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Chernobyl Feminized Seeds

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High THC and citrus goodness – what’s not to love about Chernobyl marijuana seeds? This sativa hybrid can ease aches and pains as well as depression symptoms, and grows well both indoors and out.

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The only thing explosive about Chernobyl marijuana is its burst of citrus and lime flavor; unless you count its super-charged 22% THC content… Enjoy a happy, euphoric high from this delightfully tropical, sativa-dominant hybrid.

Predominantly offering a head high, the cerebral sensation delivered by Chernobyl marijuana is long lasting, and a favorite daytime strain among both recreational and medical marijuana patients. It’s very effective at helping cure a variety of aches and pains, with properties that help reduce muscle spasms and insomnia. The uplifting sativa qualities are ideal for gently treating mental health conditions like depression, allowing patients to go about their day without feeling weighed down.

Considered the kind of strain best suited to gardeners with intermediate growing experience, Chernobyl feminized marijuana seeds produce a beautiful flower on a plant that, on average, reaches a medium height. Indoors or out, expect a relatively moderate yield after about 55 to 65 days of flowering.

Chernobyl feminized marijuana seeds will help you banish the blues and those aches and pains – order now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






50 reviews for Chernobyl Feminized Seeds

  1. S Garcia (verified owner)

    The high was amazing, with a happy and euphoric feeling that lasted for hours. The plants grew beautifully and had a strong germination rate. The taste was a burst of citrus and tropical flavors, which I absolutely loved. This strain is perfect for relieving aches and pains, as well as combating stress and insomnia.

  2. Lyla Shaffer (verified owner)

    A powerful MJ…..definitely acts like a hybrid. Makes my brain feel like it’s tingly and on fire! It’s great for creativity, and then it makes me feel kinda sleepy lol. I like how tasty it is, there really is nothing like fresh MJ. Big win!

  3. Myles Payne (verified owner)

    This is a great win for home gardeners everywhere. Like, if you LOVE smoking hardcore indica weed, you’ll definitely enjoy 9 lb hammer. It’s a NW grow for sure and does well in the cooler climate. Our summers are quite hot though, so just remember that when you’re planting outdoors. It’s a patient and slow grow. It takes anywhere between 10-12 weeks to get it to reach maturity, but you got this!
    Those fresh frosty nugs are unlike anything else. I love buying online and having the seeds shipped right to my door 🙂

  4. WizardOfWoz (verified owner)

    Chernobyl is an amazing strain! I had a full germination with all seeds sprouting and growing strong. The plants were easy to care for and had a good yield. The citrusy, tropical taste was enjoyable and the euphoric, uplifting high helped with my depression and stress.

  5. TillandTend (verified owner)

    Hey friends, uhhhh I am very stoned as I write this, just wanna say this weed is a wild ride and I am like floating on cloud 9. Very uplifting and euphoric…..so freakin tasty….I can’t believe I grew it all myself wow!!

  6. Charlee Boyle (verified owner)

    I crave this weed every day. It’s got that skunky chemical taste I like. It hits HARD, sometimes makes me a little lightheaded and dizzy. Better for smoking on your own than with others. That’s when it makes me tired and antisocial. An indica to its core, but can make me jitter after a few cups of coffee lol.

  7. Roxie Burch (verified owner)

    Fresh and super pungent! Chernobyl is great for giving you that radioactive buzz that you crave 😉

  8. Britany Waller (verified owner)

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. Chernobyl is a fasr growing hybrid that smells positively nuclear. It’s so green it makes my eyes hurt. The plant is HUGE and bushy…gorgeous stuff! I LOVE buying online and having this weed shipped to me. I know you will love it too! GREAT flavor, and a pungent powerful high YUUHHHHH

  9. Edan Hale (verified owner)

    Sounds like a disaster right? Well, some disasters are worth the effort. Chernobyl is a skunky strain with a deep flavor. It hits like a ton of bricks, puts me deep on my couch and usually puts me right to sleep. I prefer this weed to others cause it’s perfect for long-time stoners who need a STRONG weed to get you going. I am one of those stoners. I grow my own weed but now I am buying online from Pacific cause their seeds are best, and they grow pretty fast. Better than dispo weed, fresh and tasty and good for my STRESSSSS.

  10. Christian Gilmour (verified owner)

    Has to be one of my favorite strains on the internet. Very powerful. Hits my brain like a sledgehammer. Perfect for making me relaxed (finally) after a long long day. Smells almost chemically powerful! Get your weed on Pacific!

  11. Cathal Mann (verified owner)

    This sativa dominant strain might drive your brain into nuclear meltdown, but it’s never felt better. Broke up with my partner a few months back, and I am really sad about it. Pacific has provided me an outdoor hobby to keep me active during this hard time. The dirt and sunshine always feel good and of course the weed his high quality and affordable!

