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Larry OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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With the ability to deliver a smile as effectively as another famous Larry we know, Larry OG feminized mairjuana seeds are a legend in their own right, delivery worry-free relaxation on a cloud of citrus/pine smoke.

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Larry OG

A toke of Larry OG is like taking a bite of fresh meringue pie, except the sticky sweet taste of this potent marijuana will leave you feeling relaxed and worry free.

Also known as Lemon Larry because of its strong overtones of citrus, Larry OG marijuana is balanced hybrid and potent mood elevator. With 24% THC content, you can expect to feel almost immediately soothed by its indica heritage, coupled with a euphoric high that is surprisingly focused. Despite that cherry uplift in mood, save Larry OG marijuana for the evening, because a steady sleepy feeling sets in over time, which gets more pronounced the more you smoke. Popular among patients, it’s ideal for treating mental health disorders and chronic pain conditions, as well as for patients suffering from appetite loss.

Larry OG feminized marijuana seeds are known for producing dense nugs and a shock of burnt orange pistils that are longer than average. Larry flourishes indoors, in a greenhouse, or a grow tent, but because some patience and attention is required to maintain it’s often statuesque height, it’s considered one of those kinds of strains better suited for intermediate gardeners who have some experience cultivating finicky marijuana seeds.

You’ve got a good friend in Larry OG feminized marijuana seeds – order now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress


Herbal, Lemon, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






18 reviews for Larry OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Darlene P. (verified owner)

    Nicely balanced but a very powerful strain that’ll rock your senses. Definitely good for more experienced stoners who know what they want in a high, rather than those just getting started. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to grow and produces a nice, medium yield of usable nug. I usually smoke this in the afternoon/evening to keep me feeling fresh and positive throughout the day. I usually like to write on this as it keeps me feeling creative and the good ideas just keep on flowing. Glowy and shimmery goodness!

  2. Brandon P. (verified owner)

    Growers beware this plant gets pretty tall, so keep that in mind for an indoor setting. Really good 50/50 hybrid that delivers the more appealing aspects of both sativa and indica with high thc to keep me blasted throughout. Starts off heady and creative and slowly turns into a really nice relaxed state that gets me ready to sleep in no time. Good for insomnia and depression without a doubt.

  3. Alyssa Z. (verified owner)

    A perfectly balanced buzz that wont knock you off your feet! Plus it smells and tastes like lemons, Yummmmm! I grew it in a space bucket in my closet, which was an interesting choice, I think this plant needs much more room to thrive! Either way, had a solid yield and have been sharing with friends, who are so impressed with me 🙂 Next time I’ll be planting in the backyard and I bet you’ll see even more results! Super effective in dealing with stress and anxiety, a

  4. Hugo S. (verified owner)

    Gotta say, I like how Larry starts and I like how Larry finishes. Starts off happy, motivating, creative even! Focused too! Then you settle in and get sleepy time. Smoke it before dinner, have delightful conversation, then settle into the couch for some tv. Larry OG will make sure your good the whole way. Just another great strain from pacific. Lovin the options here on the site and lookin forward to buying again.

  5. Doug F (verified owner)

    The orange hairs on these buds were impressive. Beautiful looking nugs! Smoke this at the end of a hard day to improve your mood and put you to bed. You start out with a good bolt of energy and finishes off with a lazy, mellow high. This is so far my favorite strain. It helped with me with anxiety, too. Just a couple small hits and you’re off. Each hit gets you a little bit deeper, but not overwhelmingly so. Good for medical or recreational or whatever you need it for. Delivery was fast and packaging spot on.

  6. Latisha D. (verified owner)

    I suffer from chronic pain and needed to find some long-term relief, wanted to give marijuana a try. Luckily have been gardening my whole life so had a lot of success growing this strain on my land ( we have 15 acres out in the country). Had some difficulty sprouting but luckily they came up late spring and I had some frilly orange flowers by the fall! What a life saver, this strain has really turned things around for me and I feel like I am in a younger body. My husband has noticed the difference too and we enjoy smoking in the evenings before bed. I’ll be coming back for more!

  7. Ronald S. (verified owner)

    Larry OG takes a little bit of extra room because the plant gets pretty tall, but it’s worth the space it takes up for a hefty yield. It produced really dense, beautiful nugs and smells really pleasantly of citrus. It has an even balance of indica and sativa that makes it great to smoke at any time of the day. Short flowering time, even shorter shipping time from PSB!

