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Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

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When it comes to classic, old-school marijuana strains, it doesn’t get any better than Granddaddy Purple. This pure indica strain has long been used to help users relax or de-stress with sweet and fruity notes of grape. Granddaddy Purple feminized seeds are the ultimate Netflix-and-chill strain.

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Befitting its name, Granddaddy Purple is an old-school cannabis strain that cannabis cultivators have admired for decades. Cannabis consumption has been on the rise, and all these years later, Granddaddy Purple remains a popular cannabis strain. This strain certainly caters to a specific type of marijuana user, and that type of user could be you. Is Granddaddy Purple the perfect strain for you? Let’s find out!

A Pure Strain in a World of Hybrids

These days, thanks to those aforementioned cannabis cultivators, most marijuana strains are hybrids. They mix the parentage of sativa strains and indica strains. Most of the Growers Choice Seeds catalog is comprised of balanced strains or dominant strains, wherein the sativa or the indica parentage tilts the scales in their direction. This makes total sense. Many are fans of cannabis seed strains that bring the effects of sativa and indica together. Some, though, still like to indulge in marijuana strains that keep it pure. Granddaddy Purple seeds could be perfect for you if you are a fan of indica effects. This is a pure indica strain, so if your typical indica-dominant strains still aren’t quite enough, we have you covered with Granddaddy Purple.

The Flavor and Aroma of Granddaddy Purple

The purple color of this cannabis strain can give you a hint of a tempting aroma. You will notice a complex berry aroma. In addition to that aroma of berries, you can expect the flavor of juicy grapes. In addition to the sweet aroma, there is something of an earthy aroma to keep things from being overly sweet and fruity. This helps make Granddaddy Purple a popular cannabis strain for those who appreciate berry goodness. Heck, berry greatness!

What is the THC level of Granddaddy Purple Seeds?

Many in the cannabis market prize a strain based on its THC content. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Just because Granddaddy Purple plants give you the aroma of grapes and sweet berries, don’t expect the strain to be gentle. The THC level in Granddaddy Purple comes in at around 20 percent and can top out at up to 23 percent. That makes for a high-powered strain that can hit you with the psychoactive effects of marijuana with gusto. So start slow with Granddaddy Purple! Its extreme potency could be overwhelming if you aren’t used to it.

A Quick Note on Purple Cannabis

When we told you about the THC content level in Granddaddy Purple, you may have thought to yourself, “Well of course, it’s purple weed!” There have long been associations between the purple color of certain strains to certain characteristics found in marijuana. People will tell you that purple weed is stronger. Some think that only indicas are purple in color. Neither of these things is true. The shades of purple seed in some marijuana strains have nothing to do with the THC content, and not all purple strains are indicas, or even indica-dominant. Now, Granddaddy Purple is a purple strain that does so happen to have a lot of THC in it, and it is also a pure indica. As such, if that is what you want from your cannabis, we recommend Granddaddy Purple seeds. You can’t merely buy marijuana seeds for some strain with purple shades to it and expect high THC and indica effects.

What to Expect When You Smoke Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple has coveted characteristics among those who like to use marijuana to chill out. As a pure indica, Granddaddy Purple is all about physical relaxation. Indica strains are felt more in the body, and are relaxing, whereas sativas are energizing and give you more of a “heady” high. The relaxing effects of Granddaddy Purple can be felt throughout your body. We recommend saving this strain and its calming effects for a night in by yourself, or before you go to bed. An indica like Granddaddy Purple is not well suited for daytime use. It is, however, a great choice for nighttime. A bit of Granddaddy Purple before bed can help you not only relax but also sleep. This is excellent weed for folks who want to chill out and don’t mind some couch lock, or drifting off not too long after smoking thanks to the comprehensive relaxation effects of this strain.

Is Granddaddy Purple a Good Medical Strain?

We’d call the Granddaddy Purple strain suitable for medical use. The high THC and pure indica nature give Granddaddy Purple medicinal properties that can help with sleep issues, including insomnia. and stimulating hunger when struggling with loss of appetite. For some medicinal conditions, we’d definitely recommend discussing if marijuana is right for you with your doctor. If you just want to try something to help with sleep issues or to cope with stress, though, you are probably in the market for some Granddaddy Purple seeds.