  12. Clare Arellano (verified owner)

    Come on and take a toke of that sweet sweet Chernobyl! It’s some powerful S**T! It brings me a lotta crazy thoughts that translate into crazy music….which is the way it’s supposed to be. Gotta say I am feeling real good about buying this weed online. Comes in nice and smoothly. Takes just about 5 months. Not too shabby I might add….

  13. Bluebell Akhtar (verified owner)

    Hits like a ton of bricks, then settles and lasts for hours. I am much more relaxed than I was in the past. I feel like my anger has subsided, and my focus has improved. I have gotten a LOT of good feedback about the quality from my friends who I share with. They’re always wanting to take some home with them!

  14. Aarush Sharma (verified owner)

    Good for backyard growers, or even those with a nice basement setup. Gives me peace of mind knowing there will always be weed in the house. Has been an excellent way to relax, smells fantastic! Love that these pot seeds ship so fast, and all the way to Canada no less. Strong sour smell. like a nuclear reactor.

  15. Bartlomiej Wallis (verified owner)

    This sativa powerful strain is what gets me going in the morning. Forget the coffee, a few hits of this mj is really all that you need! I got it shipped directly to my door. It was so easy to cultivate and grow, and honestly I liked sculpting it with my pruners. Pretty happy to have this weed in my life now, has been a great experience.

  16. Kody Gale (verified owner)

    OOOOoooooh this weed is so good! I was so surprised at how well it turned out. I got like 800 nugs of GREAT weed. I share with all my friends and girlfriends, and that’s right I have a TON of GFs and they don’t even know about each other. Feeling really good about it though, and it makes my brain feel like HONEY!!

  17. Tanvir Little (verified owner)

    I am never gonna smoke another weed again, this stuff changed my life, and it came out looking absolutely stunning in the sunlight, really makes you think about life, growing it and feeling comforted by this large green plant, a real gem and a great gift from the earth. Try this sticky sour green strain for yourself and you will see 🙂

  18. Pooja Sutherland (verified owner)

    Chernobyl is a pretty rad strain, looks and feels really great, and it’s powerful as all heck. Like when I smoke this my brain just explodes with color and activity, it’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. Definitely gonna buy more cause things are just looking up for me. Got my stimulus payment and am very pleased!!

  19. Fox Simmons (verified owner)

    I was looking for information on the HIT HBO special “Chernobyl” and what did I find? You guessed it. Marijuana. Purchased these dank seeds online, and smoking them after 5 months of growing time, gave me a radioactive high that lasts for DAYZZZZ.

  20. Howard Aldred (verified owner)

    I actually watched the HBO show on this crazy thing and I am happy to say that this weed did not melt my brain…it’s pretty awesome stuff though, and it will get you very high, and it’s got all the best flavors….so pretty and so exotic too. This was my first time growing weed, and definitely not the last.

  21. Dwayne Finnegan (verified owner)

    This may be the sourest weed I have ever smoked, and generally speaking, I am a man who enjoys a good sour weed. Nice buy for the price, makes for a good buy when the times are just getting tougher and we all need something to keep us GROUNDED! Excellent buy for the money, very reliable grow!

  22. parxon (verified owner)

    I was always a big fan of smoking my own dope, but who knew it was gonna be this good!? I ordered these seeds on a whim (was a little drunk one night lol) and I had some seriously good results!!! I just decided to grow them in a little space bucket, who knew it was gonna be a smash success! I can’t wait to buy more. This stuff really knocks you off your feet.

  23. Michael Antoni (verified owner)

    I recommend this weed to experienced weed smokers only….it hits you hard and fast and is always a good buy if you’re looking for an energizing strain that does well in the afternoon. I get SO TIRED after lunch, and coffee only gets me so far. I smoke this to maintain my energy levels deep into the afternoon, great stuff and easy to grow!

  24. Chaddy (verified owner)

    I am super into really strong weeds that give me a HUGE kick and make me wanna just relax in a hammock all evening. I think this weed does just that, but the best part is that it doesn’t make me tired…it just makes me wanna relax and read a book or listen to some music. I ordered this weed online and it shipped out in no time at all….absolutely stunning stuff!

  25. Chuck Ellis (verified owner)

    We have all seen the HBO series by this name and knowhow crazy that situation was….but this weed just melts down your mind and eliminates stress which is way better in my opinion….got myself 3 seeds online with Pacific…they shipped out really fast and they turned into these beautiful tall bushy and productive plants, I got nearly 500 grams! Sour and uplifting…yummmm :p

  26. Nic @ Nite (verified owner)

    This weed is like a nuclear reactor melting down in your brain…but in a good way! I am a big fan of this stuff, makes for a great evening smoke when all your work is done for the day. An excellent blend of sour and sweet with some great looking nugs the size of my fist! Very sticky and fresh, probably some of nicest weed I’ve ever grown, best product yet from PSB!

