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UK Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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UK Cheese delivers a focused, creative, and productive brain function with notes of cheese, berries, and spice.

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UK Cheese

Yes, it’s true, this marijuana strain really does smell like cheese. The aroma of UK Cheese is an acquired taste, similar to try blue cheese or other moldy types for the first time. The smell may be a turn off for some, but for those who can’t get past it (or even like it), UK Cheese will deliver positive vibes all around. This strain is loved by many for its ability to take away pain without any of the drowsy or tiring side effects. Most painkillers, especially in pill form, leave consumers feeling lazy or sluggish. That’s what’s so unique about UK Cheese marijuana seeds: they relieve pain and boost cognitive function at the same time.

This popular strain is praised for its potent and balanced effects on the brain and body. It is a true hybrid with no overpowering effects on the indica and sativa side. What makes UK Cheese slightly different from other cheesy strains is the notes of berries and spice. If we had to compare supermarket cheeses, UK Cheese is more like Pepper Jack Cheese with its spicy properties. Its genetics are said to be related to Skunk #1 but the end results are different.

Bred in the United Kingdom, UK Cheese marijuana seeds have made its way across oceans and remains a fan favorite even in North America. Why is it so popular? Consumers agree that moments after smoking they feel happier, more alert, and more creative without a crash hours later. There is no crash whatsoever because the brain is just as awakened and productive.

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Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Cheese, Earthy, Pungent

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






32 reviews for UK Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Glenn L. (verified owner)

    Kind of a funky weed if you’re in the mood for something different. Glad I went with this strain even though I had my doubts, it wasn’t too difficult to grow through did require some specific watering and lighting to keep it from stressing out. Got a nice yield at the end though and my house smelled like cheese for a while haha, but the mj is very uplifting, positive and encouraging, keeps me working throughout my morning with a lot of room for creativity and productivity. A very satisfying weed!

  2. Amy Trance (verified owner)

    Really smells like cheese! Kind of an incredible pain killer. I have some serious chronic pain, but prescribed painkiller drugs make me very nauseous and I end up puking every time. UK Cheese helps me get through the pain without making me super sick. I’d recommend this to anyone with an allergy to codeine and looking for something to relieve pain. This strain of cannabis also helped improve my mood, which was a definite plus. Didn’t make me pass out or get stuck in the couch, which is also a complaint I have about pharmaceutical painkillers. I can’t say it enough — if you have chronic pain, order this strain. It’s a good one!

  3. Diego L. (verified owner)

    Yes the legends are true this strain smells just like cheese! For me personally this is a plus cause I love cheese and just how easy this train was to grow indoors! I like to smoke before work cause sitting in the office chair really bums me out and hurts my back and neck and the buzz off of this stuff kills the pain while keeping me fresh and alert. If you’re a new grower, buy this variety and give it a go, if you can get past the smell you’ll be SO happy you did! And if you’re a pre-work smoker like myself, say peace out to the doldrums, this pot will get you through the 9-5!!!

  4. Maxine X. (verified owner)

    A nice, thick, bushy plant. I’d recommend keeping humidity down for a better harvest – I’ve been told that this plant likes a drier climate. This weed is also pretty CBD heavy for those of you who prefer to physically melt rather than mentally drift away, although the indica/sativa mix is pretty even. I ordered these seeds and had them shipped to Canada and they arrived much faster than I excpected, so thanks for that!

  5. Tia M. (verified owner)

    Makes me feel like a block of cheese, just all warm and gooey and toasty. Keep it warm and dry indoors and you’re all set, it wasn’t super hard weed to grow. Flowered in a little more than two months which may be a turn off for some people but this weed is pretty damn potent (and if you like cheese like me it’s delicious) so I think it’s worth the extra flowering time. The high is really cool in that it’s both very physical and mental unlike some strains and even hybrids that really lean towards one or the other.

  6. Doug D. (verified owner)

    A nice solid buzz, not too heady or sluggish, which is exactly what I like! Ordered online with PSB and those seeds showed up in no time at all, started planting in the backyard and after like 4 months I had a solid 350 G to work with. Yup it really does taste like cheese, so be prepared for that, but the high is really super chill and not overpowering. Like I HATE couch lock, and this weed does a great job just making me relaxed but not knocking me off my feet. Solid mj for the ages!

  7. Silvan Y. (verified owner)

    I have mixed feelings about UK Cheese marijuana. On one hand, I really love this hybrid because it is balanced perfectly: it takes away pain (I use marijuana for medical purposes, for pain in my hands) but it does NOT make me feel sluggish. I also really appreciate that there’s no brain crash a few hours after use, it’s just a good, stable high and pain-reliever. However, that SMELL. I heard the smell of UK cheese takes some getting used to, and I guess that’s correct! It’s a bit pungent, but I’m not a fan of blue cheese overall, so there you go. The smell already is starting to grow on me a little bit, so by the time I use up this crop, maybe I’ll even like it, LOL. ?

