it online and had it shipped out to my place here in Washington, a very nice grow in the summertime, can’t beat it!

  22. gerald fogle. (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a filthy delicious strain, helps me manage my headaches and keeps my appetitie in check. I love the ridiculously low prices on this site, such good stuff too, their seeds always grow, they always produce a ton of nug, and I feel very pleased every time I smoke this dope. Highly recommend fellow stoners!

  23. joemcguire (verified owner)

    I feel like this weed gives me superpowers, like I can walk through walls or was bitten by a radioactive dog or something. Helps me get all Jazzed up for life and definitely brings me a lotta joy when times are tough….which they are!!! I smoke every day and I have a great old time, you will too, I promise!!!

  24. @Qubecbelike (verified owner)

    It’s one heck of a smoke cause it’ll knock your socks off and get you cruising into a rabbit hole of your own mind! Great buy though, and seriously fun to grow…gets me super stoned and hella high-quality weed. Definitely gonna buy more from PSB!

  25. Fern Bruff (verified owner)

    Chemdog ain’t your grandfather’s weed. It’s some seriously sour and powerful stuff that makes you feel like a gosh darn superhero. I swear I am more focused and productive on this strain. I get a ton of work done in my garage, fixing people’s cars. I am also more sociable and love speaking with my customers. Well worth the effort!

  26. @wiggleworm (verified owner)

    Chemdog is a nice and powerful strain with sour weed and harsh smoke and always good times! I share this with my friends each and every night. We gather round the TV and watch Temptation island and just laugh all night long. Beautiful looking bud, always big and powerful and delicious. I can’t wait to grow more of this amazing stuff!

  27. bunny (verified owner)

    The fuzziest weed on the block, looks like a muppet or something. It’s very green and has yellow hairs and is very dense and pungent. absolutely delicious smoking, like top shelf, high quality smoking you’d get at a cafe in Amsterdam. Well worth the effort to grow your own stuff, definitely a winner in my book, I’ll certainly be back for more!

  28. Burner (verified owner)

    Great middle-of-the-road type strain, not too difficult to grow but will provide some challenge to beginner growers, and the final product is really beautiful, full of life and flavor and all thiese beautiful herbaceous aromas. I fell in love with this weed from the minute I smoked my first bowl, it’s got a great head buzz, makes for doing excellent creative work, and helps tremendously with depression and anxiety. I definitely recommend giving this strain a try!

  29. theWiseOne (verified owner)

    The chemdog is outta the cage now! I love this stuff, it’s super sour and uplifting and it gives me a great buzz. I feel like I just drank 3 cups of coffee and can’t control my legs…I just wanna dance! I smoke this before going out at night, gives me the party vibes you know? Share it with my girlfriends, they love it too, we all get stoned and flirt with boys at the club, but I love growing, I am a hippy at heart and this really made me feel special.

  30. Ian piller (verified owner)

    Wow this strain is WILD! It gets me super stoned and I only need to take one or two puffs to get me where I wanna be! I am super stoked that I grew my own weed, and I can’t wait to share with my friends. It’s super sour and pungent and a bright bright green that burns my eyes! I love the way this helps make me happy and all my stress and worry just melts away. What a treat!

  31. Danny Lee (verified owner)

    If you’re ever down and out for the count, definitely give this one a try. It’s turned my life around, and I love the way it makes me feel! Powerful stuff, and easy to grow, even if you’re inexperienced. I feel like I have gotten better at growing from just this one experience. Had a great time ordering from PSB too, they really have efficient shipping over there. I got my seeds in less than a week!

  32. caitlyn rudd (verified owner)

    A powerfully relaxing strain of mj, perfect for your days off! It’s very easy to grow, doesn’t require too much maintenance beyond the normal water, sun, and the occasional pruning. The plant is tall and bushy and a big producer, you will have at least 1000 from just 3 plants, so keep that in mind when buying! A lovely sour and earthy taste to this weed, and fantastic for stress and headaches!

  33. Kelsie P. (verified owner)

    This is a really great grow, even for beginners! It’s got these bright green buds and is a really tall and bushy plant, looks great in any garden or grows well in your basement. It’s a powerful weed, knocks me off my feet if I smoke too much, so one or two hits will do you just fine! I think this is best used at night for pain and stress relief. Great stuff!

  34. Madilyn L. (verified owner)

    My cousin was wondering where to buy cannabis seeds and I recommended Pacific Seeds to him. Fantastic delivery times, good product – what’s not to like? I’ve been using them for awhile and I plan to continue.

    My bf and I love to smoke chemdog at night after the kids are asleep. Ahhh … it is such a relaxing and blissful high! I can literally feel all the stress of the day melting away. We have to grow it indoor, but the weed still turned out great. I love you, chemdog, almost as much as I love my real dog! ?

  35. Bernardo M. (verified owner)

    Really nice and pretty buds with nice bright green pistils on this mj. Like all the other reviews say it gets tall but that was the only ‘problem’ I found, everything else was pretty easy for my indoor op. 10 weeks or so to finish flowering but there was enough weed that it’ll probably last until the next crop is ready for harvest, so, no big deal there. The high is heeeellllllllla relaxing and easygoing, definitely keeps me posted up on the couch with a grin taped to my face.

