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Jamaican Dream AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds

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Jamaican Dream Auto is often used as a medical strain to help patients with pain and seizures. The happy vibe of this hybrid can also benefit users with depression and mood swings.

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Instead of spending an entire paycheck on a trip to Jamaica, why not buy Jamaican Dream Autoflowering marijuana seeds? We can almost guarantee that the experience is the same. Think about the overall vibe of Jamaica — fun, energetic, colorful — not to mention the smell of fresh fruit in the air. The Jamaican Dream Auto marijuana strain is like a stimulating vacation for the mind and body.  This sativa-dominant hybrid (90/10) can increase creativity, energy, and euphoria.


The mind feels happy and creative under the influence of Jamaican Dream. You may find yourself motivated to get outside and go for a walk, or socialize with friends, or start a new artistic project. With THC levels around 15-18%, you can expect the psychoactive effects to take place almost immediately. You may notice a boost in cognitive function that leaves you with elevated focus and concentration. Once the cerebral buzz wears off, the mind and body will enter a state of relaxation.


Jamaican Dream Autoflowering marijuana plants grow similar to a mini Christmas tree. These plants typically flower between 45 – 55 days and fill the air with delicious tropical fruits, such as mango and pineapple. Jamaican Dream Auto is often used as a medical strain to help patients with pain and seizures. The happy vibe of this hybrid can also benefit users with depression and mood swings.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



90% Sativa/10% Indica

Flowering Time

45-50 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headaches, Stress


Flowery, Sour, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for Jamaican Dream AutoFlowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Bradley Cox (verified owner)

    A very versatile strain with a strong sativa edge and a relatively quick flowering time of about 5 months. Had great success with these seeds, and really am excited about growing them again. My backyard served as the perfect location for my mj plants. There, they got a lot of sunlight and water, and grew about as tall as I am, producing nearly 600 grams of fresh, sticky bud. Excellent choice.

  2. Saanvi Lloyd (verified owner)

    I have some pretty bad cramps and mood swings around my period, and I smoke jamaican dream to ease these symptoms. Haven’t had too many problems growing this weed either, especially since I have a greenhouse at play. It was surprisingly easy to buy online, and I was really stoked to see this stuff grow so quickly! LOVE how much weed I got too, I won’t have to go to the dispensary for months now!!

  3. Mariella Higgs (verified owner)

    I woke up the other morning feeling kinda like crap and I smoked some of this weed and instantly my mood changed and improved. I was able to go to work and be productive without losing my cool. I was somehow able to glan 500 grams of weed from this plant, and it’s lasted me months, tastes kinda citrusy and tropical, similar to pineapple express.

  4. Karen Alfaro (verified owner)

    This is some SPICY mj, one that hits in all the right places. It makes any miserable day feel just a little bit better. Was surprised to see how much weed I could produce with just three plants!!! Help yourself to these truly affordable seeds. You got NOTHING to worry about cause the results have always been amazing. Very happy I am part of the Pacific seeds family now!

  5. Siya Buck (verified owner)

    This hazy summertime smoke is the best of it’s kind. Pacific only shells out for the best seeds with the strongest genetics. When you grow with them, you’re guaranteed to get a strong yield. It makes a difference, honestly. I’ve bought mediocre weed seeds in the past and it is NOT pretty weed. These guys know whats up.

  6. Mahad Guy (verified owner)

    Has a powerful smell and a dank flower. Practically melts in my hand. I always bring this to parties, so the vibe is oh-so chill! Can’t wait for the next batch!

  7. Giorgio Hoover (verified owner)

    Looking for that relaxing Caribbean getaway? Jamaican dream might be your ticket to paradise.
    Fresh flower! Took a whole 12 weeks to see flower on the plant and begin harvesting.
    OMG it loved growing in my little greenhouse. It loved the heat and sunshine….and I was rewarded with 600 G of fresh tropical nug.

  8. Lori S. (verified owner)

    Super fresh weed. I am really impressed. Jamaican dream is a light hazy smoke. Great for managing my endless stress. I work for Amazon and am generally very unhappy with my life. But I do make 200K per year providing basic tech support. It’s disgusting.
    I may be destroying the culture of Seattle, but at least I can grow weed here. Jamaican Dream makes the demon voices in my head go away…they are saying “amazon is evil” haha ohhhh demon voices. They’re so silly sometimes. So glad I have this homegrown MJ to shut them out.

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