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Pineapple Express Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Pineapple Express is a combination of strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. These seeds will give you a powerful and energetic cerebral high.

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Pineapple Express

Have you ever seen the movie, Pineapple Express? If a marijuana strain has a comedy named after it, it must be good! Pineapple Express marijuana seeds are the result of crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian. You better believe the effects Trainwreck hit you like a train! They come on strong and fast with the notes of sweet lemon and spicy pine. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll feel instantaneous euphoria and happiness, awakening your creative side and boosting your brain function. Now would be a good time to get some work done. Trainwreck also delivers pain-killing properties that help relieve anxiety, ADHD, and PTSB.

Moving onto the Hawaiin strain, this stuff is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will literally transport you to a beach in Hawaii. This strain makes you feel relaxed and happy as if you’re sipping on a pina colada. This strain boosts creativity but eases up on the focus, allowing your brain to explore and venture. The smell of this strain is not super potent, but delicious enough to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

When these two strains are crossed, you get Pineapple Express. It combines the flavor and smell of Hawaiin with the hard-hitting energetic buzz of Trainwreck. The smell is described as apple blended with mango with a hint of pineapple, pine, and cedar. Yummy! Pineapple Express marijuana seeds provide a long-lasting high that will keep you on your toes and keep your brain wondering and expanding. No wonder it’s such a popular choice in Hollywood cinema!

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Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite


Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






39 reviews for Pineapple Express Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Bobby K. (verified owner)

    This is now a famous strain of mj because of the movie, and I decided to buy because I actually love that movie and thought this would be a fun experiment. Turns out I was right! Great bud for sure, it smells and tastes like pineapple and gets you really stoned, I find it helps with depression and anxiety, and I’ll definitely grow it again!

  2. Randy R. (verified owner)

    What came first, the movie or the weed? The weed! It’s awesome that that kinda lame movie blasted pineapple express into the mainstream because now it’s easy to find seeds online and I’m stoked! Really relaxing high that makes me pretty damn creative. It’s an easy ride on the pineapple express! Short flowering time for a pretty good yield indoors to boot.

  3. Ken T. (verified owner)

    I gotta be honest, I don’t love the movie, but I DO love the weed! I couldn’t as for a better smelling and tasting weed, it’s just like sipping a pina colada at the beach. A nicely balanced buzz, keeps you feeling relaxed but also super alert, perfect anytime weed, great for sharing with friends and family (if your family is into that) and doesn’t stink up the house. Grew indoors, in my basement, had a really solid yield and will definitely buy more. You just can’t beat those huge yellow crystals!

  4. Carson K. (verified owner)

    Everyone knows about pineapple express, it’s probably one of the most popular mj strains around. I love it too, so I’m def part of the bandwagon! However, one of the reasons I love it so much is that the effects are truly long-lasting. I’m not a big fan of those strains where the effect lasts for like an hour tops. Pineapple express has me grinning and riding high for hours, but still able to focus too, so it’s awesome. The world would be a better place if everyone had a taste of pineapple express!

  5. Carmen A. (verified owner)

    This strain put me on the train to happyland. Pineapple Express gave me all the good feels. And though I really like this strain, I’m not sure I’ll grow it again. It was a little over my head (in difficulty and plant height), and the resin was so sticky I had issues harvesting. I don’t know, maybe I need to slow my roll a little bit before I tackle strains that require more work. The seeds were good and everything, I think I just need an easier grow next time.

  6. Vincent G (verified owner)

    Such delicious weed! The high didn’t hit me over the head too bad, and I wasn’t too buzzed. Just the right amount, actually. Although, I don’t see why all the fuss. It’s a nice strain of cannabis and all, but I don’t see the reason for the hype. Definitely worth a grow, but it took some TLC. It’s a good strain but I’d only give it 4 stars on account of the small amount of extra work. Great looking buds with a nice creative high that lifted my depression. Good experience ordering and growing.