  36. Taryn A. (verified owner)

    What a good doggy! This man’s best friend is his one-hitter, which I keep with me at all times. I don’t smoke pot every day, mind you, but when I do I want something that’s gonna really take the edge off and Chemdawg does it. An easy grow with a nice, heavy yield. ARF!

  37. ladidah284 (verified owner)

    Hot Dawg! Was looking for this one for a while before I found it here. Seems like it took forever for this weed to flower, but when it did I got an excellent yield. Trichomes aplenty, wonderful piney/lemony nose. It’s pretty much a relaxing-type mj for me, though not too heavy for daytime use. Would give five stars but for the long grow.

  38. Paula M. (verified owner)

    The dispensary I used to go to recently closed so I didn’t know where to buy my pot from. I found Pacific Seeds in a google search and really liked their germination guarantee. Thought I’d give them a try. Easy ordering, quick delivery, good quality seeds. Chemdog was especially good with a real nice lemon and citrus aroma and a nice, uplifting feeling when smoked. Fantastic overall.

  39. Amy T (verified owner)

    I have a serious illness and Chemdog has been the best thing so far for treating my nausea. It’s soothing, relaxing and also helpful for anxiety. My partner grew this for me, so I don’t have a lot to say about that. They were grown outside and took a little bit longer than other strains we’ve tried. Since this one has been the best for my condition so far, I think we’ll probably stick with it. The seeds arrived quickly through the mail and they were shipped discreetly, which I was grateful for. We got a lot of weed from the nugs, so for the price I think it was a success. Thanks Pacific!

  40. Nyla U. (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my favorite strains of mj, have been smoking this stuff for years! I was so excited to see that PSB offered these seeds online, so I ordered some and they delivered right to my door and super fast as well! I found them really easy to grow, right in my backyard, and had a solid yielf around 600 grams per plant WOW! I smoke usually before bedtime to help with pain, anxiety and stress.

  41. Ross G. (verified owner)

    Definitely feeling the high in the head with this weed. Haha, sorry I just smoked a bunch and am now writing this review. My body feels SUPER relaxed. I usually have some sore joints but I’m feeling pretty good right now. I feel generally upbeat and not worried about anything. A sense of well-being but not too manically happy. Just easy going relaxed and glad I grew this dank weed!

  42. Rickie P. (verified owner)

    This plant likes to get tall – so unless you know how to top to keep plants shorter this may not be the best cannabis to grow. Unless you’ve got the space outdoors. High starts off cerebral and heady and slowly makes its way into indica induced bliss time, leaves me feeling extra extra relaxed and happy. Fantastic medical grade treatment here for anxiety and depression! Took about ten weeks to flower (as indicated) but was worth the wait for a generous harvest and some really really quality herb. Each seed out of the ten-pack germinated successfully and pacific seed bank shipped super fast, this is definitely a good spot to order online from.

  43. Sierra T. (verified owner)

    Buying from Pacific Seeds was a dream: easy to order and a relatively fast delivery. No complaints here!

    The smell of chemdog was wonderful and lemoney, I wish I could always have this smell in my house. However, I didn’t really have enough room to grow this indoors, which I guess I should have known beforehand. Also, this took longer to flower than I would have liked. I want my pot right away, haha! Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll buy these particular seeds again, but I will buy from PSB again, they are the best place to buy cannabis seeds online that I’ve encountered.

  44. Arthur K. (verified owner)

    Super tall weed, like seriously taller than me! I need to climb up on a ladder to reach the tallest buds, but like wow I am so stoned from this stuff. Perfect nighttime strain, not for the faint of heart cause it’s pretty powerful stuff, beautiful green and yellow buds, like literally the size of my head, and it tastes just like a pine forest, mmmmmmmm my favorite! Will definitely buy this weed from PSB again!

  45. John D. (verified owner)

    A great outdoor grow, just remember how tall these plants get and make sure you’ve got a step stool at harvest time to help reach the top of the plant. A pretty hilarious name with a lotta great qualities, very relaxing and great for any kind of anxiety. I feel all my worries just disappear like magic after smoking a bowl, a pretty standard strain you know? Ya can’t go wrong!!!

  46. Leroy F. (verified owner)

    What I’m wondering is where is Chemdog #1, #2 and #3? I want to try all of them, because so far this weed has got to be in my top ten of favorites. Not my first time growing, but I’m still learning, so I did a few things wrong with my plants. Didn’t quite get the advertised yield, but I’m game to try again and see what happens! Awesome high and I’ll for sure be ordering some more again soon.

  47. Leo M. (verified owner)

    I fell off a ladder six months ago while working on my house and I have been in so much back pain ever since. Doctors have been zero help to me. They can’t see anything wrong, and the chiropractor doesn’t help either. I’ve been getting a lot of massage which has been a little bit helpful but only for a short period of time. Chemdog #4 has been a god send. If you have a lot of chronic pain I’d give this a try if I were you.

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