Growing Plants from Granddaddy Purple Seeds

Even novice growers should be able to handle growing Granddaddy Purple plants! This is one of the easier strains to grow. Granddaddy Purple seeds tend to do better in terms of average yield with indoor growers. The strain can take a bit longer in terms of flowering time, often between eight and 11 weeks. After that, expect an indoor yield of 400 grams per square meter, and an outdoor yield of 500 grams per plant. Again, Granddaddy Purple seeds tend to flourish better indoors, with carefully-monitored humidity levels, but if you are an experienced grower, you may want to give it a shot outside as well.

Get Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is a cannabis seed bank dedicated to providing quality marijuana seeds to all our customers. That includes Granddaddy Purple seeds because we want you to be left with high-quality weed when all is said and done. You should have a berry aftertaste in your mouth from smoking great Granddaddy Purple weed, not left with a bitter aftertaste from a disappointing yield. We have several other strains similar to Granddaddy Purple you may want to consider as well:

  1. Purple Urkle: Purple Urkle’s great for those who want Granddaddy’s purple berry flavors and high THC, but want a bit of sativa parentage in the mix as well.
  2. Purple Diesel: A purple strain with sweet berry flavor, but moderate THC levels and sativa-leaning parentage.
  3. Grape Ape: Grape Ape is very similar to Granddaddy Purple, but with an even more impressive yield potential!
  4. Master Kush: A different flavor profile, but another pure indica strain for you to consider.
  5. Wedding Cake: If you want sweetness and a lot of THC, Wedding Cake lives up to its name in terms of flavor, but comes in at 25 percent THC as well.


Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



100% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Berry, Grape, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






60 reviews for Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

  1. FrostSpecter (verified owner)

    Granddaddy Purple is a real OG, a genuine classic! Even if you’ve never had any other MJ, this is the one you gotta try. This is one that can’t be missed because it is the gold standard in the world of cannabis. It’s pure indica, and that’s extremely hard to find. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll never want to let it go!

  2. Bella Luna (verified owner)

    This weed is friggin tastyyyyy! I smoke this mj nearly every night, and it soothes me to my core. I love this weed with all my heart and I also definitely enjoy the grow process. I learn a lot from the VERY helpful blogs….There’s a ton to know about weed growing, especially based on your climate and location. Give it your best shot and expect a medium yield after about 10 weeks in the garden.

  3. Mystic Knight (verified owner)

    It might be old-school, but sometimes the oldies are the best! I read everything there was to read about this strain, but still had a few questions. I reached out to customer service, and they walked me through all my growth questions. I followed them and my plants came out perfectly. Absolute perfection!

  4. Keon Rodgers (verified owner)

    This Granddaddy Purple strain is the perfect strain to relax and unwind after a long day. The smoke has a sweet and fruity taste, with hints of berry and grape. The high is euphoric and relaxing, making it great for relieving stress and promoting sleep.

  5. HortiHero (verified owner)

    Makes my eyes all watery, and makes me want to SLEEP! GDP (as my friends call it) is always a good time, good alone, or with friends. Relieves stress and anxiety and puts me in my happy place. No strings attached. Not even a hangover! I stand by Pacific and my homegrown weed all the way!

  6. Caleb Salazar (verified owner)

    This mj is wicked fesh and helps with headaches. Wish I could grow this all year round, but it’s solely a summer grow in the NW >>>>>
    Usually start my seeds indoors and have them transplanted by may!
    I have gotten pretty consistent yields, almost 500 G from 3 plants.

  7. Golden4Giraffe (verified owner)

    Granddaddy Purple Seeds is a popular strain among cannabis cultivators. With its pure indica lineage, it offers a unique flavor and aroma of berries and grapes. The THC level of these seeds is around 20-23%, making it a potent strain. It is known for its relaxing effects, making it ideal for nighttime use.

  8. Kolton Crane (verified owner)

    Loving the GDP! This OG classic strain is an easy grow, and usually produces upwards of 100 G per plant. You’ll be swimming in purple nug in no time, just follow the great advice given on the blog pages, or better yet, talk to customer service. They are my friends now!!!

  9. Rhett Contreras (verified owner)

    Never thought I’d be growing my own purple weed. This mj has bright, almost neon purple nugs and big green sun branches. It’s seriously so beautful I don’t want to harvest it. But honestly, I just can’t wait to smoke my own homegrown MJ!

