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Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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If citrus fruit is your thing, Tangie feminized marijuana seeds are right up your alley. Delivering a potent dose of creative and clear-headed energy, this high-THC strain is perfect for patients struggling with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Tangie requires an experienced hand, and intermediate to master growers should have no trouble with this fragrant strain.


A reimagining of the infamous Tangerine Dream, Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 22% THC and the ability to overwhelm fans with an energizing, euphoric high and tantalizing and refreshing citrus aroma.

Tangie marijuana induces a clear-headed high that gives patients the boost they need to get through the day. Don’t let that sticky sweet scent fool you – it may be great for inspiring creativity and drive, but the potency might catch you off guard. You won’t regret taking your time with this strain.

Patients will love the mood-uplifting effects of Tangie marijuana, but also the ability for this strain to ease tension and send stress packing. Even patients suffering from mental health disorders like depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and others will find a decent measure of relief, as well as a body relaxation that still combats fatigue.

The fragrance of Tangie feminized marijuana is unmistakable, and in the right hands (those with master gardening experience, that is) this strongly-scented, fruity marijuana strain will produce healthy, high-quality buds either indoors or out. Tangie does well with the Screen of Green method, and the plants will produce somewhere around 500 grams each after 55-65 days in the flowering stage.

Start your day with a burst of citrus-fueled energy – order Tangie feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






44 reviews for Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Vanna C. (verified owner)

    Aloha! Wow I am so in love with this strain! Tangie, you’re my fav! 🙂 Ordered 5 seeds and all 5 germinated. That’s a first for me so wow! Good job Pacific! My plants produced heavily. Got so much weed from them and I only ordered 5! Next time I’ll order at least 10 or more. Very interested to see how much I could get if I double my crop. The flavor is amazing. Seriously delicious. The high is for sure happiness-inducing. No worries while smoking this weed. Love it.

  2. Mary T. (verified owner)

    Second time growing this weed and I can’t believe that I got an even BIGGER yield than last time. WOW. Just WOW. I’m actually kind of worried that all my bud will mold before I get to it! Hahaha. Love smoking Tangie which is why I think I’m going to keep growing it. Only ordered five seeds this time but maybe next time I order I’ll up the ante a little? I feel like the sky is the limit with this strain, and I’m curious how much weed I’d end up harvesting with 10 plants. Can’t wait to buy it again!

  3. fastone83 (verified owner)

    I have the hardest time focusing. My mind feels like its switching channels all the time and I find it difficult to finish projects. Tangie has been amazingly helpful in finding some focus and some calm. This strain is sort of strong, so I only usually take a couple of tokes. It’s just enough to help me stay on track and get stuff done. I’d recommend this strain to anyone with ADD/ADHD. Sometimes you just need some help to focus and Tangie does the trick.

  4. Carissa P. (verified owner)

    This weed is HELLA STRONG!!! I kind of underestimated just how intense the high is when you smoke this weed fresh, but it really sent me spinning…in a good way!!! The grow was fairly easy and I got a ton of nug, and now I have weed for like the next 6 months, which is great cause I’m not a huge fan of going out and buying weed week after week. Pacific is definitely the place to go to buy pot seeds, they’ve got a HUGE selection, but I chose this strain cause I just love that sweet citrus smell!

  5. Jay D. (verified owner)

    I have some mental health issues and tangie helps me cope in a big way. The sativa is so good, all the cloudiness in my brain gets cleared away. I grew this indoors, which I’d recommend because tangie needs some attention while growing. Seems to benefit from a very controlled growing environment. The citrus smell is also tops. This will be a standard order for me from Pacific Seeds.

  6. Jimmy D. (verified owner)

    Citrusy orangey goodness = tangie! The best weed for keeping adult ADD in check it keeps me focused and on point but still nice and stoney. I tried screen of green with this strain to make the plant grow outwards instead of upwards which I think increased my overall yield so I’d say give that a shot if you haven’t before. Little less than 9 weeks for flowering which wasn’t too long for what I got from each plant. Nice and beautiful purple buds, thanks psb!

  7. Latania A. (verified owner)

    My friends at work were always asking me where to get pot (like I would know—not!). Last summer I heard about PSB, that you could order seeds online. I was all over that shit. Tangie is totally the bomb. I set up my walk-in closet with some grow lights and got the 5-pack of seeds. Kinda had my doubts along the way but when it was all said and done I had baggies and baggies of the most excellent budz. Moral of the story: Grow your own!

