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Snoop’s Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Snoop’s Dream marijuana seeds are named after the rapper and marijuana-advocate, Snoop Dogg. Head effects of this strain can come on strong, making it something beginners should work up to.

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Come on, a marijuana strain named after a legendary hip-hop star — you know it’s got to be good! No surprise here, but Snoop Dogg has a massive influence on the marijuana industry. He’s launched a few marijuana-related businesses and has always been an advocate for legalizing marijuana. So, with that said, Snoop’s Dream marijuana seeds have a big name to live up to — and it does not disappoint!

Snoop’s Dream is an indica-dominant hybrid that makes you feel relaxed and happy all at the same time. You may even feel slightly euphoric! Snoop’s Dream is a mix of Blue Dream and Master Kush, which happen to be the rapper’s favorites. He combined the best of both worlds in this marijuana strain. We all know that Snoop loves gin and juice, but he also loves the sweet blueberry aroma of this strain. It has a very fruity smell at the beginning and eventually moves toward a pine smell.

It should be no surprise that Snoop likes his marijuana strong and effective. No wasting time waiting for the effects to come on. Patients should be advised that the head effects can come on strong, so start with a small amount and work your way up. Don’t overdo it on the first go. Beginners might want to start with a different strain to familiarize themselves with the experience. Tests have shown samples of Snoop’s Dream marijuana seeds have high THC levels ranging between 18 and 22%.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Fatigue, Pain, Stress


Blueberry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






23 reviews for Snoop’s Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Octavia T. (verified owner)

    I could take or leave Snoop himself, but when I read there was a Blue Dream/Master Kush mashup out there I HAD to try it. And damn if it isn’t some choice weed! It’s da kine, as we say in the islands. Hard-hitting from the start. Just the right mix of get-up-and-dance w/chill-out-and-rest. Easy to grow. But go slow when you smoke it, for real. Might have to buy some more.

  2. Damari W. (verified owner)

    I’m glad I live in a world where I can order seeds that produce things a la my favorite rapper. This weed is delightful. Good coloration through the colas with thick orange hairs and a nice berry aroma. It was easy to grow indoors although it doesn’t have the fattest yield I’ve ever seen it’s good for personal growing. The high is like a gatdamn mellow summer day, nice and relaxing and well balance throughout.

  3. Christina R. (verified owner)

    Smoke this is you like being relaxed and stress free. But if you like being tense all over and unhappy, fine. don’t smoke it. This is the feel-good strain you wanna grow. Takes away pain, anxiety, stress, depression, headaches. They should just call is “the eraser” or something. Ha. Grew mine outdoors and they flowered in the fall. My plants weren’t even stressful to grow, that’s how easygoing this strain is. Ordering again. And again. And again.

  4. Maeva F. (verified owner)

    I guess smoking a J with Snoop is every stoner’s dream. This weed gets you as close as you’ll probably ever get lol! Grew it in the basement and got like 300 grams, which is good but I wanted a little more, however the high is fantastic! I love chilling out and rolling a fat spliff before turning on some classic hip hop records, I’m sure Snoop would approve haha. PSB has some really great seeds!

  5. Rafi J. (verified owner)

    Start slow with Snoops Dream, that’s all I gotta say. I went for it at first with this weed and wow did it set me off! I took about 50 rapid tokes of a joint and that was WAY too much. Super heady, cerebral and strong. Will get you floating on cloud nine in a hurry. I got some much appreciated pain relief with this strain and so did a bunch of my clients. So I guess this would be a good pick for anyone looking for medical mj.

  6. Jade C. (verified owner)

    Woweee – there’s nothing like this mj!! So happy I took a chance and placed an order with PSB. This mj is strong and a little fruity and makes me feel like my head is floating away from my body! Seriously, it is serious shit!! Love the uplifting high and that high THC content!

  7. Clay N. (verified owner)

    I ordered this weed specifically because of the name, and man, it’s got Snoop d-o-g written all over it. This shit is tranquility incarnate. I germinated all ten seeds within days of receiving the shipment and after a quick veg state and a 9 ish week flower cycle I was ready to harvest. I read that when the hairs start to turn orange it’s typically ready for picking and I waited a little longer to maximize my yield, and I’m not disappointed. Smoking this weed is super mellow and euphoric and leaves me feeling really positive and lifted. Definitely excellent for stress.

  8. Roger B. (verified owner)

    Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg! This is an amazing strain named after the best hip hop artist of the last 20 years!!! It’s a perfect and balanced high with all the best parts of weed and none of the drawbacks. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and give yourself a big bag of cheetos and you’re in heaven. I couldn’t ask for a better grow but I wish my plant produced a little bit more weed. Overall I spark a bowl of this right at the end of the day. My gf loves it too!!!

  9. Brent Y (verified owner)

    Excellent head high without the couch lock! Easy to grow! Blueberry flavor that is sweet to taste! Medium yield of great looking buds! High was creative! Happy! Euphoric! Seeds came in excellent shape! Nice shipping! Very fast! Great for anxiety! Erase stress! Make you feel relaxed! No jitters! Clean high! Easily one of my top 10 favs! Best buy so far! 5 stars!

  10. Lane R. (verified owner)

    Yo, this strain is the shit for pain relief. It took away my aches and pains and made my body feel GOOOOOOD. I’m a retired athlete and it takes a lot to make my joints feel better. Gotta hand it to Snoop’s Dream. It made by body feel like a dream! Awesome medicine that treated me WAY better than painkillers do. Wasn’t too jittery either. Just nice and mellow and relaxing. Love this weed. Ordering again definitely.