  10. SolarSage58 (verified owner)

    Fast to grow and easy to care for this strain provides some high-quality buds. I really liked the taste of grape berry sweetness with every hit and found this high really nice to help me with stress and pain.

  11. Umaiza Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I use Granddaddy purple as a sleeping pill. It’s a smooth, berry-flavofed indica with bright purple flower. Very eye-catching…especially to nosy neighbors who want in on your stash 😉

  12. Jaye Greaves (verified owner)

    Big beautiful purple nugs make me smile! That’s why I grow GDP. Only through Pacific though cause their seeds are cheeep and good 🙂

  13. Patsy Bishop (verified owner)

    Ooooo I love GDP! These nugs are well-shaped, beautifully colored, and smell like berries. A smooth and creamy indica that is your perfect after-dinner smoke. Been growing this weed for years now, and I gotta say things are getting better and better. My technique is improving, and the nug itself is just powerful!!!

  14. Shivani West (verified owner)

    Granddaddy Purps is the perfect strain for easing pain and helping with sleep. It’s a smooth indica with deep woodsy flavors and a powerful dank flower. I believe that weed is a form of magic. It is meant for us humans to enjoy and should absolutely be legal throughout the USA. The good thing is that Pacific does ship anywhere in the USA and you can grow the mj seeds right at home, backyard or basement! It’s a very fun and rewarding process. I feel much better about my gardening abilities after growing this strain. Maybe you will have success yourself???

  15. Alaw Carpenter (verified owner)

    Oh daaaank! I told my wife about this site and I got a packet of seeds for my birthday haha. 3 seeds was a great way to start, especially since germination is so easy! The vibes are mellow but alert, and I am always rolling blunts with this weed!!

  16. Kathryn Logan (verified owner)

    Purple nugs and a berry flavor make this strain a real winner in my mind! Buying online is definitely the way to go. It’s easy and fast, makes life feel so convenient! Brings me a lot of happiness and joy, and gives me a productive hobby! A NET positive no doubt!

  17. Inaaya Aguirre (verified owner)

    The purple nugs are usually bigger than I imagine them to be. But hey, whatever. I love growing marijuana. I am very excited to have this weed in my apartment and in my life. Beautiful flavors and relaxing vibes. OMG it’s like a work of art!

  18. Sofija Cano (verified owner)

    The granddaddy Purps is for REAL stoners like me! I am pretty good at getting my seeds to germinate and grow indoors, but it’s an art y’all so don’t trip if you don’t get it right the first time!

  19. Odin Rowley (verified owner)

    The one and only. Breaks all the harvest records I have with other strains. I am getting close to 1000 grams across 5 plants. Thinking about entering the commercial business with Pacific seeds, and GD Purple specifically. Flavorful and relaxing, I don’t know who on earth won’t enjoy this weed.

  20. Anwar Dougherty (verified owner)

    I get pretty thirsty when I smoke the granddady purps! I smoke and then I got like cottonmouth for like 5 hours!!! Better smoke this weed while you have the chance, cause it’s gonna sell out hella soon! Break the bank for it if you have to. These seeds are guaranteed to grow!

  21. Jane Burke (verified owner)

    I diiiig this weed! Bought 10 seeds on a whim. Awesome pricing! Fast shipping! Germination UNMATCHED! The weed is as purple as the sky is on acid. Bring it back home to ya mama. Good times had all around 101010

  22. Yasser Villa (verified owner)

    Granddaddy purple is one heck of a good strain. It’s got purple, grape flavored weed, and it just looks amazing in my garden. It takes almost 6 months to mature, so be patient with your grow, the payoff is well worth it. I’ll definitely buy more, cause I love ordering online. It’s been a great investment of time and $$!

  23. Karson Whelan (verified owner)

    The purple weed you can expect from Granddaddy purple is like neon eggplant colored lol. Pretty rad looking stuff, very eye catching. Got 15 seeds man! I am trying to just build a small business out of this. Either way, it works great. The seeds deliver fast and germinate well, plus they usually yield about 500 grams and that’s a LOT of weed!

  24. Presley Hardy (verified owner)

    This purple mj is an incredible way to manage pain, stress and depression. I love it’s sweet flavor and the earthy smell. Smells vert “natural” if that makes any sense. Either way, feeling pretty good about this, and definitely gonna buy more!