  8. Macey T (verified owner)

    Tangie gave me a GREAT high that kept me FOCUSED with NO ANXIETY. I have ADD and like my cannabis to help me concentrate and stay on task. Tangie worked wonders and also gave me an uplifting high that made me feel happy and content. Grow went well and I got a LOVELY crop with lots of sparkly buds. Not for the beginner grower, though. So get some help if you’re not sure. LOVE the citrus smell and taste. GREAT WEED!

  9. Vincent N. (verified owner)

    Exceptional! I’m hooked on this stuff love it so much. Takes a little bit to hit you but when it does, KABLAM!!! Tastes and smells like tangerine. Felt like I could do a week’s worth of work after only a couple of hits. Could binge-clean the whole house. Such a productive high. And the strain is super productive too. Got a good yield from these seeds and will for sure grow this strain again. Great mj if you like to feel awesome and energetic. Bit of a dry mouth and dry eyes but that’s completely normal for me.

  10. cali37898367478 (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing my own pot since 2015, all kinds. But for the longest time I didn’t know where to buy Tangie seeds. One of my favorite strains (and my dad’s as well). Finally found it here. The reason I wanted this one in particular was for the amazing energizing effects. I can charge through a day’s worth of tasks on Tangie and not get tired. Better than 3 cups of coffee.
    Ordering is easy, delivery is fast. Can’t beat it with a stick.

  11. Ellen N. (verified owner)

    First time that I’ve ever gotten ALL of my seeds to germinate! Woohoo! It feels like such a big deal I had to come here and give a nice review to commemorate it. Thanks for the quality seeds! Can’t wait to harvest my plants!

  12. Yuan L. (verified owner)

    Amazing bud! Yeah it was a bit of a tough grow but super well worth the effort. The smell is like an orange grove and it actually makes you feel happy just to be in the presence of this plant! Amazing! I smoke this everyday to get through the long workday, and once in the afternoon as well haha. It’s a bit strong, so I just take one or two hits at a time to not get too high at work. Steady pacing is key. Ordering online with PSB was a great experience and I’ll be sure to come back for more!

  13. Weston G. (verified owner)

    This mj provides me with laser like focus! I think that’s my favorite aspect of it so far – I can zone in on whatever it is that I’m working on and be at it for hours and hours. A bit of a challenge to grow but nothing wildly out of hand – it just needed some topping to grow out instead of up to maintain size. Grew it indoors in soil (as recommended) and got about 500g/plant which is killer. The little bit of indica is really good for keeping it mellow with a nice body high too!

  14. Kole F. (verified owner)

    Tangie has got to be one of my favorite strains of mj. I have been smoking this stuff for years so thought why not try to grow it myself? A great decision on my part, has amazing benefits for my mood for sure, plus I love the smell, it’s like fresh tangerines like the name suggests. PSB had the seeds shipped out super fast and they were really easy to grow, plus the yield was really solid. I have a TON of nug I am working with now, so am sharing with my friends and family on the regular haha!

  15. Kayli J. (verified owner)

    I have ADD and my mind just never stops fucking racing. I’m always thinking about what to do NEXT instead of focusing on what’s right in front of me. I’d never used marijuana for medical reasons before (I’d only used it to, you know, get high at a party or something) but Tangie calms and relaxes me like nothing else. It’s become quite essential for me in becoming a productive person: I smoke it in the morning and then I’m off to the races. The citrus smell is quite good too, like that cleaning spray, but less chemical smelling. ANyway, I’m very grateful to have found tangie, my best little helper!

  16. Valerie T. (verified owner)

    If you love the taste of tangerines in the morning you GOTTA try growing Tangie. I am a newb when it comes to growing weed and this stuff was SO EASY! Got my seeds online and shipped out in no time. Love the taste and the smell of course and the very uplifting effects of the weed as well. It’s incredibly euphoric!

  17. Jasper Bonilla (verified owner)

    I love sativa driven highs, they really help me focus and be creative under pressure at work. Tangie is the PERFECT strain to help me on the job, it keeps my mood positive and my brain churning all day long. It’s easy to grow and offers up some incredible yield, plus it smells like a bowl of fresh oranges. It’s a real treat to have around!

  18. Helen Garret (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain for depression and anxiety. I have been suffering from both conditions since I was a teenager, but this is my first time using weed to medicate the problem. I enjoyed how easy this was to grow, not much of a gardener and still had great success. I got like 500 g per plant which is really impressive, and I smoke this usually in the evening to help me unwind and lift my spirits. Good buy!