  7. Todd E. (verified owner)

    I got such a kick out of this, as I smoked Pineapple Express while watching Pineapple Express! Movie not so good, but the MJ was amazing! Love that it’s a baby between Trainwreck and Hawaiian (sounds like me and my ex) strains, and they produced such a sweet little offspring. Get ready to let your pains melt away, while your brain floats to that special island of your dreams. I feel relaxed just typing about it. I recommend you order this.

  8. Aaliyah Y. (verified owner)

    First time buying from PSB – delivery was fast and the pot is GOOD! Pineapple is one of my favorites because it is such a tasty, juicy treat and the high is fantastic. What more could you want then a tropical taste paired with a really incredible and happy high. Grew fast, I was on tropical island time before I knew it. ?

  9. Ralph I. (verified owner)

    The Pineapple Express pot is a fave with my group of friends because the effect of this juicy strain lasts and lasts. I smoke one toke in the afternoon and the uplifting high lasts for hours. This is a good grow for outdoors if you can handle it because, unlike the actual pineapple fruit, this weed grows tall tall tall! I like the online selection of seeds from Pacific Seeds, so many kinds of seeds I want to buy next. But Pineapple Xpress will always be a fave for its juicy, long-lasting euphoria.

  10. Bradford J. (verified owner)

    Like a much needed tropical vacay, Pineapple express is the perfect strain for those of us who just need to chill! I am a high school teacher and get super stressed out during the week, so I enjoyed coming home to my garden and tending to my mj plants. I got a great yield and love to smoke this tropical weed in the afternoon or evenings which helps me just de-stress and unwind, make dinner, grade papers, that kind of thing. It’s been a HUGE help, and I can’t wait to buy more!

  11. Jakob B. (verified owner)

    Yeah, so I saw the movie just like everyone else and wanted to see if this strain lived up to the hype. It’s a pretty good hybrid — I wouldn’t say it’s the best ever, but I like it and will probably grow it again. I guess what I’m most happy with is my ordering experience. I’ve had some bad experiences ordering seeds online, but Pacific is turning that around for me. Best place to buy from in the USA for sure.

  12. Simon Knox (verified owner)

    The most relaxing staycation you’ll ever have. I have a love affair with this weed, have been growing it for years, but this was my first time ordering through PSB. They have an amazing online selection and so much to offer. Was very happy to find they had this seed and all 5 of my plants grew beautifully and gave off a ton of nug!

  13. Mouse Mouse Moo (verified owner)

    There’s the movie about this weed, then there’s the weed itself. I love both, but I think the weed is better haha! Ordered my seeds online with PSB and they shipped out super fast! I loved how easy this was to grow, gave me a great yield after just a few months time. I love the smell and taste of the weed, just like a tropical vacation, and it really helps with stress and depression.

  14. poetess273 (verified owner)

    Well I’ll just say that this weed really exceeded expectations. It delivered right on time, and the seeds came up super quick! The germination guide on this site was really helpful! I got a BIG yield, way more than I was expecting, and each nug is like perfection, smells just like pineapple and is so tasty and delicious. I feel so happy when I smoke this weed. It’s a real winner for sure!

  15. Christine Davis (verified owner)

    This is where it’s at! I love this weed and have so much fun growing it! I know very little about growing weed, but this seemed pretty darn easy to me. I got some tasty pineapple flavored nugs after only 4 months of growing. Super impressive stuff, great genetics, and great product overall. PSB really has a superior online collection. Highly recommend!

  16. joshmosh (verified owner)

    It’s been a few years since I’ve had a vacation, so smoking this weed is as close as I am gonna get to Hawaii for the next little while. It’s a nice tropical strain…you can really taste the pineapple….so fresh and yummy! This weed is great after work, calms the mind and soothes the body, makes for a great joint to pass around with friends, plus it’s really easy to grow. This was my first time ever if you can believe it! I am very excited to get better at growing weed, it’ll be my new hobby!