  25. Susanna Tomlinson (verified owner)

    Grandaddy purp is gonna make you SWEAT! This is my workouts strain, yeah I get baked before a workout and I got no shame about it, and I loooove the way it hits me, nice and smooth and subtle. PLUS I have become a better gardener!!!

  26. Lily-Ann Walton (verified owner)

    A very prolific weed, with some excellent results! Harvested nearly 500 grams of this stuff. Looks absolutely incredible. It’s got long green sturdy leaves and some deep purple flower, looks pretty fantastic. I can smell it right when I get outta the house. AH the fresh air is amazing!

  27. Gracie-Leigh Barlow (verified owner)

    Purple nugs are just GREAT and they help with stress and depression man. I feel like this stuff has been better for my stress than anything else and it gives me a GREAT vibe, like sooo stoned and relaxed 🙂 Will definitely buy more, so I will plan to stock up next time and have this weed just constantly growing indoors. How cool!!

  28. Soraya Townsend (verified owner)

    Love growing this strain and just smoking it constantly on the back porch out of my little bubbler. Looks pretty amazing and feels pretty great too. I really enjoyed growing this strain and then harvesting nearly 500 grams of my own POT. Never been better in my life, and these resin-coated nugs really hit the spot!

  29. Ruby-Leigh Forrest (verified owner)

    Gosh I sure do love this marijuana. I feel like I am the king of the world when I get to finally grow and smoke my own pot, it’s a great feeling and it helps me deal with stress. I ordered some weed online and had it shipped to my apartment. Wow it looks just great growing in my sunny windowsill. Feeling very fortunate during this pandemic!

  30. Alishia Johnson (verified owner)

    When I was an admiral, I’d gather all the sailors on the port bow and speak to them tales of the sea, and they would call me “grandaddy purple” due to my egregious purple beard. Har Har! That was many years ago. Now, I surf the web for marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. This website made an old sea dog’s barnacled heart full of life again.

  31. Harley Brandt (verified owner)

    I am sooooo happy with this strain it makes me very excited and I definitely wanna keep growing it…It’s such a good time though cause I love growing weed and it’s soo much fun and you gotta try it!!! This weed is super duper purple and I wish it made my tongue purple but it doesn’t unfortunaetly.

  32. Antonia Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This weed looks hella royal, it’s super thick and dense and fuzzy, covered in green and purple crystals, sticky and dank as all hell, smells like skunk and It’s the best high I have ever had. NOTHING beats homegrown, and Pacific is taking that to a whole new level!

  33. maurice hently (verified owner)

    This was a perfect example of something very easy to do with really great results. I ordered online, got it delivered to my home, had some fun getting the seeds to germ, but they totally came up nicely. This weed is tight and bright green and it has little orange pistils, what a beautiful flower, I am so thrilled to have this in my back pocket nowadays!

  34. Barry Hay (verified owner)

    This is the granddady of all purple weeds, the best and the original, and definitely the most relaxing….I have been a commercial grower for a while but wanted to grow this weed for my personal stash….loved growing this weed, beautiful trichomes, easy watering and standard pruning. Pretty excited to harvest and smoke!

  35. Toddy (verified owner)

    I always wanted to grow purple weed. It’s gotta be the tastiest stuff on the planet! Got a great little yield from my 3 plants….all of it is super purple and tastes kinda like berries. It’s definitely an indica…makes you fall asleep real fast…helps with headaches and eases depression as well…I am totally into this stuff, and you will be too!

  36. Cane Corso (verified owner)

    I always loved smoking weed with my old granddad…we used to all roll a joint together on Thanksgiving and smoke it out on the porch before dinner started every year…it was pretty fun and I really loved the tradition. I am happy to provide this weed to my friends and family, growing my own is very fulfilling and especially this purple goodness….it really can’t be beat!

  37. Smoke Signals (verified owner)

    I feel just like old granddad did, smoking my pipe and relaxing on my porch. I miss him everyday, but I keep the memory alive by buying this weed and growing it out in the backyard. Got a great little yield, probably nearing 400 grams, very fresh, berry-flavored pot and it keeps me feeling relaxed and happy. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will be back for more!

  38. ALLLOVE (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of purple mj, and are looking for a chilled out evening, then relax with granddady purple. Trust me, this weed will take care of you. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing in an old rocking chair in a cabin deep in the woods. It’s very sweet and a little earthy, helps relax the mind after a stressful day and also gives you a nice little mood boost. Have insomnia, like me? It helps you sleep, so give it a try!

