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Mango Kush Feminized Seeds

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Sweet, sticky, and with beautiful large buds, Mango Kush feminized marijuana is a tropically-flavored strain , low in THC, that is perfect for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia, among others.

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Mango Kush

Looking for a sweet laugh? You’ll find it with Mango Kush marijuana, a tropical-flavored strain (think mangos and bananas, along with its pungent earthiness) that is low in THC but with the potential to help you have a really good time. An indica-dominant hybrid, Mango Kush hangs on to its Kush heritage, boasting dense buds covered in orange pistils.

A great sedative, Mango Kush is often considered for medical purposes, lifting the weight of stress, so you can feel relaxed and free, especially at the end of the day. You may notice the typical indica couch lock, though this only lasts about an hour or so. Need help getting to sleep? Mango Kush marijuana is a sweet way to fight insomnia.

Probably as popular for the size of its buds as it is for its flavor profile, Mango Kush feminized marijuana seeds produce large buds that will need some care when it comes to shaping, to keep their shape and also increase airflow. A warm, humid condition helps it to grow and thicken, so you can harvest a yield of about 500 grams per plant after 55-65 days of flowering.

A tropically-scented strain with load of potential, order Mango Kush feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain


Mango, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






44 reviews for Mango Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. FrostSeeker (verified owner)

    I was looking for something that was low THC to help me with some aches and pains and my bestie suggested Mango Kush, and that was the best advice ever! This stuff is seriously perfect in every way. It was super easy to grow and since they are feminized I got nothing but smokable buds, so I was excited to have so much of my new fave MJ!

  2. TechnoTraveller88 (verified owner)

    Mango Kush is the perfect strain for a tropical escape. Its sweet and fruity taste takes you on a flavorful journey with every hit. The high is euphoric and relaxing, melting away stress and leaving you feeling happy and content. The short size makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Overall, a delightful experience from start to finish.

  3. Melissa Lam (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t like Mango Kush? This stuff is incredible and if you have yet to try you absolutely must! What’s better is this seed is very easy to grow and the low THC levels doesn’t have you on your couch all day.

  4. Johnny C (verified owner)

    Currently 6 weeks into growing this strain. Seems very close to flowering and I have had an easy time caring for these plants. The order from Pacific arrived within a week and I got them all sprouted! Excellent full germination! Pacific’s quality and excellent service has made a loyal customer out of me.

  5. HazeHelix365 (verified owner)

    A fruity and tropical-tasting strain that is truly a delight to smoke. The high is perfect for unwinding after a long day and the body high really relaxes my muscles. The plant was easy to grow and yielded a great amount of these amazing buds.

  6. Andrey Petrov (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Mango Kush feminized seeds has been a delightful experience. All of my seeds germinated successfully, and the plants flourished with large, sticky buds. The tropical flavor profile of this strain, reminiscent of mangos and bananas, combined with its low THC content, makes it perfect for a relaxed and enjoyable smoke.

  7. Yosef G (verified owner)

    This weed is surprisingly LOW in THC, which makes it an ideal choice for smokers looking for a light buzz, some low-key relaxation, and some serious pain relief. An easy garden grow that produces large, sticky, fresh mango-flavored nugs. Fun and productive 😉

  8. Tarun Conrad (verified owner)

    Fresh as heck and very flavorful. I can’t believe how easy it was to order this weed online and have it shipped to me. It’s literally as easy as ordering from Amazon! I mean, hey, if we live in the end times, we might as well smoke our weed while we can!!

  9. Zayd Livingston (verified owner)

    I love mango kush!! Bought 5 seeds and all of them germinated quickly and grew to be tall and beautiful plants!!

  10. Sofija Hussain (verified owner)

    Obviously one of the best strains on this website, as you can tell by the glowing reviews above. I, too, was impressed by and enjoyed smoking this marijuana. Growing it from seed was a new experience, though not too much different than simply growing any other garden veggie in your backyard. I got 15 seeds online, had them in 2 weeks time, and was knee-deep in growing season before I knew it. The flower is quite large, light, and tropical smelling. Mango, yes. It’s very relaxing indica energy. You will sleep better at night, cause god knows we need it.

