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Grapefruit Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Grapefruit is a potent sativa that smells exactly like the fruit it was named after. This sativa is great for reducing pain, especially migraines, and stress.



Grapefruit marijuana – part of a balanced breakfast. Seriously though, this potent sativa-dominant strain (it boasts 21% THC) offers a happy and energetic high that will help you get through the day in style. There’s no such thing as boredom with a little Grapefruit on board!

It tastes just as juicy as it sounds, and medical users tend to savor the flavor of tropical citrus fruits when choosing Grapefruit marijuana to treat mental health disorders like depression, stress and anxiety. In fact, it’s one of the most lauded hybrids for reducing stress. Even people suffering from mild aches and pains like headaches, migraines, even symptoms of PMS, have found relief with this sweetly pungent cannabis which can make the pressures of daily responsibilities seem more manageable.

Tropical strains prefer tropical environments, and Grapefruit feminized marijuana seeds offer no exception. Whether indoor or out, this strain prefers it humid and will produce fat lime green buds with a covering of thick orange hairs. Your Grapefruit plants won’t reach for the sky but they will produce anywhere between 400 and 800 grams per plant when treated right.

For a flavorful burst of tropical citrus that will brighten the darkest day, order Grapefruit feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



70% Sativa/30% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Pain


Pungent, Sour, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






9 reviews for Grapefruit Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Barbara O. (verified owner)

    It’s funny, I’m not really a big fan of grapefruit the food (too tart for me) but I do love grapefruit mj! The fresh taste makes me feel like I’m at a spa … so citrusy and good! And I love that grapefruit mj is uplifting and good for stress – I smoke it and I’m like what pile of bills?! Ha ha! In terms of growing it, grapefruit weeds are short, even if grown indoor. Be aware of this and don’t be alarmed, they will still smoke beautifully!

  2. Barry C. (verified owner)

    I don’t really like the taste of grapefruits (the actual fruits not this weed) so if that’s an issue for you rest assured, this strain tastes more citrusy and tropical than like actual grapefruit. Easy to grow indoors just keep humidity up and this plant will stay super happy and bless you with a bountiful yield full of bright green and orange nugs! Stays pretty damn short too so you don’t ahve to worry about trimming way too much to keep it in check.

  3. Rita E (verified owner)

    I’m a medical user and I just absolutely LOVE this weed. It is just the ticket for my anxiety and depression. Whatever I was freaking out about just melts away and I feel good. I like to hit this at the end of the day, right when I get home from work. Since having Grapefruit around I can say that I am FOR SURE a lot LESS stressed out. Which I’m sure my wife appreciates! Quality seeds ordered from Pacific. Produced fat little nuggets! Just as the website says, these girls LOVE humidity. So in other words — don’t grow this one in the desert. Super easy grow otherwise. 5 stars!

  4. Casey P. (verified owner)

    I’ve been smoking the Grapefruit strain of marijuana for a few years now, to treat my headaches and migraines, and I honestly don’t go a day without a quick puff. It helps to smooth my day and I get so much done. Glad I came across the PSB website as I was tired of my “street pharmacist”. Now I grow and smoke my own on my own terms. Very happy customer.

  5. Isaac A. (verified owner)

    I like to get my pot in Canada so was glad to find PSB. I like to buy autoflowering seeds (so easy to grow!) and Grapefruit sounded good. It actually was even better than I thought it’d be! Nice high THC that gave me energy and citrusy taste that eased my anxiety. Loved watching those buds burst open and the weed had a furry, crystal-laced look. I’m buying more marijuana seeds from PSB!

  6. Neal R. (verified owner)

    I smoke this weed right along with my bacon and eggs in the morning, I swear it works just as well as coffee! I’m out the door at 8 am and I feel right as rain and ready to tackle my day. I run a small graphic design firm in SF and I feel really creative when I have the grapefruit in my brain! Easy to think quickly and make decisions, a really great buy and excellent grow!

  7. Norma P. (verified owner)

    These plants turned out a lot shorter than I expected! Not to worry though because I still got a great yield. I guess I didn’t know what I was ordering, haha. I thought they’d grow a little taller, but in the end it was perfect. Great seeds from Pacific as always. I really trust these guys and they’re the only place I order from these days. Loving Grapefruit and I’m planning on buying some of these seeds again!

  8. Braden M. (verified owner)

    I don’t think I’m the only one that feels like daily life is just TOO stressful, amirite? If it’s not work, it’s some crisis with a family member or even just the stress of traffic gets me down. I am SO grateful I found grapefruit marijuana. My stress headaches have very nearly gone away and my life is much more pleasant with grapefruit mj in it. I also love the control that I get when growing my own mj – I don’t have to worry about someone selling me some lightweight crap. THANK YOU, PSB for this wondrous weed!!

  9. William Smart (verified owner)

    My 1st grow was a success with Grapefruit auto seeds from Original Kush. I have gardening experience but this was my 1st weed grow. Used all organic potting soil and compost. Stationed by a corner window plus LED grow light above 12/12. March thru May, with final 2 weeks outdoors with 8 hrs full sun and rain. Pacific Seed Bank is my #1 online source. Will prefer Original Kush seeds for future purchases.

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