  8. Steph G. (verified owner)

    Lemon Larry always makes everything better! The heavy, bursting nugs of larry OG taste like lemon rinds encased in thick black soil – such an earthy, delicious treat. And the effect of my friend Larry is like a rising cloud to my brain, just uplifting all worries and troubles away. Great delivery from Pacific Seeds, seems like I just ordered the cannabis seeds and they arrived to my door in Canada before I knew it. Awesome job with these seeds, Pacific!

  9. Marissa R. (verified owner)

    Larry, larry oh larry! You gots my heart! Careful smoking this shit cuz you’ll prbly pass out — unless that’s what you want. This mj makes me happy, focused and makes my muscles all over relax, which is what I need cuz I work a construction job thats hard on my body. Plus I got three young kids that stress me out, lol. Love this weed!

  10. Joaquin I. (verified owner)

    A nicely balanced kush that’s more sativa dominant that your average kush plant. Definitely an enjoyable grow, you’ll love the size of these plants, plus their leaves are bright green and white. It smells super sour and tastes tangy like candy! A very relaxing buzz but also great for mood and stress. Definitely a great one to pass around with friends!

  11. Ruby Y. (verified owner)

    I’ve been dealing with serious stress for the last few years – job, family, money problems, it never ends. I thought about using marijuana for medical reasons but none of them have been as good for me as larry og. I think I like it so much because the initial high is awesome but then the feelin fades to a nice, drowsy, sleepytime mj that gives me some much-needed sleep. Larry OG gives me everything I need: a break from the stress and then he helps me sleep, too. Essentially, this is the perfect mj!

  12. Danny O. (verified owner)

    Everyone has their favorite Larry in their life, and this one happens to be mine, so delicious and full of flavor, does great things for my mood and has even helped with my headaches. It’s not hard to grow, and you can do it right in your backyard with relative ease! It’s easy to order from PSB, and they deliver right to your door. What a relief!

  13. 8675309 (verified owner)

    A nicely balanced hybrid, one of the better OG strains I have tried. I love growing weed, have done so for years and had fantastic results. I love he taste and smell of this stuff, very sweet, like a walk in a lemon grove or something lol. I enjoy the nice body buzz, never overpowering and very delicious. Worth it for sure!

  14. yellowjacket (verified owner)

    Who is Larry? I have no idea, but I sure do like this weed! It’s wicked easy to grow, got myself 3 seeds from pacific and all 3 popped up in no time. Amazing grow for new beginners. Lives up to the OG strain title, got that classic sour sweet smell and taste, and gives a great headbuzz with a really grounding body buzz that lasts for hours. Very impressed!

  15. puzzleme30 (verified owner)

    A nice middle of the road strain of mj. Great for what ails you. I smoke this on the weekends usually. Does great in the afternoon, very relaxing, euphoric and uplifting. Great for smoking before a long walk in the woods. The smell is intoxicating, very sour and a little sweet too. I enjoyed growing this plant, and will do so again. Thanks PSB!

  16. Finish Product (verified owner)

    I have no idea who this Larry guy is, but I sure do love his weed! I just took a gamble and bought this weed. It’s super chill and relaxing stuff, gives me a great stoned feeling and it gets me feeling kinda hungry and sleepy, just like a good indica weed should. I sleep better on this weed and have some wild dreams as well! Can’t wait to grow more, and I’ll definitely grow in the basement next time to increase yield. Great taste though!

  17. brian thomas (verified owner)

    Well whoever this Larry guy is he certainly knows weed. I really like this stuff, it’s pretty darn relaxing and it helps me chill out after work is done. I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered right to my place here in East LA. I actually have a small yard so was able to grow it out there in large pots and it did pretty well. I got myself a nice yield from just a few plants and there’s still plenty of weed left over. Definitely worth the buy!

  18. Justin Timberline (verified owner)

    I turn to this weed when I need some worry-free relaxation. Got myself 3 seeds online and they shipped right to my mailbox. I’m very impressed with how easy it all turned out. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to grow these by myself but turns out it’s a lot easier than one might think. A pretty substantial yield, better than expected, and perfect for my backyard garden!

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