  8. Ramon O. (verified owner)

    Oh wow. I think I found my new favorite weed. I hadn’t really heard of UK Cheese but after chatting with the folks at Pacific, they convinced me I needed to try this strain. After two months of waiting, I finally got to try it. This is probably the most balanced hybrid there is out there. My plants grew super easy and I think my harvest was pretty alright. Thanks Pacific!

  9. Joe R. (verified owner)

    I’m a Brit livin in Canada so of course I had to get this weed. Ordered online from Pacific here and received my seeds in a flash. Got all 5 going right quick and they grew simple. Harvest time went off and after a few tokes I’m happy with the UK Cheese. Nice colour, excellent taste. No complaints, except that I didn’t order more seeds. Going to fix that right away and get another crop going real soon.

  10. Sawyer E. (verified owner)

    Definitely a funky strain, but well worth it if you like a unique variety of weed! I had a bit of trouble getting seeds to germinate, but they all popped eventually and soon I had 3 beautiful bushy weed plants in my basement, smells and tastes like skunky cheese, but it’s a really relaxing high that has some seriously good vibes!

  11. Sidney U. (verified owner)

    I’m really thankful for finding this strain of pot. I’ve struggled with chronic back pain for a long time, but any kind of pain killers I took in times past would have me feeling groggy and kind of light-headed. Not UK cheese mj. This marijuana relieves the pain in my back but what’s more, it doesn’t leave me feeling groggy or out of it. IN fact, it actually sharpens my mind and gets me feeling more awake and alert if you can believe it. It’s really quite an ideal treatment for me, and like I said, I’m really grateful to have found it. Also glad it’s an easy grow – I grow it inside and have never had any difficult growing issues.

  12. Amelia L. (verified owner)

    MMMMmmmmmm this is such a delicious strain of weed, and so much fun to grow in my basement. Ordered my seeds online through PSB and had em shipped out in just over a week, such a great delivery time! They all germinated without issue and gave me 3 beautiful plants! I love how tall and bushy they got and the smell is so delicious. Love getting stoned on this stuff!

  13. Ezekiel Huang (verified owner)

    I like the sativa benefits of this weed, it’s been great for giving me energy in the morning and keeping me focused at work. It helps with my mood as well, because we all know work can be a drag. It’s worth the longer growing period, and you’ll definitely get a good yield, even if you’re not an expert. I think this might be my fave weed, especially cause of that funky cheese smell!

  14. jokester928 (verified owner)

    If you dig the smell of cheese and a like the couch lock of indica, then this is gonna be a worthy investment for you! This stuff is a great grow, super engaging and fun, and the buds turn out super bright green with these streaks of white and orange, pretty wild stuff! Happy I got this stuff from pacific, they have amazing customer service, and the online ordering was really fast and simple. Good stuff!

  15. Tom Bear (verified owner)

    A surprisingly productive high, gets me super stoned and helps me stay focused at the same time. It’s an easy grow, does well indoors for sure and it smells like crazy! I love the mild cheesy flavor, very unique, and the buzz lasts all afternoon long. Perfect for after lunch or just simply to have around the house after work is over. I personally enjoyed the grow, but it did take some TLC, so make sure you have the time to manage it before you go ahead with it!

  16. Drywall (verified owner)

    Pass the cheese please! This weed is truly delightful, it’s got a wonderful cheese taste and smell to it, and it’s also kinda sweet and delicious, you will absolutely adore it! I got my seeds delivered from pacific, amazing online catalog, and their prices can’t be beat. These pot seeds have amazing genetics, and really allow you to thrive in the world. I smoke this every evening to relax. It’s a nice indica blend that won’t let you down!

  17. Danielle Ramos (verified owner)

    I feel like I am a star when I smoke this weed. It’s absolutely delicious and very sweet. Kinda like cheesecake, kinda like just plain cheese haha. I ordered my pot seeds online and had them delivered right to my place. It’s super fast and simple to order online and I really like their selection. I got myself nearly 400 grams of marijuana, all to myself! Good for smoking at night cause it’s really relaxing and fun.

  18. dominate (verified owner)

    I have always loved London, and I wanted a weed that reminded me of my years living there. I got this strain delivered right to my door and immediately started germinating indoors. Got a great yield with a phenomenal cheesy smell to it. I love the earthy flavor and the relaxing indica buzz. Perfect for helping me relax and a take a step back when life gets too stressful, it’s also been good for my back pain and my sleep!

