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Panama Red Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Harkening from its namesake country, Panama Red is a classic strain that’s proud in its pure sativa roots. Looking for a psychadelic hit? Try this one on for size, but beware it’s potency! It takes awhile to cultivate, but just a little bit will leave you alert and creative.

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Yep, you guessed it, Panama Red does indeed come from Panama. This strain is considered an old-school marijuana classic as it’s been around for ages but has gradually decreased in popularity over time. Panama Red marijuana seeds reached their peak in popularity in the late 1960’s for being a pure sativa. Two adjectives to describe this marijuana strain are quick and intense — a little goes a long way with this stuff. Beginners and those with a low tolerance should enjoy Panama Red in smaller doses as the effects can sometimes be psychedelic.

If that’s what you’re going for, then, by all means, smoke away! But if you’re looking for just a hint of energy and mental function, smoke moderately and in lower quantities. A pure sativa strain means you’ll feel most, if not all, of the effects in your head. You may feel more awake, alert, and creative, making this an ideal daytime smoke. Too much of Panama Red before bed may result in rocky sleep patterns as your brain will be running on high at full-steam ahead!

Part of the reason Panama Red got overshadowed by other pure sativas is because of its slower flowering time of roughly 11 weeks. Growers realized they could get the same effects from other strains that flowered a lot quicker. And so, they left Panama Red marijuana seeds behind. That being said, this powerful sativa should not be overlooked any longer.

Additional information

Cannabis Species



100% Sativa

Flowering Time

75-85 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Nausea


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






36 reviews for Panama Red Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Courtney E. (verified owner)

    I’m an art student, so I’m always looking for ways to foster my creativity. My mom actually suggested panama red pot to me (she’s an artist too) and we even tried it together a few weeks ago. Love this stuff. It is true that just a little pan may get you where you need to go – my brain felt woken up, in a really cool and satisfying way. I know it takes a little longer to grow than other sativas, but I thought panama was worth the wait. Will smoke more to get more work done on my current project – I think this mj will help lead me to where I know the art wants to go. It is only my job to assist it on its journey there.

  2. Janiya S. (verified owner)

    I heard about this strain from my uncle its been around so long. He was a super stoner back in the day and he said this strain was his all-time favorite. So when I saw it here on Pacific I had to have it. My ladies are almost done and ready to harvest, and as soon as I do I’m gonna send a mason jar full of this nug to my uncle Jon as a bday gift. Thanks for carrying such classic gems!

  3. Dawn R. (verified owner)

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but my dad told me about this weed. He smoked it back in the day and loved it. So for father’s day I grew it in my garden and got a massive yield. Gave half my harvest to daddio and he couldn’t be happier. What’s crazy is that this is now my favorite strain to smoke and my dad of all people knew about it before I did. This is probably the highest quality 100% sativa money can buy. Good shit!

  4. Darius R. (verified owner)

    I was in a major artistic funk, wasn’t able to do anything, and I’ve used pot to climb out of these ruts before. My buddy brought by panama red and I quickly added it to the farm. Panama red gave me the energy, focus and boost in creativity I needed, I’m producing again like gang busters. Also, the PSB website makes ordering mj so easy and also loved all the varieties available. Will buy from PSB again!

  5. Vanessa W. (verified owner)

    I find that panama red is wonderful for combatting social anxiety. The high sativa definitely keeps me talking and going but when I smoke things with higher thc I tend to get really physically uncomfortable and I don’t like to be around other people, so this weed is an excellent choice! I grow only for personal use so the longer flowering time and slightly lower yield didn’t bother me but I could see how it could be an issue for others. I had an easy time with my basic indoor setup though. But again, I don’t really smoke a lot so it isn’t an issue for me.

  6. Avery B. (verified owner)

    Def good smoke for the daytime! I like to take a couple hits of Panama Red and do yard work. I feel like a lawnmowing machine. It’s fun to do something repetitive while high on this weed. Been smoking this one for awhile on account of my very healthy harvest. Happy with my seeds and for sure going to order from this site again. Good job Pacific!

  7. Frank M. (verified owner)

    Guess I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to weed, which is why I decided to buy these seeds online and give it a go in the backyard, and yes the growing time is pretty darn long so we had to start the seeds indoors and transplant, but like you can’t beat the strong sativa qualities that really keeps you up and moving. I like to invite a few old buddies of mine over for a smoke and have a good conversation over a few brews and this gets us all feeling super high and alive!! 4 stars bc of how long it took to grow, but overall a super stellar weed!

  8. Kamron L. (verified owner)

    Growing this was like taking a trip back in time. I feel like panama red is like an ancient strain of weed that’s been cultivated for centuries. I am glad I got a hold of it. Have been growing weed for years and this was nice addition to my indoor collection. Smells strongly of earth and spice, and tastes very much like this as well. It’s a powerful sativa, wakes up the mind and body and puts you in a great place for creative work or school work even. Super happy I grew this weed!

