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Godfather Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

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Godfather Purple Kush marijuana seeds start with a boost of euphoria and happiness. When you notice tingling sensation down your spine, that’s when you know the bodily effects are about to kick in and send you into full-body relaxation with a heavy stone feeling. Find the nearest couch as soon as possible!

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With 21% THC, Godfather Purple Kush marijuana seeds should not be taken lightly, even by the most experienced smokers. Restraint is necessary in order to have the ideal high this indica-dominant hybrid brings. In the right doses, this strain starts with a euphoric and cheerful boost that elevates your mood. 


It may take a while before you start to notice the bodily effects kick in. Once you feel a tingling sensation down your spine, we urge you to find the nearest couch ASAP. Seriously, you’ll want to lay down for this one. In larger doses, the effects of Godfather Purple Kush marijuana seeds are practically crippling to the body. Don’t be surprised if you wind up in a ball on the floor or buried under the blanket on your couch. 


You can expect a heavy body stone with this strain as well as full-body relaxation. As for growing this strain, it takes a little bit of trial and error to figure out Godfather Purple Kush marijuana seeds. You may need to tinker with your lighting and temperature to figure it out. Therefore, we recommend this strain for more advanced growers who are used to high-maintenance and finicky plants. This strain also comes with a spicy aroma!

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Headache, Inflammation, Insomnia


Pine, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for Godfather Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Cody Buchanan (verified owner)

    Oooh wee, when that tingling sensation goes down your spine, you’ll see why this is the real Godfather! It’s going to bring a big wave of euphoria and joy that will put you in a good mood. Before you know it, that overall relaxation is going to hit you, and then that heavy feeling will take over. Next stop – sleepville!!

  2. Jamison Christensen (verified owner)

    The taste was a perfect blend of pine, spice, and sweetness that left me craving more. The high was intense and powerful, easing my headache and soothing any inflammation. It also helped me relax and finally get a good night’s sleep. This strain is a true gem for those seeking relief from various ailments.

  3. Caitlin Meyer (verified owner)

    Takes a long time to cultivate, nearly 2 weeks to see germination, and about 12 weeks growth to reach flowering stage. Once the plant is in flowering you need to move quickly to get your flower off the plant, there’s like a 5 day window before the flower starts going to seed. I like the purple MJ and appreciate the berry scent.
    The weed I was able to capture was quality and is good for evening smoking. Good for pain and stress.

  4. MysticKing (verified owner)

    Lost myself on my couch once I smoked this strain. My cares melted away with me as well as I found myself utterly relaxed. I bought 5 of these seeds from Pacific and it’s great all 5 germinated so well. Shipping was fast as well and I am happy with how my order was fulfilled.

  5. Juliana Duarte (verified owner)

    Godfather Purple Kush Feminized Seeds offer a potent and relaxing experience. With a THC content of 21%, this strain provides a euphoric and cheerful boost to your mood before delivering a heavy body stone and full-body relaxation. It’s ideal for experienced smokers seeking deep relaxation. However, growing these seeds requires some expertise, making them better suited for advanced growers.

  6. Holly Moran (verified owner)

    Heavy and strong for sure, had me in a heavy couch lock. This is one of those highs where you gotta really be prepared to sit down and enjoy the ride. If you’re looking to be more active maybe don’t go for this strain. As for growing things went very smoothly, with fast grow time, and amazingly got full germination.

  7. Riya Arellano (verified owner)

    This nug is a heavy indica with a juicy grape aroma and an even smoother, silkier smoke! Luxury at its FINEST! You know you want some of this nug….it’s not even that hard to cultivate, takes about 10 weeks (most of the summer) and you can get your harvest tools ready for fall. So natural and organic and fresh, everyone will love it!

  8. Cortez Hood (verified owner)

    This moderate-yielding strain has given me really nice sweet buds that help me deeply with my headaches and other pain issues. Often find myself in a nice blissful state after smoking this and felt really rewarded for successfully growing these harder-to-care-for seeds.

  9. CultivationConductor (verified owner)

    We are all weed growers in our souls. Don’t ever forget that! ANYONE can grow weed who wants to. Pacific has really made me sure of that. I purchased 10 seeds online and was just happy to see them in my mailbox just a few days later. I am a Cali resident and LIVE for the coast. I grow my weed in my apartment and go out and surf and life is just GOOD!

  10. Findlay S. (verified owner)

    This some stanky-a$$ weed!! Buying online was seriously the easiest thing in the world. The seeds arrived in the mail no more than 5 days later. Came with some great growing advice, which I followed….
    Wishing I grew outdoors cause this weed is pungent!! It’s okay though, usually it yields a LOT of nug and it gets me real nice and toasty, so much fewer complaints now that I am buzzed.

  11. Ty Flower (verified owner)

    This is a big beautiful purple BALLOON of weed! I am a medicinal user. Have been smoking for ADD and PTSD for a few years. Something about this earthy indica has been great for curbing symptoms and helping me feel much lighter. I can sleep better and my appetite is more regulated. If you appreciate high-quality nug, and also some FAST shipping / affordable pricing take my word for it and buy this seed.

  12. Ria Hammond (verified owner)

    The godfather kush is everything you want it to be. It’s an offer you CAN’T refuse!!! The prices on this site are the lowest you will find anywhere, especially since everything I’ve ever purchased from them has grown to fruiting. I work up in Canada, and the shipping times were FAST!!

  13. Kayla Davies (verified owner)

    Don’t get discouraged if your seeds don’t germinate right away. Sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks! Just make sure you are watering every day and giving your starts lots of love. Once they are in the ground, this weed is both beautiful and productive. You can expect between 500-800 grams from a 3 plant harvest. Plus all the purple nugs you could ever want!

  14. Tyrese Holcomb (verified owner)

    A beautifully purple strain of marijuana, as if it’s been electrified. Beautiful grow, an absolute GEM!

  15. Trent Whiteley (verified owner)

    This mj is truly the GODFATHER of purple Kush. Its an easy grow with a usually pretty high yield. My yield was somewhere between 600-800 G though I didn’t really measure haha. I like how it turned out, and how fresh it tastes. Yep, the purple color really does add something to the aesthetic!

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