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Mother’s Helper Feminized Seeds

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In preparation for a hectic, fast-paced week ahead, turn to Mother’s Helper marijuana seeds. This is the exact 50/50 hybrid you need to get through endless chores and duties. This strain kicks cognitive function into overdrive with boosted focus and concentration.

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Imagine that you’re looking at your Google Calendar and you see a crazy busy week ahead. How on Earth are you going to get through it? Need some help? Look no further than Mother’s Helper marijuana seeds. This is the exact strain you need to combat a hectic, fast-paced week. With equal parts sativa and indica, you can trust Mother’s Helper to lend a helping hand.


As you previously mentioned, this hybrid is made up of equal parts indica and sativa. It’s a well-rounded hybrid that doesn’t lean too heavy on the relaxing or energizing side. Instead, you’ll feel completely balanced while smoking this. Mother’s Helper can boost cognitive function better than most strains we’ve tried in the past. This counts for focus, concentration, motivation, and production.


Think of Mother’s Helper as the matcha equivalent in the marijuana world. You know that gentle buzz you get from caffeinated green tea? It’s relaxed but awakening at the same time? That’s what you can expect from Mother’s Helper marijuana seeds. The THC levels here range from 17-20%, which lands in the moderate zone. Too much of this strain at once can lead to feelings of worry, so be cautious of how much you consume per session.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Focused, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 550 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Headaches


Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Mother’s Helper Feminized Seeds

  1. Ava L. (verified owner)

    Mother’s Helper is the perfect name for this strain because it’s really like your mom is giving you a helping hand!! Who wouldn’t love this one? Since it’s a balanced hybrid, it kickstarts your cognitive ability to help you focus and concentrate as you go through your to-do list. No matter how long the list is, you can get your tasks done!

  2. Svetlana S (verified owner)

    The strain itself was a perfect balance of sativa and indica, providing me with a boost of focus, concentration, and motivation throughout a hectic week. The THC levels were moderate, delivering a relaxed but awakening buzz. I highly recommend Mother’s Helper for anyone looking to combat stress and stay productive.

  3. Chanel Henson (verified owner)

    Makes me miss my Mama!
    Mother’s helper has a great flavor fills me with a warm feeling on the inside. It’s like wrapping a warm blanket around yourself on a hot day.
    Best choice for new growers cause these seeds germinate easily and take little maintenance. It’s a good time all around, hits beautifully, just a smooth drag and I am off to never never land. I think it’s an indica strain but no way to know for certain. Just learning all there is to know about weed!!

  4. Chen Wei (verified owner)

    Mother’s Helper is an amazing strain that provides a good high, leaving you feeling energetic, focused, and uplifted. The plants grown from these seeds were tall and sturdy, making the growing experience easy and enjoyable. The taste of this strain is a delightful combination of citrus, earthy, and sweet flavors.

  5. Ic3WindSorcerer (verified owner)

    Helps with stress and depression and tastes like fresh baked cookies. What more could you ask for???
    Prices are great and it ships all over the USA!

  6. Finnegan Shepherd (verified owner)

    My mother never smoked MJ, but I think she would benefit from some Mother’s Helper weed from Pacific lol. Buying FRESH MJ online is perfect as a gift for yourself or even your friends! I grow my own supply and bake them into the tastiest weed brownies you have ever tried.
    I usually get medium yields in the fall. They ship directly to my home and I keep a consistent supply growing in my greenhouse year round.
    Big time to get into homegrowing….weed prices on the commercial market are about to skyrocket!

  7. Barbara Wade (verified owner)

    The gentle buzz of this high relaxes but awakens you at the same time, really good if you want a high to concentrate on tasks with. Was a breeze to grow as well, perfect germination and withstood outdoor conditions quite well.

  8. Wendy Long (verified owner)

    Helps me with my lack of concentration, once I smoke this I find myself with an energy boost and more focused. A unique effect with a funny high in general. These seeds arrived at my place in less than a week. Got these seeds very fast and they arrived in perfect condition with a secure container for protection.

  9. Fierce Flamingo (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this strain, it gave me a great uplifting feeling and really helped me focus on my work. The yield I got from growing this was impressive, and the plants were very easy to care for. Overall, I would highly recommend Mother’s Helper to anyone looking for an energetic and focused high.

  10. meiNohr7oo (verified owner)

    Freaking great weed, perfect for any occasion, definitely makes for an excellent grow and a fresh smoke. That’s a bong weed right there son. Freaky fresh, never a problem.

  11. Lianne Preece (verified owner)

    An absolutely gorgeous weed. Beautiful pink and purple flower. Tastes like sour cotton candy!

    Ordered 3 seeds online most recently, which was a good start but I wish I’d ordered more honestly.

    3/3 germination so that worked out nicely.

    They’re not in full flowering stage yet. Early veg smell is always nice and sour, healthy.

  12. Alia Ware (verified owner)

    Well-balanced hybrid great for getting through the day. Never gets me so stoned that I can’t function, usually just a great way of relaxing and staying in a good mood all while getting your errands done or just chilling with friends.

  13. Kayla Kumar (verified owner)

    Get your work done AND get totally baked when you smoke Mother’s Helper MJ. Ships to Canada and grows beautifully in a greenhouse. Took me 6 months to get my bud and I was SO excited to harvest. This is some sticky, dank, and delicious marijuana!!!

  14. Thiago Haworth (verified owner)

    I was never very helpful to MY mother growing up. In fact I was a bit of a menace. Maybe I am trying to make it up to her these days by growing the Mother’s helper strain from Pacific Seeds. These dudes are Cali based! Their seeds are top quality and ship out in a matter of days! I haven’t been this satisfied with weed since…maybe ever!

  15. Kynan Lister (verified owner)

    Mother’s helper is exactly what I need during a difficult day, or month, or year LOL. I buy weed online cause it’s incredibly convenient. I enjoy the sweet taste and smell and the great vibes it offers me. I like smoking and then going on hikes or long walks. Feeling like I may be a regular customer her.

  16. Mitchell Milne (verified owner)

    Great for a busy day, like they say above, and with all kinds of mental health benefits. Helps me deal with anxiety, stress, depression and lack of motivation. These fuzzy pink, purple, and orange nugs look like a scoop of sherbert, but mostly it is just a strong hybrid that drives your mind to be innovative and productive.

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