  19. Martha Crane (verified owner)

    The best pick-me-up strain on this site. It’s a perfect blend between sativa dominance and the smell of citrus, to create a perfect meeting of energy and euphoria. It’s killer for my back pain and helps me battle against depression. I enjoy how smooth it is to smoke, helps out with all kinds of mental health issues. I love the balance it provides, and the good mood 🙂

  20. theTinMan (verified owner)

    It’s a surprisingly purple weed, like the nugs are really dark purple, even blue looking, which is pretty solid honestly…anyway got my seeds online with Pacific, as ya do, and they were quick to deliver and the growing guide on this site is really nice and helpful, finally got the yield I was looking for after about 5 months. But the smell is like crazy citrusy and delicious. It’s great for depression and anxiety, helps a lot with stress too, you know, helps you keep a focused mind!

  21. Pinkie Swear (verified owner)

    A very positive, uplifting buzz and a beautiful plant. I got a nice hefty yield from my 3 plants, probably nearing 1000 grams which I plan to share with my housemates. I smoke this usually in the afternoon to help me stay sharp. The smell is delightful, like strong citrus flavors and a hint of pine. Plus the plant is really gorgeous, with dense popcorn-sized nugs that are deep purple in color and extra fuzzy! I really can’t complain, this weed really gets the job done!

  22. Young MC (verified owner)

    WOAH…..it’s like dark purple and deep green and magical all around! Yep, it sure does taste like citrus fruit, which is probably why it has been so helpful for my stress and depression. Nothing like fresh citrus to brighten the senses and make life a little more beautiful. A lot of fun to grow in the garden, but definitely not the easiest strain in the world. Gotta give it some TLC to keep it happy, but guess what, that will keep you happy too.

  23. @getyourmotherhere (verified owner)

    The mother of all citrus weeds, an absolute gem that smells and tastes just like a fresh tangerine. It’s a little sour, a little sweet, and all delicious. Great for depression and anxiety and filled with positive mood-boosting vibes. I smoke this almost every day in the morning, to get myself up and ready for life. It’s great along with coffee in the morning. Easy grow, and produces a ton of beautiful purple nug!

  24. My Pantone Color (verified owner)

    It’s so nice and fruity…helps with stress and anxiety….makes for a great daytime smoke….easy to grow and fast delivery….what else could you ask for? Pacific is THE best company around for fresh pot seeds. Best in Canada!

  25. July (verified owner)

    Whatever your style is, tangie is there to make it better. Makes you super happy and excited, puts a little pep in your step, and man does it smell like fresh oranges! Got a beautiful yield, bigger than what I can smoke on my own so I actually made some weed oil and also some weed hard candy and this orange flavor does great as a candy!!!

  26. justinnewman (verified owner)

    Tangie is such a relaxing and exciting strain and it helps me manage my stress like a lot. I love ordering online, it makes life soooo much easier and time just flies by when you’re having fun. I love the sour citrus smell and the really tight green nugs, very high qual stuff and I will def buy more!

  27. ivan delgado (verified owner)

    The smell and taste of this marijuana strain is what keeps me coming back for more. There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back and taking a few bong rips of the tangie. It’s an absolutely gorgeous weed with a whole lotta buzz! Makes me feel very relaxed, and also keeps me feeling hella uplifted too, makes any day feel complete 🙂

  28. Agustin Mckenzie (verified owner)

    This is some delicious and nutritious (?) weed, either way it takes like fresh oranges and gives me the time of my life every time I smoke it which is pretty darn great. Ordered some online and got it delivered to my place here in Oregon and it’s a real nice time see? The website is real helpful and I am feeling pretty great about everything!

  29. Leyton Elliott (verified owner)

    I ike the strains that get you going in the morning…sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it for me, and I have to be very deliberate about how I consume the things I do to make sure I have energy throughout the day. I worked very hard for this opportunity though, and I feel that the sativa power of tangie is something special to behold!

  30. Connar Boyle (verified owner)

    This weed is nice and strong and it helps me deal with my depression. Something about that sweet and sour taste really wakens the senses and gives me a nice mood boost that I need to get through my shift at work. Definitely a good buy, especially for the price, and it grows fairly quickly as well. Blessed!