  39. Cabbage (verified owner)

    This strain only makes things better, never worse. It’s great for stress, anxiety and depression and it’s an easy-to-grow strain with some excellent yield and flavor. Ordering online with Pacific is very easy to do, offers some amazing selection and their growing advice is very helpful as well. I had my seeds delivered to my home and I grew them in the basement. This weed in particular does very well indoors and offers up an impressive yield. I definitely recommend for patients with depression!

  40. Whack One (verified owner)

    Native west coaster here and I have been smoking the GDP for a long time now. My dad used to grow weed back in the day and he taught me all about it. I am an expert these days and was really excited to look through the HUGE online selection offered by PSB, pretty extensive and impressive stuff. I got a NICE yield from my 3 plants, and am storing a good deal of it in jars for later use, maybe cookies? Either way, I smoke every night before bed and really dig the berry flavor and laid back buzz!

  41. aderman (verified owner)

    This is one of the better weeds on the market, love these deep purple nugs and their sweet berry flavor, very relaxing and uplifting too, especially when I am feeling stressed and upset. I am hoping there’s a way I can set up a grow space in my basement for next time, I’ve always wanted to grow my own indoor weed. Either way, the buzz really scratches the itch. I am pretty stoked about the whole thing. Definitely a worthy buy!

  42. Charles N. (verified owner)

    This is some delicious stuff. It’s just like eating a slice of blueberry pie or maybe drinking a delicious milkshake! it’s a really smokeable weed, and it’s definitely my new favorite. Ordered online with PSB and had the seeds delivered directly to my door. Amazing idea! The seeds took very well and the plants grew super tall and impressive. I think this is a huge success!!!

  43. Clark Ruiz (verified owner)

    I have been a west coaster for many years now and absolutely love finding this weed at the dispensary. So worth growing for myself, and perfect for the high I am trying to achieve. I love the taste and smell of this stuff, amazingly potent and smelling like grape, these purple nugs get you stoned! Great for just chilling out or reading a book or going to the coast!

  44. Elias C. (verified owner)

    If you suffer from insomnia like me, this strain will help you a lot. It sure helped me! I’ve had insomnia for many years, and I really needed something to help with my symtptoms. I grew this weed in my backyard, it grew very tall and gave these bright purple trichomes, very sticky nugs as well. Love the taste, super sour and like grapes! I smoke it right before I go to bed and sleep all through the night!

  45. Loren M. (verified owner)

    Hard to get good pot out here in Tennessee, but this is some good pot. It’ll put you right to sleep. One of the best indicas I’ve had. Plus the shipping was super discreet. I’m beyond impressed with Pacific.

  46. Troy T. (verified owner)

    So thankful I was introduced to the GDP strain of mj and the PSB site. I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which often keeps me up at night, which affects my productivity at work, which brings on more IBS, and the cycle continues. (Sorry for the details, my therapist says I need to share more.) So smoking some GDP at night helps with all of the above by soothing my sensitive tummy. Trust me, I won’t go another month without ordering more seeds from PSB. Also, delivery was quick and discreet, perfect for a worry-wart like myself.

  47. Kassi H. (verified owner)

    Commercial grow operation south Washington. Happy with online ordering from Pacific. Delivery was fast and reliable. Been cultivating this strain for many years for it’s high yield and reliable germ rate. Slow to flower but a consistent seller. Often sought after for its strong Indica properties. Will buy from Pacific again.,

  48. David A. (verified owner)

    OMG this weed is SO purple and so so worth the wait. If you can be patient, so much weed will be yours. Highly recommend growing indoors. Did I mention it’s hella purple? So beautiful and glittery and shit. I used the bat guano on these plants, first time using it. I think it worked really good and helped me get such awesome yield. Not too difficult either. Just remember to prune em and you’ll be happy with what you get.

  49. Gregg Y. (verified owner)

    Classic left-coast purp. This one has all the things I look for in an indica. Buds are big and resiny. The telltale purple hairs and berry scent. THC levels could be maybe a tad higher, but I’m not complaining.

    Overall, a great buy.