  27. SOIL KING (verified owner)

    Chernobyl is that show on HBO right? Well, this weed kinda feels like a nuclear meltdown in your brain, but the effects are much more positive haha. Get yourself 3 seeds to start and get growing! Online ordering is fast and simple, and the yield is truly impressive if you have the patience to care for your plants. I really like the sweet taste and the neon green flower. It never really disappoints and is easy to grow. Get your sativa game on!

  28. laundry list (verified owner)

    Chernobyl is one of those weeds that really messes you up! It’s perfect to smoke out of a bong and when you breathe out it’s like a mushroom cloud OOOOOO lol. It’s pretty darn fun to grow too, especially in my basement. I got a very impressive yield, and I haven’t grown weed in years, still got it! Ordering online was fast and easy, and the quality of the nug was very impressive. I highly recommend this mj, won’t disappoint!

  29. Inspertor (verified owner)

    Yeah this weed is like an explosion of flavor and happiness is your brain and the world turns into a melting pot of neon colors and then everything just chills out and you feel like you’re floating down a lazy river at your favorite hotel in Aruba. You dig? It’s a great strain, I mean top-shelf amazing. It’s fun to grow, maybe a little harder than the normal weed out there but Sooooooo worth it. I feel amazing on this weed and smoke it every night for a fun little brain trip. Definitely recommend!

  30. Jason Davis (verified owner)

    Hard to find something NOT to love about this strain. It’s got this intoxicating smell, something like citrus and earthiness and the buzz is seriously powerful, wakes me right up and keeps me sharp for hours to come. I love the way this stuff makes me feel, really helps with anxiety and depression, and gives me a great head start on my day. Highly recommend!

  31. Jason Nelson (verified owner)

    Things tend to get kinda crazy when you smoke this Chernobyl weed! I love the sativa dominance, it really helps with stress and anxiety, takes all that latent energy and puts it right back into focus and creativity. I have made some amazing paintings using this stuff. I am so proud of my abilities to grow this weed and I will definitely do it again. The flavor is amazing, it’s so sour and pungent. YUmmmmm!

  32. Lucy H. (verified owner)

    This is a powerful weed for sure. It’s got that green sticky goodness that you’re gonna love and it smells very sour and earthy. it’s a nice vibe overall though, but I don’t need much to get super high. Fairly well balanced hybrid, usually gets me excited and creative then I kinda settle into couch lock. It helps a lot with stress and anxiety, but definitely better at home than at work!

  33. Cyrus Hensley (verified owner)

    Well, this weed may not be as catastrophic as Chernobyl, but it sure does get you high…I love the taste and smell of this, very sour and earthy, and the sativa elements are really something special. They help me focus and stay alert, help me get work done, and even boost my mood. I sometimes smoke this strain at work, and find it really helps get me through the day!

  34. Kelli D. (verified owner)

    This weed is like an explosion in your brain! It;s super potent stuff, and a sativa leaning hybrid so it’s bound to keep you moving at the speed of light!! I like how easy it was to get this stuff to sprout, and it grew super tall. Such a fantastic backyard grow, with a strong sour smell and taste, great for getting blazed with yr friends!

  35. Brice G. (verified owner)

    Quality pot. It’s a great medical strain, really knocks out pain right away. All the seeds I ordered popped. Would definitely buy again.

  36. Ginny R. (verified owner)

    Love the hint of lime in this mj strain. I wanted to step up my seed-game and the Chernobyl strain was recommended to me. It’s great practice to get more comfy growing more difficult strains, but I’ve just gotta keep at it for perfection. Love that I can smoke this and calmly continue with my day. Very glad that PSB delivers to Canada, and that my order came quickly and in non-descript packaging. Thanks, will order again!

  37. Mags W. (verified owner)

    Love the flavor of this weed!!! Super citrusy like smoking a lemon LOL! My bf does all the growing in the backyard, but I’m the primary stoner in the house haha, soooo glad I tried out this pot! This stuff mellows me out and helps me sleep at night cause I’m super hyper most of the time and just want to stay up and draw all night. Happy (and high) as a clam 🙂

  38. Rosa K. (verified owner)

    Ahhh the euphoria. How do I describe? I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Just ordered my second round of Chernobyl seeds and already got em started. Flowering time is relatively short on these so I plan to have more blingy buds in no time. Chernobyl smokes super nice and is a gift when battling depression, anxiety, etc. Love this bud and can’t wait to have more.