  9. Teresa D. (verified owner)

    Believe it or not I tried this weed because of a song. It was one I remember my cousin playing at the arcade he used to own. “Panama Red/Panama Red/He’ll steal your woman…something something.” That’s all I remember. Anyway, I’m glad I bought these seeds because they grew some really nice pot. (I live in Oklahoma and don’t always know where to get it.) My plants grew a big crop of buds and once they dried out it was Party Time in Enid! Next time I’ll order something else, since I’ve still got lots of this stuff.

  10. iriseyesonlyforu (verified owner)

    Alert daytime smoke that I felt I could write a bestselling novel on. The flowering time is slow, but worth it in my opinion. The high isn’t too overpowering and leaves you with a marvelous happy sense of well-being. I’m not wild about the taste. It’s sort of spicy and earthy. Which is why I’m only giving this four stars. But the high is my favorite of any weed so far. Not too cloudy, really smooth, nice euphoria. Very functional and creative.

  11. Ferris Y. (verified owner)

    Wanna get high but not too foggy? This strain is awesome at that. I’ve tried just about every strain out there and Panama Red is dfeinitely in my top ten .It’s been around forever and its easy to see why. This weed is so smooth and easy to smoke. It’s also easy to grow if you know what youre doing. Long lasting high that doesn’t put you so far into the cloud that you can’t do nothing. Really outstanding and I liked the taste and smell.

  12. Walter P. (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the classics. I’m 71 years old and been smoking longer than I can remember. But I sure remember Panama Red from back in the good old days. It wasn’t nearly this strong though. Powerful stuff. And now I know where to buy it, I’m telling all my friends. Damn good high. Thank y’all!

  13. Max H. (verified owner)

    Panama Red has got to be one of my top ten favorite strains. I always get a MASSIVE yield from my plants and this time was prbly the biggest. The buds were LARGE and SOLID. Grew my plants indoors like always, and I don’t know what I did differently this time other than order my seeds from Pacific. But jesus h christ, my harvest was f’ing HUGE. The high from this weed is also f’ing excellent. Sorta drunk-like, fun, creative, energizing. Highly recommend!

  14. Whitney M. (verified owner)

    College student with a love for weed. I NEED sativas to help me with studying and getting my mountain of work done on time, and Panama was the perfect strain for me. Grew indoors in my apartment, and yeah it was kind of stinky but nobody complained! Got like 400 G which is plenty for me, and I usually smoke a bowl of this right before I start my HW for the night, and time just flies by. Smells and tastes kind of earthy and strong, but trust me, you’ll never be more focused in your life!

  15. Yahir L. (verified owner)

    Pacific Seed Bank said that this has become less popular but I can’t imagine why. Wonderfully psychedelic true Sativa, excellent for wake and bake on a rainy day to keep the inside of the house and the inside of my mind lively. I read that it needs a subtropical climate to mature successfully and greenhouse growing is recommended, but I grew it indoors and just kept heat and humidity up and I didn’t have too much difficulty growing it. Good weed and absolutely worth the wait for the flowering period.

  16. Raymond C. (verified owner)

    This is a very unique strain of weed, kind of reminds me of the stuff I used to smoke in high school, but better lol. It was a good indoor grow, has a VERY earthy pungent smell, and it hits really hard. An intense sativa, not something to be messed around with at night. I usually just take one or two tokes during the day to help with mood and energy.

  17. Paulette Luna (verified owner)

    This is some real backcountry stuff! I grew right in my backyard, got some amazing results, and I am serious you do not need to be an expert grower to get this stuff growing, it’s remarkably easy and fun, and it smells super spicy and delicious. I am super thrilled by the amount of weed I took home. It’s powerful stuff, and it gets me really high and really focused. Hallelujah!

  18. Charlie Hills (verified owner)

    This weed is the perfect midday pick me up, offers up some delicious nugs after a longer than normal growing period, but it’s super worth it. Feeling tired at work? Take a smoke break at lunch and trust me you’ll be feeling better in no time! When I smoke this my focus improves and my creativity does as well. I feel like my work performance is better than ever now that I have Panama red in the mix. An excellent buy!

  19. coughman420 (verified owner)

    Definitely took a long time to grow, almost 5 months in the making, but definitely worth the effort. This weed packs a punch, is great for the afternoon slump and is WAY more effective than an energy drink. I just enjoy the sour taste to this weed, it’s like eating a sour candy and helps a lot with depression and anxiety. Anybody can grow this stuff, it’s very easy!!!

  20. Dick Van Dyke (verified owner)

    Oh man, can’t talk highly enough about this strain, it’s pretty wicked tasty and delicious and really easy to grow in almost any setting so long as it’s HOT! Definitely a SoCal strain, grows great in our dry sunny weather and I really like the way this stuff hits too. It’s like pretty solid, very strong taste, very sour and earthy, not sweet. And Sativa like you’ve never experienced. Keeps me up and about for hours, does me really well when I am super fatigued.