  17. WalkingShoes (verified owner)

    If you’ve never taken a ride on the pineapple express, then it’s time to hop the train! This weed will definitely take you for a ride, from wherever you are in the world, to the beautiful islands of Hawaii where you can just relax and have a good time. I loved growing this weed, it did very well indoors, and it definitely likes the heat and humidity. It’s got some very green and beautiful buds. I am very excited to share this with my friends. They will surely love it!

  18. lostmymarbles800 (verified owner)

    This pineapple express gets me right where I want to be in my brain. It’s better than sipping a pina colada by the beach and helps a lot with stress and depression. I really appreciate the ease of the grow on this weed, especially if you have an indoor space. It smells good, tastes good, AND it makes you feel good, relaxed but not tired, happy but not manic. The PERFECT balance between indica and sativa and a real treasure to have in the house!

  19. Nick @ Nite (verified owner)

    The smell and taste of pineapple and weed together is a masterpiece. I love how strong the flavor is, it’s like drinking a pina colada poolside, or biting into a fresh chunk of pineapple straight from Hawaii. Among the most relaxing strains out there, makes me hella wonky in the brain. I usually just take a walk or smoke some at home on the couch. I LOooooove being lazy with this weed. It’s like a good buddy, always by my side!

  20. @cutthetention (verified owner)

    We all know how good this weed is…I mean, how can you go wrong with a name like Pineapple express. This stuff goes straight to the brain…it makes me feel really wavy and crazy and fun. I like calling up my girlfriends and having a good old time. We drink wine, smoke some weed, and have a good old chat. It’s so much fun, and everybody is impressed with my gardening skills. I love my life out here in Oregon!!!

  21. Tharen Cobwebb (verified owner)

    Pineapple weed is seriously the best in the west….it’s such a sweet relaxing flavor that helps with pain, stress, and depression. I really liked buying this weed online with pacific, it was SO easy! I was so happy to find my seeds in the mail a week later. They grew beautifully and made for a wonderful harvest, the nug is so fresh! It’s like smoking weed on the beach every time!

  22. Marley (verified owner)

    Pineapple express…everyone has heard of this stuff…it’s pretty remarkable and fun and it smells like pineapple. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my place in Oregon…real nice growing conditions out here…definitely enjoy the climate. Well worth it to have your own homegrown supply!

  23. moshmollow33 (verified owner)

    This is a powerful strain, it makes things all crazy and fuzzy and you wanna go on adventures with your buddies, gives me a great buzz, helps me manage my stress and makes me the funniest version of myself. I am always a fan of this marijuana, and there was just something amazing about growing my very own 🙂

  24. sophia booth (verified owner)

    I work hard every day, my body is tired an so is my mind. Smoking weed really takes the edge off, allows me to feel very happy and relaxed and keep a positive mindset. Ordering online was fast and really simple. The taste of this weed is just like pineapple skunk and it gets me pretty buzzed after just a few hits from the bong!

  25. Bilaal West (verified owner)

    This weed is one for the ages! I love its relaxing tropical flavors, kind of like drinking a pina colada on the beach and watching the sunset, pretty amazing buy, especially for the price, and definitely fun to grow. Would recommend 🙂

  26. Billie Sosa (verified owner)

    Pineapple is my favorite fruit so it makes sense that it’s also my favorite strain of marijuana. I like the smell and taste of this stuff, it’s all kinds of tropical fun, and it is soooo relaxing it’s like hanging out on the beach with some friends. I am pretty darn excited for my next batch of seeds to arrive. thanks Pacifc!!!

  27. Jimi Small (verified owner)

    Pineapple is a weirdo time with some great creative energy. Gets me super amped after a long day at the office. Great to come home and make some food and play with the dog a little bit. I really enjoy the sweet taste of this mj and the ease of growing it myself. It’s done quite well in the backyard, gets me where I need to go, can’t wait for the next buy!!