  11. Rudy E. (verified owner)

    I’m not really a fan of the rapper but I know he knows his weed so I thought WTH, I’ll try the snoop’s dream weed. The plant was fun to watch grow, like a mini-christmas tree growing bigger and bigger. Anyway, my complaint with this is that it was too strong. I took too much and it really affected my mind. Like I started wigging out a bit. But I should give it anther try. ON the positive side, growing snoop didn’t demand any tricks: just plant and go. Also on the positive, Pacific was fast with the delivery of the seeds.

  12. Henri A. (verified owner)

    I’ve got a hella stressful job (account exec at an ad agency). My relaxation method of choice is to smoke some weed and watch cartoons. Old Warner Brothers are my faves (Bugs and Daffy, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn). I like Snoop’s Dream because it hits the sweet spot of mellowing me out without making me unconscious. It’s a good mind/body mj. Glad to have found it online. Thank you PSB.

  13. Alex H. (verified owner)

    I’m not sure my plants came out looking like they were supposed to. I’m still new at growing marijuana, and I just set up a grow room indoors. I guess you could say I’m still getting myself dialed into the process. I think these plants could have yielded more weed, but I’m 100% sure it was my error, and had nothing to do with the seeds. I’ll be ordering this strain again to see if I can do better next time.

  14. Lea I. (verified owner)

    A nice 50/50 hybrid that won’t let you down, and surely a strain of weed that snoop himself would approve of. A pretty easy grow, but yeah the yield is just a bit small, my only complaint. A delicious bud, super earthy and sour, and does great things for mood and creativity! I usually share this with my friends cause that’s what weed is all about really. And I’ll def be back for more!

  15. Destinee V. (verified owner)

    Did snoop come up with this strain? Cuz I like to think he did. I even played some snoop for my ladies while they be growin. Their lookin real good and they almost ready to harvest. Can’t wait to smoke some snoop while listenin to some snoop cuz thats how I roll. Gonna be blazin splifs while buying some more of this magic weed.

  16. Veronica S. (verified owner)

    This strain is very aromatic, smells something like fresh berries and skunk. Love the genetics and hybrid makeup of this strain, it’s definitely powerful but doesn’t make you feel like you can’t move. It’s also very euphoric and you WILL get the munchies. It was pretty easy to grow too, really straightforward and a nice medium sized yield. You won’t be disappointed!

  17. Henry Stein (verified owner)

    This is some very special herb.I love the taste and the smell of this stuff. It’s super sour and a little sweet, and man it sure would be perfect to share a J with snoop now wouldn’t it? I am so very excited to have this weed around the house, it gets me super stoned and in a great mood! I usually smoke with my GF and we just sit around on the couch and laugh and laugh for hours. Wonderful stuff!

  18. Nicole M. (verified owner)

    You know I really am impressed by this strain. You know if its got snoop in the name it’s gotta be good! Ordered my seeds online and got them delivered to my door. It’s been a really rewarding process growing this stuff on my own. I got a nice 300 g yield from these plants and am super happy at the quality of the weed. It’s been nice for sure, smoking this at home with the dog, chilling, helps with depression and anxiety too.

  19. Brandon cho (verified owner)

    Well, we could all dream of smoking a blunt with Snoop one day, but until that day comes, this weed will suffice! It’s pretty darn easy to grow, I’ve been doing this for years, and am consistently impressed with PSB’s online catalog, so I can’t wait to order more seeds. This is a great hybrid, helps when you’re feeling lazy or just plain tired, it’ll get you right back on your feet…or it won’t, which is honestly fine too. Great stuff!

  20. Young$ (verified owner)

    It’s snoop D-O-Double G!!! I love this guy, he’s been one of my favorite rappers since I was a kid and I take a lot of influence from his for my own raps and beats. So naturally I’m gonna grow this weed, got the space set up in my basement and got the seeds growing as soon as they arrived at my door. I am a newbie to this I admit but I got a pretty nice yield, and of course the first time I smoke this I am blasting “gin and juice” to celebrate my killer harvest. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

  21. Norm (verified owner)

    Did you know that Snoop Dogg has a professional blunt roller? I’d love to have that job and be able to smoke weed with snoop every day! I am glad I went for this strain, it’s nice and relaxing, a perfect hybrid that gives me a nice boost of energy and also helps me sleep at night if I only take a little bit. It’s an easy grow indoors and the mj seeds germinate really fast using the paper towel method. I found the grow guide on this site to be very helpful cause I am a newbie. But I got a great yield despite being so inexperienced.

  22. His Story (verified owner)

    What does Snoop Dogg dream about? Probably a lot about weed I would guess. I assume this weed comes pretty close to perfect, though I m no expert. Got myself a nice little haul from my 3 plants, nearing 800 grams, pretty darn impressive. Definitely an indoor grow, but does well in all environments if you know what you’re doing. Strong as heck, but very relaxing, well worth the effort cause this stuff will get you STONED! Perfect for depression and stress. Give it a try!

  23. Time T. Learn (verified owner)

    We all know Snoop dreams about weed morning day and night, and now that dream has become a reality! When I smoke this, I feel like I am chilling with Snoop in the 90s, getting baked and rolling round the hood. I used to listen to Snoop every day on my way back from work, it’s my dream to get high with him….but this chilled out indica will do for now!

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