  50. stewingplums45 (verified owner)

    Grand Daddy Purple buds are so pretty – it’s like an art project! GDP has a deep purple stalk with crystals growing on it that look like a sparkling sugar frosting. And the pot itself was dreamy and sweet, soothing away all my troubles and pain. The pot in Canada can be mixed so I was excited to get such great seeds from Pacific. These seeds were such high quality (no problems growing them) and the delivery was fast. One more thing: I’m naming my next cat Granddaddy Purple. 🙂

  51. Makayla Z. (verified owner)

    I’m going through chemo right now and I don’t know how I’d be surviving if it weren’t for granddaddy purple. My brother grew this for me. He’s the one that got me started smoking weed to help with my cancer and he’s been an absolute blessing. I’m so glad he got this strain for me. I’m very happy which is why I wanted to leave a review. This weed is a godsend for people like me.

  52. Kenny E. (verified owner)

    There are so many awesome things about GDP that I almost don’t know where to start. High THC content to send me off on the good ship lollipop? Check. Beautiful plant with a heavy dusting of beautiful crystals? Check. Large yield that makes the effort and wait of growing it with it? Check! I honestly can’t think of a better pot for my needs than the wondrous Grand P. It sends me to a wonderful place. Also, I love the delicious berry taste!

  53. Renee C. (verified owner)

    The crystals with this one are intense! Sat and just stared at my buds when I was picking them. Grand Daddy Purple is indeed purple as hell. As advertised, these plants were a bit of wait. But I’m not sorry. This strain is some of the best weed out there. I first smoked it last year at a party and was completely floored. High yield and quality buds. Great buy right here!

  54. Kenna T. (verified owner)

    I hear this mj strain is a classic of the USA and that the look is unmistakable. This turns out to be true. I decided to grow granddaddy outdoors and the buds were magnificent: big and purple and heavy with resin. It’s a very effective indica: it creates peace and rest where the brain cannot create it itself. Wonderful experience overall buying these seeds, can’t beat the convenience of buying seeds online.

  55. Tina P. (verified owner)

    Very powerful indica strain, knocks me right off my feet and puts me on the couch, great for binge-watching Netflix and enjoying a cold beer. tastes fruity and a bit sour, and has a great looking bud, all dense and green and purple. This was my first time growing mj, an excellent choice for sure, very easy to cultivate and produced a nice yield as well. Definitely plan on buying again!

  56. Mike K. (verified owner)

    Experienced smoker with a few years growing experience under my belt. GDP has been a favorite of mine for a while now, I love it’s fruity aroma and berry flavors that make smoking a bowl of this stuff remarkably refreshing and relaxing too. Yes, It can be a bit of a lengthy grow, and does require some extra TLC to get the ball rolling, but don’t fret, the payoff is well worth it, even if only to admire the delicious white and orange crystals you’ll reap at the end! Smoke weed everyday friends!

  57. Angie T. (verified owner)

    This weed is the stuff of legends, man! No wonder it’s so highly viewed on the west coast. I ordered to the east coast, had the seeds in like a week, and got ‘em in the ground. Two month flowering time indoors lead to a massive yield of like psb said about 700 g per plant, I’m stoked! Growing was super easy. I love the pure indica for getting to sleep without a care in the world!

  58. Ann M. (verified owner)

    This was my first time growing weed and I’m so proud of myself I can’t stop grinning! These buds are so beautiful! I’m not sure exactly how much pot I got but it kind of seems like a lot for just three seeds. I thought it wasn’t very hard. I did a bunch of research online before I ordered my seeds and it was pretty much like growing tomatoes. Except I have a bunch of weed! This is great and I can’t wait to grow some more.

  59. Vin G. (verified owner)

    This strain puts me riiiiight to sleep! Zzzzzzzzz LOL. I <3 GDP!!! Great indica at a great price and online ordering was simple as can be!! I nursed and took care of this plant for a full 4 months before flowering, but totally worth it, I got like 600 G and for like basically no $$$ so how can I complain? Super stoned on this stuff rn, lol and writing right before bed, cause GDP makes me want to have sweet dreams all night long!!!

  60. Rey D. (verified owner)

    In searching for a good purple strain online that wasn’t too hard overall to grow I found and ordered these seeds. Had to keep track of the humidity (indoor grow) to get it to finish flowering where I wanted it to be, but it wasn’t very difficult. Overall: 5/5 for one of the best pure indicas I’ve been able to find. Shit puts me right to sleep, in a good way.

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