  11. Madison Mcmillan (verified owner)

    I present to you…Mango Kush!!! This sweet and powerful weed makes the vibes feel just right. I smoke it every night to get the wiggles out, and soon I am stationed firmly on my couch, watching Barry, and letting the night cruise by! Treat yourself to this magical sweet mango weed. It’ll brighten up your day, guaranteed!

  12. Giulia Kent (verified owner)

    This was never on my to-do list but once my brother got me some seeds from pacific it was all I could think about. Something very INTOXICATING about this mango mj from PSB. So lush and bushy and delightful. MAN I love this weed cause it helps me stay focused and productive.

  13. Aneurin Dunlap (verified owner)

    Mango kush is absolutely fire! I bring this weed with me wherever I go. I smoke it everyday without fail, and it never lets me down. Nothing better than smoking pot when you’re feeling tired or depressed. This stuff immediately brightens my spirit and makes me feel social!!

  14. Rachel Read (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever worked a hard day outdoors, and you feel the sun on your neck and are just plain tired, then I KNOW you will love Mango Kush. I suffer from a LOT of back pain, and in addition to physical therapy, smoking mango kush is definitely something that helps ease my symptoms. Buying online was no problem, seeds arrived within days!!

  15. Terence Castro (verified owner)

    Sweet and earthy, leaves a good taste in your mouth, makes you sleepy but happy and it’s easy to grow. 3/3 germination and fast shipping. 5/5 stars.

  16. Idris Lozano (verified owner)

    So you like sweet earthy strains that help you stay focused and balanced? Then you’re gonna want this mango kush to keep the demons away. Bring it on!!! I bought this strain online, and it really looks good in the sunlight man!! I love watering it, and pruning it, and caring for it like a baby. It’s been a great experience, and I think I might be a natural at this!

  17. Aubrey Gilliam (verified owner)

    Mango kush will brighten your day and give relief to aches and pains. Bought home 3 of these seeds and got them into the ground asap. The result? a Beautiful tall bush of mago smelling weed with a great smooth smoke that works perfect outta my bong!

  18. Tyler-Jay Sierra (verified owner)

    Mango Kush is pretty A-OK in My book. This weed is a sweet-tasting and also very earthy, so get ready for a bit of a bitter flavor….you’ll love it though, cause the mango flavor kicks in just at the end and it makes everything feel alllllright LOL. Pretty fun to grow! I was honestly so surprised and happy about it!

  19. Aleesha Penn (verified owner)

    This mango-flavored weed might just blow your mind…. an excellent buy every time. Smokeable and intense and helps with stress and it’s a good buy for the price. Mango flavors all around, pretty exciting and also relaxing, never makes me worried or anxious, mostly just relaxed 🙂

  20. Antonina Carty (verified owner)

    Mango Kush is pretty relaxing…I mean, it’s the least you can expect when you are smoking a weed with a tropical flavor like mango. Reminds me of all the times when I visited the Carribbean, and smoked weed on the beach with the locals. Good vibes every time. I think Pacific has the largest online selection I have ever seen, and their growing information is downright amazing. I’ll definitely buy some more, cause you know you’re gonna LOVE IT!!!

  21. Arnold Bauer (verified owner)

    This weed is some grade-A awesomeness with the sweet relief of Indica to take the edge off. I burn through this almost every night, smoke a nice fat bowl, and get very baked lol. Ordered this weed online and had it delivered to my place here in Washington, been having some great weather this spring!!

  22. Anastasia Sanders (verified owner)

    I was looking for a strain that would help me with my joint pain and also give me a nice buzz. This was definitely the right decision. I ordered this stuff online and it shipped out really really fast! The growing process was quite nice, very fun, and it helped me manage my pain and stress. I have been very excited to grow this weed for years!

  23. Ilyas Mccoy (verified owner)

    If you like smiling and chilling with your buddies then you will definitely enjoy the mango kush! Ordering online is definitely the way to go. I buy about 5 seeds at a time, and I germinate them one after the other. Pretty awesome stuff, so chill and remarkable and relaxing. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves tropical flavors!