  31. Beverley Tillman (verified owner)

    This strain looks and feels very EXOTIC! It’s a great buy for the price, looks amazing under my LED lamps, and grows so fast I can barely keep up!! Really wanna keep smoking this weed, has an amazing flavor and the buds are deep green and purple, pretty awesome if you ask me. Finally got a chance to harvest my mj last week and boy is it fresh!! Great product from pacific!!

  32. Farzana Mustafa (verified owner)

    Tangie is the fruit of my desire…lol but seriously it’s real good. I like the smell and taste and definitely wanna keep buying more. I smoke usually every night but sometimes I take a hit in the afternoon to help me STAY AWAKE! That’s why I really love the sativa strains of the world, cause mostly I just feel a LOT better!!

  33. Mya Farmer (verified owner)

    This feminized mj seed is great for new and old growers alike. I ordered 5 seeds online and had them delivered. They only took one week to arrive. I am very excited to put them in the ground. It’s been a good experience so far, and the seeds are looking really good. I am soaking them in water to speed up germination. Feeling very satisfied.

  34. Eliot Koch (verified owner)

    This tangie fem seed is sure to make you wanna eat an orange. Goooood vibes, and seriously chill! Makes me smile every time, and never leaves me feeling stressed or anxious. I plan to buy more marijuana as soon as possible. I like how easy it is to order online. Ill definitely do it again, just cause gardening is so much fun!!!

  35. Romy Ford (verified owner)

    Got some tangie weed here, smelling like citrus and spice, perfect for smoking in the fall with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Has a great grow time, usually pretty easy to germinate, and always brightens up your day. Relieves a lot of anxiety I feel on the daily, gives me a good mental and physical high, but never too much. I like that it’s sativa heavy and I can expect fast shipping from Pacific seeds.

  36. Sherri Hutton (verified owner)

    This sativa weed is a great time, and it’s easy to grow and smells absolutely lovely. It’s a sweeeeet strain. It tastes like tangerines. It’s pretty in the garden, with deeeeeep greeeeeen and purp nugzzzz. I swear this is some serious weed, but it takes some love and effort. I am very excited.

  37. Mike Shannon (verified owner)

    My gf and I smoke this together for intimacy purposes and it does really well! We also love to garden together, it’s so citrusy and fresh! MMmmm I really can’t wait to buy more 🙂

  38. Ariah Esquivel (verified owner)

    You’d think this weed would be orange, but it’s totally purple, and that is just plain awesome. I bought this weed online, got it shipped to my apartment in LA. Grew it outdoors by the pool, got some nice community weed for the fellas who live next door. We love smoking tangie after a hard day of work. Good times!!

  39. Eleni Stephens (verified owner)

    A challenging grow, no doubt. Either way, this stuff is looking pretty alright by me. I bought 5 seeds online, had em shipped right to my back door and was soaking the seeds overnight to ensure germination. What the heck! I got like 800 grams! All I needed to to was water daily and FERTILIZE!

  40. Amayah Atkinson (verified owner)

    OMG this weed is purple!!!! It’s sour and nice and delightful and I don’t care who knows it!!!

    IDK literally anything about growing weed, but this stuff turned out great and I have NO reservations. And who the HECK is gonna stop me? Now that I can order online….I am chillun….

  41. Lyla Nairn (verified owner)

    How citrusy is tangie weed? Well it smells like a fresh orange growve in your own backyard. It’s a beautiful strain with purple flower and some really amazing crystals surrounding the entire plant. Buying online is definitely the way to go. Never before has it been THIS EASY to buy weed online and have it delivered. Quality every time!

  42. Xander Riggs (verified owner)

    If you enjoy citrus and very high-quality weed, then you’ll appreciate Tangie. It’s a very high-energy sativa strain! I usually pack a bowl first thing in the morning and start smoking throughout the day. It’s one of those strains that’s good throughout the whole day. It never makes me tired or upset or groggy. I appreciate it for that reason. That’s how you know it’s good!

  43. Lincoln John (verified owner)

    There’s a lotta praise for this weed, and I thought it was quality as well, but I also think if you don’t want to put the effort into growing weed, don’t bother. Tangie is widely availbale. PSB is great as a gift tho. So maybe for Christmas??

  44. Ivo Barrow (verified owner)

    This fiercely citrusy strain is great for getting your vibe up to speed. Smoking this weed has made a huge impact on my life. My stress and anxiety have become so much less of an issue. I am able to just relax, get my work done, and stay focused for hours. Who knew the best ADD meds were fresh nugs?? Great vibes, and a good time! I can’t wait for the next harvest cycle. Grows great in my backyard. Very affordable product!

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