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Island Sweet Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A tropical-inspired cannabis strain originating out of Canada, Island Sweet Skunk delivers potent medication on a puff of citrus-flavored smoke. Even beginner growers can produce an impressive harvest from these easy-to-grow marijuana seeds.

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Island Sweet Skunk

Though its name suggests a tropical heritage, Island Sweet Skunk marijuana actually originated north of the equator. A native of Canada, this sativa-dominant cannabis strain will knock your socks off with a healthy dose of THC (18%) and super impressive yield.

Offering an uplifting and energetic high, Island Sweet Skunk marijuana is a widely requested medical strain, often prescribed for treating conditions like depression and anxiety – if it was around in the 80s you might consider it a mascot of sorts for that Bobby McFerrin chart topper “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. In fact, the effects of this strain are so versatile it has been used to help soothe nausea, reduce chronic pain, and fatigue, and relieve aches and pains associated with back pain, muscle spasms and headaches. effects are far reaching, and can also help soothe nausea,

Blame the name on the aroma of Island Sweet Skunk weed, which is fruity and pungent, redolent of an island in the sun, some say. Energizing and unwinding, it’s the embodiment of a tropical vacation. Island Sweet Skunk feminized marijuana seeds are surprisingly high yielding – upwards of 1000 grams per plant, and you don’t even have to be a master gardener! Beginner growers can have just as much success, as long as they pay close attention to humidity levels (it prefers around 50%).

Take an island vacation from the comfort of your sitting room – order Island Sweet Skunk feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Nausea


Earthy, Herbal, Pungent

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






11 reviews for Island Sweet Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Jay K. (verified owner)

    This is one of the best mj strains in my humble opinion! I mean, what’s not to like? There’s a high THC content, so you’ll get a euphoric, tight high. It’s a pretty easy grow and love that this plant produce like crazy! Expect to get lots of dank buds with island sweet skunk. Also, the smell of island sweet is SO GOOD – like fruity and tropical and like I’m sitting on a beach with a cool, fruity drink in my hand! Already planning to order more of these seeds when I use up my current batch.

  2. Gavin O. (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I discovered the wonderful medical benefits of marijuana for depression. There was a time I could barely get out of bed in the morning, but with a little help from island skunk, I am able to function. I appreciate that I can order these seeds online and don’t have to deal with the attitude of a budmaster at a dispensary. Reasonable buy from Pacific Seeds, I know this is where to get pot seeds from for now on.

  3. Maribel E. (verified owner)

    My husband and I started growing cannabis so we’d have our own supply for our medical needs, and those of my sister-in-law. We found growing Island Sweet Skunk to be an easy process. We live on a farm, so it’s not like growing things is that foreign to us. We were pleasantly surprised by how much usable flower we got from our 3 seeds. Many thanks to Pacific Seed Bank for your exellent service and fast delivery. We’ll order again…eventually!

  4. Adrian Q. (verified owner)

    Probably the best bang for your buck you can find on this site. I’m a medical MJ patient, and this weed is great for soothing my aches and pains and improving my mood. The dispensary bills were seriously piling up and I just got tired of it! My budtender recommended this strain and I decided to grow it myself. What a difference! I got seriously almost 800 G on my first try and my life has definitely improved. I usually smoke in the afternoon when my joints really start to ache, and this calms them right down. A great buy!!

  5. Malik F. (verified owner)

    I had back surgery last year and I’ve never been the same. I’ve run the gamut trying to find relief from constant back pain. After talking with Pacific’s customer service I found Island Sweet Skunk. After about 7 and a half weeks I finally got my first smoke. I’m very pleased to report that this strain has helped me with my pain! I’m also new at gardening and I didn’t find this strain too challenging. Highly recommend

  6. Thad D. (verified owner)

    HOLY MOLY THIS HARVEST IS AWESOME. I think it’s the biggest one I’ve ever had! I’m so stocked! Thank you Pacific! Wow! I am just floored! I need to read up on how to carefully store this weed because I have so SO much! I feel rich with weed! I only ordered 5 seeds, but since I got all of them to germinate I got a full crop and I’m just blown away. This is good value for the money!

  7. cordilia prachett (verified owner)

    I have been growing weed a very long time, and Island Sweet Skunk is one of my favorites. I would tell anyone who is new to growing to give it a try. I always get a nice yield from this strain, and this time was no exception. The high is quite nice, and has helped me greatly in relieving muscle pain and headaches. In fact, I think this strain would help with any kind of neurological condition. I’ve heard reports of this weed also relieving nausea and chronic pain. Giving this 5 stars for easy growability and a quality high.

  8. Walden R. (verified owner)

    Sweet Skunk gets you moving! I like to smoke cannabis to get a little push to get going and Sweet Skunk did not disappoint! It’ll have you on your feet doing chores, getting to work, exercising, whatever needs to get done. Do NOT smoke it if you want to fall asleep! Great buy from PSB and discreet delivery. All around win!

  9. Alanna W. (verified owner)

    I call it my Happy Weed. This is as energizing as any pot I’ve ever smoked. I wouldn’t think there’s any indica in it at all. On the other hand, it doesn’t keep me up nights. It’s a good kind of energy.

    Grow was straightforward and pretty fast; impressive yield. Maybe I belong in Canada.

  10. Cedric F. (verified owner)

    I love me some tropical weed. This stuff makes me feel like I am in Hawaii and I live all the way in Canada! Ordered my seeds online through PSB, and they shipped out super fast! Got all 3 to germinate with the paper towel method and only 4 months later I was harvesting my own bud, I got a ton of nug, and now I smoke this every day! Great for happiness and relaxation!

  11. Marcos B. (verified owner)

    This weed has it all! It;s so relaxing and also smells amazing, literally like pineapple and skunk and it’s just got the most groovy buzz in the whole world. I love this stuff, it’s been such a rewarding experience growing my own weed, I am so happy my plants turned out well, and they really produced a lot of bud! A great bang for your buck and definitely worth the buy!

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