  19. Nectar of the gods (verified owner)

    How much you like cheese? If you REALLY like cheese then you might like UK cheese weed. Super interesting strain, hella funky, makes my nose hairs curl haha. Smoke it all day every day, gets me stoned beyond belief, and it’s a powerful relaxing buzz. Makes TV watching that much better! Also, I been taking my dog on long walks lately, awesome stuff!

  20. Reese Next (verified owner)

    UK cheese is as good as the stuff you get in the beer cheese soup at the pub. Just smoke some of this and I am craving life back in London, drinking cask ales and enjoying the pub, really can’t get much better than that! I am not a great gardener, but the growing info on this site made it a lot easier to get good results, and yes it really does smell like cheese!

  21. Testify! (verified owner)

    UK cheese is weird and wonderful…it makes my head spin and my body feel all numb and tingly…I smoke this cause it just feels great and it makes me wanna chill with my friends…I had never grown weed before but ordering online made it so easy….I followed the grow guide and I am doing great!!!

  22. lalacake67 (verified owner)

    The UK cheese strain is a real trip for anyone who loves this funky weed. It’s got a very funky smell and it makes me really high. I love the seriously nice vibes of this bud, makes me super stoned and I love just like chilling out and watching TV or whatev. Great vibes y’all I love it.

  23. sarah goldman (verified owner)

    This was a pretty funky strain and I used to smoke it back in Boston. I moved to the west coast cause I love the mountains and wanted to live somewhere I could grow weed freely. This stuff is about the best you can expect from an online purchase. Fast delivery, good growth, and seriously nice yields. I love the smell and maybe you’ll like it too!

  24. Mccauley Maldonado (verified owner)

    Ooooo this strain is so funky and fancy…I totally love just growing this stuff and watching it turn into a beautiful flower…Weed is such a magical plant, and I am so glad it’s finally legalized on the west coast. I will definitely keep growing this strain as well as others. Well worth the effort!

  25. Milo Hastings (verified owner)

    This weed definitely has a nice and funky taste, it’s a smooth and stinky weed, the buzz is pretty darn fantastic, gets me really stoned, I smoke it in the evening mostly cause it’s like pretty chill for the most part. I play video games, make nachos, and smoke my beautiful glass bong. AMAZING buy!

  26. Gurdeep Clarke (verified owner)

    This stuff is gonna mess up your brain and make you into your most creative self. Soooo chill and hella fun, I am wicked tired of all the mids in the world, I need the chronic and I need it now! Pacific seed bank really provides, it looks great and smells pretty rad too. I am VERY excited for this strain to keep on growing for me, it looks just beautiful right now.

  27. Bevan Timms (verified owner)

    UK cheese is pretty straight up funky….it’s got a pungent flavor that kind of reminds me of some stinky cheese, and the buzz is pretty weird not gonna lie. It makes me want to wander around Portland for HOURS!!! It’s like the best walk and talk strain there is…very gentle on the mind but makes for a very active body. I am THRILLED to have this in my life.

  28. Isa Kidd (verified owner)

    I love that funky weed. This stuff makes me smile in all kinds of ways. I get baked and watch my favorite movies and just smile the night away! I love the vibes of this stuff. It’s a very cheesy flavored strain, and the nugs are really HUGE, pretty excited about my next harvest!!

  29. Emile Byers (verified owner)

    Dang I really like cheese weed, it’s unlike anything else, and I think it’s gonna help with my depression and social anxiety. Ordered it online and had it shipped to my new place here in Washington. I got a BIG yield, nearly 600 grams at the end of summer, and my new plants are looking just as good. Gotta have this stuff in my life for sure!!!

  30. Macsen Atkinson (verified owner)

    How is the UK cheese gonna better your life? Well that’s an easy one. Everyone loves the taste of that sweet cheddar when they getting stoned! I am really happy when I finally get to harvest my plant, it’s looking really good, and it helps me manage stress. Gonna be a GREAT time, and I promise I will buy more!

  31. Rueben Mayer (verified owner)

    UK cheese is some seriously nice bud, with a great flavor and a very relaxing vibe that helps with stress and depression. I get baked a LOT before I go to work, but I still am very productive. The smells and tastes of this weed are unbeleviable!!! LIke a cheesy piece of toast? Lol so random. Gonna buy some more today, great online ordering and fast shipping.

  32. Kole Graves (verified owner)

    I have never been the the UK, but for some reason I know the name fits….UK Cheese Haha! I bought some seeds online, got them shipped right to my mailbox here in Oregon. Had no issues germinating, and even got my first buds early! I was heavy on watering and fertilizer, it really helps. I plan to grow more next year!

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