  24. Cody mann (verified owner)

    Mango is a nice vibe every time and it’s pretty easy growing too…just make sure you have a ton of sunlight and a lot of space for this plant to size up. It also helps to trim and prune every month or so to keep the plant in check. I have been very pleased overall with this strain, and I highly recommend it to anyone!

  25. @bestifusedby (verified owner)

    Mango is such a nice flavor…it helps me manage my pain and stress and depression and it even helps me sleep. I love growing kush strains because they are so friendly and forgiving. I ended up getting a HUGE yield of about 600 grams, and all of it is crystalline and fuzzy and just beautiful. I feel like a much better person!!

  26. Linc Nelste (verified owner)

    WOW, if you ever told me one day I’d be growing my own mj right in my backyard, I wouldn’t have believed you. I ordered my seeds online, as you do everything these days, and had it delivered right to my door. It’s some seriously dank and delicious weed with a flair for brilliance! Very relaxing, has the flavor of 1000 mangoes, and it’s soooo good for stress. Highly recommend!

  27. Rite Now (verified owner)

    If you want something smooth and delicious and helps with pain and stress, then this might just be the strain for you! Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of fresh mango? I am so happy to grow this in my backyard, it’s like having my very own mango tree! Harvesting this weed is an excellent use of time, it’s sticky and fresh and smells on your fingers for days!

  28. Watch & Learn (verified owner)

    The name really says it all. If you’re a fan of mango-flavored weed, then you’ll totally love this strain. Plus, it’s got all the relaxation properties of a kush strain. Also, very easy to grow and pretty fast too, makes for a great little gardening project, especially if you’re stuck at home with the pandemic and all. Trust me, we’re ALL gonna need some mango kush after this is over. Glad I am ahead of the curve 🙂

  29. ramon (verified owner)

    What I love about these seeds is how easy they are to grow! I got mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I already have them germinating in my little germ chamber out back. Stunning how quickly my seeds sprouted. The paper towel method is the real deal and it seems like my plants are doing very well. The smell of the weed is already coming in and I loooove it!

  30. Felix (verified owner)

    When you need some serious indica relaxation, turn to the Mango Kush to bring you all the chill you need! It’s a wonderfully flavored hybrid, but mostly favors indica and makes for a great after-work strain, which is seriously wonderful. Plus, it’s remarkably easy to grow, gives off some beautiful buds, and has a great mango smell, so you’re house will smell like a tropical fruit grove for days on end. This has helped me de-stress and unwind, and gives me better sleep at night!

  31. Elijah Ortiz (verified owner)

    I sure do love the fresh taste of mango in the evening. It’s perfect for after work smoking. All your stress just melts away and you feel much better about life. I don’t mind growing this on my own. I feel like I did a pretty good job. Got a nice yield off just 3 plants, and my basement smells like mangoes now hahaha. I share this with my wife, she says it helps her sleep at night. I am very happy with how this turned out!

  32. cptn ahab (verified owner)

    Well, just by the title I am sure you can tell what to expect from this weed. Yes, it’s wicked relaxing, great for after-work enjoyment, perfect for watching a movie or listening to tunes. Amazing body high that never clouds the mind, and also, of course, smells and tastes like Mango, perfect for all those fruity weed lovers out there. The grow aint no thing at all, and is perfect for hobby gardeners like me!

  33. Big Bud (verified owner)

    I love this weed, it’s super fantastic and delicious and you really can’t beat the sweet delicious taste of mango! It’s something to be admired and desired, a great grow for all experience levels with some pruning and cultivation along the way. It’s an excellent grow for the price as well given that you get a ton of weed from just one plant. Try it out!

  34. Brenna R. (verified owner)

    If you need some time to relax at night this is the best way to do it. I freaking love this stuff and need it in my life from now on. Was really easy to grow and gave me a good yield too, was really happy with how it turned out and would definitely do it again. It’s so easy to order seeds from PSB, they have an incredible selection!

