Maple Leaf Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Did you know that Maple Leaf marijuana seeds pose as a natural aphrodesiac? In small doses, this pure indica can spark bedroom arousal and creativity. In larger doses, however, users may feel too lazy and relaxed to do anything but sleep. It also heightens euphoria and happiness.

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There are two types of indica in the marijuana world — those that get you ready for sleep, and those that prepare you for “other” bedroom activities. Yes, you heard it here first, Maple Leaf marijuana seeds pose as an all-natural aphrodisiac. This 100% indica has some sativa-like qualities. At first, users notice a rush of euphoria and happiness to the brain that creates a positive and creative mood. 


Granted, this highly depends on how much you consume at once. Smaller quantities can get users “in the mood” for a romantic night with their partner. Larger doses, however, may trigger extreme laziness and relaxation. You’d honestly be too tired to do anything but sleep. If the plan is to have sex, smoke Maple Leaf at a slow and steady pace (and know when to quit!) If the plan is to alleviate insomnia and other sleep-related issues, feel free to smoke as much as you’d like. 


Even though Maple Leaf marijuana seeds come with high potency, the overall high is rather peaceful, easy-going, and gentle. Maple Leaf comes with mild adverse reactions, such as dry mouth and red eyes. We recommend that you have some growing experience before you try Maple Leaf marijuana seeds.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 200 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Berry, Citrus, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type







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