  28. Diana Cotton (verified owner)

    Get Yer pineapple express strain here on this website and you will NOT be disappointed. I ordered this stuff online and got it planted in some HUGE pots right here in the basement, under all these grow lights these are some pretty happy plants I gotta say. Easy ordering, fast growing, and a pretty amazing price too. 5/5 stars!

  29. Mateusz Paine (verified owner)

    Pineapple express is every bit as good as the movie makes it seem, maybe even better cause you grow it on your own. Very exciting stuff, and also not too difficult to cultivate, just don’t slack on it, cause it does require some upkeep. But if you follow the growing tips on this site you’ll be right as rain.

  30. Scarlett-Rose Wall (verified owner)

    We are well beyond the appeal of the movie, but this strain still holds it’s own in the weed world. The sweet tropical flavors and relaxed indica vibes make this a perfect afternoon or evening smoke, especially if you’re lucky enough to live by a pool or the ocean. The best way to relax and a wonderful use of time in the garden!

  31. Montague Santa (verified owner)

    You’re gonna want a bigger bong….

    This pineapple strain is relaxing AND euphoric, and helps me with my depression like nothing else does.

    I got 10 seeds to STOCK UP, and I am feeling pretty alright about it.

    All my seeds germinated…things are going well!!

  32. Harold Swan (verified owner)

    Sweet, then sour, then sweet again? How is it possible? How did I manage to score hundreds of grams of POT???

    I have NO Idea!! I am a master grower, but I’d be NOTHING without Pacific and their DOPE selection of high quality seeds bruh!!

  33. Crystal Hicks (verified owner)

    Smooth smoke, fruity pineapple flavor, and a BIIIIG yield. Well worth the efforts when it comes to growing at home. But it also has the benefit of having a wife who knows how to grow LOL. I am nothing without her. I actually bought these seeds as a gift and it was pretty great. She LOVED it. Consider these pot seeds as a Xmas present…

  34. Vanessa Horn (verified owner)

    Strong stuff! Tastes like pineapple and it’s a little harsh so you may be coughing for a minute lol, but once the high sets in, you’ll be feeling great!

    5 seeds are very affordable and works well if you’re just trying to get into the weed growing game. LOVE the way it makes me feel, and I think you will too 🙂

  35. Cieran Simpson (verified owner)

    Once you hit the pineapple weed, and pass it around, you know it’s gonna be a good night. Nothin better than gathering the homies and smoking this pot when the night begins. Has that relaxing feel you need to loosen up. These nugs is nice and tight! They smell sweet like a pineapple and makes everybody’s jokes suddenly hilarious.

  36. Ariah Beil (verified owner)

    This weed kind of reminds me of Hawaiian punch. It’s got that sweet, almost sugary flavor that really hits where you need it most! Buying online was a definite win. The seeds shipped out quickly and were really easy to start and germinate. I bought 10 seeds online. They were at my door within a few days and I was floored! Pacific has great customer service as well, people who love weed and are able to help you find your way!

  37. Deanna Rogers (verified owner)

    If you want to take a ride on pineapple express, get ready for one of the more exciting experiences of your life! It’s never been so easy to order weed online. It delivers fast and always germinated (especially if you soak the seeds) Great energy from this weed, it’s helped me stay motivated to not only grow more weed, but work around the house, do some cleaning etc. A very fine strain with excellent flavors.

  38. Issa Leech (verified owner)

    Hi there! Happy to contribute my experience growing marijuana here online! I ordered 10 seeds and they were quick to ship to my location. It’s been a fast turnaround, about 10-12 weeks until flowers were forming on the plant and nearly ready for harvest. Looks a little droopy but It does need a little water. I love working with marijuana cause its just fresh to death and very fun to have around. I can’t wait for the next MJ shipment to arrive. It’s nice that they ship to Canada.

  39. Jean Shelton (verified owner)

    Fresh and tangy pineapple express is perfect for a gloomy day. I love the amazing colors and the profoundly sweet aroma. Truly a delicious strain for the ages. Get YOURS today!

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