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Hashberry Feminized Seeds

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Hashberry is a hybrid strain of marijuana known for its uplifting effects. The THC content can range from 10-18%, and the Indica-dominant strain traces its roots to the Kashmir region of Northern India. It’s very delicious, giving you an uplifting sensation and clear mind.

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Hashberry is one of those strains that has a very ambiguous lineage. Although it is an Indica-dominant strain, its Sativa effects seem to be more pronounced. It traces its roots to the Kashmir region of Northern India.

It’s a very delicious strain that gives you an uplifting sensation. After taking it, you’ll have a clear mind and the ability to focus. This gives you a boost of energy, leaving you more productive for the day. Your body will feel complete relaxation when taking it, and depending on how potent, it can bring you to the couch.

It is known as one of the best-smelling hybrids, boasting a peppery mint odor with a smell of berry. The taste is hard to describe, but the fruity flavor of berry does come through. Many people have a hard time finding a better tasting strain!

The THC content can range from 10% to 18%, and at first dizziness can set in at the beginning, so it’s best to be avoided by those who suffer from feelings of worry. This strain helps people deal with depression and stress. This hybrid is easy to grow, doing well in warm and cool climates while growing better in open space.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 900 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Fruity, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


14 reviews for Hashberry Feminized Seeds

  1. Emery Roberts (verified owner)

    Hashberry by Coastal Genetics is the perfect strain for a delightful growing experience. All seeds sprouted and germinated with ease, making for a smooth start. The high from Hashberry is euphoric, happy, and relaxed, offering a great sense of well-being. The taste is a delicious combination of berry, fruity, and sweet.

  2. Ana Ferreira (verified owner)

    Hashberry Feminized Seeds are a delightful strain of marijuana known for its uplifting effects. With a THC content ranging from 10-18%, this Indica-dominant strain traces its roots to the Kashmir region of Northern India. It offers an uplifting sensation, clear mind, and boost of energy, making it perfect for combating stress and pain.

  3. Alethea Newton (verified owner)

    I am pleased with how well this turned out! I got nearly 500 G of pot from just 5 plants…averaging 100 G per plant!! I grew indoors, in my closet actually, and was very pleased with the results. Had my LED lights on for minimum 10 hrs a day….in the summer up to 16 hrs a day! Got some very bushy and amazing plants. High-quality stuff!

  4. Elijah Stevenson (verified owner)

    This is some daaaaaank nug!
    Purchased 10 seeds and grew them indoors…looking awesome!!! They’re just in these large pots and planters….very tall and getting taller!
    Has a skunky, fresh berry flavor….easily the best indoor grow I’ve had in a while. Cool beans thanks friends!

  5. Isabella Chen (verified owner)

    Excellent choice for cannabis users everywhere. Hashberry is a delightful plant that grows in just about any condition. It’s fun to work with and usually yields a whole lot of weed. I had a great time growing this in my backyard, even though I have very little experience when it comes to working with weed. I still like this strain a lot and plan to grow it again, especially since the buzz is sooo good!

  6. Robert Dixon (verified owner)

    Feels like this plant grew overnight! Like Jack and the Beanstalk these seeds were practically magic! Grew it outdoors and got some massive amounts of weed! High is solid with a good fruity taste. If you want some bang for your buck grab these ASAP!

  7. Leila Shannon (verified owner)

    Smooth and tasty,m hashberry hits like crazy!!! It relaxes me at my most volatile and puts me back at baseline. Makes me think happy thoughts, and kills the daily stress from work!

  8. Mrs. Carol Glover (verified owner)

    Clear your mind, and open your crown chakra when you smoke hashberry. The perfect flavor, hits me hardddd, and makes me smile, so what could be better than that? Plus, it tastes phenomenal and I grew it my dang self!

  9. MaryJaneManiac (verified owner)

    A really nice uplifting high with a great taste, Hashberry is very nice to grow as well. It yielded very large quantities and was quite easy to grow. I was quite happy with getting these seeds from Pacific at such a fast shipping speed.

  10. ArtisticAurora (verified owner)

    Hashberry is a lighter strain that does not overtake the body but instead helps you enjoy and relax in a calming body high. With large yields and even better growing time, this seed has a great bounty to gift its growers. Be sure to grow it outdoors if you are able to!

  11. CometConqueror15 (verified owner)

    Hashberry is easily one of my most beloved strains to grow. Really easy to care for and gives some great yields, and the body high is phenomenal. Pacific Seed Bank always delivers my seeds at an amazing pace and I love getting a full 3/3 germination from all my orders.

  12. Ohth6yeeth (verified owner)

    Yummmm Hashberry has a unique flavor that makes it one of my absolute favorites! Nothing quite like a bowl of this weed when it’s freshly picked and cured from my own weed plants. I am an outdoor grower, so I usually start seeds indoors in February and plant outside in April or May. PNW grower here so our springs are long and generally cooler. It’s been a great purchase, I love growing out in the yard. The seeds arrived right in my mailbox!

  13. Humza G. (verified owner)

    Sup dudes? Another great grow with Pacific. This is my 3rd time working with them, and the results get better and better. Fresh to DEATH! I definitely wanna grow in my own greenhouse next time. These plants get TALL! Very fresh, fragrant, and eviscerates my headaches.

  14. Zakariyah Leach (verified owner)

    Okay this is a deep, earthy, smooth smoking sesh that you and your friends will love. These seeds are high quality and sell at a ridiculously low price! I was a little skeptical at first but wow! It really worked. Going to buy more for next season. Ships anywhere in the USA!

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