  39. Joel R. (verified owner)

    This was a good buy. The high is pretty intense. Bursts of creativity that last for half an hour or more. Great for writing, art, music etc. Not great for sleeping. But as sativa hybrids go, Chernobyl is a solid choice.

  40. happygoodluck3 (verified owner)

    i have depression and my friend said pot can be good for treating it. i am so glad I tried this strain, it really made me feel like life isn’t so bad and i can get through things and made me feel happier. it’s ok to smoke it during the day, it did not leave me couchbound. it took a long time to flower, but was worth it in the end.

  41. Nick A. (verified owner)

    I just started getting into the intermediate strains. I think I could’ve tried something harder a long time ago but I just didn’t have the confidence. This was a great strain to go with and I really like the high. I get the giggles it makes me so happy. There’s nothing else that I’ve smoked that’s quite like it. Really good weed and I’m happy with my yield. Good quality here at Pacific!

  42. William R. (verified owner)

    I tend to prefer growing sativa dominant strains so Chernobyl kind of fits the bill. I don’t really care for the sensation of couch lock, I think weed should help keep us active and creative and energized throughout the day. Grew in the basement under some grow lamps, and yeah it was a bit of challenge cause I’m still fairly new to growing mj, and the flowering time was a bit longer than expected, but the wait was worth it, and buzz is really something special. Imagine how jazzed up you’ll feel after smoking this as a J and then multiply that by 100 and you’re smoking Chernobyl HA! Will buy again.

  43. Germaine F. (verified owner)

    I love living in California. There are many reasons for this (great weather, hot dudes, great music scene) but most recently I’ve come to love it because marijuana is legal here! Yes!! Such an enlightened state! What this means is that I could grow my Chernobyl MJ outside, right on my deck and it was like no big deal at all. I like hybrids that make me happy and Chern is great for that. Sends any blues far away. But why would anyone be sad while in the sunshine state, with pot available so many places? Can’t beat the convenience of my back deck, tho.

  44. Ed L. (verified owner)

    This weed will totally annihilate you, as expected with a name like Chernobyl. I’d use this for a whole list of medical conditions. Great smoke if you’re battling depression and stress like I am. This weed gave me a really nice body high that I would imagine would work wonders for chronic pain. From your body to your mind, Chernobyl delivers a mellow high that only takes a couple tokes to get to. Happy customer right here.

  45. Rashad Q. (verified owner)

    A lovely hybrid, excellent for sharing and getting high with friends! Also a great grow, super easy to cultivate indoors or out! PSB has an amazing online selection, was very impressed how quickly the seeds shipped out. Got all 5 to germinate with the paper towel method and got a TON of nug! Tastes and smells a little like earth and pine and gets me seriously stoned, love this stuff!!!

  46. Louka L. (verified owner)

    Yeah this is pretty strong stuff, so buyer beware, this strain is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a veteran stoner like myself, Chernobyl might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a challenging grow, but with a solid germ rate and yield (at least with these seeds) and I was pretty stoked when I got nearly 400 grams from my efforts. A powerful head high, makes you want to stay up and chat all night, or maybe paint or do something of the creative sort. Don’t smoke too close to bedtime though, or you’ll be up all night!

  47. Garret E. (verified owner)

    Stuff me in a nuclear reactor midst-meltdown and lemme breathe this smoke and day of the week, I’ll take it. Like most things from Chernobyl itself this plant grows voraciously and can get pretty tall, so be ready for some extra trimming to enjoy the yield this cannabis has to offer. I grew it indoors with no problems and reaped a massive harvest. The high itself is cerebral as hell, it’s very pleasant and a great daytime smoke.

  48. Kenrick S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been curious about growing Chernobyl mj for awhile, so thought I’d buy some seeds and try it out. They were taller than I thought they’d be, so I had to make some room for these buggers. Good yield after coaxing them for 50 days. I have a few clients that love the lemon and lime taste of this mj and I could see ordering it again.

  49. Sylvia N. (verified owner)

    I am amazed at how many of my symptoms Chernobyl is helpful with. I was afraid this weed would get me super wrecked, but the high is actually pretty mellow and pleasant! I can definitely say that this strain has helped me with headaches, chronic neck pain and stress. It’s kind of a medical miracle! The high is dreamy and you feel nice and positive. I’d say this even makes me more self-aware. Probably a good strain to meditate with!

  50. Jamie A. (verified owner)

    Can definitely see the medical benefits of this cannabis but I’m a recreational user and personal use grower. Some would consider 400 grams per plant to be a small yield but for personal use it’s good enough for me. Definitely took extra trimming than I’m used to to get it to flower properly which is probably why it’s labelled as intermediate. Mostly sativa with just a bit of indica to keep everything nice and mellow and relaxed, it’s a good daytime strain.

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