  35. Tommy A. (verified owner)

    I love pot with big ole buds (I just feel like I’m getting a bigger bang for my buck that way, you know?) and mango kush definitely delivers on that front. Some of the buds on our weed were almost as big as a baby’s fist! You gotta love that! I actually enjoyed pruning mango kush; the smell is nice and the plant is pretty. My girlfriend likes that mango kushy is low in THC and we both love the tropical taste. It’s like a mini-vacation when you light it up! I will for sure order more of this mj.

  36. Maurice S. (verified owner)

    Da MANGO. It’ll get ya. If you don’t want a couch lock don’t buy this seed. But if your like me and you want to melt into your couch and forget yous problems, give it a try. It’s all about what yer into. My seeds came wicked fast in the mail and all 10 germinated. Now I have tons of weed. Best place to buy from in Canada in my opinion. Don’t believe me order some and give Pacific a try.

  37. Avery C. (verified owner)

    I enjoy the process of growing and smoking mj but don’t really like getting stoned, so Mango Kush has been the perfect middle of the road strain that’s really helped with depression and my aches and pains. I grew this right in my backyard and it looks and smells amazing, like a tropical fruit tree, and I got a pretty good yield too. Usually an evening smoker, cause getting stoned at work doesn’t work for me. I like smoking a bowl and just chilling out with my cat, she even seems to like the mango smell!

  38. Dano T. (verified owner)

    This strain took about 9 weeks to flower, but the buds were super thick and dense and I got a really good harvest. It definitely does taste like mango! This is one of the best strains I’ve found that has a slightly lower THC content (I don’t like being overwhelmed with really cerebral highs), so this weed is definitely calm and relaxing and easy to smoke. With proper trimming this plant can stay really short but still produce a good harvest.

  39. ilovehotdogs21 (verified owner)

    Better than an Ambien! Awesome sleeptime high that locked me in the couch. I’m not a lightweight and I only needed one hit to get high. Smells so so so good and tastes completely tropical. Totally erases anxiety and leaves you with a blissful feeling that goes on for hours. Seriously amazing strain! Some buddies and me all lit up on this and had the best time ever. Great convo followed by a great night’s sleep. 5 stars all the way. Get it you won’t be sorry!

  40. Felix U. (verified owner)

    I’ve grown Mango Kush a lot and it gets better every time. I put my plants in the greenhouse this last round and got some incredible results. I had a dreamy harvest of sweet sticky bud! The Indica/Sativa ratio on this bud treats me just right. I have a few friends that need weed thats helpful medically so I always bring them some of the Mango Kush. It works well for pain and I find that just about everyone likes getting a good night’s sleep.

  41. Ming W. (verified owner)

    Really nice big dense buds covered in orange pistils and crystals with a nice banana strawberry smell and flavor. Really good weed. I ordered these seeds to try my hand at growing medical weed for insomina and anxiety that often go hand in hand and this definitely does the trick. Really relaxing and easy to handle high that doesn’t come with any paranoia that I experience from other strains. If youre an anxious person overall this is a great choice.

  42. Todd C. (verified owner)

    Medical mj patient for insomnia. Have been going with Mango Kush for many years from the dispensary and wanted to grow it myself. Online ordering was a cinch and seeds were in the ground in no time, and after only like 3 months I already could see these beautiful orange crystals forming and it smelled just like mango! What I dream. Smoke this just before bedtime and I have lovely sweet dreams all through the night!

  43. Rod P. (verified owner)

    Like others here, I use marijuana to deal with medical issues such as chronic pain and insomnia. Mango kush is especially good for the latter issue. It’s the best for quieting my mind and just getting that hamster wheel in my head to quiet the fuck down after a nuts day. Humidity was important to getting a good yield on this cannabis if you are growing indoor – don’t be afraid to turn up the heat a bit in your grow den. I will buy mango kush seeds again and again as long as it keeps the sleep coming.

  44. goodvibes64 (verified owner)

    If you need pain relief and relaxation, this is the strain for you! It’s very relaxing and feels great too! I usually smoke in the evening after work when all I have to do is relax on the couch. It tastes lovely, very sweet like mangoes. I like the way the nug looks too, very dense green and crystalized. I will definitely be back for more!

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