  21. Cola (verified owner)

    I had never heard of this strain but I love sativa blends and thought this one would be good for me. Glad I was right, cause this stuff was really easy to grow and offered up some amazing flower after a pretty short time. Harvesting was a breeze, and the smell is nice and sour and earthy, definitely a good buy if you’re someone who likes to have a lot of energy and thing quickly and jot down all your crazy ideas (like me lol). I share it with my friends too and we have a good laugh!

  22. Vidalia (verified owner)

    Classic strain, the kinda thing you expect to get when you’re in high school, but much better, and more powerful, and packed with sour flavor yummm. I am a weed enthusiast. a daily smoker, I love taking huge rips from my bong and watching stupid stoner films. This was my first time growing my own weed. Got a nice yield and had very little trouble. It’s just like taking care of tomato plants really. I will definitely be back for more!

  23. Chemeleon (verified owner)

    Panama red is a very interesting strain….super intense actually, like pure Sativa intensity…which I happen to enjoy…got myself nearly 5 oz of weed…definitely worth growing my own…the quality is so much better and so much more fulfilling. Plus it’s less expensive than the dispensary 🙂

  24. Wrenched (verified owner)

    I have never been to Panama, but if they smoke this weed down there, then they are doing something right! It’s about as delicious as any weed out there, and the sativa energy makes this a perfect after-lunch break smoke…makes sitting in front of the computer a heck of a lot better, and it makes the afternoon go by much faster!

  25. balla4999 (verified owner)

    Panama red is a powerful strain that does great things for your brain and for your body. I like to smoke this sativa-laden beauty and go for long bike rides, good times all around and very exciting. I just love the smell of this too, it’s so sour and a little sweet and the flower is deep red in color, amazing!!!

  26. karen kreighter (verified owner)

    Red color and very earthy tasting, a straight-shooter, never pulls any punches, gets you baked and keeps your mind buzzing, good for long road trips or even before a shift at your boring job, it makes a boring, listless day feel new and exciting again. Happy I could grow my own finally, I am very happy to just have space to grow in my new backyard!!!

  27. Hibba Golden (verified owner)

    Truly the most beautiful weed I have ever grown, the leaves are nice and pointy and the flower is a deep red color and very dense. Nice to harvest with your hands cause they smell amazing and are very sticky after you’re done. Ordering online is super easy and it’s really fun to have this weed shipped to your front door. Very happy with my purchase!!

  28. Eshaan Flores (verified owner)

    Get STOKED about this weed…smoke it every day and then just chill out…life is hard man…we need to take some time to get rest and relaxation…I am very happy about growing this strain…it’s a big accomplishment for me…I get very high and definitely wanna keep doing it…it’s like a fun little project all summer long 🙂

  29. Lavinia Goff (verified owner)

    A very euphoric and uplifting strain, gets me nice and stoned and helps me manage my stress. I like to smoke this in the afternoon so I dont crash in front of my computer lol. Definitely a nice buy, especially for the price, gets me nice and buzzy and was easy to grow, I think you’re gonna love this strain!!!!

  30. Phillippa Power (verified owner)

    Never been to Panama, but I sure do love the Panama Red strain for its awesome vibrant colors and sativa buzz. Makes for a truly excellent vibe, gets me nice and stoned, gives me a lot of excitement, brings joy to my heart, and ordering it online was simple and very fast! Gotta say, Pacific really has great pot seeds, they always germinate!!

  31. Marcie Stuart (verified owner)

    Panama red is a sativa lover’s DREAM! It’s got some great vibes every time. Smells good and looks good too (if you grow it right) and it really gets tall and beautiful. I am a midnight smoker, and like to get high when my day is completely done. I am happy to announce I have purchased more mj from this site and can’t wait to plant it!!!

  32. Sonia Roach (verified owner)

    There are few sativas out there that I swear by, and the Panama red is really one of them. This strain is sour, and the smoke is harsh, but that buzz just can’t be beat. It’s an anxiety and depression smasher, and it even helps with fatigue and mild aches. Good for going out on the town or having a fun night to yourself with some painting or writing at the docket.

  33. Deacon Head (verified owner)

    Please read my review!!! This dope is some of the nicest stuff you can find on the internet, not only that, it’s easy to order and ships to my house quickly. Pacific has an amazing selection. Was honestly surprised to see this looking so vast. I am no weed expert, but if I was, I know choosing would be a hard decision. Either way, awesome buy 🙂

  34. Rosie Hatfield (verified owner)

    What makes Panama red so special is it’s unique cerebral buzz that lasts for hours. Plus it’s an easy grow 😉

  35. Ilyas King (verified owner)

    Panama red is a good strain, and it helps you deal with anxiety, cause you can dwell in any crowd, and do pretty well for yourself. It’s been great working in the garden. I feel like I am doing pretty well for myself. And now I feel like I am more independent, and doing better for myself than before.

  36. Mollie Pritchard (verified owner)

    Sativa weed at its finest, great for smoking any day of the weed, at any time! Beautiful red flower, very tight and dense and good for crumbling into small little joints. Easy to order online and fast shipping. Ships anywhere in the USA. Best grown indoors but will do well in almost any setting.

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